LOG CABIN Christmas | TRADITIONAL \u0026 FARMHOUSE Christmas Decor | Day 13 ~ 25 Days of Christmas


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Information LOG CABIN Christmas | TRADITIONAL \u0026 FARMHOUSE Christmas Decor | Day 13 ~ 25 Days of Christmas

Title : LOG CABIN Christmas | TRADITIONAL \u0026 FARMHOUSE Christmas Decor | Day 13 ~ 25 Days of Christmas

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Frames LOG CABIN Christmas | TRADITIONAL \u0026 FARMHOUSE Christmas Decor | Day 13 ~ 25 Days of Christmas

Description LOG CABIN Christmas | TRADITIONAL \u0026 FARMHOUSE Christmas Decor | Day 13 ~ 25 Days of Christmas

LOG CABIN Christmas | TRADITIONAL \u0026 FARMHOUSE Christmas Decor | Day 13 ~ 25 Days of Christmas

LOG CABIN Christmas | TRADITIONAL \u0026 FARMHOUSE Christmas Decor | Day 13 ~ 25 Days of Christmas

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Jessica Perez
Jessica Perez 2 months ago

Christmas EVE

Christi Crothers
Christi Crothers 2 months ago

Farmhouse. Christmas

Sherry Fletcher
Sherry Fletcher 2 months ago

Log cabin christmas

Νικος Χαραλαμπους


Amanda Smario
Amanda Smario 2 months ago

Beautiful...stunning living room decorations and tree. May I please mention, the reindeer ribbon on the tree is way too goddy and looks bad. It ruins the whole tree and distracts from those gorgeous decorations. Sorry.... that's the only thing that struck me.

Sarah Ritter
Sarah Ritter 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas - I love this rustic decor☺

VV Doctor
VV Doctor 2 months ago

Really perfect log cabin 👍

Rheanna Hicks
Rheanna Hicks 2 months ago

My absolute favorite home on YouTube ♥️

Shelly P
Shelly P 2 months ago

Log Cabin Christmas! :D

Turtletom 2 months ago

OMG my dream home. I love log cabins

Laura Jeffcoat
Laura Jeffcoat 2 months ago

So precious and the memories will last you a life time 👍👍👍👍👍👍💓💞💕💕💞💓🤗🤗

Country Christian
Country Christian 2 months ago

Born in Mountains of Kentucky nothing like a log cabin Christmas

jess Carey
jess Carey 2 months ago

log cabin Christmas

becky soward
becky soward 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas

Rick All
Rick All 2 months ago

"Log cabin Christmas." LOVE IT!!

Gwen Fowler
Gwen Fowler 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas

Patrina Copeland
Patrina Copeland 2 months ago

The hutch is beyond beautiful. I love wood furniture that is made with love😊. The log cabin is lovely, looks like a greeting card scene!

Day Cullen
Day Cullen 2 months ago


Damian 2 months ago

When you wrote "YSY Dad got it working again" I instantly hit like! 😊

Nita May
Nita May 2 months ago

I love it all and the cabin is beautiful.

T Solo
T Solo 2 months ago

Log Cabin Christmas!

Judy Blaise
Judy Blaise 2 months ago

Lovely. We live in a cabin/country type house and I’ve always had traditional decor. This helps me to see how I can decorate this next Christmas.

Paige Mull
Paige Mull 2 months ago

Hi Rebecca! Everything is so beautiful and welcoming! So festive and lovely! I can almost smell Christmas in the air! Just beautiful!! At our house, we usually decorate after Thanksgiving but not before the first of Dec. when I was a kid, we had a live tree in the basement by the fire place and an artificial tree upstairs. It was very pretty and fun as we had both kinds of trees! God Bless and Merry Christmas! ❤️💜💚

Stine Kirkeby
Stine Kirkeby 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas. It is beautiful

Eve M
Eve M 2 months ago

Cabin us cozy n beautiful my Dad had a beautiful Cabin too but when he passed my brother's sold it alot of great memories there ... N this year we put up our fresh tree early a WK after Thanksgiving .Happy Holidays to u 🎄🎄🎄

Donna 2 months ago

What a gorgeous and amazing home!!!! I absolutely love all the Christmas decor. The little village houses are soooo adorable. Growing up, we used to decorate the tree on Christmas Eve too. Now, we put it up right after Thanksgiving. Have a good day!!! 🎄😊👍🏻

Rosie Grijalva
Rosie Grijalva 2 months ago

So beautiful! Where did u get the red poinsettias that r on the Christmas tree? Love love love💞

Mary Morales
Mary Morales 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas. What a beautiful cabin and family. Thank you

Vera Griffin
Vera Griffin 2 months ago

Lovely, log cabin xmas

Diane H
Diane H 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas! It is absolutely stunning n amazing! 🙊 I love it! 😍

Sherry Gaster
Sherry Gaster 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas. My favorite part is the tree! 🎄❤️💚

Staci Bailey
Staci Bailey 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas

April Cummins
April Cummins 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful!!!!!

