How To Decorate a Garland for Christmas - Trees n Trends - Unique Home Decor


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Information How To Decorate a Garland for Christmas - Trees n Trends - Unique Home Decor

Title : How To Decorate a Garland for Christmas - Trees n Trends - Unique Home Decor

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Frames How To Decorate a Garland for Christmas - Trees n Trends - Unique Home Decor

Description How To Decorate a Garland for Christmas - Trees n Trends - Unique Home Decor

How To Decorate a Garland for Christmas - Trees n Trends - Unique Home Decor

How To Decorate a Garland for Christmas - Trees n Trends - Unique Home Decor

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Justitia N
Justitia N 2 months ago

I'm watching 2020. Thanks to teach steps by step

Liz Horton
Liz Horton 2 months ago

Beautiful design and great instruction and presentation. Thanks!

usaearthling 2 months ago

You are a great teacher and designer. That makes it so much easier to follow directions. Thank you for sharing.

Yolanda Horton
Yolanda Horton 2 months ago

What type of glue can I use for the ornaments?

Ristina Durivage
Ristina Durivage 2 months ago

This is beautiful but it reminds me of Dr Suess. Which I love. Not sure if that was what you were going for 8 years ago.

Gina Reese
Gina Reese 2 months ago

Kevin, I still have mine that you did a couple of years ago and a lot of it! Yet I continue to be compliments on them and ty so very much and have a very merry Christmas this year!

Noelle Boehm
Noelle Boehm 2 months ago

Where do I buy the base 9 foot Garland?

Antonia Rivera
Antonia Rivera 2 months ago

Beautiful!! Thank you❤

patricia iorio
patricia iorio 2 months ago


gloria morales
gloria morales 2 months ago

Loop loop

Cristy Ohhh
Cristy Ohhh 2 months ago

2020 here for this awesome tutorial. No chit chat he gets right to the point. Excellent!

szudy76 2 months ago


Deysi Lopez
Deysi Lopez 2 months ago

Simplemente beautiful 😍

memyprojects&I 2 months ago

So creative, you explained it so well. Can't wait to try!

Kimtoy Kinsale
Kimtoy Kinsale 2 months ago

You gave me some great ideas I 'll try this 4 Christmas I love decorating tsmfs.

Victoria Truxal
Victoria Truxal 2 months ago

You are a genius

Get Exposed
Get Exposed 2 months ago

+Trees And Trends what glue are you dipping the ornaments and branches in??

Multimediareporter 2 months ago


Rocio Vasquez
Rocio Vasquez 2 months ago


Barbiedoll 2 months ago

Hi! Thank you for sharing.. where to buy that garland? Thank you!

Ashley Paige
Ashley Paige 2 months ago

I’m going to try this for the front door, very beautiful!

L G 2 months ago

Go big or go home

mercedes advocate
mercedes advocate 2 months ago

Fabulous!! By far the best demonstration I've seen.

Guadalupe De La Cruz
Guadalupe De La Cruz 2 months ago

Muy guapa la guinarda ,por favor me puedes decir la medida de ancho y alto de la maya, los lazos y los metros de largo gracias y felicidades un saludo desde España.

Sherry Berardino
Sherry Berardino 2 months ago

Very beautiful

Jan Roth
Jan Roth 2 months ago

I am not crazy about the colors, I love traditional Christmas colors. It's a beautiful garland. Thank you for sharing.

Madison Chatwell
Madison Chatwell 2 months ago


D CATA martinez
D CATA martinez 2 months ago


Louise Runion
Louise Runion 2 months ago

Big, …

Jackie R.
Jackie R. 2 months ago

Will after 4 years I find something that really would look good over my door thank you so much.

JL Dinozzo
JL Dinozzo 2 months ago

Amazing and so fast, in the video you spoke of a bowl with glue in it, what glue did you use?

Belmira Costa
Belmira Costa 2 months ago

Arranjos. Para. Adevent

Cecilia Deleon
Cecilia Deleon 2 months ago

Hello Kevin what kind of glue did you use?

Anne Wollstein
Anne Wollstein 2 months ago

I wonder why you cover up all the greenery?

Mari N
Mari N 2 months ago

Amazing. Thank you for the great tips. Can you please add what flutter are you using. Thank you

Terri Radke
Terri Radke 2 months ago

This was great! Where do I find the ribbon?? Thanks!

Morti Hernandez Mora
Morti Hernandez Mora 2 months ago


Trees n Trends
Trees n Trends 2 months ago

Thanks Marsha! Everything came from our stores. If you notice, this video is now 5 years old and items change every year. We release these videos as much for inspiration as I mention as for anything and most of the small goods are not available for shipping. Each year manufacturers only keep the top 10% of goods and produce new for the following year so you have all new for the next so you would rarely be able to find the exact item year to year. Use these videos for instruction, and inspiration and come up with your own versions. Thank you for viewing!

Marsha Forsberg
Marsha Forsberg 2 months ago

Love it! Where did you get all the ornaments & embellishments? I looked at your site, but results kep showing “nothing found”.

Valkyrie Sardo
Valkyrie Sardo 2 months ago

Why is he using glue on everything? Do people have enough room to store that thing intact? Using wire could not take all that much longer.

Randi Behrends
Randi Behrends 2 months ago

excellent. :)

Ellen Hofer
Ellen Hofer 2 months ago

Love your Video

Kathy Morken
Kathy Morken 2 months ago


AnaGpe. M.G.
AnaGpe. M.G. 2 months ago

Hermoooossooo ….gracias por su tiempo en enseñarnos. felicidades ud muy talentoso.

