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The List
The List 2 months ago

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Thomas Nappo
Thomas Nappo 2 months ago


Collette Richmond
Collette Richmond 2 months ago

Love the show !
Hope I get the windfall one day !
David,, make you have a great time !
Perfect for the job !
Look at the show all the time !
I got my. dream house list ready
too , before I hit it big off the
scratch off !

thomas margolis
thomas margolis 2 months ago

The questions that brought to these people in these schemes, you get the 'prize' and the taxes, insurance, maintenance,
and the other expenses, gets with the 'prize' . How many of these people had 'winner' regret, where the matter how many
had lt costs. OH the 200k - that is the gross, and the illusion projected for the ratings for the producer.

Ron 2 months ago

Loved David's style when he started out even rooted for him on his first win. His style is still there in decorating but Hollywood has changed him and no longer watch any show he's in.

Manuel Valencia
Manuel Valencia 2 months ago

No thanks for me. I feel like I would be a national target for money borrowing.

RubyEmerald89 2 months ago

I love David

Lisa Jackson
Lisa Jackson 2 months ago

I love this programme and it would be nice if you could go back in day 5 years time and see how they are doing.

Michelle Starfish
Michelle Starfish 2 months ago

Anyone know what episode 6:58 mins in was?????

raina sanders
raina sanders 2 months ago

I love this show and David is the absolute best, I DVR'd all of the episodes and when I win I want him to show me houses

Jamie Redmond
Jamie Redmond 2 months ago

love his personality and energy! he's awesome at his job!

Julie Pollard
Julie Pollard 2 months ago

I love David he is hilarious,I was sick and tired of hearing how men need "man caves" and then bam David says a "lady lair!!!!"I a absolutely love this he always makes me smile,keep strutting your stuff David🥰I love people and their stories it just shows the lottery isn't prejudiced

jeffrey carrow
jeffrey carrow 2 months ago

the boy loves his tatoos

me here
me here 2 months ago

his gayness is a turnoff

Marge Nasta
Marge Nasta 2 months ago

Great show David so cute

lawson dog
lawson dog 2 months ago

David is gorgeous

Chris Pepitone
Chris Pepitone 2 months ago

Love this show! David is a great host! He seems down to earth and fun.

Gail Sustare
Gail Sustare 2 months ago

I love the show and host, but hate the more and more tattoos!

Southern Red
Southern Red 2 months ago

I love this show lol

Hanna Khan
Hanna Khan 2 months ago

I love david. He's such a sweetheart.

Judith K Colbert
Judith K Colbert 2 months ago

Not go on TV and expose my winnings to every wannabe family member and scam artist in the world!🙃

jack me
jack me 2 months ago

Seems to me the girlfriends or wife decides what house she wants not the man who actually won the lotto. Reason # 2,455 don’t marry a female cuz there gonna put you n a early grave. Be single n live your life believe me the grass is greener than a mutha on the other side.

Janet Cross
Janet Cross 2 months ago

Redicous david a designer what a joke he show people house who won the lottery really now every one you have money really

grace bolt
grace bolt 2 months ago

I just love David's personality. Once I saw him in Miami airport but I was afraid to go up to him to say hello. If I had a son , I would want him to be like David.

Joan Patek
Joan Patek 2 months ago

It people like David that never plays the lottery buy 1 ticket when it get high and wins

Junior Bronson
Junior Bronson 2 months ago

When i win hopefully David will have a show called LOTTERY DREAM RV

Give Honest Answer
Give Honest Answer 2 months ago

People "Don't" believe this show is "Fake" as rest of Reality show's on TV....... I'm here to "Tell" everyone All Reality show's are scripted by the "Producer's" for "Rating" !!!!!!!!! even the Damn News is scripted and controlled by the illuminati.

Phyllis Burris
Phyllis Burris 2 months ago

We love David. But like most people who love tattoos, not all of us wanting to see their art work. Its distracting to the show & the guests. Why not have David cover his tattoos & let lottery winners be the center of attention. Just sayin...most older audience who watch this HGTV show are not fans of excessive tattoos covering their whole body.

Adonis Tupaz
Adonis Tupaz 2 months ago

Share to my family .🙏

John Brian
John Brian 2 months ago

host is just nasty ugh

Maggie Wormely
Maggie Wormely 2 months ago

Amazing how David always knows what to say no matter how much the person has won and whether ther spend a little or a lot for a home. He’s very charismatic.

Madonna Wayne
Madonna Wayne 2 months ago

This show is the worst show ever. The host is smarmy and extremely falsely emotional about the houses. Who cares about a person buying a house. On one show he actually made a stupid joke about wanting to kiss the buyer, Ugh! Go away you jerk.

Bob D
Bob D 2 months ago

What they don't tell viewers is that if you take the lump sum payout you give up 39% of the winnings. Then taxes are 26-37% of the remainder depending on the amount and what state the ticket was purchased in. So a million dollar winner taking the lump sum in NY ends up with about $410,000. Now you now why 1 million dollar winners give $250,000 budgets

Susan Pratt
Susan Pratt 2 months ago

David cracks me up, and he is the fun to be with. He is the perfect host for this show.

