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Cole Chickering
Cole Chickering 2 months ago

If you could pick ONE item from The Christmas Book to gift to someone, what would it be?? I would pick the guy with the Christmas Tree, and I would gift him to myself.

Lydia 2 months ago

Wow, based on the cover, I would never have expected the contents of this to be quite so high-end!

So many of the ladieswear items and makeup and hair would go down very well in 2020 too.

I love that you’ve had this for so long too, I can see why it is so special. Catalogues in particular are like a very specific time capsule containing an unusual mish-mash of all that is aspirational from that time.

I’ll take the giant Chanel barrette, the cowboy boots, the short sleeve turtleneck and the furry cuffs and hat to share between my bestie and me!

misslady KC
misslady KC 2 months ago

do you have any info on the artist for the cover and cover ornament collection? for some reason the art style seems like i should recognize the artist from other work...if you understand what i'm saying. i got as far as figuring out that the ornaments are manufactured by a company called Dept 56. i thought maybe it was patience brewster because of the long legs but apparently she did not come on board with dept 56 until 1999. any help to lay this to rest is appreciated. thanks for your work, i really enjoy it! **edut: artist is clare mackie, illustrator.

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