DIY GIFT WRAPPING IDEAS + HACKS - Minimal + Affordable Present Wrapping (2018) // Lone Fox


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Information DIY GIFT WRAPPING IDEAS + HACKS - Minimal + Affordable Present Wrapping (2018) // Lone Fox

Title : DIY GIFT WRAPPING IDEAS + HACKS - Minimal + Affordable Present Wrapping (2018) // Lone Fox

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Frames DIY GIFT WRAPPING IDEAS + HACKS - Minimal + Affordable Present Wrapping (2018) // Lone Fox

Description DIY GIFT WRAPPING IDEAS + HACKS - Minimal + Affordable Present Wrapping (2018) // Lone Fox

DIY GIFT WRAPPING IDEAS + HACKS - Minimal + Affordable Present Wrapping (2018) // Lone Fox

DIY GIFT WRAPPING IDEAS + HACKS - Minimal + Affordable Present Wrapping (2018) // Lone Fox

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Priyanka Pawar
Priyanka Pawar 2 months ago


Lily Fawn
Lily Fawn 2 months ago

I used a baked potato with sour cream and it didn’t turn out good :/

Delsie Salvador
Delsie Salvador 2 months ago

What kinda glue is that

Diane Rathgeber
Diane Rathgeber 2 months ago

Potato stamp???? Genius.

Roxanne M
Roxanne M 2 months ago

Why did it take me so long to find you on Youtube?! LOL

Brilliant Nights
Brilliant Nights 2 months ago

The way he cut off the extra paper when wrapping lol...

Samantha Johnson
Samantha Johnson 2 months ago

I love them all.
Have you tried the Japanese way of gift wrapping. It's beautiful and very creative.

TheLEAprechaun 2 months ago

I always just use brown craft paper, so I keep looking for cute ways to decorate it and this is just perfect!

Jayce • 69 years ago

I got excited because I'm changing my name to Jayce. Haha

Ivanna Mendoza
Ivanna Mendoza 2 months ago

This is lovely thank you!

Maritsa Darmandzhyan
Maritsa Darmandzhyan 2 months ago


Silvia Guerra
Silvia Guerra 2 months ago

Wow 🤩

Janeze Murray
Janeze Murray 2 months ago

Such creativity! Beautiful!

Sheila Marie
Sheila Marie 2 months ago

Your taste is exquisite. Lovely.

Kristine Melheim
Kristine Melheim 2 months ago

Wow 😍😍

Jacey Lataire
Jacey Lataire 2 months ago


candice mays
candice mays 2 months ago

Awesome video!!! You definitely have skills!!! Love it!

Old Melodies !!
Old Melodies !! 2 months ago

I guess the people whom you'll give the present..will gonna love your beautiful packaging than the present..😂😍❤

dergs 3
dergs 3 2 months ago


Tribeni Ghosh
Tribeni Ghosh 2 months ago

For you I was able to make different stamps

• R e n •
• R e n • 2 months ago

Lol I was here during Christmas and birthdays and now Father’s Day 😂❤️

Georgina Tarrant
Georgina Tarrant 2 months ago

I have my own skincare business. I wanted to find something organic but still luxury I seriously love all of these girt ideas thanks x

Ana Milosavljevic
Ana Milosavljevic 2 months ago

Krista Colvin should watch this. Amazing video 👏

Wilma Santos
Wilma Santos 2 months ago

Drew, you make everything you touch BEAUTIFUL!

Diah Purnama
Diah Purnama 2 months ago

Omggg! I love it!!!

Lyn 2 months ago

I love this so much!

Cynthia A
Cynthia A 2 months ago

Lovely ideas, I wish I had not already wrapped gifts!

Denise Fazio
Denise Fazio 2 months ago

Great video

Brittany Coleman
Brittany Coleman 2 months ago

super obsessed super cute!!!!

secret jaja
secret jaja 2 months ago

You are like a gift wrapping god 😍😍

Isabelle Grayson
Isabelle Grayson 2 months ago

So f*cking elegant!!!

fancyicicle 2 months ago

3:50 5:00

Alexis Webb
Alexis Webb 2 months ago

Beautiful! ⭐

Seahawk 2 months ago

Beautiful video!

