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Lydia Paddock
Lydia Paddock 2 months ago

love the videos and your personality!! i wish i had as many candles as you!!❤️

Foxy Boop
Foxy Boop 2 months ago

Just stopped by to say your voice is so comforting ☺
I didn't care for spiced gingerbread or ginger either. Smells great cold but its throw is very weak. I'm looking forward to another 10 bucks off sale to try peach on earth and tree farm 🚜

almightydawnthegreat 2 months ago

I live in Canada and we do not get EGGNOG. My god... there could be a black market here for egg nog bath and body works candles.

Audrey Smith
Audrey Smith 2 months ago

Just so u know if you can’t find peppermint sugar cookie in your store I saw it on the bath and body works website if you were interested in buying it there. You probably already knew that but I wanted to let u know just in case. ❤️

Jackeline Rojas
Jackeline Rojas 2 months ago

I loveeeeee bath and body works store💕 there's hand soaps in the restroom candles all over the house lotion or hand creams in all the rooms same as perfumes and hand sanitizers omgggg hand sanitizers are my favorites💝💝💝

Lindsay Marie
Lindsay Marie 2 months ago

Awesome haul/review. I love your style 💗💜

Paige Manka
Paige Manka 2 months ago

Do you like the twisted peppermint or crushed candy cane more??

Sophie J
Sophie J 2 months ago

I just ordered The Perfect Christmas candle online to "branch out" a bit because I usually just buy a bunch of Marshmallow Fireside candles every few years 😂 that's my absolute favorite candle scent ever. The Marshmallow Gingerbread and the Eggnog one sounds good, I might sniff them in store if I see them. Thank you for making this vid!! Love BBW hauls 😻

Chloe Hassler
Chloe Hassler 2 months ago

im a bbw associate in bc canada and I haven't even seen the you're the one collection

Cierra Mitchell
Cierra Mitchell 2 months ago

I have a coupon I’m hoping there’s a sale by Saturday lol have a great night 😘

AriTheEsthetician 2 months ago

Balsam fir was my favorite one I got from the holiday scents so far, I’ve never burned it before so I’m excited to see how it is compared to yankee candles balsam and cedar

Jess Vorps
Jess Vorps 2 months ago

I need to stay strong but I can’t stop watching these videos-

Bridget Schaeffer
Bridget Schaeffer 2 months ago

I just received my vanilla snowflake candle and my goodness I love it! Do you know if there is a similar scent offered outside of the holiday season?

Kim Nuzzolo
Kim Nuzzolo 2 months ago

The Christmas scents are my favorite! Now I know which ones I want to pick up thank you!! 😍

Anayeli Rojas
Anayeli Rojas 2 months ago

Hey girl just wondering how you are able to smell the candles? Do you take off your mask or do they make you step outside to smell? I want to get some new scents but I dont know what their policies look like right now during COVID, cus I mean we have to smell the candles 🤷‍♀️

Sandra Marcotte
Sandra Marcotte 2 months ago

Hey pretty lady! I love candles! I live in Louisiana and my home got hit by the hurricane a few days ago. I lost everything all my candles and all my makeup. I am very upset and sad bc I won't be able to replace anything at all. My insurance doesn't want to pay a dime on my claim.

Simply -living
Simply -living 2 months ago

First off id like to say you’re so pretty and have an optimistic personality 🥰 I love this haul too! I’m planning on going soon after I get paid 🥳

Yaritza Collazo
Yaritza Collazo 2 months ago

Frosted spearmint is my fav

Charlotte Smyth
Charlotte Smyth 2 months ago

I will light candles 2025 when I live in my own house xxx

Glory Citi
Glory Citi 2 months ago

I just did another haul today. The candles I really wanted were gone but I got some and they smell absolutely yummy! I got some more fall body care but this time the fall womanly floral scents and they are amazing. I had to get the Dahlia because people keep talking about it and it is beautifully elegant.

Sydney Dean
Sydney Dean 2 months ago

Did they have candle day early this year?

S. Crockett
S. Crockett 2 months ago

I'M TOTALLYYYY WITH YOU about the Snowy Peach Berry...That's THE FIRST thing I said/asked the associate (just to get her "honest opinion").

I said: This Snowy Peach Berry smells like Champagne Toast huh?

She tried to deny it, then came back around and said it kind of does smell like a lighter version of it.

But to each it's own😀♥️💫

Brittany Haunschild
Brittany Haunschild 2 months ago

How many candles do you buy to last a year? Asking for a friend 😂 Love your videos. I just bought 8 candles because they're buy 1 get 1 free.

