Complete Vegan Christmas Menu Recipes


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Information Complete Vegan Christmas Menu Recipes

Title : Complete Vegan Christmas Menu Recipes

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Frames Complete Vegan Christmas Menu Recipes

Description Complete Vegan Christmas Menu Recipes

Complete Vegan Christmas Menu Recipes

Complete Vegan Christmas Menu Recipes

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Daysha Knight
Daysha Knight 2 months ago

Mm I want to make this lasagna! I eat lasagna with a salad and garlic bread. That’s how I grew up eating it 🙃

Brian F
Brian F 2 months ago

The BEST mac and cheese I EVER ate was a baked Mac and cheese with tomatoes and mushrooms in it. I have never tried to duplicate it now that I am plant-based, but I am sure it could be a real winner.

Kate 2 months ago

Loooove that veggie tray-so pretty.

Superfood,Superlife 2 months ago

A great video thanks for sharing!
Stay healthy by eating natural foods, eat less processed foods, less red meat, less sugar and less oil.
Plant-based diet/ healthy diet for type 2 diabetes. Delicious dish ideas to be happily shared. Enjoy your cooking journey and stay safe folks!

conniekeshet 2 months ago

I like mushrooms and green brown lentils instead of meat! Really nutritious and tasty.

Laura Moseley
Laura Moseley 2 months ago

When is the cookbook coming? I would love to be a tester for the book.

Laura Moseley
Laura Moseley 2 months ago


Sophia Aichele
Sophia Aichele 2 months ago

They remind me of missy’s parents from Big mouth

Glen Craig
Glen Craig 2 months ago

So all about the sides.... two things I would add roasted Brussel sprouts and/or Southern style Collard Greens, like SweetPotatoSoul has

Kiera Jacobs
Kiera Jacobs 2 months ago

Y'all need a podcast cuz your dynamic is hilarious!!!

vissey 2 months ago

I’m dreaming of this food! Great content!

Rainbow of Boxes
Rainbow of Boxes 2 months ago

Yummy! :P Looks awesome!

p.s. pls get a pair of glasses that fit ur nose lol u shouldn't be pushing them up so often ...seriously, isn't that annoying?

Leslie Hardin
Leslie Hardin 2 months ago

Good luck on growing your channel! I feel like yours is one of the best on YT. All this food looks delicious!

rpgaribay 2 months ago

Thank you! Everything looks amazing !!

Angela McQuistion
Angela McQuistion 2 months ago

You two crack me up 😂 love your passion for food! So excited to try these recipes!

witchy_quinn 2 months ago

Omg you are amazing 💜

Jasmine Bridle
Jasmine Bridle 2 months ago

omg how do you not have more subs!!!!! youre vids are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

LifeByRaych 2 months ago

I am already a huge fan! Great videos.

tamcon72 2 months ago

Got a big mug of tea, y'all, and my shawl around me on this drafty, damp afternoon, and am settled in to watch a long, conversational vid from my favorite new YTers. Life is good. Love how you pay attention to veggie trays these last two videos, and how thoroughly you explain your reasoning for your choice of dishes here. And, yes, to rolls. Look at your plates: Why draw the line at dinner rolls? Go full carb or go home, LOL! I still haven't decided what to make for Christmas Day dinner, and would be happy with sides--best part of Thanksgiving, right?--but guests will expect some kind of centerpiece. This has given me ideas for several holiday meals. TFP : )

Rebecca Riddle
Rebecca Riddle 2 months ago

I need to try this out x

Rose 2 months ago

Ha! I almost said 'obligatory' out loud while walking down the street trying to help you!