2020’s BEST Moments On The Graham Norton Show | Part One


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Information 2020’s BEST Moments On The Graham Norton Show | Part One

Title : 2020’s BEST Moments On The Graham Norton Show | Part One

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Frames 2020’s BEST Moments On The Graham Norton Show | Part One

Description 2020’s BEST Moments On The Graham Norton Show | Part One

2020’s BEST Moments On The Graham Norton Show | Part One

2020’s BEST Moments On The Graham Norton Show | Part One

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N T 2 months ago

Start. When Americans drink on their subscribed heroin

Theta 2 months ago

Mark ahha, was that spoiler? panic :P

Ꭱite 2 months ago


Kath Sowter
Kath Sowter 2 months ago


satyam khurana
satyam khurana 2 months ago

Let me guess, Mark Ruffalo was a bartender at the 'Tower Bar' and he read the Harry Potter on his breaks...

Shubham_25 2 months ago

Graham is absolutely amazing

Haitham Khalid
Haitham Khalid 2 months ago

Mark Ruffalo is a great story teller

Butterfly 2505
Butterfly 2505 2 months ago

Am I the only one on here who would absolutely LOVE to meet David Shwimmer’s father?

Thandi Li M
Thandi Li M 2 months ago

That sambuca story, I haven't had such a hearty laugh in ages

Shimon Simmons
Shimon Simmons 2 months ago

Margot Robbie's birthday story is awesome. That is the best way to spend your birthday.

Fran Downs-Wheeler
Fran Downs-Wheeler 2 months ago

takes massive glug of tea
“I’d be up to my eyeballs in as*holes”
spits tea onto phone
This is a new low

jo mathieson
jo mathieson 2 months ago

Ruffalo: ‘up to my eyeballs in a-holes.. graham ‘ saying nothing’ ruffalo - ‘what did I say? Was that a spoiler????’ 😂🤣😂🤣 that man has had the fear of Feige put into him so badly he can be talking about something completely unrelated to marvel and end up terrified he let something slip 😂

Thunt 1
Thunt 1 2 months ago

“Is marvel going to call me?” 🤣

l.amiroly 2 months ago

Giving free drinks (buy backs) is ALWAYS a great quality in a bartender. 😉

JackDManheim 2 months ago

Chris Hemsworth is the best.
Those weren't gifts from production to him at wrap parties;
those are props he stole because he loved the character & movies.

Anish Jawalkar
Anish Jawalkar 2 months ago

I feel Margot Robbie's anger at Daniel.

Viper Byte
Viper Byte 2 months ago

I remember on a previous appearance, Mark Ruffalo saying how he’s smoked a LOT of pot in his lifetime. I can totally believe it. Whenever he chats, but especially around 1:15, he so comes across as slightly stoned still, and like “yeah whatever, man.....”!!

Brian Cooke
Brian Cooke 2 months ago

Stanly sounds like Tony Stark. Bringing portable cocktail set with him on the go. Lol 😂

Penny Beck
Penny Beck 2 months ago

Gosh, I love Mark Ruffalo

mjgoodiesgalore 2 months ago

The way David laughed after Mark said “blue flames everywhere” is just so Ross! 😄

Brad Watts
Brad Watts 2 months ago

I'm australian and I have no idea who graham norton is but he's a great host with the best guests , I can't stop watching

Nauris Tebernieks
Nauris Tebernieks 2 months ago

Ross looks bad!!!

John Bar
John Bar 2 months ago

02:45 that’s soo Rosss 😂

Alex Tully
Alex Tully 2 months ago

No one does talk shows like Graham

Teemo 2 months ago

1:00 what???? i dont get this

Kirk Bowles
Kirk Bowles 2 months ago

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Daisy E Rodriguez
Daisy E Rodriguez 2 months ago

I want a Marktini!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Swastik Nandgaonkar
Swastik Nandgaonkar 2 months ago

Mark I had a markarita
David as Ross having a PTSD

Nate 2 months ago

7:37 he looks like Cory from That’s so Raven 🤣

Olivier Pelletier
Olivier Pelletier 2 months ago

Mark : "Up to my eyeballs in a**holes!
What? What did I say? Was that a spoiler or something?"