Rolle Reviews
Rolle Reviews 2 months ago

Leah, girl, I had to watch this video twice! Once without my notepad, then again with my notepad to jot down the name. I remember back in the day when you used to have shelves filled with different candles 🕯 in the background 🤩 You picked some really good scents. I will most certainly be on the lookout for some of the titles. Thanks for sharing 🍂

Crystal Hernandez
Crystal Hernandez 2 months ago

Pink Fairy Gumdrop looks delicious. 😊

Crystal Hernandez
Crystal Hernandez 2 months ago

Love Christmas 🎄💝

Rianna Barela
Rianna Barela 2 months ago

Did you see Peppermint Marshmallow?

Francesca S.
Francesca S. 2 months ago

Great haul. You picked up a lot of scents that I was eyeing. I live in Canada and we don't get out Christmas candles in stores for another month they said :(

chandra reaux
chandra reaux 2 months ago

Very nice!!! The snowy peach is a repeat of the cranberry peach from a couple of years ago. I can't wait to see if they have any at my store they only had a few

romashka00 2 months ago

SA from BBW told me that Snowy Peach Berry candle is the same as Peach Belini, just different name i guess.

Leland Salinas
Leland Salinas 2 months ago

My store has the Christmas candles

Jamie M
Jamie M 2 months ago

So many good ones!!! I got the gingerbread marshmallow and the Carmel eggnog. Christmas cider is definitely on my list but my store didn’t have it.

Korina 2 months ago

I still have so many from last years 8.95 sale but I need more 😂😂

Marie-Sophie Roy
Marie-Sophie Roy 2 months ago

My favorite scents for Christmas are Vanilla bean Noel, hot cocoa and cream and peppermint marshmallow ! Can’t wait to go stock up on them ! You totally made me want to go right away lol great haul 👌❤️🔥

Jasmine G
Jasmine G 2 months ago

I want all of these ahhh

Watermelon Gal
Watermelon Gal 2 months ago

I just love candles especially this time of the year. I want to get some candles from BBW. I love the peppermint ones; so refreshing. Thanks for a great haul!

Kykla 911
Kykla 911 2 months ago

Haven't bought candles since we moved to GA..defiantly going to stock up on christmas collection..frosted cranberry is#1 on my list !!

Marjorie Earl Dean
Marjorie Earl Dean 2 months ago

Your thumbnail for this vid is so cute!

Becky Garcin
Becky Garcin 2 months ago

I love your Fall bath and body works vlogs. I look forward to them every year.

Taylor Franklin
Taylor Franklin 2 months ago

This was the best! The sugars snickerdoodle is calling my name

Shelby Smith
Shelby Smith 2 months ago

I’m so mad I forgot about the sale!! I just got into their candles!

Bea Alcantara
Bea Alcantara 2 months ago

You’re quick! I’m looking forward to the Gingerbread Marshmallow candle as well. I hope they’ll still be in stock on Thanksgiving/Candle Day! What’s your favorite tree scent?

daapples 2 months ago

I'm so sad lol I went to the outlet store today and they had no good candles out, not even the Fall ones :(

bigislandcountrylove keren

I almost forgot to ask, do you think the white tea and sage candle smells like it's handsoap version? Because I do love how that smells.

bigislandcountrylove keren

My favorite winter holiday candle🕯 is Winter Whitewoods! When I first smelled it, i thought this totally smells like Christmas trees!🎄 Takes me back to happy childhood memories for sure! Waking up to the smell of the Christmas tree coming from the living room🥰😍 And from the Christmas wreaths hanging on the doors🤩

Makeup By Nicoles World

I love candles such a amazing haul

Joyce Inocencio
Joyce Inocencio 2 months ago

Nice Bath and Body Works Christmas candle haul 😊🤗❤

Cc Silva
Cc Silva 2 months ago

You did it first girl and you usually you don't talk about candles anyway the packaging is not that impressive but is ok for who ever will like it this year was just not as putting effort into the packaging as usual but it is alright last year was beautiful and cute.

kat jtsmum
kat jtsmum 2 months ago

Great haul ! I can't wait till our store puts out some of the new ones, that packaging is super cute .

Demetras Jones
Demetras Jones 2 months ago

Yes! I love the packaging for all the winter Christmas candles. Today I picked up snowy peach berry and frozen lake. The snowy peach berry candle is cranberry peach from last year. It smells amazing. On my most wanted list is frost coconut snowball, merry cookie, and he spearmint one you have in the video and more, snowflake citrus, and definitely blueberry sugar!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Vanessa Favero
Vanessa Favero 2 months ago

I’m all about the sweet and Smokey scents but I do love White tea and sage! It reminds me of a spa. I’m surprised they brought it back again for Christmas. I was able to pick a bunch up on clearance from when it was out for spring/summer.

