Barbra Streisand with Josh Groban "Somewhere"


Anna Babsfan

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Information Barbra Streisand with Josh Groban "Somewhere"

Title : Barbra Streisand with Josh Groban "Somewhere"

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Frames Barbra Streisand with Josh Groban "Somewhere"

Description Barbra Streisand with Josh Groban "Somewhere"

Barbra Streisand with Josh Groban "Somewhere"

Barbra Streisand with Josh Groban "Somewhere"

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GERMAN QUINTERO 2 months ago


Marilyn Portnow
Marilyn Portnow 2 months ago

Fucking magnificent!

John TheGreek
John TheGreek 2 months ago

I would say this is the best duet I’ve ever heard of this classic song

Christian Jacq
Christian Jacq 2 months ago

Quel magnifique album ! Tout est excellent.
Très bon choix, Anna Babsfan.

Adriana Benavides Lopez

What a duet.....

Judith Mercer
Judith Mercer 2 months ago

God will find the place and the time if it’s his will. I’m here for you I miss you every day.💙👩‍❤️‍👨❤️

ACTOR PILOT 2 months ago

Two of the greatest voices ever.

Ernesto Valera, Junior

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I’m A Pure Ilocano From Bangued, Abra Region 1/Cordillera Administrative Region Philippines.
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And This Is Not An Harrassment Sir And Madam:
Thank You So Much More Barbara Streisand And Josh Groban

Danieli Calistro
Danieli Calistro 2 months ago

Josh Groban 💜 voz Maravilhosa, muito linda 😍

Simon Wang
Simon Wang 2 months ago

The panicky sing steadily compete because cousin rapidly excite but a curly taste. ancient, soft effect

Luisa Leoni
Luisa Leoni 2 months ago

Adoro Johs lei ha un talento ineguagliabile

Ching Bachiller
Ching Bachiller 2 months ago

You are both my favorite singers. Love you. God bless.

Werner Matrisch
Werner Matrisch 2 months ago

WOW, Anna ! You did a wonderful job!!!

Kara Smithers
Kara Smithers 2 months ago

Hey can’t wait till feb14 to watch josh groban bought tickets

Joann Rhue
Joann Rhue 2 months ago

Fabulous together

Liliana Theules
Liliana Theules 2 months ago


dian rubianti
dian rubianti 2 months ago

The composer of this song is Dian Rubianti...
lovely duet by Josh Groban and Barbra Streissand...
just the way this song i sang when creating process (composing)...

Mary Anne David
Mary Anne David 2 months ago

The most beautiful duet version I’ve heard ❤️

Peggy Micsky
Peggy Micsky 2 months ago

When is there a time for us? Where is there a place for us? Take me there, please.


Amo a Barbra. Para mi una de las mejores, canta bien, emociona y actúa al mismo tiempo.-

Mary Ann Carlton
Mary Ann Carlton 2 months ago

Oh so beautiful Barbara we miss you .... there will never be another Barbara.

Augusta T
Augusta T 2 months ago

Els meus dos cantans preferits, junts, perfecte!

Carlos Alberto Poveda

Simple: beautiful!!!!

Tamara Böhm
Tamara Böhm 2 months ago

Love this song and the movie Yentl ❤️❤️❤️

Brigitte Brochhausen
Brigitte Brochhausen 2 months ago

Gänsehaut..steigender Puls. Anhaltender Atem. Dieses Lied ist einfach genial ..gesungen von 2 fantastischen Stimmen! 👍❤

Susan Schroder
Susan Schroder 2 months ago

Brilliant !~♥~

Thatwoman Wallis
Thatwoman Wallis 2 months ago

From which album is this song?

paulieinct 2 months ago

Exquisite, Like butta....

Steve Mussman
Steve Mussman 2 months ago


Shari Alkatheri
Shari Alkatheri 2 months ago

Two perfect people, singing with two beautiful voices, wow!

Michael Mcpherson
Michael Mcpherson 2 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous!

