How To Knitted Jumper Nail Art Tutorial - Christmas Sweater Nails


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Information How To Knitted Jumper Nail Art Tutorial - Christmas Sweater Nails

Title : How To Knitted Jumper Nail Art Tutorial - Christmas Sweater Nails

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Frames How To Knitted Jumper Nail Art Tutorial - Christmas Sweater Nails

Description How To Knitted Jumper Nail Art Tutorial - Christmas Sweater Nails

How To Knitted Jumper Nail Art Tutorial - Christmas Sweater Nails

How To Knitted Jumper Nail Art Tutorial - Christmas Sweater Nails

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Betty McMurray
Betty McMurray 2 months ago

"Home Alone" love that movie!!

Sara Morris
Sara Morris 2 months ago

I know the video is from last year, but as it's Christmas season and this design is such a hit year after year, I just wanted to offer this. As a knitter, there are SO many cable designs out there, from clean and simple to stunningly detailed. For inspiration, you can simply use Google image search and enter in "knitted cable designs". In the knitting world, "cables" are the textured, often chunky, designs made up when our stitches cross over each other, and are a classic sweater staple. Just wanted to pop this is in for anyone looking to use this technique this season who might be looking for some extra design inspo ♥

Anya M. Rocha
Anya M. Rocha 2 months ago

Watching again in 2019 so I can do them. When you said "Don't worry it's the good Janet not the bad Janet", I thought you were refer to the tv show The Good Place. There are both good Janets and bad Janets. Also forgot you thanked Cristene's video.

Kristie Tress
Kristie Tress 2 months ago

That hand is so realistic! Great video!

Kombatdrew 02
Kombatdrew 02 2 months ago

This is so good; insparation from both Simplynailogical and Suzie Nail Career Education. Both of my favorite nail channels; I found your channel before and seen your nail oil routine. Just like Cristines; my nail oil recipie is: Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Lemon Essential Oil.

Søs Kaplov
Søs Kaplov 2 months ago

I love it with glitter 😍

Ivy Rose 🌹
Ivy Rose 🌹 2 months ago

Natasha, I just want to say, you are so good art what you do. You RESEARCH! EVERYTHING! I love that you don't stick to only gel or acrylic. You taught us how to use chrome power on regular polish! Things that weren't possible are now! I just really love the amount of dedication and research you do as well as thinking about people like me who maybe don't use our know how to use gel. Merry late xmas!

Lauren Popp
Lauren Popp 2 months ago

I love these! Can't wait to give this look a try!

JoeysMagGoth 2 months ago

I know you don't usually do swatches, but if you have the Holiday Opi collection, I'd LOVE to see you review it!
There's one called 'Ginger's revenge' :P

JoeysMagGoth 2 months ago

At those final shots the hand looks too real!

Veronika Öström
Veronika Öström 2 months ago


Colleen A Steeves Bos

I love the glitter for that extra winter sparkle.

Colleen A Steeves Bos

The word you're looking for is," felt".

Aries Gladu
Aries Gladu 2 months ago

Home alone 😋

Sue Culley
Sue Culley 2 months ago

This tutorial is so nice! I almost passed it by, thinking it was too complicated! Wrong! I’m going to try it, since it’s the start of December. Of course my vote is the fine glitter! 😁. Can’t have special nails and it NOT be glitter! Thank you so much for this tutorial! I love it.
Christmas is Christ’s birthday, along with celebrating it, it also is tradition! The tradition of family, church, and GOOD food, go hand in hand with the gifting.
Merry Christmas!🎄

Jessica Bowers
Jessica Bowers 2 months ago

That nail fuzz is called "flocking" 😊

Tandy Joe Cougler
Tandy Joe Cougler 2 months ago

Please, more gel everything. ❤️😘 💕 love your videos. Your energy is so uplifting. 👍 great job as always.

Tandy Joe Cougler
Tandy Joe Cougler 2 months ago

I love these sweater nails. So, “warm.”😘

Milagro Bigio
Milagro Bigio 2 months ago

Gorgeous nails...what curing lamp do you use.?

