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Home Alone 3 - Best Scenes

Home Alone 3 - Best Scenes

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Ian lester Anthony
Ian lester Anthony 2 months ago

Where is the best scenes? if did u cut it

Sexy White Shewolf
Sexy White Shewolf 2 months ago

Three funny lines done by Alex.
See ya!
Then the parrot and the rat.

Daniel B Maximoff
Daniel B Maximoff 2 months ago

Say what you want but this movie was great!

rio pgd
rio pgd 2 months ago


Ameer Jaseem
Ameer Jaseem 2 months ago


Shock Master
Shock Master 2 months ago

Lousy film

Sam Mccormick
Sam Mccormick 2 months ago

I love Alice when she fall in the Mud

666 2 months ago

6:20 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Pravin paul
Pravin paul 2 months ago

0:20 watch this scene in 0.25x 😂😂😂

김용현 2 months ago


Sylvia Khan
Sylvia Khan 2 months ago

Earl Unger has to wear the monkey’s clothes :D

Juana Santiago
Juana Santiago 2 months ago


Spencer Thompson
Spencer Thompson 2 months ago

wierd how it went from burglars to terrorists

Commander Cody
Commander Cody 2 months ago

Still dangerous as always tho lol

Commander Cody
Commander Cody 2 months ago

Yo how old is this movie?, I see lil scarlett Johansson.

فيصل العتيبي


annie mendoza
annie mendoza 2 months ago

i had watch this film before but just today i know that scar jo is in d movie

Cameron STEPHAN 2 months ago

This is my childhood

waedsuperset 2 months ago


coolgamer23 cool
coolgamer23 cool 2 months ago

Home alone five is garbage

mazing32able 2 months ago

Theres a home alone 3

Katy Saavedra
Katy Saavedra 2 months ago


ganster Marchy
ganster Marchy 2 months ago


Gabriel Iligan
Gabriel Iligan 2 months ago

Well, he's Natasha Romanoff's brother

Angela GAMING GAMING 2 months ago

Anyone know n remember his sister was now a marvel girl 😎😎

nev 2 months ago

this one really difines the term "cutscenes" . jesus christ the cuts in this one is so bad

N1k4 2 months ago

6:20 whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....

Ahad Kirk
Ahad Kirk 2 months ago

In nam these traps would kill ya

Adog828 2 months ago

Double or nothin

Gourav Sehgal 6413
Gourav Sehgal 6413 2 months ago


EliTheRat 2 months ago


Mukund Phanasalkar
Mukund Phanasalkar 2 months ago

Bad editing.

Kane Parker
Kane Parker 2 months ago


russell5078084 2 months ago

This was terrible disjointed editing.

The Man Candy
The Man Candy 2 months ago

Is that scarlet johansson? God damn she was young.

Adam West
Adam West 2 months ago

The parrot was hilarious in this movie

중추석 2 months ago


Toppe 57
Toppe 57 2 months ago

0:49 Kate Laswell from MW 2019

Francesco Rodriguez
Francesco Rodriguez 2 months ago


VenzeyvioLLa90 Virgo
VenzeyvioLLa90 Virgo 2 months ago

U miss the aftermath wht make it the best part.. Lolll

KirillDreamer 2 months ago

Это было наше детство ❤️

I Jansi
I Jansi 2 months ago

Home alone part 1 pls

Tijay Everette
Tijay Everette 2 months ago

Gotcha now you little brat

Peter Kuykendall
Peter Kuykendall 2 months ago

The first three Home Alone movies were great to watch.

User1 User2
User1 User2 2 months ago


Tracy Nation
Tracy Nation 2 months ago

Excellent. ♡ T.E.N.

Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez 2 months ago

The home alone movie to not have macaulay culkin.

Jonathan Coleman
Jonathan Coleman 2 months ago

The sound is messed up and the sound was faster than the talking.

Lianny de Jesús Camacho



not as funny aa the first 2

May Chang
May Chang 2 months ago

I've been watching Home Alone since my early childhood I used to watch with my beloved stuffed dog Casy when she was alive but now after my beloved stuffed dog Casy died from her injury at the animal Hospital I still watch now

Amandine Gregoris
Amandine Gregoris 2 months ago

I love this vidéo she is really funny.

Mikel Hawk
Mikel Hawk 2 months ago


Mysterious Sunshine
Mysterious Sunshine 2 months ago

Scarlett Johansson is in this

Dobraya Feya
Dobraya Feya 2 months ago


Sayem Ahmed
Sayem Ahmed 2 months ago

Mess with the wrong kid and hurt by kid lol,

Billy Truong
Billy Truong 2 months ago

6:20 I can’t stop laughing

Dimon Oshparennyy
Dimon Oshparennyy 2 months ago

Damn I love Unger! He is the funniest by far!