What kind of movie could that have been??????

Torres Laurie
Torres Laurie 2 months ago

3:25 Sorry God forgive please i like-1 sorry

Lone wolf 4221
Lone wolf 4221 2 months ago

Chris Hemsworth. Chokeslam me into a pillow!

J Wood
J Wood 2 months ago

Ross doesn't age

King Mona
King Mona 2 months ago


C Marq
C Marq 2 months ago

Petition for Graham Norton hosting the Oscars. Please

John Kramer
John Kramer 2 months ago


Parth Bhure
Parth Bhure 2 months ago

And Once q legend said , "Girls over 12“.

Emma Roussely
Emma Roussely 2 months ago

2:43 David's reaction is so cuute omgg hahahhahaa

Jonathan 2 months ago

1:18 what’s David saying to the other 2 while Marks telling his story?

Jon 2 months ago

Who is the short black guy with the ego?

mcfcguvnors 2 months ago

oh!! i get it :D

Lisa Goff
Lisa Goff 2 months ago

The shining light of 2020

Vhs Vcr
Vhs Vcr 2 months ago

needs more adds

Kathrin K
Kathrin K 2 months ago

Oh please, no fat jokes...

郭A 2 months ago

poor David

Angry Kittens
Angry Kittens 2 months ago

"Up to my eyeballs in A-holes"
Oh Mark.

captainsplifford 2 months ago

Mark is so pure. It's adorable.

Ali Rehman
Ali Rehman 2 months ago

What's so pathetic about reading a book you love on your birthday or wanting glasses like Harry Potter? 🙄
That's what everyone does or wants at that age.

GarnetCecil GarnetCecil

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J C 2 months ago

Mark Ruffalo is so afraid of spoiling stuff yet again it's the first thing he asks when the crowd starts laughing 1:14

aorn Eiamruang
aorn Eiamruang 2 months ago

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Sergei Sall
Sergei Sall 2 months ago

What do you mean "too young to shave?" If my 12 year old was bullied because of the hair growth you can shave it off.

channel mikey
channel mikey 2 months ago

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stargazerlillie7 2 months ago

Chris Hemsworth figuratively and literally flexed and I'm here for it.

Angie Thompson
Angie Thompson 2 months ago

I have Corona virus and Graham is the only reason I made it through this damn virus and didn't go nuts being stuck inside for so long.. quarantine at home is so much different when you actually have the damn virus and those in your home do not... it was just me and the Graham Norton show. Thanks Graham.

Nancy Adamou
Nancy Adamou 2 months ago

Our family has the "Tonyrita!" Very generously poured.

b antone
b antone 2 months ago

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luisvega666 2 months ago

5;34 who is she

Vishal Reddy
Vishal Reddy 2 months ago

So much better than any American Talkshow. Stop bringing out of guest at a time it gets so boring especially if the host isn't very funny either.

Cee Koutsos nz
Cee Koutsos nz 2 months ago

Munter is a new one to me. In NZ if something suffers a major malfunction it’s “munted”.

Dick Martino
Dick Martino 2 months ago

The irony that Daniel Radcliffe did not qualify "munter" to mean man, woman, or other.

Vanessa G
Vanessa G 2 months ago

when they mention Chadwick 🥺

Vanessa G
Vanessa G 2 months ago

best talk show ever

Mikayla Sagle
Mikayla Sagle 2 months ago

mark ruffalo has the BEST one-liners

Fayte Le
Fayte Le 2 months ago

The only case where “2020” and “best” can be in the same sentence

J.Guier 2 months ago

It's such a shame the pandemic had to ruin talk shows. It looses so much of it's charm when it's over the internet.

teresa smith
teresa smith 2 months ago

Love his show. The red chair. Flips people over.

