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jaco9651 jaco9651
jaco9651 jaco9651 2 months ago

1:44 im sorry what!!!!!

Crypticmind242 2 months ago

All volunteering is exploitative, whether or not you feel good about yourself is irrelevant. You want work done? Fucking pay your workers! If you can't afford to pay your workers, then guess what, you shouldn't be running an organization. If you really want to help the less fortunate, better to just give money directly, at least that way no one profits from your free labor and you get to decide exactly where your money goes.

Bible-James4:2 2 months ago

I iust started volunteering at a National park where live called berheim forest

plan to do about 6-8 hours this week - the feeling I had after do 2 hours on a Tuesday was good and I felt I accomplished something after doing so

Emmanuel Shilatu
Emmanuel Shilatu 2 months ago

I have a school that teach kids the world of God and basic knowledge. It's so refreshing to see them graduate with a big smile.

Emmanuel Shilatu
Emmanuel Shilatu 2 months ago

Yes. A volunteer is very very key to a dying world. In Tanzania i welcome you to see a whole range of life challenges and Opportunity

6Ab _
6Ab _ 2 months ago

Thats so old and helpful

Magura Polytechnic Institue, Magura

Hello Sir,i am volunteer and founder, CEO for old and children helps society in Bangladesh. I love my work.

Irene P
Irene P 2 months ago

I had to write a essay and this video LIGIT helped me a lot!!!


i want to participate

My Selfless Act
My Selfless Act 2 months ago

Power of volunteers. We're My Selfless Act providing you a platform to share your volunteering story to inspire others.

Msabah Rashidi Sange
Msabah Rashidi Sange 2 months ago

I will be delighted when i am a volonteer.

Kayla Shipman
Kayla Shipman 2 months ago

awesome vid im gonna go volenteer now!!!!!

itsme christy
itsme christy 2 months ago

A note to a volunteer: never speak negatively about your cause. Advocate positively until the final moment. Otherwise you may discourage others to help. I am so mad right now but there is nothing to do to change it. Gggrrr! Be smart!!

Salih Y.
Salih Y. 2 months ago

Blog of Volunteers

Kimberly Brabson
Kimberly Brabson 2 months ago

Im a student and a volunteer at Seeds of Literacy and I work in the hospitality industry!

Kimberly Brabson
Kimberly Brabson 2 months ago

I'm volunteering at the Seeds of Literacy in Cleveland, Ohio every Friday!!!

Brendan Alimony
Brendan Alimony 2 months ago

Volunteering is dumb and doesn't pay the bills. Modern day slavery

Edward Fowler
Edward Fowler 2 months ago

This video inspired me a lot. Basically, volunteering is nothing helping someone who is in need. I state that "By doing good for others you are doing good for yourself". By doing this we can gain some knowledge, become creative, develop skills. Onata is the one which provides an opportunity to the people, who are interested in volunteer, here you can find out all the opportunities.

Dinesh Sri
Dinesh Sri 2 months ago

Volunteers are the people who help the society for free... They help the organizations in their free time, gain some extra knowledge, engage people in work, build relationships. Onata( the service provider also provides a platform by which anyone can contribute to the society who aspires to spread happiness.

Passang Sherpa
Passang Sherpa 2 months ago

Yes volunteer is best and love it
I'm doing volunter and totally appreciated it🙏🙏🙏

Key Life Lessons
Key Life Lessons 2 months ago

Volunteering was the best thing I ever done it brought more joy and happiness in my life thank you for this video

I Am Taken
I Am Taken 2 months ago

Help Needed!!!!!
As part of my school research project, I urge you all to spare me 5 minutes and help me to complete this simple survey on the social effect called Paying it Forward

zCharged 2 months ago

Very well made video

Dylan Terry
Dylan Terry 2 months ago

wussup vro!

Hamid Mohammed Ahmed Essa

I love this video very useful

Hamid Mohammed Ahmed Essa

I love this video very useful

Hamid Mohammed Ahmed Essa

I love this video is the very useful

Hamid Mohammed Ahmed Essa

I love this video is the very useful

Hamid Mohammed Ahmed Essa

I love this video is the very useful

Kenny Gorbey
Kenny Gorbey 2 months ago

that's why no one has job because of volunteer work free labor they all need to start paying up instead of filling their pockets. start paying

jvolstad 2 months ago

Become a VA Volunteer. It will change you forever.

smilingtimes 2 months ago

I am currently volunteering around the world and it is an interesting journey to say the least =)

Matt Gulyas
Matt Gulyas 2 months ago
Help me get to africa and do 5 months of volunteering!! :)

naturanium 2 months ago


naturanium 2 months ago

je suis un homme et je mennui #je suis monique

naturanium 2 months ago

cool #cortex

Tina 2 months ago

I've always volunteered.

Don Bosco Solomon Islands

Great video! Here you can find everything you need to know about voluntourism and volunteering! It's not easy to volunteer without causing harm!

