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Sharon Bush
Sharon Bush 2 months ago

What kind of yarn do you use for their hair ? I just love them !

Joni Foote
Joni Foote 2 months ago

Hi,Happy New Year ! Do you know what size the hole is on the head? As I tried to pull through the hole in the head but it would not pull all the way up.

Mary Hutto
Mary Hutto 2 months ago

Love your angels! I have watched three of your videos on angels and am so impressed at your details. I really like the techniques you show in creating the two hairstyles.
I am so glad I found your channel!

Pamela Zimnizzle
Pamela Zimnizzle 2 months ago

They are beautiful!

Helen Bartosek
Helen Bartosek 2 months ago


Matti Anx
Matti Anx 2 months ago

I love your angels they are soooooo cuuuuute

Darla Poulsen
Darla Poulsen 2 months ago

They are all so beautiful, how could anyone pick just 1. 🥰

Karen Holst
Karen Holst 2 months ago


Gabrielle Schmidt
Gabrielle Schmidt 2 months ago

I really like this video! I'm a new subscriber, just found your app. So glad that I did!😻


What is the name of the yarn and where can I find it. I'm in the process of getting supplies to make your angels....I just love them!

Jackie Genandt
Jackie Genandt 2 months ago

I’m going to make some!!! TFS🥰

Jackie Genandt
Jackie Genandt 2 months ago

I love them so so much!!!!!

cecilia manzo
cecilia manzo 2 months ago

Obsessed with these Angels. Gorgeous

jeretta1000 2 months ago

I love Angels! I collect them and I make them. I love the last one. They are all three Beautiful! thank you for sharing. I hope you make many, many more!

Katy Bell
Katy Bell 2 months ago

Beautiful dolls

Marilyn Abbott
Marilyn Abbott 2 months ago

Great tutorial!

Linda Williams
Linda Williams 2 months ago

Would be a lovely present topper for a baby Christening

Nancy Paine
Nancy Paine 2 months ago

I LOVE these! Thanks so much, Laura! I just found and followed you on Instagram, I am Seasons.Of.Joy.

Marietta Welfare League

Very nice and I want to try this!

Morena McNamara
Morena McNamara 2 months ago

I am making similar to yours. 😇

Melba Bowen
Melba Bowen 2 months ago

Absolutely precious!!!! Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful project!!❤️❤️❤️

jules calavera
jules calavera 2 months ago

great video

K. H.
K. H. 2 months ago

I definitely want to make these! Could you list the materials along with the text that shows under your video? Thanks! Beautiful work!!

Ai Mei
Ai Mei 2 months ago

I really love your tutorials.Thx😘

Lilly snell
Lilly snell 2 months ago

You’re a great instructor! Beautiful and “delicate” work!

Darlene Nelson
Darlene Nelson 2 months ago

so pretty, maybe if I keep watching I'll make some😉. Where do you get the stuff for the hair? is it yarn?

Cheri Rinkevich
Cheri Rinkevich 2 months ago

Your angels are beautiful! I can't wait to try to make some! Thanks for sharing!

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