Guy Bouchard
Guy Bouchard 2 months ago

Super de Belle Vidéo Merci a Vous Deux pour cette Jolie Mu-sic Merci Beau coup

Ghanima EZZENJI 2 months ago

Son commentaires.

Moira Currie
Moira Currie 2 months ago

Oh my

Brenda Hall
Brenda Hall 2 months ago

Barbra and Josh singing together, really beautifully. Ilove them both

PocoPortillo 2 months ago

Barbara is a chapter in American and world history. Great voice!

Judith Mercer
Judith Mercer 2 months ago

Where ever you are that’s okay for me 💙

Nini Ramanga
Nini Ramanga 2 months ago

Beau duo! Merci

ann charlotte
ann charlotte 2 months ago

🎼🥴🙏💖 I am in love with u 2 💘💋

Yvone dimpayia63
Yvone dimpayia63 2 months ago


Gloria Vitto
Gloria Vitto 2 months ago

Yoga Travis eliot

Jojie Aranilla
Jojie Aranilla 2 months ago

Please try to watch my cover of Bring Hm Home

Patricia Thompson
Patricia Thompson 2 months ago

Just A beautiful duet with two fantastic singers

Mary Ayala
Mary Ayala 2 months ago

So beautiful, I love the way he singer's.

carlos nagy
carlos nagy 2 months ago

Woow, My favorite singers together somewhere..

Dave Kurtz
Dave Kurtz 2 months ago

Nicely done. Makes you wonder if they actually met or if their tracks were put together in a digital studio. Two of the finest voices ever.

Barbara Donohoo
Barbara Donohoo 2 months ago

Trump was elected before because the Lord wanted him and seems again..he is remarkable stamina spirit and love of our country.happy to see all doing well yours
Pray for you daily..xv

Brenda Hall
Brenda Hall 2 months ago

Beautiful song sang by expertly wonderful people!

Jeanne Lorrin
Jeanne Lorrin 2 months ago

And I love this song

Julia Mejia Huamanttupa

Bellísima interpretación ..dos grandes ,me llena de paz que hermoso ,❤️🙏

Deb Blackmore
Deb Blackmore 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful well done stay safe stay strong sending love from UK west side story lol xx

Susan Heller
Susan Heller 2 months ago

This song was sung at our wedding. Very nice!

Mark Greene
Mark Greene 2 months ago

donut media

Sylwia Z
Sylwia Z 2 months ago

beautiful song. lovely voice of Josh❤

christine barnacle
christine barnacle 2 months ago

Always loved this beautiful song

Robert S. J. Hu
Robert S. J. Hu 2 months ago

Aloha Barbra Streisand, Josh Groban and Anna Babsfan !!!! Thanks for posting this beloved "Somewhere"~~~where there is love eternally~~~
heartaches and heartthrobs intertwined forever~~~~masterpiece divine !!!!!!! Robert S. J. Hu September 11, 2020.

Brenda Hall
Brenda Hall 2 months ago

Lovely song, sung by Barbra’ whom Ive worshipped for decades and the good looking great singerJosh Groban. It was perfect<Thankyou ¥!

Janet Nash
Janet Nash 2 months ago

Great word,s

Janet Nash
Janet Nash 2 months ago

Great word

Lynne Shelly Attianese attianese


Amy Robb
Amy Robb 2 months ago

2 beautiful artists! Nothing better!

Claudia Kirkpatrick
Claudia Kirkpatrick 2 months ago

A truly beautiful rendition.

Barbara Peterson
Barbara Peterson 2 months ago


Lewis Breland
Lewis Breland 2 months ago

Love Barbra, love Josh, but this arrangement just DOES NOT WORK AT ALL.

Ms. Streisand: Great Intro
Groban: Great Intro

SOMEDAY/SOMEWHERE: Awful! Downhill from there. The notes, the piano.... It's all wrong!

"Someday, Somewhere": Beautiful.

Ending: too fragile for such a great song and for a song Barbra has mastered.

Just.... NO.

Malgorzata Pasieka
Malgorzata Pasieka 2 months ago

Very beautiful :) Very, very.

