When a Gamer gets a PS4 on Christmas



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Title : When a Gamer gets a PS4 on Christmas

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Description When a Gamer gets a PS4 on Christmas

When a Gamer gets a PS4 on Christmas

When a Gamer gets a PS4 on Christmas

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Axzyte 2 months ago

You can enter the giveaway here: gleam.io/gRYcN/axzytes-christmas-giveaway
Merry Christmas in advance... :)
Hope you all get whatever you want and make your parents happy this Christmas...
Stay Awesome !

Wakz Molina
Wakz Molina 2 months ago

Pls give me robux 1000 pls me poor me dont have robux

Polish Hamster
Polish Hamster 2 months ago

When I was 7 my grandmother told me that santa is not real and in that year "santa" is going to give me LEGO (I don't like lego) and on Chrismas I got LEGO :(

AARIJ BHAI 2 months ago


King slayer17
King slayer17 2 months ago

Rip Zack

Achira Goswami
Achira Goswami 2 months ago

Axzyte I'm a big fan and I love ur vids

Zwaic 2 months ago


Myth 2 months ago

*low q

Bear 2 months ago

Ctreme store is better than game 2227272772737273727

Bao Chi
Bao Chi 2 months ago

6:32 Don't worry

Maclaine Cantrell
Maclaine Cantrell 2 months ago

1 like= 1 punch for Zack

Veer RobloxGAMERS
Veer RobloxGAMERS 2 months ago

1:47 song name?

SPgamer 2 months ago

Who's watching in 2021

Gamez JunJie
Gamez JunJie 2 months ago

Santa real lol

Ameya Sankar
Ameya Sankar 2 months ago

3:50 Zack is acting like a कंजूस( miser) who doesn't want to spend his money even for his father

progamer55_RB 2 months ago

I want the song at thr end

alexandre chuma
alexandre chuma 2 months ago


LEGENDS HERE 2 months ago

Who is seeing this on 2021

Uriel Lopez
Uriel Lopez 2 months ago

Lucky I got a ps2 ):<

Deshmit Kahlon
Deshmit Kahlon 2 months ago

The intro tho 0:06

Dirt Wert
Dirt Wert 2 months ago


Later me: * sees description *


Also third me: 😡💣💣💣💥

mohamed meskini
mohamed meskini 2 months ago


Only for 5 minutes and then play games all day

Ozair Fariq
Ozair Fariq 2 months ago

Axzyte was a good boy 2 years before

RaGe Claw
RaGe Claw 2 months ago

2:53 that games look cool what's the name? I wanna play it

azaan Iqbal
azaan Iqbal 2 months ago

Santa is not really

31xJxden 2 months ago

6:09 whats then of the music please tell me (i read the description but i didn't found it::(

Kobe Celadina
Kobe Celadina 2 months ago

Yeah santa is not real i knew it since grade 1 but dad said he's real he just died then people copy him i dont know if thats true i have another case to solve since grade 2 now im grae 7 and knew it still dont know but cool i have old phone the only thing not woks is everything i had to use keyboard not no im no on p its like phone charge ting edit bc keeps sending everytime im no even touching

Yllaija Guevarra
Yllaija Guevarra 2 months ago


Bam Top
Bam Top 2 months ago

I get nothing in Christmas neither from parents and santa

Arifah Arifah
Arifah Arifah 2 months ago

Wait i know that game

sumaira jibran
sumaira jibran 2 months ago

The moral of the story is:Santa is Real

sumaira jibran
sumaira jibran 2 months ago

Spell icup 10 times there is a sentence in this magical word

Gracia Rahail
Gracia Rahail 2 months ago

Your not search this
This is in your recomended

Mouad 2 months ago

Daaamn. What a storyline.

Sri Ampojwalam
Sri Ampojwalam 2 months ago

I got a blayblade for Christmas at 2018

ryan delgado
ryan delgado 2 months ago

4:15 oh my god the music is sick

ASHUTOSH 2 months ago

Jack is loller

Max Walker
Max Walker 2 months ago


FlareAlphaWolf 2 months ago

Back then ps4 was the spotlight but ps5 called the fbi

Ahmed Playz
Ahmed Playz 2 months ago

I know santa is fake from when i was 4

Si Pp
Si Pp 2 months ago

3:50 to 4:18 i love the music

A5 Ninja Gaming
A5 Ninja Gaming 2 months ago


Mauventures 2 months ago

Oh hell

godmyhaxe8 2 months ago

6:29 zack is so dumb is december 23 santa is real
People get present in december 25 not december 23 cause santa doesnt come and give present in december 23
santa give present in december 25

Tha 168
Tha 168 2 months ago

I kinda like the thumbnail

Ryan Hughes
Ryan Hughes 2 months ago

The first game that he played kindlooks like monster hunters

Mubeen Khan
Mubeen Khan 2 months ago

Santa-claus isn't real

Wade And Kayne Sandoval

Who believe in Santa like if you believe if you don't comment me

Gamers Zone
Gamers Zone 2 months ago

Pls sub

Visible Vibes
Visible Vibes 2 months ago

When you realize the PS5 came out.



