Top 10 Best Places in the World to Celebrate New Year’s Eve



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Information Top 10 Best Places in the World to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Title : Top 10 Best Places in the World to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

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Frames Top 10 Best Places in the World to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Description Top 10 Best Places in the World to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Top 10 Best Places in the World to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Top 10 Best Places in the World to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

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dweam brother
dweam brother 2 months ago

Phillipines new year is warzone send help aaaaaaaaaaa

ᴊᴀʜ Kᴇɴシ
ᴊᴀʜ Kᴇɴシ 2 months ago


Arsh Momi
Arsh Momi 2 months ago

Hong kong is not in china

WaterCraftHD 2 months ago

Philippines kapital city Manila is the best because its a freaking war zone every street is covered with fireworks firecrackers and explosions of loud firecrackers its just like fourth of july but new year

From the Philippines

Bodey McKinney
Bodey McKinney 2 months ago

I’m capo

Bodey McKinney
Bodey McKinney 2 months ago

Hi people

Olzo Gaming
Olzo Gaming 2 months ago

In London we also sing auld Lang syne

erica miclat
erica miclat 2 months ago

Philippines for me. Like a war zone whole entire country

Rhayn Steven Encinares


Franco Miguel Collado

Y’all really sleepin on magic kingdom

carlos_2 2 months ago

New York isn’t the best New Years Party, but it is the most famous

Khökh Teŋgri
Khökh Teŋgri 2 months ago

It should be Hong Kong, Hong Kong as its a SAR not part of China

Silver 2 months ago

I live in London

Ju N
Ju N 2 months ago

i’m from brazil, lucky me

Teddy P. Gray
Teddy P. Gray 2 months ago

New York is by far the worst place I've ever spent on New Years Eve!

Martin I Garrix
Martin I Garrix 2 months ago

I been in london for New Year and it was amazing !!! Berlín is 1st place👌 its crazy!Best clubs and Parties ,firewoks everywhere, and amazing City and People!! Want to be in Berlín ❤️for a New year

Zane Potter
Zane Potter 2 months ago

NO DUBAI and Sydney should be higher

just my opinion
just my opinion 2 months ago

The list of country you mention to celebrate new year end are toooooo quiet. Visit Philippines. Its like a freakin warzone. You will witness how crazy or insane we welcome the new year. Its like you are in te middle of a war. LOL

Ray Bal
Ray Bal 2 months ago

I think the wildest and craziest new year are celebrated in Philippines and Netherlands

Alt Dimas
Alt Dimas 2 months ago

Berlin is where I want to go for new year I love german music and the amazing vibes 🇩🇪♥️

beevs bar
beevs bar 2 months ago

nah philippines is.incompareable its like war zone in here

ʀᴏɴᴀʟᴅᴏ ʙᴀʀʀᴏs


Andrew 2 months ago

how are Sydney and London so far down??


Bangkok is top5 👌👌❤️❤️

James Rogan
James Rogan 2 months ago

This is a fucking joke, Australia is number 1.

Teniqz on XBOX
Teniqz on XBOX 2 months ago

where is dubai

omar hassaine
omar hassaine 2 months ago

Number 1 is bordj khalifa Dubai is a mazing 👌👌❤🍷🍾🎇

Wao Min
Wao Min 2 months ago

List full of BS

Carlo Divinagracia
Carlo Divinagracia 2 months ago

Nothing is comparable in Manila. It’s a war zone. Fireworks & firecrackers are everywhere.

E D 2 months ago

Im an events coordinator and I have traveled the world working on New Year’s Eve parties. Sydney is definitely number 1, although many countries are catching up. NY city should not be on this list.

