Our First Christmas Together | VLOGMAS DAY 24


Nathaly Cuevas

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Information Our First Christmas Together | VLOGMAS DAY 24

Title : Our First Christmas Together | VLOGMAS DAY 24

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Description Our First Christmas Together | VLOGMAS DAY 24

Our First Christmas Together | VLOGMAS DAY 24

Our First Christmas Together | VLOGMAS DAY 24

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fools gold
fools gold 2 months ago


lexi garland
lexi garland 2 months ago

where can i get your Spanish playlist

0 PR Polox
0 PR Polox 2 months ago

Send a link if ur playlist 😋😍🥺

sam montes
sam montes 2 months ago


Emily Muñoz
Emily Muñoz 2 months ago

the way jacob looks at nat 😩

DAVINE PRYCE 2 months ago

You guys are cute together please 🙏 🙏 don't break up promise me please 🙏💖💋😘

Ariell Scott
Ariell Scott 2 months ago

how did he get the box that played the video that's so cute!!😭i want to get on for my mom can someone please tell me!

Avalyn 2 months ago

i love how he looks at you, i needa man like that

Erick Gomez
Erick Gomez 2 months ago

Bruh y’all relationship is a whole ass mood😭

Johnte trammell
Johnte trammell 2 months ago

I don't even no you I'm just subscribe

Obey JDKILLER 2 months ago

She forgot to take the yeezys off😂😂😂

Mal Paige
Mal Paige 2 months ago

14:29 - 14:32 OMG Jake looks so in love with nat STOPPPPPPPP!!
If my future lover doesn't look at me like that I DON'T WANT IT!!

Liah Pacas
Liah Pacas 2 months ago

I do not know wtf I would do if y’all fucking broke up tf nope

Serenity Smith
Serenity Smith 2 months ago

I want a couple like y’all is so cute together I love y’all so much 😍🥰

Frnanda Limon
Frnanda Limon 2 months ago

I love your music it's the bom ok

Jose romero
Jose romero 2 months ago

how i’m trying to be with someone’s daughter

Mariana Rovoredo
Mariana Rovoredo 2 months ago

you guys are so cute together

Danneleh Mez
Danneleh Mez 2 months ago

That made me mad that they had to wear masks to take a picture with Santa like what’s the point, who wants to remember this COVID shit bruh 😭😭

Liliana Torres
Liliana Torres 2 months ago

His laugh has me dead😭😭😭

Alijah Djanphie
Alijah Djanphie 2 months ago

Awwee the way he picked her up after he got his gifts. I can’t wait to have a relationship like this with a guy😔🥺🥺

FlacoMan 2 months ago

Yo could someone tell me the song on 13:50

IMakeContent 2 months ago

jacob is such a gentleman!

Lillianna Natal
Lillianna Natal 2 months ago

Anyone else want her to make a Spanish playlist

มาริโอ 2 months ago

Guys u should make a video just in spanish for 24h it might be fun... 🙌🏻💛

Jodie Perez
Jodie Perez 2 months ago

Nat2kind she’s literally a mom to everyone she said text me when you get home 😂

Lay 2 months ago

24:11 song?

Nedo Jazz
Nedo Jazz 2 months ago

I love your eye color it’s so cute

Angelina Latoree
Angelina Latoree 2 months ago


Malia Wright
Malia Wright 2 months ago

11:46 to 11:48tho .....

Dinora Duran
Dinora Duran 2 months ago

omg we have the same birthday

Sharae Beard
Sharae Beard 2 months ago


Broken_hope luna
Broken_hope luna 2 months ago

thats funny i live in bakersfield ca

Annahbellah Brown
Annahbellah Brown 2 months ago

you two are so fuking cute

Mj chamber
Mj chamber 2 months ago

Why did u call him a bitch he is to cute to be a bitch lol 🤣 that's not very nice 😭😭

Rashdur Khan
Rashdur Khan 2 months ago

Jacob is your biggest flex ❤️

Shahad Albannai
Shahad Albannai 2 months ago

where did u get the Bracelets from ? all the love

Yolisa Mafu
Yolisa Mafu 2 months ago

I also want this cute "situationship"

Gabriella Castellon
Gabriella Castellon 2 months ago

ay no ya are so cute together not ganna lie im being honest

Gianene Acevedo
Gianene Acevedo 2 months ago

Hi Am a big fan

josh lee
josh lee 2 months ago

Whats the song called at 24:04

sofii p̶o̶t̶t̶a̶h̶

if i don't get a relationship like nat's and Jacob's I don't even want one

JAYLENE ZAMUDIO 2 months ago

Or a cute couple together❤️🥰😘

Brianna Saul
Brianna Saul 2 months ago

the way he looks at her

Savannah3z McFarland
Savannah3z McFarland 2 months ago

The way Jacob looks at her🥺

Riphah Fatima
Riphah Fatima 2 months ago

Its so fuckin obvious that jake is in love with u girlllllll damn

lilly saldana
lilly saldana 2 months ago

my fav pt was when yu guys were jammin out😫😫💙

Adela Hernandez
Adela Hernandez 2 months ago

Im glad they work things out n love each other😭🥰

Emilia Vasquez
Emilia Vasquez 2 months ago

I can’t stop watching your videos

Al1kgomez Vlog’s
Al1kgomez Vlog’s 2 months ago

What camera u guys use ?

Annalyse Burleson
Annalyse Burleson 2 months ago

ya'll ship is going to last forever and i love you nat i wish i had a man like that keep him because he the best you can ever get.