T K 2 months ago

I can watch his videos whole day

Gina James
Gina James 2 months ago

He is a great narrator as well as a treat teacher! I know what I'm going to be doing tonight! I thank you and that my Lord that you popped up as a suggested video for me as now i'm subscribed with alert set not to miss any thing from y'all! Merry, Merry Christmas to you all...

Mama Mel
Mama Mel 2 months ago

Where do you get this at? What's it called

Yarad Yisrayl
Yarad Yisrayl 2 months ago

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Rikita Mccoy
Rikita Mccoy 2 months ago

That is really pretty.

Mj Aguilar
Mj Aguilar 2 months ago

"LOVE!" "LOVE!" "LOVE!" Thanks for the Tips!' Beautiful and Easy Instructions to make my very own! "So Gifted"

Luz Elena Rivillas Cifuentes


Stephanie Barrera
Stephanie Barrera 2 months ago

Wow i really love this design 👏🏻👏🏻

Enid Rivera
Enid Rivera 2 months ago

Wao que fácil voy a decorar mi casa después les voy a enseñar cómo quedó todo nos vemos pronto

Suuegrl 2 months ago

What kind of glue are you dipping into?

Elizabeth Dwelle Competition Jewelry

I refer to your videos every year! Love them so much!

Donna Robinson
Donna Robinson 2 months ago

Beautiful! Excellent instructions. Thanks so much for sharing

J5353Dominguez 2 months ago


Faith Turner
Faith Turner 2 months ago


snoopyslover76 2 months ago

What kind of hot glue are you using?

Dropdead Fred
Dropdead Fred 2 months ago

Beautiful work

Sacha Concerts
Sacha Concerts 2 months ago

Way to much for such a small thing

Anna Tisci
Anna Tisci 2 months ago

Bellissimo😃 complimenti!

Elizabeth Kester
Elizabeth Kester 2 months ago

You are amazing! I am going to make all my decorations this yr. You make this so simple to understand. I really enjoy your videos!

Paula Lawson
Paula Lawson 2 months ago

Thanks for such a great video. I am making this for my mantle.

Paraquita 2 months ago

You are a true artist.

Alicia Tengwall
Alicia Tengwall 2 months ago

What color green is that, it’s beautiful!

Juanita Burnett
Juanita Burnett 2 months ago

I would like to see what you are dipping your ornaments in.... thanks for sharing very informative

Syd Sweeney
Syd Sweeney 2 months ago

Stunning! Great Video

Pixie St. John
Pixie St. John 2 months ago

Can't wait to try !!

Darlene Stevenson
Darlene Stevenson 2 months ago

I just went to and I can NOT find and ribbon on the website....yes, I used the search. Do you have a link to the 3 ribbons you used in this video??

ESTHER JULIA 2 months ago


paquita Vallarino
paquita Vallarino 2 months ago

Hermoso y muy didactico, no hizo falta saber ingles para entender. Felicidades...

Kim Scott
Kim Scott 2 months ago

I can't thank you enough ! I had no idea how to get this mesh right and you have the best tutorial out there and I love trees and trends .

Olga Torres
Olga Torres 2 months ago

Omg just when I thought it couldn’t get better . You put in the fantasy branches . And wow! ❤️

Elizabeth Ortiz
Elizabeth Ortiz 2 months ago

Stunning! Great tutorial

Annette Bourque
Annette Bourque 2 months ago

very nice garland not complicated to make nice project for people that loves doing crafts thank you Kevin for the great video!!

robin ORear
robin ORear 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your design! I get tired of the usual cookie-cutter decor ideas. This could be adapted to any color scheme, and it's the right amount of whimsy! Love it!

Teresia Naigulevu
Teresia Naigulevu 2 months ago

So beautiful thanks for sharing ❤

B J 2 months ago

love love this........

Marielos Brenes
Marielos Brenes 2 months ago

Wowww... Beautiful... Tanks... ;) :) ;)

Dian Clay
Dian Clay 2 months ago

What kind or brand glue do you use in the glue pan?

Jamie Garcia
Jamie Garcia 2 months ago

What kind of glue are you using?

Misha Rosas
Misha Rosas 2 months ago

Very pretty

Marie W
Marie W 2 months ago

Love your work and your technique. Easy to follow. Thanks, Kevin~

Juganwa Comedy
Juganwa Comedy 2 months ago


Crafting playlists
Crafting playlists 2 months ago could someone give u a thumbs down...??? this piece...

Maxine Blanchette
Maxine Blanchette 2 months ago

Beautiful a must for Christmas Thank You.

M J Katz
M J Katz 2 months ago

What a great and easy-to-do idea! Plus, nothing here is expensive to buy which fits my budget just fine. Lol.

Nelly Castillo
Nelly Castillo 2 months ago

Just love the holidays! Like your deck.

Irma GallahughI
Irma GallahughI 2 months ago

What color mesh you use

Romelia Polly
Romelia Polly 2 months ago

Go to woodprix webpage if you'd like to know how to build it. Good solutions for everyone I think

Char Taylor
Char Taylor 2 months ago

o wow!! LOVE THAT!!!!

Nelly Castillo
Nelly Castillo 2 months ago

love the mesh I want all colors

Teresa Kenyon
Teresa Kenyon 2 months ago

Very good at teaching!

Katrina Eaton
Katrina Eaton 2 months ago

Elegant piece.

Anita J
Anita J 2 months ago

I love it!

N. Hernandez
N. Hernandez 2 months ago

It's beautiful!! Thank you for Sharing!!

Ramona Medina
Ramona Medina 2 months ago

excelent tutorial awesome I loooove it!!!!😍

Adamx Mac
Adamx Mac 2 months ago

could you add lights?

Ami Kreutziger
Ami Kreutziger 2 months ago

GORGEOUS! Fantastic job!