Linda White
Linda White 2 months ago

Soooo beautiful I love the tree ❤️ but the whole house is gorgeous great job and it’s super sweet to be able to spend quality time with your parents decorating for Christmas awesome memories to hold on to. Tfs 🥰

Angelic Home Design
Angelic Home Design 2 months ago

Cute. Very beautiful rustic look! ❤️

teresa Wallace
teresa Wallace 2 months ago

If your Mom wants to brighten up the back of her hutch. A little trick I saw one time, was to use foam core board. You cute it just slightly larger than the back of the cabinet. Then you just push it up against the back until it fits. You can leave it white, or you can cover it in fabric. If you get tired of it, you just remove it. No harm is done to the cabinet. Hope that you can use that tip in some way. Merry Christmas!

rowiegrl 2 months ago


B j
B j 2 months ago

🕎Happy Hanukkah!

Emely Sanchez
Emely Sanchez 2 months ago

Beautiful, love the Style, we also start our own tradition when my children was small we put our Christmas tree up 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. And now that they grown up we still keep the tradition going

CoachGladys Cruz
CoachGladys Cruz 2 months ago

Lovely cabin..you are amazing..

Lisa Ritchie
Lisa Ritchie 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas!! Absolutely beautiful!!

Raquel Gomez
Raquel Gomez 2 months ago

Log Cabin Christmas ❤️ wow so beautiful!

Cetina Country Cottage

What a beautiful home! The hutch is gorgeous!! The decor looks so warm and cozy...well done😉 Blessings, Rosalie

Miss Dee
Miss Dee 2 months ago

This is wonderful and very inspiring, thank you for sharing

Sheila wright
Sheila wright 2 months ago

Omg it’s beautiful!!! Great job and I love the burgundy flowers.

S Perkins
S Perkins 2 months ago

Log Cabin Christmas 🎄 I started decorating in early November this year. My theme is Christmas at The Cabin, so this video was perfect! Love the cabin and all the rustic touches.

Yvonne Stahl
Yvonne Stahl 2 months ago

We used to put up our live tree on Christmas eve and decorate it on that day, now I put up my fake tree beginning December and then I decorate it a little later because of my husband has his birthday late November I don't want to have it with all the Christmas decorations together so that's why I decorate so late

xMandie7x 2 months ago

Such a wonderful video. The decor is so beautiful and provides me with so much inspiration. It's funny how a lovely video like this can make you feel better after a bad day. Thank you

GPI3 2 months ago

Log Cabin Christmas. My son built his own log cabin. Great job in decorating this one. It looks great. I think the fireplace is my favorite. The stone work is amazing. Started decorating yesterday.

Bella D Designs
Bella D Designs 2 months ago

Ohhh this is amazing!!!! I’m in love with log cabins thank you so so much for sharing your moms home!! It’s absolutely perfect 💗💗

Willow Coulter
Willow Coulter 2 months ago

Log Cabin Christmas. This log cabin is decorated so nicely for Christmas.I really like your Mom' Christmas village. The barn is my favorite. Happy Holidays to your Mom and Dad and Thanks for sharing their home with us!

Angela Messer
Angela Messer 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas. I loved everything, but especially the tree.

Tara Taylor
Tara Taylor 2 months ago

I start around the first of November - our Thanksgiving is in Oct. It's a process as, at the same time, I do fall cleaning - a room at a time, and put the year-round knick-knacks away clean, then wash the Christmas decs - if necessary, and put them out. I just finished my last tree two days ago. :) Love your decorating!!!

Jane Nasrallah
Jane Nasrallah 2 months ago

As always you revealed your awesome gifting and creativity with this beautiful and warming video. Blessings from Texas

Option Z
Option Z 2 months ago

Here in PR, Christmas star just after Halloween and ends a few weeks bf San Valentine 🤷🏼‍♀️ we have one of the longest warm Christmas in the world 🎄

Taira Jones
Taira Jones 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas...

Alethia Lovetosew
Alethia Lovetosew 2 months ago


Amerling12 2 months ago

Log Cabin Christmas... so Christmasy!

Barbara Peterson
Barbara Peterson 2 months ago

"Log Cabin Christmas", I absolutely love your parents home; JUST BEAUTIFUL...

Joan Shute
Joan Shute 2 months ago

So warm and welcoming Rebecca ., my favorite was your mom's Hutch that your Dad made her. It is absolutely beautiful . I love the Log Cabin .All I can say is Beautiful , Beautiful , Beautiful . I love your picture frame you made with the Bible verse in it . So until next time God Bless you and your family ., Mom and dad also. .

Erica 2 months ago

The lights on our house go up on thanksgiving and our tree goes up the day after

Victoria Jones
Victoria Jones 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas. Great video and decor. I love how your bouncing around to help family out with your talents. Happy Holidays!

Jennifer Youngers
Jennifer Youngers 2 months ago

Beautiful log cabin!!!

