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Neal Brown
Neal Brown 2 months ago

Come on guys, if you're going to slow down the replay kill the sound. No one wants to hear the announcers talking at 1/2 or 1/4 speed. Just crop the sound on the slo-mo replay. Thanks

king of moors
king of moors 2 months ago

ش ااامكامت

Николай Уваров

Лоукок называется удар по яйцам

Klummps Kards
Klummps Kards 2 months ago

The one scumbag was reaching around the ref to keep hitting the guy the W should be taken Away!!!!!!!!!!

5winder 2 months ago

July isn't even over yet.

Hindustan 2 months ago

Some people will not agree with me. But u can see. The. Tattoo having man will always loose to a simple body Man. Otherwise minimum tatto or little tatto are no bad luck 🍀

Maik Eisener
Maik Eisener 2 months ago

Scheiß Werbung

Jagannath Arora
Jagannath Arora 2 months ago

Judo is best 💪💪

Time Bong
Time Bong 2 months ago

Face diaper wearing tards

COOL DEVIL 2 months ago

What playgrounds are these? Are they all related to ufc

stop UFO fakes
stop UFO fakes 2 months ago

Don't really need to replay each one to pad the video out dude

R BAS3L 2 months ago

2:19 when you forgot you’re in a cage fight and start shadow “boxing”

Antonio Marucci
Antonio Marucci 2 months ago

Che senso ha menare quando quello è a terra tramortito da un destro al mento

The_Dunks 2 months ago

Yeah honestly these videos should be retitled to, "Constant bad examples of referring." If half these refs were in the UFC they would be immediately fired.

Alexandre Houle
Alexandre Houle 2 months ago


Chris Bourassa
Chris Bourassa 2 months ago

Re-title this to knockouts and stoppages

Паритет _ Мнений

Я не пойму , на это шоу дебилов специально подбирают умалишенных???

Charlie Zelenoff official

Petition to get Charlie Zelenoff a UFC contract

Akrid X
Akrid X 2 months ago

0:36 I think he was low on batteries.

Jorge Soto mayor
Jorge Soto mayor 2 months ago

Me parece un asesinato seguir pegándole de esa forma a una persona que ya está casi inconvientren el piso y por supuesto todos los que organizan esto son mafiosos y culpables

Donald Woodcock
Donald Woodcock 2 months ago

He kicked the guy in the nuts. Of course he's going to go down.

Nowallthereis 2 months ago

Don’t do that slow voice replay. It’s silly and not funny.

Javi 2 months ago


Johnny Banana
Johnny Banana 2 months ago

Can someone explain the need to pound on someone after they are clearly down and out??