Himank Daga
Himank Daga 2 months ago

i belive in Zack

Hezekiah Capulong
Hezekiah Capulong 2 months ago

Books are useless

Ninja Titan
Ninja Titan 2 months ago

Yea boi

ImmortalBlox Gaming
ImmortalBlox Gaming 2 months ago

Why is there a God.mp4 when zack get's slapped, is he the god of slaps or somethin'??? 🤣🤣RIP Zack a.k.a the unluckiest kid in the universe ;P

Rudransh ,8333
Rudransh ,8333 2 months ago

Nice ending

Grenadier Canada
Grenadier Canada 2 months ago

f### hin santa is real!!!!

Black Howk
Black Howk 2 months ago

At 1.36 he plays monster hunter I even play that BTW I quited YouTube but still sub its name is black howl gamer

sPoOkY mOnTH
sPoOkY mOnTH 2 months ago

People In December 25 Be Like: Yay

People In Monday 1 Feb Be Like: I’ma End This Man’s Career

cart 2 months ago

I rememberd that Axyzyte is smart coz watching the news and being smart as fu**

ahmed hidhayathullah
ahmed hidhayathullah 2 months ago

Who else is here after the ps5 release

Ado Osmanovic
Ado Osmanovic 2 months ago

At Christmas I got ps5 in 2021

Blue Puffball
Blue Puffball 2 months ago

I hate PS

my form group not playstation
Bc they are loud and I'm an introvert


Wonsacz TTV
Wonsacz TTV 2 months ago

My first console is original XBOX

Shahiduzzaman Shahid
Shahiduzzaman Shahid 2 months ago

what is the somg name 8:02

zombie 171
zombie 171 2 months ago

When i a kid i have ps2 but my father Damaged

Aryan Viegas
Aryan Viegas 2 months ago

I just love watching your videos it always lights up my mood definitely one of the best stick tubers there is

FiredDragonIshaan 2 months ago

this is the only video in which axzyte's mom is not angry.....haha

spandan Samir
spandan Samir 2 months ago

True zack

Nitan Pasicolan
Nitan Pasicolan 2 months ago

This is axzyte’s first ever vid with put getting punched

Қазыбек Бауыржан

7:50 rip logic

Parth Jain
Parth Jain 2 months ago

I got a new PS4 Pro I didn't like the PS5 it's waste

Chromecool 50
Chromecool 50 2 months ago

I'm sad I can't enter any giveaway on steam because I'm on Chromebook

blasting bomb playz
blasting bomb playz 2 months ago

4:01 in winter trees dont have leaves , but in this ....

Mostafa Nagieb
Mostafa Nagieb 2 months ago

2021 who

Filiax1 2 months ago

My first console was ps4 pro I loved it It was my second best gift my number one favorite gift was xiaomi scooter

Gavin Ott
Gavin Ott 2 months ago

Who loves the Intro?

Team PRO
Team PRO 2 months ago


Nabil Zen
Nabil Zen 2 months ago

Can plz anyone tell me what song that our lovely axzyte used

Electroman Gaming
Electroman Gaming 2 months ago

Mari cristams! I wenred e lago far cristams.

ayan islam
ayan islam 2 months ago

what us that song i forgot the bom bom whats the name

learn to fly with my dad


Abiral Gamer
Abiral Gamer 2 months ago

Me enters the giveaway
But after the video ends sees that it is 3 years ago *i mean it posted in 2019 and now is 2021 LOL

TinkLock 2 months ago

Ouu in this video your mom is so nice XD

Farzana Amjad
Farzana Amjad 2 months ago

I have titan's watch

Prady Tube
Prady Tube 2 months ago


Toxin 2 months ago

Zack is a Nightmare if he's my bro I would RATHER DIE '~'

YtFanboiii124 2 months ago

He should do if a gamer drops out of school

ANONYMOUS 2 months ago

Cant believe you've done this. Ps?

Juice wrld
Juice wrld 2 months ago

Who is here On the 2021

Manisha Kannaujiya
Manisha Kannaujiya 2 months ago


Harry YT Games
Harry YT Games 2 months ago

I got an idea how about a video call a gamer plays there is no game

Hackergamer 539
Hackergamer 539 2 months ago

Zack the heartless monster

mithytrix 2 months ago

I figured out that santa is not real with 2 years, are you surprised? i am not

Yellow noob fan
Yellow noob fan 2 months ago

Super Axzyte 4:10

Austin j Austin
Austin j Austin 2 months ago

Zack = a very wicked person to kids

Austin j Austin
Austin j Austin 2 months ago

Zack is very intimidating to kids

Pascua Jho
Pascua Jho 2 months ago

Merry xmas to axtie

Patrick 2 months ago

Santa is real

sylar saralu
sylar saralu 2 months ago

Do not underestimate, the less fortunate, cuz what goes around comes around.

Abrar Zubair
Abrar Zubair 2 months ago

5:56 How soes Axzyte sleep so fast?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