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Gone to the Snow Dogs

Welcome to our new series! We hope you love it! Also, can you spot Memphis's Family in this video?
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Shelby Monks
Shelby Monks 2 months ago

Wow they can run fast!

Roman The Malinois
Roman The Malinois 2 months ago

Siberian Huskies are amazing :)

HUSKY TALES 101 2 months ago

These dogs are incredible, I love all dogs but I doubt I’ll ever live life without a Siberian Husky. Until I’m old and feeble anyways 😜

The Rainbow Gamer
The Rainbow Gamer 2 months ago

You used to be my favorite youtube and you still are one of my favorites bur your just so amazing!!!

dindog22 2 months ago

is it true that huskies can crap while running? Fact Fiend says it's true

Adams Shoke
Adams Shoke 2 months ago

Hello I really wanna get a puppy for my self

Brooks Cochran
Brooks Cochran 2 months ago

Mrs Moore I still can't thank you enough for my best partner you have given me

Cameron Palmer
Cameron Palmer 2 months ago

Oh could I have her contact she helped me too

Linda Jane
Linda Jane 2 months ago

Purchasing dogs and puppies from Mrs Moore & pet is a huge virtue

Hasley Monroe
Hasley Monroe 2 months ago

Yeah my friend but her cute little chihuahua from that same Mrs Moore & pet

Nora Kincaid
Nora Kincaid 2 months ago

Yeah that's where I got little French bulldogs only with Mrs Moore & pet I trust

Paulina Rhett
Paulina Rhett 2 months ago

Sure her dog are more cheaper, and easy to purchase

Alex Hook
Alex Hook 2 months ago

Yeah I met her from facebook

Diana Cruise
Diana Cruise 2 months ago

Ohh I also heard about that, Mrs Moore & pet

Kammie Douglas
Kammie Douglas 2 months ago

Yeah she helped me with my little puppy now they're grow and I can't live without them

Sebastian Cantu
Sebastian Cantu 2 months ago

Are you going to get another husky baby

N S 2 months ago

28 MPH is 45 KM/h for my fellow Non UK/American friends!

James Postle
James Postle 2 months ago

I just came back to this channel after a few years and I was wondering where Shelby and Oakley were so I scrolled back and I saw that they passed. So sad

Nadia Madsen
Nadia Madsen 2 months ago

Can't you make a agar agar treat for you dogs

Sora Hawkyear
Sora Hawkyear 2 months ago

Omg im the 100 comment yas

Isla Lohr
Isla Lohr 2 months ago

i have greyhounds... so they are fast but not the best endurance!

David Burke
David Burke 2 months ago

Snow puppers are epiiiiiccccccc! 😍

Keith Bates
Keith Bates 2 months ago

Thanks for the information, interesting. Joan Bates

David Scott
David Scott 2 months ago

Yay facts! Imma nerd

AngelBuddyFilm 2 months ago

This is really cool! I love the little facts about Kira and Memphis' awesome breed.

Huxtel The husky.
Huxtel The husky. 2 months ago


Louisa Lewis
Louisa Lewis 2 months ago

Look at them go go.☺️❤️

Renee' Matthews
Renee' Matthews 2 months ago

Was that Oakley with Memphis in the beginning of the clip? I sure miss Oakley and Shelby so much, as I know Jessica and Jamie do as well. It's amazing 150 miles a day. If I remember correctly, huskies are built for long hauls whereas malamutes are better with heavier loads at shorter distances. 💚❤🐈🐾

Brittany Crowe
Brittany Crowe 2 months ago

I wish I could run like a husky.

Hydralisk 2 months ago

Video ending: this has been...
Me: 🤷🏼‍♂️

Sophia Lopez
Sophia Lopez 2 months ago

That has been what?

Dremwolf 2 months ago

How fast can my Sibe run? If it pulls a Houdini you will find out real fast!

SisterLocationFan!! #SpringTrap

Huskies are SOO cute and vocal

Missyand Loki
Missyand Loki 2 months ago

this is a pretty cool new series !!

Jaycee Pope
Jaycee Pope 2 months ago

So cool

Ninja64 Ninja64
Ninja64 Ninja64 2 months ago

1.05M subscribers 👍🏽

Songal18 2 months ago

That's amazing. Really makes you think more about all those Husky teams that helped get the Antitoxin for Diphtheria to Nome all those years ago. Togo and Balto, and every dog on those teams, you helped so many on your journey. Thank you.

Kathy Bell
Kathy Bell 2 months ago

Please make longer videos.....

gingergargoyle 2 months ago

Yup they have a motabolism that converts potential energy to kinetic energy and back again AT THE SAME TIME! It makes them kind of unique in tye animal kingdom ...

Joniel Joseph Montesa

Cant do this in hot climates like in tropical countries :( As long as we can let them run at night

mechanicgrl 2 months ago

Memphis has a beautiful family. Love to see them pulling sleds 😊.

ZUMA THE PUPPY 2 months ago

Awwww so cute I love it

Betty Maverick
Betty Maverick 2 months ago

They are a magnificent breed!

Michael McGowan JR
Michael McGowan JR 2 months ago

good for husky.