RajKay RK
RajKay RK 2 months ago


Robert Krutko
Robert Krutko 2 months ago

Are you a Nonprofit or thinking about starting a Nonprofit? will be launching 4-30-16 which will allow those who want to start a Nonprofit to list your ideas and allow the public to fund your startup.

After you reach your goal we have a company who's lawyer specializes in nonprofit startup paperwork and they will do all the work getting your Nonprofit paperwork done and they have a 33 year record with a 100% success rate.


Anna Porter
Anna Porter 2 months ago
I am heading to Laos to do volunteer work with elephants. Donate to help me!!!! :)

Larry Organs
Larry Organs 2 months ago

at 1:12 - i didn't know kylo ren was a voluteer...

Irving Kurlinski
Irving Kurlinski 2 months ago

Bernie needs better preparation before debates so he doesn't,t keep using the same words and analogies. Further, her should be pointing out hill arise donors and how her son-in-law, a hedge fund broker will feel about her on Wall Street?? Adeline needs to deco me more flexible and spontaneous! pLease.

Vanessa Vaughn West
Vanessa Vaughn West 2 months ago

Well said. Excellent video that should be shown in communities and workplaces everywhere. I love the diversity of thoughts, experiences, and motivations that make this video so authentic and motivational.

Daniel W
Daniel W 2 months ago

I've just quit my job to volunteer in Thailand teaching English to Burmese immigrants. I'll be uploading loads of videos when I'm there. Click on my face and subscribe to see all my videos.

Voluntario Global
Voluntario Global 2 months ago

Volunteering is alway a wonderfull experience of mutual learning, either if you do it for your own community or abroad.

lizzie__boo 2 months ago

Hi everybody :) im really trying to work with the Reach Out Volunteers community and go on a trip to Cambodia to help build houses and classrooms for families and their children. However its really hard financially to go on this amazing trip. I would really appreciate it if you guys could donate to my cause!

Danny Yates
Danny Yates 2 months ago

Fantastic video, very powerful and communicates a fantastic message. 

Online with Nas
Online with Nas 2 months ago


zxXIIIiiiIIIXxz 2 months ago

Having come from a similar background, I am now trying to raise money to send kids from local underprivileged communities to UniCamp at UCLA. Any amount would be highly appreciated =)

Đĩa ném Frisbee
Đĩa ném Frisbee 2 months ago

Charity Project: Millionhearts for Vietnam

Midna Rose
Midna Rose 2 months ago

If you'e interested in volunteering, check out some of MSAA's volunteering progams. MSAA or Multiple Sclerosis Association of America is a national non-profit organization that aims to increase awareness and research the most common neurological disease in the world. 

If you're a teen interested in volunteering, you can start small by contributing to a cause. As you grow older, you may find yourselves doing something more in the organization or even be inspired to explore other volunteering opportunities. For more information, visit or call (800) 532-7667

S Ann
S Ann 2 months ago

it was so easy to find, just did a search & up came a bunch of local openings.  I've already got the ok for a few positions to fill!  exciting! 

Ritika Gupta
Ritika Gupta 2 months ago

Join the Facebook page “ volunteer for India” to discover volunteering opportunities in India

Project Snowdrop
Project Snowdrop 2 months ago

Sorry wrong link. My apologies. This is the correct link:

Project Snowdrop
Project Snowdrop 2 months ago

Hello we are currently doing a school project to promote informal volunteerism. Here's the link if you are interested:

Amine FATIH 2 months ago


Matthew 2 months ago

I <3 Key Club!

nomadazm 2 months ago

The Linguistic Team International is the most amazing volunteering experience I have ever had. The effort of making available in as many languages as possible, the information of how to make a better world where human activities are based on human needs, resources and its relation to the environment.

Governors for Schools

Interested in Education? Find out how volunteers are helping to make a difference in local schools by checking out our new short video ‘we’re the people’ on our channel.

Romari Berkowitz
Romari Berkowitz 2 months ago

Please help this Organization “KickLoans” I came across a month ago, They Empower the poorest people in the world and they support youth innovation. They need your help to get funded and get the word out about their activity. Please thumbs up, so it can be seen by all. Here is the link:

Aditya Anand
Aditya Anand 2 months ago

RestoreMyPlanet, our project is doing miracles We're trying to make the world a better place to live!

Fuchsconte 2 months ago

I am volunteering for some great organization such as AAFLC and a local pool. Working for the AAFLC we are searching for missing children. I agree with the video.

Nathan Gregory
Nathan Gregory 2 months ago

I am doing a university assigment on volunteering, this has helped me alot! Thanks!

Angela V. McKnight
Angela V. McKnight 2 months ago

Very informative, powerful and true!

Johnny Clarke
Johnny Clarke 2 months ago

I love this video very direct and clear

307secret 2 months ago

phudA bhzim oDevmz xDé

roseypinkheartsftw 2 months ago

interesting videos. ya i am volunteering right now to upgrade my job skills .. its realy great way to keep in touch with others and also to keep ur references up to date