SissieKelley714 2 months ago

I’d ask David out to dinner- I first saw him in Design Star and picked him from the get go! Super talent!

Furry Donkey
Furry Donkey 2 months ago

They will not get that $500+ million dollar winner from California ..... David has more tattoos then $150+ million dollar winners who need a home from David .......

genghis kanye
genghis kanye 2 months ago

I want him to get more tattoos to spite all the babies! 😂

VonBluesman 2 months ago

I signed up several times for a chance to win the HGTV Giveaway Home and I kept on getting Southern Living magazine in the mail. I looked up the contact information inside the magazine, then called subscription company, I sent numerous emails, and wrote REFUSED on the address label of the magazine and put it back in the mail box. I was careful not to check any boxes that would allow them to slip anything over on me and it was all a scam to bill people for magazines they did not order. They kept on sending billing invoices. Finally after the third time of registering for a home and receiving the magazine again, writing REFUSED on the mailing address label and sending it back, contacting the company again and threatening a lawsuit, they stop sending the magazine and I stopped registering for the HGTV Giveaway Home. They sell your private information you fill out on the registration form to companies for a profit. I was told by HGTV that the magazine subscription company was not a part of HGTV and I had to contact them directly. HGTV knew this was going on and they had to be making money off of the deal or they would have put a stop to any company profiting off of their customers. What a rip off.

MaíSabor Unïversö
MaíSabor Unïversö 2 months ago

Such a handsome guy, amazing bubbly personality

Davida Lawson
Davida Lawson 2 months ago

David Is An Awesome Entertainer.

Anethette Craig
Anethette Craig 2 months ago

I love the show! I never miss it.

J'Maya Thomas
J'Maya Thomas 2 months ago

I loveeeeee him🥰🥰🥰

CAS Smith
CAS Smith 2 months ago

sorry but toooo many tattoos, It’s creepy

JIM RICK 2 months ago


Elliott Humrich
Elliott Humrich 2 months ago

David has ruined his good looks with the wall-to-wall tattoos! Way overdone!

Laura Heitzmann
Laura Heitzmann 2 months ago

I love David! He’s a natural! Perfect for the show

Autumn Feldpausch
Autumn Feldpausch 2 months ago

I'm waiting for a season worth of all the bought homes are still owned. Seriously..who hasn't gone over the head w all that money & lost their home? Or see if they've added on or redone. David definitely makes that show a success. Very down to earth & people can work with that.

Leonie Diana Francis
Leonie Diana Francis 2 months ago

David praise the lord for everything gets and looks after his own money Works Hard for his money like his parents said I think Christians need to stand up and take notice that homosexuals are spiritual people's well

KjA 2 months ago

I have him find me a Tiny House, a Tree House or a House Boat... who wants a ginormous house...?

Jeanne Maciej
Jeanne Maciej 2 months ago

David is waaaay to much for me!

Lecia Smith
Lecia Smith 2 months ago

I do not know why this show is doing good on HGTV because the few times I watched the show it sucked these are everyday homes these so call millionaire are purchasing. Today I do not know if the show is still running if so repeats!!!!

HeyAdrienne Wright
HeyAdrienne Wright 2 months ago

I love this show & David is so Adorable 🥰. If I ever won millions I would love for him ❤️ to assist me with the New Home Buying Process.

Kenneth Ringwood
Kenneth Ringwood 2 months ago

These "Winners" dont factor in the Annual Property Taxes when buying a Home which will put them back in the poorhouse when the Tax Bill Arrives.

miata06gal 2 months ago

David used to look like an All American guy. Now he's filled with ugly tattoos all over his arms, neck, etc. and has started acting much more "feminine" so he sort of comes off like what we used to called a creepy "lounge lizard." He's lost that nice, sweet, good-looking charm he had that was so marketable. Can't stand to watch him any more because those tattoos are creepy. Plus, he tells every couple how "adorable" they are. It comes off like phony flattery.

Davis Holman
Davis Holman 2 months ago

I miss the original Design Star show. It was one of my favorites - I planned my schedule so I could watch every week. Wish HGTV would bring it back!

Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson 2 months ago

This show is an insult to a lot of people!We are trying to survive a pandemic! Isn't it kind of demeaning to show people "winning" millions of dollars when most people are just trying to survive?
Most people who win will probably lose the property within a few years,due to property taxes! makes me sick to think about! "Nothing is free"This guy is in it for how much "he" can make off this sale!

C a ll M
C a ll M 2 months ago

I've always liked David since he began with a show where he put together fabrics and colors etc. ( My mom had a crush on him). The one thing i don't like about the show is that the houses, or mansions, on the show look tacky as if these were houses that couldn't be sold. I feel as if the winners are so excited and along with David's personality they don't always see the tackeyness of some of these houses.

pypes88 2 months ago

Loveee DAVID!!

Evelyn Dorman
Evelyn Dorman 2 months ago

David has become so obnoxious. I can't stand him.