Stayce Sedgwick
Stayce Sedgwick 2 months ago

Log Cabin Christmas

Grace Graham
Grace Graham 2 months ago

Log Cabin...beautiful!

Slb kaganb
Slb kaganb 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas. 😁

Jen’s Junk
Jen’s Junk 2 months ago

LOG CABIN CHRISTMAS 🎄 ~All of the trees you’ve done this year have been beautiful! We have always went to a Christmas tree farm and cut down a real one with the kids. We usually go the day after Thanksgiving, but as they’ve gotten older and have boyfriends and shop Black Friday etc lol it’s usually that weekend before it gets completely finished. This year I’ve wanted to do a few things myself, and I’ve been very slow I should say so it’s getting there! 😂🙌🙏🌲🎄 I love the ornament you made! My tree is honestly a mix of your sisters and your moms?! I’ve always used ribbon but never cut it and used so many different ones until the last couple of years and I have 3 diff colors in strips going sporadically side to side.. I REALLY want to loop some coming out and down like you did here and like I’ve seen in pics... Can you go horizontally and vertically?! I’m gonna need you to find another relative and do that for me! Hahahahaha 😂 Oh!! Where did she get that king of Kings glitzy crown ar?! That’s so pretty!

Butina Johnson
Butina Johnson 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas!!!! Omg everything is beautiful! Now we see where you get your talent from lol

Kristen Ciacciarelli
Kristen Ciacciarelli 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas!

Jericia Lloyd
Jericia Lloyd 2 months ago


Laura Steinert
Laura Steinert 2 months ago

It all looks beautiful. We always enjoyed renting a log hime when we vacationed in Tennessee.

Michelle Hoggard
Michelle Hoggard 2 months ago

Log Cabin Christmas

Susan DeStefano
Susan DeStefano 2 months ago

Love that home!

Angela Mosely
Angela Mosely 2 months ago

""Beautiful "Log Cabin Christmas"

Kimi W.
Kimi W. 2 months ago

Wow! I would love to have a "Log Cabin Christmas"! Your Mom and Dad's home is beautiful and with all the pretty Christmas decorations it looks so comfy and cozy. I loved the tree and her little village is adorable! Again, such a great job!! I usually start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. ~Lots of Love! ❤️❤️
PS...I got my package today! I am thrilled! Sending you a note. 😍❤️❤️

Donna Harris
Donna Harris 2 months ago

Your mom has a beautiful home!

Tina Grady
Tina Grady 2 months ago

Log cabin is my favorite.ribbon looks beautiful like mesh does as well.Scripture verse in a frame is very beautiful.Our decorating is day after Thanksgiving!!!Love the ornaments!White lites are always pretty! Love that Christmas tree pillow cover!Snowman runner!Dad made the hutch i love wood! Log Cabin Christmas!My favorite part is the hutch!

VickiG 2 months ago

Log Cabin Christmas. I wait until after Thanksgiving. Beautiful home.

Linda declue.
Linda declue. 2 months ago

Log cabin christmas. What a Beautiful display.

jazzimomm1 2 months ago

"Log Cabin Christmas" 😍 sooooooo cute and cozy

Jill Maroney
Jill Maroney 2 months ago

Log Cabin Christmas! Love your parents home! 🎄

A W 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas

Cindy Finn
Cindy Finn 2 months ago

Love it and my tree has the branches in your parents tree it makes the ornaments hang just right.

Kathy Donahue
Kathy Donahue 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas 🎄
Great job! I’ve been so inspired by your videos!
Thanks for sharing!

Jana Shockley
Jana Shockley 2 months ago

Fabulous home🎄

Jenny Strong
Jenny Strong 2 months ago

Love this "log cabin Christmas!" It is beautiful and so warm and inviting! Merry Christmas to you all!

lisa duvalls
lisa duvalls 2 months ago

So pretty and comfy❤

Yeli Vergel
Yeli Vergel 2 months ago

Love 😍💖💖💖

Decorating with Barbara

You guys did a great job! It looks so warm and inviting! Tfs!

Marie 2 months ago

Holy crap this is beautiful

Alison Branch
Alison Branch 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas

Gina Hernandez
Gina Hernandez 2 months ago

Very Beautiful!

Laura Steele
Laura Steele 2 months ago

Log Cabin Christmas

Shirley Harrison
Shirley Harrison 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas! Lovely decor for a great log cabin...

romansnowlilly 2 months ago


Laurie Jonas
Laurie Jonas 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas! Love the tree!

Windy McGreal
Windy McGreal 2 months ago

Log cabin Christmas

Windy McGreal
Windy McGreal 2 months ago

Really beautiful.

S.B.J keeping it real

Aww i love it

Ivelisse Laboy
Ivelisse Laboy 2 months ago

So beautiful Rebecca! I'm watching your videos to get some motivation to start my Christmas decoration. I've been sick for the last two weeks. I usually decorated on the Thanksgiving weekend, but not this year. Your mom must be proud of you. What a great daughter! The cabin is so cozy! Have a blessed Christmas! God bless your family. 💖🌲😘