Dawn Earl
Dawn Earl 2 months ago

I love Christmas, while my children were growing up my house was like a christmas grotto, i use to build up to christmas with hot chocolate and christmas cookies, that was while watching christmas movies, turn the heating down and snuggle on the sofa with the children.
Read christmas stories to them before sleep.
Christmas eve, they would leave carrots we grew in the garden for the reindeer, a cookie we made for santa on the table. Later that evening the children would go to bed, about 3 hours later(after checking they were asleep) i would then get family to bring the pressies round, there would already be fake pressies under the tree from santa (these would of been from when the tree got put up, the children would know they are fake and for show...more to make other people think we were better off than we were...but a great touch ) then the real pressies would just finish it off, i limit how much i spend on the children, like you, so they appreciated what they got (as we are not made of money) and every year the children loved it, as they got older the grotto stayed but the amount of money did not get as much but it was still magical.
Now all my children are grown up and live in their own homes but love coming to my house knowing they have the same feeling that they remember, christmas doesn't feel the same when they try it at their homes. I am a proper christmas elf, christmas cookies and hot chocolate, just now it has baileys in for the ladies or whiskey for the gents.
Its all about the build up i think.
Im a support worker for challenging behaviour and learning difficulties so I work christmas day now and for the past few years, but we make our christmas day as close to the day as possible.
I wont change my thoughts on christmas nor will i treat my children and different even as they are older, and when i have grandchildren they will get the same treatment, and i know that my children will support the buzz of it all.
Sorry for the essay. ( im terrible for talking about christmas...i will stop now )
Any nail design im just a nail tech through and it all.(in my spare time of course)
Thank you Natasha. xx

calichef1962 2 months ago

Interesting clothing fact: In the US a "jumper" is a dress (usually for girls, although they can be found in adult sizes) made to be worn over a blouse, t-shirt or turtleneck sweater. Sometimes they are made like bib overalls with straps that cross in back, and sometimes they are cut more like tank tops, but with unusually deeply cut arm holes and sometimes a deep V- or U-neck. Edited to add: what you call a "jumper" we call a pullover sweater, while sweaters with buttons or zippers down the front are called cardigan sweaters.

Whitney Rose
Whitney Rose 2 months ago

Can the gel polish method be done with regular color gel?

AbductionFromAbove 2 months ago

Doesn't look like a knit at all... Just some thick scribbles.


WOW THATS AN AMAZING IDEA 4 the peel off and reusing the tips 2 save plastic!!!!!!!!! Imma use that!!!

Summer Walker
Summer Walker 2 months ago

Do you know someone called Addison Bie ?? Xx

Lora Miller
Lora Miller 2 months ago

Lol, great Home Alone jumper

Anna Wood
Anna Wood 2 months ago

I love both gel polish and regular polish tutorials.

Yoselyn Ramirez
Yoselyn Ramirez 2 months ago

I prefer nail polish tutorials!!! But some gel polish tutorials here and there would be nice :)

Lisenails art
Lisenails art 2 months ago

So beautiful nailart😍

Emma Levine
Emma Levine 2 months ago

No cyber monday sale on your products? I was really counting on it I need new brushes, and I wanted to buy some (ok- not some, ALL!) of your glitter brand

Camila Kess
Camila Kess 2 months ago

"Good place" reference as well

V. Johns
V. Johns 2 months ago

Amazing design. And I love your little Christmas speech at the end. 😍

NanaJen K4
NanaJen K4 2 months ago

I personally think both techniques are important to learn , you are such a great teacher either way, ty 😆
(I agree with you on the view of Christmas)

kirsty fleming
kirsty fleming 2 months ago

You should try naio nails beand for a video

SeabassFishbrains 2 months ago

I'm not big on christmas but I am big on any excuse to spend time with my family. I only have two blood relatives (luckily I have amazing inlaws through my sister!) and I don't get to see them a ton so I really appreciate it when we do get to sit down for a nice home-cooked meal together.

Mermaid Rhonda
Mermaid Rhonda 2 months ago

Home Alone...a Christmas tradition! My favorite part is when the taller guy slides down the back steps on the ice. Hilarious! I had an idea while watching this. I wonder how hard it would be to use a stamp and then add gel or polish over the lines of the design. Does that even make sense? I'm loving that blue!

Potatoes and Stuff
Potatoes and Stuff 2 months ago

Does anyone know where she gets her plastic back pads?

