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Fran Monka
Fran Monka 2 months ago

Unable to watch video. Voice kept breaking up. Your videos are always so great so I guess it was just an audio thing.

Craft_queen 2 months ago

I love the design. Do you mind posting the measurements and score lines measurements? I love it but the sound is off track

Mary Ellen
Mary Ellen 2 months ago

cute little hot chocolate holder tfs didnt see this video live the sound was a bit off when I watched sorry that happened

Deborah Clark
Deborah Clark 2 months ago

Didn't catch the live, The sound was very bad. Jumping out of sync.

The Creative Chica
The Creative Chica 2 months ago

Such a cute project, so sorry your sound didn't cooperate with you. It's still very cute!

Cheribear 2 months ago

I love the pouches. Thank you for sharing!

Ver Blu
Ver Blu 2 months ago

How cute! Glad you are coming live on youtube! Thanks for this cute little hot cocoa holder! God bless!!!

Luanne McCallister
Luanne McCallister 2 months ago

I wasn't able to catch you live, but just watched the replay. The sound is way out of sync with the video, and is sometimes really choppy and garbled. Not criticizing, just telling you. I know this was your first time, and that's way further than I would have gotten. =) Thank you so much for doing the re-sized version. I'll check you blog post for the dimensions.

Krazy4Bears1 2 months ago

you are coming over garbled

Irene Herrera-Shan
Irene Herrera-Shan 2 months ago

Such an adorable hot chocolate treat. Thanks for sharing.

Irene Herrera-Shan
Irene Herrera-Shan 2 months ago

Hello from Visalia California