Kay Khairunnisa
Kay Khairunnisa 2 months ago

what is the type of the clear glue that you use?

Mariana Jerez Emma
Mariana Jerez Emma 2 months ago

Im a new subby and been watching a few of your videos for the past 4 days and you got amazing content! 👏🏼

Carina Walker
Carina Walker 2 months ago

These are perfection!! Love!!

Conni Hinkel
Conni Hinkel 2 months ago

I love making my own giftwrap & these are some awesome ideas! FYI, you can minimize the "juicy stamp" problem (cut a vegetable stamp & it's very wet/dilutes the paint) by cutting the stamps the day before & then letting them dry on a rack for several hours or overnight before stamping w/them.

Sarah Uy
Sarah Uy 2 months ago

For the second one, how do i keep the ribbon in place?

Pixie Dust
Pixie Dust 2 months ago

He legit made a stamp with a potato!

I have no words.....

Kelley D
Kelley D 2 months ago


Chiara 69
Chiara 69 2 months ago

he looks super cute aww

Jazmine Turner
Jazmine Turner 2 months ago

Hi drew :) ur cute x. Great video :) I love the stamp Idea im going to us this idea :) x

Eileen Glennon
Eileen Glennon 2 months ago

I like to disguise small gifts when I wrap them. My favorite is to take an empty, clean soup can...Roll up the gift (for example: socks, necktie). Put in the can and a big big candy maybe? You may want to try it and come up with your own ideas, of course!

Mary Boucher
Mary Boucher 2 months ago

LOVE these ideas!!

miss malak
miss malak 2 months ago

packed with LOVE

panic on Elm street
panic on Elm street 2 months ago

You are so creative I love all of you're ideas I will be using some of these in the future. I love you're channel

Milly F. Hunter
Milly F. Hunter 2 months ago

So CUTE! Btw, those are cedar sprigs that you used 🙄✌

Vicente Ben
Vicente Ben 2 months ago

EverSoSophi !
EverSoSophi ! 2 months ago

all cool ideas!!!

pure pop
pure pop 2 months ago

Love this 🌿

Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith 2 months ago

I don't think you need to apologize for your voice or the lighting. I didn't notice anything was out of the ordinary.

Sissa C
Sissa C 2 months ago

So cute!!!

Making And Fixing
Making And Fixing 2 months ago

I liked all of them! Simple to do and yet soooo beautiful! Thanks for the ideas. :-)

Lina Vo
Lina Vo 2 months ago

Loved this!! Thank you

zoe s
zoe s 2 months ago

Ughhh I should have watched this before I wrapped all my presents 😫😫

Dimsrose 2 months ago

I want to see all your gift together once they're wrapped if that's ok. Seeing other gifts usually give me ideas for mine. I'm definitely the type of person who thinks the presentation of the gift is an extension of the gift itself. I think wrapping all the gifts only after I have all of them and in one or two days it best also, because then you have all your supplies on hand, you can see what you have, come up with a theme, and make and pick up the mess once.

mistakenappearances 2 months ago

"mini boutonniere" makes it 5x bigger than a boutonniere

Jasmyn Kim
Jasmyn Kim 2 months ago

Ooh Drew I loved these! I was looking for gift wrapping ideas but nothing was sparking interest in me. It all seemed so stale and uninspired. But then I saw that you posted a gift wrapping video! And of course it's awesome. I love the ideas with the greenery. I'm going on a walk in the morning to find some greenery to use in my gift wrapping!! Yay this is going to look great. Thank you and keep up the great content!

Renee Hernandez
Renee Hernandez 2 months ago

So aesthetically pleasing ✨

Kate Radziņa
Kate Radziņa 2 months ago

You are fantastic - love your creativity and thoughtfulness!
Happy holidays everyone!