Ella_ Cinder
Ella_ Cinder 2 months ago

"Home Alone" baby!!

Edith Elbourn
Edith Elbourn 2 months ago

Nail fuzz is called flocking powder. These nails are lovely, thanks for regular polish application.❤️

SweetCandyWrapper 2 months ago

I like seeing both regular and gel.

PinkMosquito 22
PinkMosquito 22 2 months ago

Home Alone!! 😍

KimShea22 2 months ago

Love these! Thank you for the excellent tutorial! Would dip powder work in place of the acrylic powder?
"Home Alone" is the movie.
LOVE your lip color! I wondered what it was before you said!

BzerkBnny 2 months ago

those nails are beautiful... but as a knitter I would never call them knitted jumper nail art XD

hppottiness 2 months ago

Love home alone!

Nancy Ruppenthal
Nancy Ruppenthal 2 months ago

Have a wonderful Christmas .

Nancy Ruppenthal
Nancy Ruppenthal 2 months ago

Either gel or nai polish is lovely. I can use the designs with either.

copper589 k
copper589 k 2 months ago

I really like that you show both the gel and polish, because I have both gel and polish but none of my colors overlap so it's nice to how to do it with both so I still can weather I use gel or polish also the glitter ones are my favorite

Becky Whitehall
Becky Whitehall 2 months ago

If you don't know that it's from home alone where have you been?!!

wendy wendy
wendy wendy 2 months ago

Love this definitely gonna give it a go but my favourite is the sparkly powder one

Flavia Barbieri
Flavia Barbieri 2 months ago

Glittttttttttter all the way!
I've been saving up to start using gel polish... I can't wait!

Laura Ismay
Laura Ismay 2 months ago

I love your tutorials! Both gel and regular polish. Would you be willing to do a beginners guide to gel polish? Would be good to have some advise and also products that are easily accessed in the UK ❤️

Nicole Beck
Nicole Beck 2 months ago

Thank you for showing it with regular polish. I dont own any gel polishes! 😍

nrdy grl
nrdy grl 2 months ago

Glitter powder is my favorite. The fuzzy stuff is called flocking

titch_can_i_nail_it 2 months ago

I love naio nails urban graffiti no wipe top coat it cures fast to. my favourite brand.😍

titch_can_i_nail_it 2 months ago

yeah home alone love that film.

Cevalip 2 months ago

Nail polish tutorials, please😊

If I were able to do the same thing with regular polish gel tutorials would be fine, but I often have No idea how to do it with regular polish..

Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 2 months ago

home alone of course

It’s a Nail Thing
It’s a Nail Thing 2 months ago

Nail polish, but this tutorial was great. Maybe in tutorials a combination of both like on this vid?

Angela Ruskowsky
Angela Ruskowsky 2 months ago

The more glitter the better. What can I say I’m a glitter hoarder.

Queen Rach
Queen Rach 2 months ago

I love love love the glitter version! I work with gel a bit more now due to the convenience of it, however I do enjoy seeing both in tutorials. And I'm also very excited for Christmas. 😘

Santie de Waal Malan
Santie de Waal Malan 2 months ago

Beautiful. 💮

Karen Presley
Karen Presley 2 months ago

Gel polish with your glitter! Beautiful.

Saz 1515
Saz 1515 2 months ago

I prefer Gel polish!!!💗

Peach Manifesto Jessie

I prefer gel polish❤️💅🏻💅🏻 thanks for all the variety though🥰

Becky Jones
Becky Jones 2 months ago

Home Alone

amanda steuver
amanda steuver 2 months ago

Gel polish! I need more help with gel polish than nail polish. And I feel like anyone can get gel polish now a days online. But if u are going to do reg polish, I like that you show it with gel polish too.. ( like in this video, incase that didn't make sense. Lol)

michaella clark
michaella clark 2 months ago

I love designs in both gel and regular polish as a nail tech i love doing both

Chronic Butterfly
Chronic Butterfly 2 months ago

I remember as a kid, gathering at my grandparents for Christmas with all my cousins. There were 10 of us kids plus all the aunts and uncles. My mom and I are trying to keep that tradition going with our family now that we've moved away from the good memories. It was much easier when my boys were younger to get them both to understand the importance of family. Now, I'm going to be a GiGi in May, and my oldest son is being silent. Men!🤦‍♀️

Paulette San Pedro
Paulette San Pedro 2 months ago

Home Alone

Debbie Bartley
Debbie Bartley 2 months ago

Hi Natasha,. I've been A HUGE FAN off you're for awhile now. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and I hope your Christmas will be absolutely splendid!!!
Speaking of Christmas, your sweater jumper reminds me of the movie "Home Alone". The little boy that gets left behind on Christmas is watching an old movie and on the movie The older gentleman says those exact words....... " Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!!"