Editsode 2 months ago

Sorry but London has the best fireworks display above all the others on this list (just my opinion also happy new year 🥳)

Abigail Hemady
Abigail Hemady 2 months ago

What the hell is New York doing here?

alexospertie 2 months ago

London and Sydney are the most iconic

mafia cat
mafia cat 2 months ago

Is this the crusty crab no this is patrick

mafia cat
mafia cat 2 months ago

I have ligma

JonBow 2 months ago

Honerable mention: the Netherlands, where fire works are actually handgranedes but 10x stronger

Adam Porter
Adam Porter 2 months ago

What the first account wasnt enough for these guys

Danny Griffiths
Danny Griffiths 2 months ago

Going to Edinburgh for New Years 2020 🥂

Gab Gab #
Gab Gab # 2 months ago

Yeah, London. Wish I could watch live at least once.

Social media needs the Snicker’s hole.

New Year’s Eve isn’t about fireworks; which everyone is talking about in the comments. It’s about the party. Nothing beats Times Square. They don’t have the fireworks, but you can’t beat the atmosphere anywhere. Thousands of people fly in from all over the world for a party. this is a countdown for best places to celebrate; there are separate countdowns for best fireworks.

Anju's world
Anju's world 2 months ago

Beautiful video

v 2 months ago

New York? Worst New Year's Eve I have ever spent

Fhv Schnvc
Fhv Schnvc 2 months ago

NYC? Really? You must be American. The entire show is trashy, lowclass and dissapointing



Danillo Petrova
Danillo Petrova 2 months ago

Rio em primeiro porra 💪🏼🇧🇷

Dane Reid
Dane Reid 2 months ago

New York is cold and anti-climactic. It's famous but not good. I've been to Sydney for NYE and Dubai. Both way better

The Official Tard
The Official Tard 2 months ago

I’m sorry but London should be in the top 3 and why is New York in this?

Seeing Places The G Family

I’ll be in RIO for 2020 New Year’s Eve. 🙏🏻

Lemorz Lemorz
Lemorz Lemorz 2 months ago

Philippines is the best New year eve 🇵🇭 its world War 3 💥

Imagine Knowledge
Imagine Knowledge 2 months ago

I can tell the narrator is German

Jay Son
Jay Son 2 months ago


MadameTamma 2 months ago

yeaaaah uh, if you want to be in Times square for New years, make sure you get there hours early, find a good place to just stand around while being being chilled to the bone from the cold weather in some places while boiling hot from being packed in like a human sardine in other places and make sure you've got an empty plastic bottle to pee in. You don't think you can get easy access to a public toilet do you?

FreddyStewart12 2 months ago

7:00 Not at all

GlynnDopeTV 2 months ago

The real new years eve to celebrate is in the Philippines 🇵🇭

luke ketchum
luke ketchum 2 months ago

Honorable Mention: Paris, France.

Hat 1607
Hat 1607 2 months ago

How the hell does New York, Hong Kong and Rio beat Sydney?? Sydney is the best in the world for New Years. Also why is London number 9? That should be way lower on the list.

Valentina Clavijo Baack

Really? Valparaiso is in the top 10 and Dubai isn't? I live in Valparaíso since I was born, and every year I enjoyed the New Year's celebration, until I had the chance to spend it in Australia (Melbourne, not even Sydney) and it blew my mind! It was amazing! So I really don't understand how my city made it to the list😂

NilXgamer 2 months ago


Jason S
Jason S 2 months ago

How the F did NYC beat Sydney?! Seriously?

LucyTheCBCKidsFan 2 months ago

I live in Scotland

Hat 1607
Hat 1607 2 months ago

Sydney is the best

Regil Villanueva
Regil Villanueva 2 months ago

Really Sydney on top 4? That's no no... And where's Dubai? Dubai, London and Sydney always throw the most extravagant fireworks the world has...