Catherine Malian
Catherine Malian 2 months ago


Robert S. J. Hu
Robert S. J. Hu 2 months ago

Hello again Barbra Streisand and Josh Groban !!!! Thanks again for this fabulous serenade "Somewhere." I have followed both of your careers
and love your singing and performances !!!! You bring much joy and happiness to me and the world !!!!! Gratefully, Robert S.J. Hu Aug. 10, 2020.

Ninni La mattina
Ninni La mattina 2 months ago

Arrangiamento superlativo!!

Lakmini perera
Lakmini perera 2 months ago

Love this song...very much... Thank you! very much! God bless you!

peter ryan
peter ryan 2 months ago

Its a shame that these two have not recorded those lyrics for somewhere in time, now that would be special..what a song what a movie.

Simone de Souza
Simone de Souza 2 months ago

Isto não é uma canção... somente.
É puro sentimento.

Rebecca Lifton
Rebecca Lifton 2 months ago

They are AMAZING alone & together it is a WOW

Robert S. J. Hu
Robert S. J. Hu 2 months ago

Aloha Barbra Streisand, Josh Groban, and Anna Babsfan !!!!! Just loved so very much your rendition of "Somewhere." Thanks for giving me
fond memories of my own life's journey !!!!!!! Am 78 yrs. old and am so lucky to have the honor of your beautiful serenade !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me ke aloha pumehana, Robert S.J. Hu July 24, 2020.

Ed Hebert
Ed Hebert 2 months ago

This song was our class song back in 1969 , It still carries the same message as it did back then

Irma Hernandez
Irma Hernandez 2 months ago

I’m in love with him ❤️

Harris Foster
Harris Foster 2 months ago

Mtn Rushmore of female singers...Judy Garland, Ms. Franklin, Streisand.........

Harris Foster
Harris Foster 2 months ago

The best song on the album

jennifer cohen
jennifer cohen 2 months ago

What was it like singing w Barbra...

jennifer cohen
jennifer cohen 2 months ago


Janine Alvia
Janine Alvia 2 months ago

Leaves you stunned & contemplative. 🌹

Yuli Poluan Yuli
Yuli Poluan Yuli 2 months ago

Haaaa,,,,you sengaja....

Yuli Poluan Yuli
Yuli Poluan Yuli 2 months ago

Smile....heeee, 🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️🌹⛪🌎🧭🕊👍👍👍👍👍👍

Suzanne Myson
Suzanne Myson 2 months ago

You've GOT to be Barbara's daughter, Anna. You look SO MUCH like her!!!

SARA MCENTIRE 2 months ago

Love both of them and also the song both r amazing singers 💖💖

Di Gordon
Di Gordon 2 months ago

I sang this song to my Dad as he was dying. He died peacefully. Love these two artists

Jean Chiantella
Jean Chiantella 2 months ago

Love them both

Luisa Amanda
Luisa Amanda 2 months ago

So beautiful!

susie sachsel
susie sachsel 2 months ago


Susan Block
Susan Block 2 months ago

2 beautiful voices I love ❤️ you both awesome 👏🏻

Sharon White
Sharon White 2 months ago

no guidance chris brown

Karen Morrison
Karen Morrison 2 months ago

Somewhere very soon my LOVE I LOVE YOU

Gail Parker
Gail Parker 2 months ago


katiajosef Silva
katiajosef Silva 2 months ago

What a wonderful duet!

VIVIENNE Hooton 2 months ago

Dj lang crying

Arlene Harris
Arlene Harris 2 months ago


jana hamann
jana hamann 2 months ago

My 2 favorite singers. Best duet ever.

Janice Garner-osborne

Beautiful goosebumps xx 🌈♥️♥️

Janet Ihaka
Janet Ihaka 2 months ago

Bloody perfect

Lily Benítez
Lily Benítez 2 months ago

Madre orgullosa, felicitaciones

Shirley Francis
Shirley Francis 2 months ago

Wonderful couple a wonderful duet I just can't get enough of their songs