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Information KIDS EAT FRENCH FOOD! | Kids Vs. Food

Title : KIDS EAT FRENCH FOOD! | Kids Vs. Food

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Frames KIDS EAT FRENCH FOOD! | Kids Vs. Food

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REPLAY 2 months ago

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Pade Non
Pade Non 2 months ago


Murat Costuran
Murat Costuran 2 months ago

Title is wrong. Kids don't eat french food. They eat french sweets. Which kid won't like any kind of sweet.

Lucy G.
Lucy G. 2 months ago

Madalines are italian u dumb dumb

Mario Vasquez
Mario Vasquez 2 months ago

Why is all desserts

Nver Kojayan
Nver Kojayan 2 months ago

Da choud Trui armenian food part 2

Yug Plays
Yug Plays 2 months ago

If your still alive lol that was harsh

LOL Man 675
LOL Man 675 2 months ago

People vs food
What I think : a Guy beating a pizza

Jailene 2 months ago

This video was made exactly 3 years ago 😢

sami ISLAM
sami ISLAM 2 months ago

Wait is it french fron france if french from newyork because everything could be diffrent

henri radolanirina
henri radolanirina 2 months ago

Very cute kids!

Frank E. Yevon
Frank E. Yevon 2 months ago

Zeros tartelettes , un peu bidon .

Frank E. Yevon
Frank E. Yevon 2 months ago

Leurs canelés ont l'air completement loupés , si c'est pas caramélisé ça n'a aucun sens . . .

Starinqxavax 2 months ago

3:09 why can’t the kid just eat it

Dylan Dunn
Dylan Dunn 2 months ago

These kids described the foods better than I ever would lol

Sophia Emelio
Sophia Emelio 2 months ago

Fun fact: if i write my comments like these, more people will look at it

Teymour Tamer
Teymour Tamer 2 months ago

Honestly I was crying because of their pronounciation

Thefauconlps 2 months ago

qlq explique depuis quand McDonald vend des macarons on a pas les même McDonald mdrr😂

bastou neuroatypic music

Macaron isn't french its ITALIAN !!!!!!!!! We have stolen this from italians...

ArchtansterPG 2 months ago

Kinda surprised they only did pastries. Like, no ratatouille?

suliman B
suliman B 2 months ago

I had macaroons many times but I just know it's a french dessert LOL thank you kids

Bruno Callewaert
Bruno Callewaert 2 months ago

On fait de la bonne nourriture nous les Français vive la France 🇫🇷🥰🥰

Romain Tahiti
Romain Tahiti 2 months ago

I am french and i say its realy everyone whos is french eat one of thème donc voilà

Emily Mc
Emily Mc 2 months ago

Lio kjh why nolp

Chattie Cathie
Chattie Cathie 2 months ago

...It's just not my Jam! LMBO. I laughed so loud.

Katie Corke
Katie Corke 2 months ago

Maccas sells macaroons where I live

Alessandro Kenji
Alessandro Kenji 2 months ago

The narrator is talking about the history and the kids doest care are all...they just eat and eat 😂 The Eclair looks bad,they even finish on the top.

Hudo asair
Hudo asair 2 months ago

I’m eating madeleines right now😂 BUT IM NOT FRENCH I JUST GOT IT FROM A STORE LOL

Sherrie Kennedy
Sherrie Kennedy 2 months ago

McDonald's sell macarons in Australia

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones 2 months ago

I tried madelines but they had no flavor

Lil Darney
Lil Darney 2 months ago

Kids try Dutch food!

Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett 2 months ago

« Les McDos en France vendent des macarons ??? »

Ben, la photo du macaron dans cette vidéo-ci a l’air d’un hamburger de McDo quand même ...

Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez 2 months ago

In Spanish it’s called a Negrito

Adrienne Morgan-Voyce

maddison i so big

hiroyuki chiba
hiroyuki chiba 2 months ago

Title: French food
Pastries: ...
Me: I thought I was going to see something

Honey bear Gacha ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

Im so jealous I wanna try food ;(

Karina Harlan
Karina Harlan 2 months ago

Roses are red
Violets are blue
The title is english
And the comments are french

Diagner Records
Diagner Records 2 months ago

Qui regarde 2 ans après ?

Léonie 2 months ago

I am french and I don't know the "canelé". Maybe, it is old.

yongxiang huang
yongxiang huang 2 months ago

I want it

Marine L
Marine L 2 months ago

The "cannelés" seems so dry, nothing like fresh baked cannelés which are soooooo delicious with heavely fondant interior and delicious caramelized exterior

fire_trap 2 months ago

Oke this is 2 years later do McDonalds have macaroons now?

•Skeebsy Zeebzy•
•Skeebsy Zeebzy• 2 months ago

These comments tho

carys vanderster
carys vanderster 2 months ago

I've frickin lived in France my entire life

Froggy The Mushroom?
Froggy The Mushroom? 2 months ago

Omg I want a macaroon right now also I've tried all of these

YouDontKnowMe 2 months ago

Why is the title in nl?

JXD fan
JXD fan 2 months ago

Gabe is look like billie

Xgino-oneX 2 months ago

La tarte tropezienne est polonaise !!!