Mikyla Alston
Mikyla Alston 2 months ago

Wow :3

Greg Adams
Greg Adams 2 months ago

Oops, the end got cut off

That Husky is Crazy
That Husky is Crazy 2 months ago

The end of the video cut off at "This Has Been."

Jamie Benitez
Jamie Benitez 2 months ago

That's cool I didn't know that I didn't spot Memphis his family like you said in one of your comments

Heather G
Heather G 2 months ago

Wow, that's fast! Then again, seeing your girls doing zoomies, that doesn't really surprise me, LOL! And knowing those teams can cover such huge distances is just mind blowing. I immediately think of the dog teams that helped along the vaccine run in Alaska to help those poor kids. Togo, and Balto, and all those other hero dogs. I know not all of them were huskies, but still! Amazing! Hugs and love from California!

Disney Lover
Disney Lover 2 months ago

and here’s my husky being picky on who’s bed she wants to lay in all day

Snow Dogs Vlogs
Snow Dogs Vlogs 2 months ago

I spotted Memphis's Family!! Did you?

Justin Powers
Justin Powers 2 months ago

Love this video. Would love to know more husky facts :)

Crystal The Animal Lover

Love these facts they are so happy pulling the sled it's so cool how fast they can go and so many miles in one day

Lindsey Reynolds
Lindsey Reynolds 2 months ago

Love the short format husky facts idea! Can't wait for more ☺️

My Lifes Wicked Adventures

I want to do dog sledding so badly. Its on my bucket list. I so love watching Kira and Memphis go.

Rástradamus 2 months ago

My husky's speed and agility levels are well over 10000.

SchleichHorseGal1200 2 months ago

Lol I love the segway at the end 😂

Snow Dogs Shorts with Gone to the Snow Dogs

Whoo hoo!! Hike Hike HIKE!

GoGiraffe *
GoGiraffe * 2 months ago

Ooh, I got to ride behind sled dogs on a summer buggy training contraption in Alaska. It was so fun, and the dogs just wanted to *RUN*! They got so impatient any time they had to stop and wait, lol, so vocal about it, too!

Oakleyfan [Becky]
Oakleyfan [Becky] 2 months ago

I would love for more fact short ones like this to come. This is great for learning.

Charly KatBat
Charly KatBat 2 months ago

My Greenlander might not be as fast as a Husky, but he will pull steady for a full day, even with a big load in the back. Those guys are build to work and work and work, oh and also can take on a Polar Bear. Perfect skiing, sleeding and hiking buddy for us up here on Svalbard.
Although on second thought, especially looking at my little couch potato there, maybe not ALL Greenlanders, Chewbacca loves our ski trips and sledding in a team, but he's also not mad at me, if we have a "Cabin day".

Hardy the Husky and Friends

Wow, that is amazingly fast! BIG BEAUTIFUL SNOWDOGS! 👍🏻😄🐶😍👍🏻

Pavel Soldatov
Pavel Soldatov 2 months ago

How about Husky sledding as an official Winter Olympics sport?

Sebastian Cantu
Sebastian Cantu 2 months ago

Look great to me, husky lady

Shawn Newell
Shawn Newell 2 months ago

Huskies are speed demons 😈!

Peter Harper
Peter Harper 2 months ago

It’s like reading an Encyclopaedia😁

tank leffew
tank leffew 2 months ago

such cute pups and thx for the facts

Gone to the Snow Dogs

Yeah so when you watch this on the shorts shelf, it loops back to the beginning of the video, which you watch it on standard YouTube, it doesn't loop for some reason. I debated on not doing it, but since this is a short, and mostly will be seen on the shorts shelf after a few days, I left it. heheheh

HUSKY TALES 101 2 months ago

Excellent !!
Man do they ever look gorgeous running in harness.

Cøøkie Plays
Cøøkie Plays 2 months ago

Great video

Oakleyfan [Becky]
Oakleyfan [Becky] 2 months ago

Huskies are awesome! It's amazing to see them run and have fun pulling the sled.
Was the footage of Memphis family the one you took in 2013?

TheGoat_Landon 2 months ago

I just saw speed

Ashley M
Ashley M 2 months ago

"This has been... " I guess we'll never know what it's been 😂

Maria Riddle
Maria Riddle 2 months ago

I love husky’s

ToxicIQ86 2 months ago

That's INSANE🤯

Alpha Wølf Flare
Alpha Wølf Flare 2 months ago

That’s super cool!

velvet 2 months ago


Loki the Siberian
Loki the Siberian 2 months ago

Hike hike pups! 😍

savannah 2 months ago

Kira and Memphis are......SPEEEED

Mariah Rock
Mariah Rock 2 months ago

Love y'all so much!🥰💜💙

Patricia Kersey
Patricia Kersey 2 months ago

That’s cool 👌

QWEEN_ J_07 2 months ago

I’ve always wanted a husky. 🥺

Solo The wolf
Solo The wolf 2 months ago

That's pretty cool info

Cxltures 2 months ago

Yo won’t pin this

Btw I love your videos

CanadianGoose 2 months ago

Those huskys are so pretty!

Jenny y Lenny
Jenny y Lenny 2 months ago


ToxicIQ86 2 months ago


Isaac Altamirano
Isaac Altamirano 2 months ago


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