Dr Donothingmuch
Dr Donothingmuch 2 months ago

He is getting gayer by the minute..

p hoch
p hoch 2 months ago

I like David; I just don't like the show. It's a bit too much overacting.

Sherri Marston
Sherri Marston 2 months ago

I love David! He is awesome!

Doug Kenyon
Doug Kenyon 2 months ago

Lottery Dream Home: "We're millionaires!" "Our budget is $200K"
House Hunters: "He's a butterfly consultant and she's a dirt farmer." "Our budget is $2.5 million"

Rays Travel
Rays Travel 2 months ago

I want to win the lottery so I can meet David 😊

anthony calandra
anthony calandra 2 months ago

I like the program but David always asks what they won. Never mentions what they netted from their win so actually their budget is far less. Of course it's scripted and I'm sure the participant's have seen more than 3 homes.

Delores Brown
Delores Brown 2 months ago

David...he is so sweet and nice. I just love him and his show. He's funny and a lotta fun. If I EEEVER win the lottery, I'm callin David to find me a house.❤

Michelle Hawkins
Michelle Hawkins 2 months ago

David Bromstad's personality is truly infectious and I just enjoy watching him!!!<3

Fernando Ortiz-Robles

David is awesome. Love this show

Jamie Gibson
Jamie Gibson 2 months ago

My brother is in this video at 540 into it

Sharon Crist
Sharon Crist 2 months ago

I love that show and I love David

CYRUS GRAHAM 2 months ago

You have two of my large abstract paintings hanging up in that house you bring the contestants, this past Friday episode

Dee C
Dee C 2 months ago

I love the video of the man wanting all the bathrooms and the quirky old lady that tells David she doesn't need a bigger kitchen since she will be the only one in it.

Mary Graham
Mary Graham 2 months ago

Love this show thanks to David for making it it all fabulous!

tooslowstar 2 months ago

I enjoyed the show until David went crazy with all the tattoos up his neck and arms, then for me became a distraction, don’t watch anymore .

Mackone 2 months ago

Just found the show about a month im hooked on it 😳😳😁😜

Paul Spicer
Paul Spicer 2 months ago

I’m looking for my email offers

Diane Rogers
Diane Rogers 2 months ago

Can't stand the tatoos so I can't watch it.

Wendy Gillard
Wendy Gillard 2 months ago

I really enjoy watching this show in Australia.

dublinjazz1 2 months ago

Love, love, love David. He's just adorable:)

Jacquie Buchanan
Jacquie Buchanan 2 months ago

I absolutely love David Bromstead I watch the show every chance I get. Secretly my greatest joy would be to win a million $$$ and have David help us find a home...I’ll stay in faith 🙏🏽

Nancy Brimer
Nancy Brimer 2 months ago


Erica Pegues
Erica Pegues 2 months ago

David we will soon meet. I claim this

catherine coman
catherine coman 2 months ago

Super fun?????? wtf

catherine coman
catherine coman 2 months ago

Who stages your costumes? They are ridiculous!!!!!

Pamela Young
Pamela Young 2 months ago

I just LOVVVVEEE his personality!! He just knows how to get the buyers to buy! They are always cute to him!!

catherine coman
catherine coman 2 months ago

You show some shitty houses

Skelemberry 2 months ago

Thank god, I thought this as going to be some expose piece but it's just nice and wholesome

Faby 2 months ago

I follow David many, many years trough HGTV he’s the best designer ever.

Janine Giordano
Janine Giordano 2 months ago

I am a fan! David is an incredible designer. I remember when I first saw him win HGTV's designer show. He is a gem they need to give him another design show.

Jane Jordan
Jane Jordan 2 months ago

I love David What a Personality!!!!!

omegapointil 2 months ago

So in Jacksonville there were 2 guys who seemed to split the winnings. The one guys says he's going to buy his sister a house. The other guy didn't say anything but if the split was halves, I'm not springing for your sisters house outta my half. You nuts? Maybe it wasn't halves. Its the only thing I could think of. The other guy just sat around as if the sister was part of it and he never was a shareholder. Maybe the sister was married to the silent guy's son. I dunno, I sure wouldn't have sat still for paying for his sister's house or its up.

natalie stabback
natalie stabback 2 months ago

If I won the lottery ticket I would fly David over to Australia to go find me my house just to meet him
Oh yea

Maxine Fowler
Maxine Fowler 2 months ago

I can't wait to call this show, everyone enjoy your blessings and beautiful homes!

Janie Marks
Janie Marks 2 months ago

My favorite show!!

Sherry-Ann Best
Sherry-Ann Best 2 months ago

I Love his show well done.

Kimberly Lewis
Kimberly Lewis 2 months ago

One of my favorite pick me up shows! I Love David, he's seems like a really nice guy.

Connor Oborn
Connor Oborn 2 months ago

yes he is the reason i refused to watch the show i find his arrogance must be related to his stupidity unless that is his gig in my opinion i find him offensive and lets not go into the excessive INK

serge louis sieben
serge louis sieben 2 months ago

The tattoos are too much
He has a look like a trashy money digging W

Laura Lockman
Laura Lockman 2 months ago

I miss David without tattoos and now he has one on his face