Samantha Ruber
Samantha Ruber 2 months ago

I went today too to pick up gingerbread marshmallow and salted caramel eggnog. I also finally found gather and thanks & giving.

Hillary Brewer
Hillary Brewer 2 months ago

I love the packaging that crushed candy cane with the red at the top and the spi is apple toddy and twisted peppermint I the Be Merry and Ho Ho Ho. Thanks for sharing. Cant wait

Erika Verdejo
Erika Verdejo 2 months ago

Frosted Cranberry is my all time favorite candle 🥰 I can burn it year round lol

Cassandra Wilkins
Cassandra Wilkins 2 months ago

During the biggest sale in December every year I get enough candles for the whole year 😂 when they’re only like $9. I love it

Daniela Guerrero
Daniela Guerrero 2 months ago

Omg yesss!! Candle hauls😍

Kk 2 months ago

I need a candle in the Snowflakes and Cashmere scent they had last year. Probably my favorite scent I’ve ever smelled from them.

Liorasmakeuploves52 2 months ago

Looking like CANDY 🍬😍 love your vibe!!

Susan Eldredge
Susan Eldredge 2 months ago

I’m looking forward to trying some of these new scents. I always like evergreen, balsam, and winter for the holidays.

Elise Tomasello
Elise Tomasello 2 months ago

I can't get enough candles! I'm excited for some of the new ones. I love your makeup look and your sweater combination!

Alisa Sepe
Alisa Sepe 2 months ago

I love the tree scents balsam fir etc thx for sharing

Josie Nguyen
Josie Nguyen 2 months ago

I don’t need more but I want everything caramel and apple! I want caramel drizzle, salted caramel eggnog, and gather. Tonight I’m burning my favorite Cider Lane 🥰 I love the packaging on the Christmas items❤️

Lisa Dukes
Lisa Dukes 2 months ago

🔥🔥🔥👑📖⛪🕊️🕊️🔥🙏🙏🏻🙏🏾I popped out to see what is on the website saw nothing you've shown guess I have ta go inside the store I've complained to them before about their lack of candle sale this year there has been Aaalot😄😃😀🎂🔥

cynth bird lover
cynth bird lover 2 months ago

i still have 10 from last year that I never finished lol

Shannyn Fors
Shannyn Fors 2 months ago

I am burning my fall candles like crazy right now and can't wait to get going on the holiday scents! I will start burning those on Thanksgiving night! Spiced Gingerbread is one of my favorites so I am really looking forward to the Gingerbread Marshmallow!!

Lucie Weaver
Lucie Weaver 2 months ago

YAY, you found the Christmas candles! I went on Saturday and while the BBW mgr. said had over 40 boxes delivered in am, when asked for Christmas candles she said no, not yet... Oh well, so I have to wait a week or two.

Leni’s favorites
Leni’s favorites 2 months ago

One of my favorite candles from bath and body works it’s the Mahogany teakwood, it smells so good,but anything vanilla will do too

Lisa Dukes
Lisa Dukes 2 months ago

🔥🔥🔥👑📖⛪🛐🕊️🔥🙏🙏🏻🙏🏾tis the season is my candle bath Body works I don't know what to do with you but I'ma try to pace myself Alot of Those Were Super Cool 🙃😁😊 HELP LORD🔥

Mickie Nevills
Mickie Nevills 2 months ago

Hello Leah! Thank you very much that's so exciting to be able to see all of those Christmas B&BW Candles right now I really appreciate it!!! :)

Nikki Sturnialo
Nikki Sturnialo 2 months ago

Definitely have to get some candles at bath and body works

Saelyda 2 months ago

I already have so many candles I must stay strong. I have enough for probably a year or 3....but cute packaging

Shar Bonny
Shar Bonny 2 months ago

Amazing haul! I can’t wait to get my hands on the gingerbread marshmallow

Croatian Travellers
Croatian Travellers 2 months ago

Nice video again. Good work❤❤❤Any awesome people to support my travel Channel and subscribe. I appreciate 💚💚💚💚

Kendra Voracek
Kendra Voracek 2 months ago


Miranda J
Miranda J 2 months ago

So excited to smell all these Christmas candles!!! 🎄 Your shirt is adorable too, where did you find it? :)

Sherry Lamphear
Sherry Lamphear 2 months ago

Candles yay

jessc queen
jessc queen 2 months ago

Here! 😁

Paola F
Paola F 2 months ago