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Julie C
Julie C 2 months ago

Crying since the eagle's scene. Thank you, Olivia. My entire family love you and wish you the best

Larraine Brownlow
Larraine Brownlow 2 months ago

Perfect x

Sandra Renovato
Sandra Renovato 2 months ago

Disperta mundo,🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹♥️♥️♥️

Sandra Renovato
Sandra Renovato 2 months ago


Dianna Bennett
Dianna Bennett 2 months ago

So beautiful, thank you

Juan Noyola
Juan Noyola 2 months ago

I love her!

Sebastian Chirinos
Sebastian Chirinos 2 months ago


Lisa S
Lisa S 2 months ago

I'm near tears. this video is overwhelmng

Carolina Martínez
Carolina Martínez 2 months ago

Gracias, hermosa canción!!!
Muy dulce su voz.

Adele Miani
Adele Miani 2 months ago

bravissima Olivia 😘

Larry Erno
Larry Erno 2 months ago

all gods creations ! beautiful !

promeci0 2 months ago

Jesus Christ was the great gift from God.

Grace Larcena
Grace Larcena 2 months ago

Ave Maria by Schubert

Adele Miani
Adele Miani 2 months ago

Olivia is wonderful in"Ave Maria" We feel Olivia's heart!

Gina Davis
Gina Davis 2 months ago

I never gave her credit as a skilled vocalist when my only exposure was "pop music". I'm stunned by the sound of her voice. Beautiful.

JOSEPH THOME 2 months ago


julie miller
julie miller 2 months ago

omg this one made me cry-- We have such an awesome GOD

mgpime 2 months ago


Delson Niebus
Delson Niebus 2 months ago


N8VSON 2 months ago

Oh! The Eagle, the Eagle....made my heart sing. Thanks for doing that Olivia.  NIA:WEN.  In my Native tongue, it is a one word prayer to Creator and means much, MUCH more than just "thank you."

I saw you at Casino Rama in Ontario Canada last year and I beg of you, if you appear at Rama again, please, do NOT let the sound engineers ruin your beautiful voice and performance with such excess volume.  It was SO loud, it actually caused physical discomfort.  Many of us had to leave our seats and stand in the hall outside the theatre.  Much better. Please don't let them do that to you again. You deserve much better than that. 

zurdo 2 months ago

I love you Olivia!

tthomaselli2 2 months ago

This is the actual Olivia Newton-John version from the album ''Tis The Season' that she did with Vince Gill?

Healing River
Healing River 2 months ago

Olivia rinde una sublime interpretacion de esta preciosa cancon. Increible Olivia y su rendition of Ave Maria.....AMAZING !!

Michael Norton
Michael Norton 2 months ago

Splendid video, but if I'm not mistaken, this is the Schubert version, not the Bach/Gounod version. Nana Mouskouri does the Gounod.

mgpime 2 months ago

Great video, great imagry to a great track, beautiful, nice job.

Ulrich Fleischer
Ulrich Fleischer 2 months ago

Nice song. Lovely pics!

didjeridoo66 2 months ago

@Topdoginuk Good for you :) "Have a merry little christmas" !

Strumble 2 months ago

@didjeridoo66 I've added it to my favourites and already enjoying her singing. It's very good. I own the DVDs of the footage and consider them marvels of work and, I love watching them. I'm now spoiled for choice. Oh, and I like Xmas scenes on Xmas cards in spite of being Atheist! Cheers ;)

didjeridoo66 2 months ago

@fcontitwo Thanks a lot ;o)

didjeridoo66 2 months ago

@josusrm Thank you so much :)

didjeridoo66 2 months ago

@Topdoginuk Xmas card ?? sorry,no interest for me...and no offense ! Enjoy her beautiful voice and you can close the eyes like that you'll have the images that you want ;)

Strumble 2 months ago

Oh come on Olivia, why the video of BBC 'Frozen Planet' & 'Planet Earth'? As great as this videography is and images that are breathtaking, they are not appropriate to this Xmas type of song. It's a wonderful video in it's own right but, so is your singing. Singing that in itself is breathtaking, beautiful and worthy of relevant festive accompaniment footage. Try stain glass windows and Xmas scenes. Look at Xmas cards to find inspiration. I'm only being constructive so, please no offence ;)

Frank Conti
Frank Conti 2 months ago

+++ Very Beautiful ,,,God Bless !,,, :D

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