BK 2 months ago

Wtf, I’m 20 and still learning to drive 😂

Dimah_ Shawn
Dimah_ Shawn 2 months ago

What’s the name of this song I love it 🥰 plzz 13:49

Tiffany Strode
Tiffany Strode 2 months ago

where did he ge tthe bow with the vidoe clips in it

Anima_wolfie_101 Wolfie

Bro ask her outttt

Jared Zavala
Jared Zavala 2 months ago

Bruh what the Ozuna song called ?😭

Celena Llanez
Celena Llanez 2 months ago

Can you please drop the playlist??? I need a new playlist to play whenever I shower or I’m at work

Kyria Love
Kyria Love 2 months ago

Your so lucky to have each other. Only if I could have someone like hime

Gloria Tello
Gloria Tello 2 months ago

Y’all should do I playlist video con música en español

m&m squad
m&m squad 2 months ago

kinda looks like dani cohn/zoe laverne. no hate though

Itz Emile
Itz Emile 2 months ago

Nobody will ever be like Jacob

Itz Emile
Itz Emile 2 months ago

She always puts jake first and so does jake with Natalie there so cute

Elvira Ceasar
Elvira Ceasar 2 months ago


Yareth Munoz
Yareth Munoz 2 months ago

every time nat says it’s in that box and then jacob gets another box lmao😂

ISMAEL EAGLETON 2 months ago

out of stock??? uh wut

Amy orea
Amy orea 2 months ago

stop yall are so cute

Life With Journz
Life With Journz 2 months ago

omg . @ 25:40 he was raised so right . I LOB\VE YOU BOTHHHH. I LITTERLLY WATCHED THIS VIDEO 3 X ALREADY .

Madelyn Ramirez
Madelyn Ramirez 2 months ago

13:30 what song did they play

Balkissou Yaogo
Balkissou Yaogo 2 months ago

would you rahter be nat's kid or be nat's sister\broter

Life with Ryll
Life with Ryll 2 months ago

Aww they are such a nice couple wait how old are they bc I thought they were in college

REY THE PANDA QUEEN 2 months ago

Hii ! How did jacob makw that box what did he use?

Alisson Elias
Alisson Elias 2 months ago

nat like sings her boo be SINGING HIS HEART OUT I loveeee yalllll hope u notice me

Alisson Elias
Alisson Elias 2 months ago

I love y'all together can u do a Qna for a video I've been watching you since ur valentines video luv u!

amanda jägfeldt
amanda jägfeldt 2 months ago

love is love

Sheri Yogitha reddy
Sheri Yogitha reddy 2 months ago

I'm so jelly jelly 😭

Karla Leon
Karla Leon 2 months ago

Nat, you should drop your playlist!

Thanks Again
Thanks Again 2 months ago

nathaly cuevas Happy new year baby

Thanks Again
Thanks Again 2 months ago

nathaly cuevas Hey baby


Omg y’all couple goals ❤️❤️❤️😍🥰😗

drizzy. nya
drizzy. nya 2 months ago

Its so funny when they were in the car and Jakob goes"😚😐😚😐😔"And Nat didnt even notice,LMAO its funny but sad🙊

Moises Anguiani
Moises Anguiani 2 months ago

My question is where did you get those bracelets

daje tsabetsaye
daje tsabetsaye 2 months ago

His reaction when he dropped the thing tho lmao

daje tsabetsaye
daje tsabetsaye 2 months ago

How he looked at her thooo i cant

TaraAnaiyah 2 months ago

omg nat you spend way too much money on starbucks lmao🤣 watch that be me tho when I get my car

Addison Struve
Addison Struve 2 months ago

I am really late but love you nat 💕💕💕

Diana Ponce
Diana Ponce 2 months ago

Omg I live 10 minutes away from that shop 🤭😍🥺🥺🤭

Meah Porter
Meah Porter 2 months ago

I think, I’m not sure but I think when you don’t wash your hair and it gets dirty I think it get darker but when you wash it it gets lighter.

Susana Reyna
Susana Reyna 2 months ago

What’s Giannas Starbucks order?? 👀 I really wanna try it !!!

Liss 2 months ago


Julie Arciniega Tamayo


Danya Carreno
Danya Carreno 2 months ago

you should do a cologne prank on jake!!! like spray your car with men perfume

Stephanie E
Stephanie E 2 months ago

nathaly is literally the funniest person ever😂

Malik Petty
Malik Petty 2 months ago

its the way that mannequin was standing fa mee

monica 2 months ago

omg nooooo i saw the thumbnail and i was really hoping it wasn't jacob. when did this even happen?

Emma Ramirez
Emma Ramirez 2 months ago


Andrea Banuelos
Andrea Banuelos 2 months ago


alexis chavez
alexis chavez 2 months ago

if my man doesnt admire me the way he admired her at 14:27 i dont want him

Hailey Garza
Hailey Garza 2 months ago

The way Jacob looks at nat is so cute

Viviyanna Trevino
Viviyanna Trevino 2 months ago

What's the song playing at 13:29 minutes into the video?...

Glxssy tãn
Glxssy tãn 2 months ago

YALL R CUTE u guys r literally a vibe I can’t 🥰 ✨ ✋😭

Chloe Dalia
Chloe Dalia 2 months ago

Omg you are litterly so cute you bought him a phone a Apple Watch ETC. YOU’RE THE BEST