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Bradley Shepherd
Bradley Shepherd 2 months ago

San Antonio resident here. Thank you for the kind words of our city!

Jim The EDC Guy
Jim The EDC Guy 2 months ago

As a South Texas native, our summers are no joke. But the pearl district is my favorite thing to do! And don't forget animal world for a fun paid adventure, it's way better than Brackenridge.

Regina Crystal
Regina Crystal 2 months ago

New subscriber! I love San Antonio! We just went to visit the temple!

Ray Trilits
Ray Trilits 2 months ago

It’s a beautiful city πŸŒƒ especially in live events in downtown

Pvt. lunchbox
Pvt. lunchbox 2 months ago

I live a few miles from the Alamo. This video is helpful especially because I just moved here.

zeel l
zeel l 2 months ago

I’m visiting in few months yay

WestLaPitbull Channel

Im sorry to say. San Antonio is probably. One the most boring. Places I've ever been too. Super slow. I never knew it was. So getto.. The people are nice. But a lot people there. Have no class.

rdshifty 2 months ago

A good place to go in San Antonio is the Japanese tea garden

David Parada
David Parada 2 months ago

I am going in the summer because that's when my schedule will allow. After three tours to Iraq, I'm sure San Antonio is paradise.

idk Washi tape
idk Washi tape 2 months ago

Fun fact Comanche park that building want always blocked off and my dad would tell me about when he wad I high school he would go drinking with his friends there, also a pretty decent hike if you're in the mood

wrv341 2 months ago

The Japanese garden and Denman Estate Korean park are free and absolutely wonderful.

Tompa's Sweaty Feet
Tompa's Sweaty Feet 2 months ago

I'm traveling a really long distance to go to the Alamo and the Riverwalk.

timberchase777 CityStoneworksStudio

Thank you for sharing! This is Amazing!

NuB82 2 months ago

Enjoyable and informative video. Thank you for sharing. πŸ‘

Son of Dr. X Tim Liss

We have so much fun in San antonio just this April from 18 to 26 of 2019. We been to riverwalk, Ripley's, zoo, seaword, six flag and other places. Thank you for sharing your video it brings us memory so much.

AQ 2 months ago

You did not take your kids to the Doseum?..sorry for your kids they would have had a great time!

Yael Rodriguez
Yael Rodriguez 2 months ago

san antonio one of the most dangerous city, dont lie

Paul Bishop
Paul Bishop 2 months ago

My wife and I plan on visiting San Antonio this summer. I liked your video. We visited another city with a nice riverwalk two years ago.....Tampa, Florida. I highly recommend it.

Barbara Chavana
Barbara Chavana 2 months ago if your family happens to be in San Antonio during Halloween, this is a free family event.

Punk Rock Art
Punk Rock Art 2 months ago

i live 150 miles west of San Antonio!

Bobby Yoder Sr
Bobby Yoder Sr 2 months ago

I am surprised that you didn't mention the wonderful museums that are free on Tuesdays from 4pm to 9pm.

berry tea
berry tea 2 months ago

It's just so hot in San Antonio (yes I live there) 110-120 degree summers.. droughts.. but it rains normally. If you want to go, bring sun screen, or go In the winter or fall

Ellie 2 months ago

K go to Camacho alot

bootlegottawa 2 months ago

thanks for this video. heading there in 2 weeks, looking forward to it.

abdulla hussien
abdulla hussien 2 months ago

I was born in San Antonio but I left due to much violence and how ghetto the city has become. I have also lived Los Angeles, Phoenix, portland,or and Seattle and all these city's are much better then San Antonio tx, 365 days of the year. The only good thing about San Antonio tx is the tex Mex food which is second to non!!

sportman4000 2 months ago

I love this wonderful video! Should we rent a car or are all the places you talked about close enough to walk or affordably uber?

Ashmeet sidhu
Ashmeet sidhu 2 months ago

We had so much fun visiting Alamo and river walk. Lovely vid.
Love from
Mumbai, India

YOUNG Hernandez
YOUNG Hernandez 2 months ago

Good video

Kelly Huynh
Kelly Huynh 2 months ago

Thanks for your video! What hotel do you recommend to stay to get around easily?

Elvira Gutierrez
Elvira Gutierrez 2 months ago

I'm going to san antonio today in the night

Lark Thomas
Lark Thomas 2 months ago

Vacationing there next weekend. from Louisiana.... looking forward too the trip...πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Firebreak Extinguish
Firebreak Extinguish 2 months ago

Thank you for liking my home city San Antonio is so awesome and with the basketball team go spurs go

Joseph Ralph
Joseph Ralph 2 months ago

3:46 I was by on of those signs

Gio Garcia
Gio Garcia 2 months ago

Pause at 0:16 my big brother use to work at that Bill millers .Plus my old house was around there too

Chrissy P
Chrissy P 2 months ago

Excellent video! I'm considering going & this was very helpful

Terri Cruz
Terri Cruz 2 months ago

Your voice has kindness, thank you for sharing.

Frances Elaine Thurston

Do not go to San Antonio as we went there, and ever since we've been getting phone calls asking for donations from various organizations including 1 from the state police.

Michael Masters
Michael Masters 2 months ago

I love the narration throughout the video. Some humorous quips, nice camera work, and incredibly informative! My favorite part was baby hanging out with a wet towel on his head. Haha!

rockiesinoctober 2 months ago

That river walk looks like it would be pretty awesome!

Denny Kurien
Denny Kurien 2 months ago

Wow, looks like I'll need to make my way over to San Antonio .. and yes, I do remember the Alamo (learned about it in my history class, and always thought it would be really cool to check it out in person). How old is your youngest? We're expecting our second one in a few weeks! Thank you for sharing those tips, keep em coming!

Jacob Bracken
Jacob Bracken 2 months ago

So much fun, never had much interest in San Antonio and fell in love with it. Also, not as hot as she was making it out to beπŸ˜‰

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