Lorraine Arcand
Lorraine Arcand 2 months ago

The greenery makes the gift look luxe

Gina Friend
Gina Friend 2 months ago

Those are nice! I wrap basically the same, however I draw my artwork on mine. It's very personalized this way!
🎄Merry Christmas!! 😉

Emily Cole
Emily Cole 2 months ago

My mom would beat my ass if I wasted a potato just to make a stamp

TexasMagnoliaHome 2 months ago

Those gift wrapping ideas were amazing! But seriously they look amazing! Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy them with your loved ones! 🤗❤️🎄

DontWorry AboutIt
DontWorry AboutIt 2 months ago

I love ❤️❤️❤️

Adam Seddon
Adam Seddon 2 months ago

from dkew

Manoli Cubero
Manoli Cubero 2 months ago

Lovely ideas, thanks.

blackcatproductions3 2 months ago

Alternate video title: ***I'm Giving Anthropologie a Run for Their Money: Aesthetic AF Gift Wrapping***. LOL, these are just gorgeous Drew !!!

dazzlensparkle 2 months ago

Love the paper bag idea. I am always hustling crazy till 24th ...

Emily Corbett
Emily Corbett 2 months ago

I love the rustic wrapping idea with the pinecone!! So cute and simple!

wanda seekins
wanda seekins 2 months ago

Very nice....loved them all I'm from maine. I have unlimited evergreens. ❤

Sara Katz
Sara Katz 2 months ago

Do you change up your wrapping style every year? I always wondered if I should mix it up or stick to what I always do. These are great. Love.

Yoshi K.
Yoshi K. 2 months ago

Fun and fresh. I would have love getting a gift from you because it would be absolutely deliciously decorated and personalized. I love that.

Marta Martínez Morales

This video was so soo cute!!
And this year I'm not gonna use the same ugly paper that I always use lol

Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass 2 months ago

You have the best Diys

arely lopez
arely lopez 2 months ago

Love it!!!

Mally Flower
Mally Flower 2 months ago

Happy Christmas Drew. Get well soon. 2 months ago

i really love the vibe!

donny angel x
donny angel x 2 months ago

the second one was so adorable!!!

carolina jaune
carolina jaune 2 months ago

Drew I’m in love ❤️ honestly I love Christmas because it’s not about receiving but giving too!

Cristian Diaz
Cristian Diaz 2 months ago

You should use the white wrapping paper and paint it with red stripes and make candy cane inspired

joanna prevost
joanna prevost 2 months ago

Thanks Drew, you are my absolute favorite YouTuber! Have a Happy Holiday! 😍

Sasha Peck
Sasha Peck 2 months ago

Omg ik I knew it wasn't pine, I like to study trees!

Diane Pelletier Viau
Diane Pelletier Viau 2 months ago

Cedar not pine tree !!! 😄

Alexa Grace
Alexa Grace 2 months ago

Love these!!!

Iso Gomez
Iso Gomez 2 months ago

Gift Wrapping Queen

SMPLY SHALAY 2 months ago

These were great! I definitely want to recreate a few. Thanks for sharing!

Lizbeth F
Lizbeth F 2 months ago


Creative Jennyfer
Creative Jennyfer 2 months ago

The potato juice comment made laugh out loud 😂

emeraldalba 2 months ago

First post on your channel Drew. Will use a few of your ideas! Love the natural look!

Dei 2 months ago

I have wrapped my secret santa at couple of days ago, with a mixture of yours, I have used a simple white box, put on some of the star sequence, and the gold paint, then with two different jute string size, and put on two tags, and loop it with a pine branch and a bow

Loa Pili
Loa Pili 2 months ago

I love your holiday DIYs. This was truly inspiring. I think my favorite ones were the galaxy inspired, paper bag, and the touch of the mistletoe inspired one

Izakiting2 2 months ago

Really enjoy all the ideas included!!😍😍😍

toby m
toby m 2 months ago

woah these are so cool :-) too bad i only use bags

Maria del Carmen Cejas

Loveeeeeee itttttttt!! 😘❤️🌲🎄🌲🎄🦌🦌

Joyce Quiroz
Joyce Quiroz 2 months ago

i wouldn't want to unwrap my gift if it looked that pretty.🖒

Barbara A
Barbara A 2 months ago

These are so beautiful! I always learn something new in your videos! thank you drew!!

Mr Carrington
Mr Carrington 2 months ago

I love the sequin stars one :) Looks so lovely!

Porrrnessian Parrapio