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Christmas Flower Gifting

Christmas Flower Gifting

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Carolyn Devaraj
Carolyn Devaraj 2 months ago

I love your beautiful arrangements

David Franks
David Franks 2 months ago

👏👏👏👏👏Pauline xx

helen philip-watson
helen philip-watson 2 months ago

How effective the cranberry is added to the arrangements. Can I join the flower lovers club, here in England. Hope your Xmas was a Merry one. Happy New Year.

Miriam Smith
Miriam Smith 2 months ago

Beautiful arrangements.

MATRIX-OO7 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful Leanne ! I hope you and the flower School family had a great Christmas 🎄 much love to all of you and Happy New year 2021

Beverly Moore
Beverly Moore 2 months ago

Enjoying watching on Christmas Day whilst in Lockdown in Hertfordshire U.K.

clay lucy
clay lucy 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 聖誕快樂😊 🎅 🎄

John YK
John YK 2 months ago

great channel :)

Sandy H.
Sandy H. 2 months ago

Loved today's live show a lot. So many useful tips! I always save bits and pieces of flowers, foliage and accessories because I don't like wasting anything. I think using the leftover pieces can sometimes also add some uniqueness! Thanks so much and Happy Holidays to All!!!🎄

Janasek Małgorzata
Janasek Małgorzata 2 months ago

Uwielbiam Panią i Pani talent

Ewa Skibka
Ewa Skibka 2 months ago

Beautiful! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🎄🎅🎄

Mary Mannes SDCF
Mary Mannes SDCF 2 months ago

Merry Christmas... you are a Joy and a present to all!!

Renee H
Renee H 2 months ago

Happy holidays! Hope all is well. I enjoyed watching this and catching up with previous streams. It's brought a sense of calmness and enlightenment during this time. I keep seeming to miss it when it's live but, I'm sure I'll make it to one on time eventually.😅🤓

Isabel Myosotis
Isabel Myosotis 2 months ago

Lovely ideas and beautiful arrangements as always. I love your thoughtfulness and positivity, Leanne. So important in our current situation.

Xuanlan Nguyen
Xuanlan Nguyen 2 months ago


Nora Herrera
Nora Herrera 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Leanne love the shoes...I’m glad seeing your videos since I’m home with Covid19 not really having a lot of symptoms but it sucks being home with Covid for Christmas but next year is going to be a beautiful year for everyone

Hang Tran
Hang Tran 2 months ago

Love your channel , have. A safe and happy holiday season .

ANA MARIA Ildefonso
ANA MARIA Ildefonso 2 months ago

So beautiful. merry christmas and happy new year