Cato8 2 months ago

Absolute best talk show host ever, bar none, dropped the mike!

Ian Hay
Ian Hay 2 months ago

Wow I bet whoever that is dines out on that Sambuca story always.

DigitalPrism 2 months ago

david schwimmer just looks like his eyes are permenantly tired.

Daniel Pedersen
Daniel Pedersen 2 months ago

i dont get it when Mark Ruffallo said "I was up to my eye balls and a holes" and then they were looking at each other and laughing please do explain that part i dont get the funny part of it.

Debolina Banerjee
Debolina Banerjee 2 months ago

Patrick Stewart looks like Stanley Tucci here.

L ionS
L ionS 2 months ago

Wakeup for the danger www .bitchute. com/video/NlnE5eCUxN2e/ (remove 2 spaces)
and this one www .bitchute. com/video/jTs0UBV9rfpO/

Thịt Bò Khô
Thịt Bò Khô 2 months ago

I could imagine drunk Ross go into a bar and order a flaming cocktail.

Reggie Warrhol
Reggie Warrhol 2 months ago

Margot Robbie is gorgeous!

Penell E
Penell E 2 months ago

Graham knows when to talk and when to let the guest have the floor...that's a host who's secure with himself. And that's why his show is the best hands down.

Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart 2 months ago

If Thor goes on a plane trip and packs his hammer in the luggage, would the plane not be able to take off?

Suzanne Yates
Suzanne Yates 2 months ago

Graham is a legend.

Keith Young
Keith Young 2 months ago

It must be difficult for David Schwimmer - no personality - no talent, to be on a talk show.

teri T
teri T 2 months ago

Michael B Jordan is so gorgeous 😍

S CS 2 months ago

If Margot Robbie is a nerd, then my collection of action figures must be the most popular girls in school.

Nigel Nyoni
Nigel Nyoni 2 months ago

Michael B Jordan & Jamie Fox look like they have a lot of fun together

Nigel Nyoni
Nigel Nyoni 2 months ago

I had stuff to do, man. 😂🤣🤣

Ah, yeah? Chocolat!

Nigel Nyoni
Nigel Nyoni 2 months ago

"it was YOU?" 😂🤣 Got to love Mark.

moomoo L
moomoo L 2 months ago


Regis 2 months ago

So Ross and Rachel still together?

I am Poltergasm
I am Poltergasm 2 months ago

That drunk customer had some big balls. You don't want to get Mark angry.

KillShot_530 2 months ago

R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

The Crowe's Nest
The Crowe's Nest 2 months ago

Bless Mark; his track record with Spoilers has made him paranoid 1:14. Then, at 1:23, the Light bulb goes on. ;) Just the Best Guy. Hang in there, Mark!

Boho Kitten Crafts
Boho Kitten Crafts 2 months ago

Mark Ruffalo would ABSOLUTELY pour a generous cocktail because he is from Wisconsin. That's what we do here! ❤ 🍺

Global00Vintage 2 months ago

Anyone else, besides me, just still, continuously, and forever and always in love with Stanley Tucci?

Johny English
Johny English 2 months ago

Do the sidemen

S1L3NT G4M3R 2 months ago

Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀

Kay K
Kay K 2 months ago

Best laugh on this show 🤣🤣🤣

robert b. howse
robert b. howse 2 months ago

The Irish can talk eh.😨

Maullick 2 months ago

Man Graham Norton seems like such a fun dude would tots wanna meet him someday

Anne 2 months ago

I watch too much TV. I knew all the stories and I can only blame myself.

Sharvay 2 months ago

Mark Ruffalo is basically me when I'd be in my 50's

Siyabonga Mchunu
Siyabonga Mchunu 2 months ago

To be honest, you guys should have just shown us the entire Foreskin discussion from that Margolyes episode...I actually tell folks it was the Smegma episode. Beats all of the clips you edited here.

fionacamac 2 months ago

I don’t understand when parents say “you’re too young to shave”. I mean, you had hair on your face. Surely that makes you old enough?