Matthew Tobias
Matthew Tobias 2 months ago

Honorable Mentions: New Orleans Louisiana , Miami Florida , Dubai UAE , Paris France , Beijing China , Singapore

Ameen Alrc
Ameen Alrc 2 months ago

Its weird that u didnt mention beirut which ranked number 7 by nat geo

Esteban Eduardo Zurita Matus

Hermoso mi puerto❤️ Valparaíso

Kit Green
Kit Green 2 months ago

Love the London and Sidney fireworks 🎆

ry睿 2 months ago

Hong Kong isn't China

Luke Newman
Luke Newman 2 months ago

Sydney is a fuckin shithole

Mighty Kid
Mighty Kid 2 months ago

In kochi,kerala,india it was a different celebration from all around the world they fire a big santa statue in 12 am it was amazing

Natarat Baimon
Natarat Baimon 2 months ago

I watch new year in Iconsiam It’s so big and beautiful firework

Di Viena
Di Viena 2 months ago

Rio ❤️

_makoto 2 months ago

Fuck yeah, I live in Hong Kong!!

felipe miranda salazar

I can’t believe I saw my city of Valparaiso on the list, I have home sickness after that... I will spend the new year on my new life on Easter island this year

Alextraordinary 2 months ago

Lol where’s Pyongyang? 😂

My Name
My Name 2 months ago

Fuck Dubai.

Tomás Gouveia
Tomás Gouveia 2 months ago

Madeita isn't here?!
They have the best fireworks in the world

Eetuch 2 months ago

Best place is Finland.

DYL8D 2 months ago

New York’s New Year shouldn’t be on this list, it’s become smaller in Times Square and the crowd is sectioned to make way for staging, they’re so dead before and after midnight.

John Michael Mates
John Michael Mates 2 months ago


Internet Studios
Internet Studios 2 months ago

I was actually at Las Vegas for the New Year last year, it was one of the greatest experiences i ever had🎊🎇🎆🎈

Aarhon Adia
Aarhon Adia 2 months ago

Philippines, Manila??

P.S.C 2767
P.S.C 2767 2 months ago

Sydney should be in the top 3
where's Dubai
New York should be a lot lower

Aramis Betances
Aramis Betances 2 months ago

You know what works be funny if there was a terrorist bomb in the New Year's ball.

Maddison Holden
Maddison Holden 2 months ago

Where is Brisbane, Melbourne and Gold Coast????? They have the best!!!

Joanna Corduan
Joanna Corduan 2 months ago

What about Chicago???

Elias Sleiman
Elias Sleiman 2 months ago

I live in Sydneyyy, Well currently I'm in Gold Coast but I'll just be back in time.

IJ Murad
IJ Murad 2 months ago

I have celebrated a new year in Dubai , I think it deserves to be on the list .

Asif Khan
Asif Khan 2 months ago

Hong Kong ftw

Blank Cardboard
Blank Cardboard 2 months ago

Best place for new year?
A bedroom with air conditioner,playstation,wi-fi and diet coke

S C 2 months ago

I love NY but NYE in NY sucks. Watching some shitty ball drop in freezing weather surrounded my thousands? No thanks. Sydney > NY

Talhah Al-Azad
Talhah Al-Azad 2 months ago

How is dubai not here

Anime Profile Picture

Happy birthday to me.

Abdalla 2 months ago

Big Ben is closed under repairing until 2021

Nexo Games
Nexo Games 2 months ago

Haha! I'm German and I love it how english speaking people try to speak German, especially "ch" and "sch" 😂❤

Kenas Lalson
Kenas Lalson 2 months ago

It's not where you celebrate that matters!! It's with you who are celebrating that does!! I would rather be right here in India celebrating with my friends rather than in Brazil with no one else

Joemar Rojas
Joemar Rojas 2 months ago

I love how she tries to pronounce a non-english word and struggles. Cute. And clearly you guys haven't been to Dubai on New Years eve.

Aufar Thariq
Aufar Thariq 2 months ago

Indonesia why not??😁

Diamond Yoshi101
Diamond Yoshi101 2 months ago

I’m surprised the Emirates HQ didn’t make the list. (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) 🇦🇪

Patrick S
Patrick S 2 months ago


Malik Dunn
Malik Dunn 2 months ago

Where the hell is New Orleans at