Xgino-oneX 2 months ago

Bordeaux c’est ville !!!!!

Im Bwingfield
Im Bwingfield 2 months ago

You shouldn’t have abandoned you’re son
If you’re still alive



Ysabella Diego
Ysabella Diego 2 months ago

Ask you to do Justin 🍟

Cent Tran
Cent Tran 2 months ago

First thing they ate when I tried it it was so good I ate any one of them I saw

Pizzaman Gamer49
Pizzaman Gamer49 2 months ago

i really want to go on the react channel I really want to do the try not to eat

Rebeca Yáñez Elizondo

sabia que un perrito caliente en verdad es una ofensa para los perritos

Adrienne Moore
Adrienne Moore 2 months ago

Macrons sure so good

O V 2 months ago

Kid bonjour
🇨🇵he's gonna get laughed and hated

mohamed Yousuf Hasan
mohamed Yousuf Hasan 2 months ago

Zorro Trollolo
Zorro Trollolo 2 months ago

ahahah, USA are not totally lost with this future. Love you kids. Eat more french pastries (Paris-Brest, Lemon Tart, Kouign Amann, Saint-Honoré, Millefeuille ... ) :)

Killua Zoldyk
Killua Zoldyk 2 months ago

When that kid compared a macaron to a Reese’s peanut butter cup AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

L. Manuntag
L. Manuntag 2 months ago

Who Is Eating One Of These France Foods I Am Eating A Macaroon

Valentina Danso
Valentina Danso 2 months ago

Gabe is sooooo cuteeeee🥺

[•ķåīzøx• ]
[•ķåīzøx• ] 2 months ago

Pk ya pas de eclair au chocolat la bas il ont trop pas de chance 😂

Matt Young
Matt Young 2 months ago

So what do they win? It seems like the only winners are the ones that eat all the food. Kind of silly don’t you think?

yongxiang huang
yongxiang huang 2 months ago

45% of comments:French people

Charles Daloz
Charles Daloz 2 months ago

No Paris-Brest wth 😱

Kamila Li
Kamila Li 2 months ago

Have a blessed day with no hurt harm or danger and remember Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins

Project Shark
Project Shark 2 months ago

Croissant 🥐

Channel That’s Named

I can’t describe how much I would LOVE getting a job at FBE

imagine getting rekt by a newbie

Tida voice is like Tiko

CherryBlossom 2 months ago

these kids have more brain cells then me xd

Donryngkat Kharir
Donryngkat Kharir 2 months ago

Please....try Indian snacks

heavy wepons guy
heavy wepons guy 2 months ago

Hohoho le France resistenc is hear to serve you food

Luke Zheng
Luke Zheng 2 months ago

that macaron is not shining at the top

Une Fan De Luke Castellan

Les madeleines c'était prévisible.

ok yeah
ok yeah 2 months ago

0:50 her eyebows Lmao

ok yeah
ok yeah 2 months ago

I hate tida

Pasta_bellum 2 months ago

Non venez goûter les macarons en France pas au mcdo 🇫🇷🇫🇷💪

Midnight Plays XD
Midnight Plays XD 2 months ago

Bonjour UwU

Akumi C
Akumi C 2 months ago

La france vu par les usa : 🎩🦯🥖

Reddo Official
Reddo Official 2 months ago

I had these madeleine's when i was young.

Aidan Woodhouse
Aidan Woodhouse 2 months ago

macaroons are Italian

EnderChams.mp5 2 months ago

je suis le seul qui a écris english react frenche 🤣

Mehdy SERAICHE 2 months ago

Too bad, they didn't eat snails and frogs.

ケンドラ 2 months ago

Mdr y’a pas de microns à m’cdo 😭

pettee1979 2 months ago

Australian McDonald's with McCafe has Macarons.

Crystal Green
Crystal Green 2 months ago

Gosh I’m gelish

Lucienne 2 months ago

Omg the way they hold their pastries just gives me anxiety 😭😭😭

The Only Archange
The Only Archange 2 months ago

I'm french and sorry we don't have macarons at Mcdonald's

Kori 2 months ago

🍲 Moi qui mange cette nourriture tout les jours 🍲

Lchantilly 2 months ago

Cannelé is spelled with two n

Lchantilly 2 months ago


marc morel
marc morel 2 months ago

big error the Cannelé must be reheated in the microwave

Alisa 2 months ago

Macarons not macaroons

Yes_ Minecraft
Yes_ Minecraft 2 months ago

I just came and watched this for the éclair


Well.... There are kids after all😌..... Pauvre d'eux !!

Rafael M
Rafael M 2 months ago

Im frech if you french like

Momautruche 2 months ago

les canelés ils étaint vrm pas ouf

Niki Fa
Niki Fa 2 months ago

Putain!!!! on dit CHOCOLATINE !!

Elisa Chamoux
Elisa Chamoux 2 months ago

La meuf avec l’appareil dentaire je peut pas me la dicav 😂😂

SuperFritos 2 months ago

Alala j’aurais tellement aimé les voir goûter du baba au rhum