Maycie Tatton
Maycie Tatton 2 months ago

Home alone 2 XD

Tammy Martin
Tammy Martin 2 months ago

I love the way that you did this tutorial. I use only regular polish on my nails because they're naturally long but it's fun to watch you doing both ways so I can learn different techniques

Shelly Gaudet
Shelly Gaudet 2 months ago

Home Alone! When Kevin scares the pizza delivery guy 😂

E Hub
E Hub 2 months ago

Home alone!! Love those movies! Also love you so much Natasha 💗💗and your new line of glitter is gorgeous! I want them so much

Tanya Van Stone
Tanya Van Stone 2 months ago

Home Alone! It's called flocking powder. I prefer nail polish, but I agree that either way the designs can be applied! :)

amanda steuver
amanda steuver 2 months ago

Could u do a video about the difference between rubber base gel and reg base .. and maybe the rubber top too.

Cj Richmond
Cj Richmond 2 months ago

Love gel and glitter!!!!

Patricia Rivas
Patricia Rivas 2 months ago

Gel and glitter and more glitter ✨ ✨!👍🏻 I plan on making the presents and listening to my French Christmas music (in remembrance to my mom).

WOW Lily
WOW Lily 2 months ago

I love the fact that you're using your products in your videos. You're showing us how they perform and, most important, how we can use them. Great tutorial!

Nicole Watson
Nicole Watson 2 months ago

Home alone

Tina Hill
Tina Hill 2 months ago

Home alone! Best movie!!

Ilona 2 months ago

Home Alone is a muuuuust every Christmas!

utoobr10 2 months ago

How fun and creative!

Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray 2 months ago

It is from Home Alone

Marilyn 2 months ago

Gel polish w/ glitter... home alone or elf

teya 2 months ago

Home alone!!!!!

Cameron Kern
Cameron Kern 2 months ago

like its home alone lol

byankachan 2 months ago

Awesoome! Didn't think this was possible with regular polish :) are the glitter/acrylic powders mandatory for it to work?

ReshiK 2 months ago

Gotta get that gel off the skin we don't want Janet to get an allergic reaction

Kate Wayte
Kate Wayte 2 months ago

Glitter!!! Every time 😂 x

Karen Rodriguez
Karen Rodriguez 2 months ago

Gel polish with glitter

Loz Marchant
Loz Marchant 2 months ago

Good janet LOL! I love that show! “The good place”. Was that quick flash of your jumper, ya filthy animal from home alone?

Dusk Dawns
Dusk Dawns 2 months ago

That jumper it's totally "Home Alone"!!

Julia Cymru
Julia Cymru 2 months ago

Love both regular and gel polish. Would be nice to see on real hands too (hint I'm not far away!!)

femketjeNL 2 months ago

I am going to celebrate christmas at my parents' place, at home and at my inlaws :) Just loads of fun and food!

Ashley Cribbs
Ashley Cribbs 2 months ago

My boys love the two original home alone movies....when I was a kid, I actually told a waitress at the Chinese restaurant “keep the change, ya filthy animal”. Luckily my parents had a good sense of humor and I don’t think the waitress quite understood 🤭😛

Josée Chartrand
Josée Chartrand 2 months ago

really really I am in love ! great work 😍😍

C D 2 months ago

PLEASE more GEL POLISH tutorials! Thanks bunches and a very merry Christmas to you!

KayP0ps 2 months ago

Natasha I think the "nail fuzz" you were talking about is called Flocking. At least that's what it's called in the crafting world xx

Girlienails66 2 months ago

I love that you have done the designs on both gel and regular polish. I use both so it's very cool to see. I am a Christmas geek too and I totally believe that glitter fixes everything!!! 😍💙