Zsolt Hájos
Zsolt Hájos 2 months ago

The last good home alone movie

ryder steele
ryder steele 2 months ago

6:20 i feel a disturbance in the force

Marvin L. Midkiff
Marvin L. Midkiff 2 months ago

Classic. So funny.

Seth Lapp
Seth Lapp 2 months ago

Great video but honestly you missed some of the best scenes

LJ McDonald
LJ McDonald 2 months ago

The parrot was so funny

LJ McDonald
LJ McDonald 2 months ago

Alex D. Linz was also in Max Keeble

Jerry R
Jerry R 2 months ago

That’s so funny 😂

Margarita Miller
Margarita Miller 2 months ago

iconic lines:
Wait till u see what I do next.
Are u done using it yet.
Wheres mr.unger.
Even worse the world laughs alex.you've stained the family name.parrot:loser.

Margarita Miller
Margarita Miller 2 months ago

Home alone
Home alone 2 lost in New York
Home alone 3
Home Alone 4 taking back the house
Home alone 5 the holiday heist.

Margarita Miller
Margarita Miller 2 months ago

I'm a boy the profile is my mom I'm her son

Margarita Miller
Margarita Miller 2 months ago

Dashing round the house
With burglars at the door
A parrot and a mouse
And lots of traps in store.
He knows just where they'll step
And who is going to fall
What fun it is to zap these guys
When your just 4 feet tall.
Home alone home alone
Alex saves the day
Oh what fun hes having now
With mom and dad away.

Brandon Snead
Brandon Snead 2 months ago

Very underrated movie....one of my personal favorite Christmas movies!!!

Rynocerator93 2 months ago

Compared to Kevin’s Family, Alex’s are actually care and are concerned about him


this editing gave me schizophrenia

Corey Sandman
Corey Sandman 2 months ago

The Home Alones keep getting worse after the 2nd

Willie B Productions
Willie B Productions 2 months ago

I know how to protect my house

pbscraze 2 months ago

Home Alone 2 and 3 turned out to be much better than the garbage sequels we got.

Panic Wolf
Panic Wolf 2 months ago

Can someone list the injuries and how so dead these people should be.

Amp 2 months ago

This vid is annoying. Doesn't show it properly

Lucifer 2 months ago

Home alone 1 and 2 are better but home alone 3 and 4 are shit

Mr. Tin_88
Mr. Tin_88 2 months ago

6:20 I just love that Opera section after being hit in the nuts 😂😂😂

Jacobite Bhoy
Jacobite Bhoy 2 months ago

They should make a ‘home alone 3 2: Ungers prison diaries’

Techno Spyform1
Techno Spyform1 2 months ago

Home Alone 3 may not be the best, but you got to admit "My Town" was a good track.

Nico Alcock
Nico Alcock 2 months ago

I love Home Alone 3

Aiden Snyder
Aiden Snyder 2 months ago

Alex wins! 🏆

Estefy Gi
Estefy Gi 2 months ago


Gabriel Studios
Gabriel Studios 2 months ago

Wtf. Home alone 3? What is this

cousins vlog
cousins vlog 2 months ago


Rubeenarub69 Rub
Rubeenarub69 Rub 2 months ago


Evniki Alezandria
Evniki Alezandria 2 months ago

Interesting how a group of high tech dangerous thieves gets outwitted by an eight-year old sick kid.

Stazia Kibera
Stazia Kibera 2 months ago

Sinister cause presents sequoia blues on YouTube

Marites Celiz
Marites Celiz 2 months ago

Hahahhahahaha shes werly werly nice

CULLEN ESSUMAN 2 months ago

Alice: Don't move
Earl: Alice? Sings Opera

James_Reyes 2 months ago

1:41 it looks Flight 11 plane was terrible first hit north tower doe 9/11 :(

Ed venuto
Ed venuto 2 months ago

I like the movie is was good

James Johnson
James Johnson 2 months ago

Can we all agree Earl was the funniest character in the movie?
Edit:Thanks for 84 likes!

Khristy Playz
Khristy Playz 2 months ago

The normal how alone movie is so much better this...this is just STUPID

ITuna playz
ITuna playz 2 months ago


Dilnoza Fayzieva
Dilnoza Fayzieva 2 months ago

Alex's only fault is he isn't Kevin.

Anonymous Contributor

Meanwhile at an Opera rehearsal
Director: You’ll never get the lead part.
Me: 6:20
Director: You got the lead part!

Alejandro Castro
Alejandro Castro 2 months ago

10:07 nunca imagine que Scarllet actuo en esta peli jajajaja