The Celebs - Merry Christmas Everyone



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Title : The Celebs - Merry Christmas Everyone

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The Celebs - Merry Christmas Everyone

The Celebs - Merry Christmas Everyone

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T L-VH 2 months ago

Wow... Anna and Jonathan were barely featured at all... but the song is still cute!

MaPaT ВоЕнНыЙ 2 months ago

Такое классное исполнение! На душе сразу радостно и тепло!!!

Marvin madelo Vlog
Marvin madelo Vlog 2 months ago

New friend from davao city phi,merry merry christmass po

Ruth Moses
Ruth Moses 2 months ago

Make more videos please!

sargam mira
sargam mira 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Everyone🎄☃️❤️

Abu Deen
Abu Deen 2 months ago

3:53 what a voice

Leah Bennett
Leah Bennett 2 months ago

God bless you x

Константин Кизенков


Louise Dallas
Louise Dallas 2 months ago

Sam Bailey's voice carried this song through

Ben Thejrporter
Ben Thejrporter 2 months ago

A really good adaptation. I've bought mine to help the great cause.

Gingerbread Girl
Gingerbread Girl 2 months ago

Anna saconne you have an amazing voice

mk33 m
mk33 m 2 months ago

Family vloggers violat their children's right to privacy and use them to make money. Please don't support family vloggers! #childrenarentcontent

Amy Mya
Amy Mya 2 months ago

here from the cuppa crew ! !

#Team Spillers
#Team Spillers 2 months ago

Absolutely love this ❤️

Kevin Parker92
Kevin Parker92 2 months ago

Kady definitely wasn't singing.

Lynnie Heal
Lynnie Heal 2 months ago

Merry Christmas everyone 🎄❤ I was born on Christmas Day .This is a KOOL video.

Charlotte 2 months ago

Came here for the sacconejolys but wow... Sam 😱 what a voice

Beth Nicholls
Beth Nicholls 2 months ago

Only here for Anna and Jonathan 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💙

Aimee Perkins
Aimee Perkins 2 months ago

Only came here for Sacconejolys, Anna is my inspiration in life xx

Morgan Ellen
Morgan Ellen 2 months ago

Btec band aid

The Awesome YT
The Awesome YT 2 months ago

They're not giving Shakin' Stevens any credit. THIS IS PLAGARISM!

I checked the description and they didn't give Shakin' Stevens ANY CREDIT. They literally stole the video idea and say it as if it's their own. [PLAGARISM CONFIRMED]

I couldn't hate this any more than I already do.

deepgagan kaur
deepgagan kaur 2 months ago

Guys love this song my daughter did a dance on this song she love it . Can I use for my videos

Brogan Nugent
Brogan Nugent 2 months ago

I came for the SacconeJolys and so glad I did! It’s amazing.

Emily Rose
Emily Rose 2 months ago

I adore this! So so festive and gives all the happy vibes 💗

Hatty Goddard
Hatty Goddard 2 months ago

This just made my year 100 times better

PAULA TELLING 2 months ago


Jack Bazzocchi
Jack Bazzocchi 2 months ago

Who came here for Anna and Jonathan?
Merry Christmas everyone 🎄❤

Tanya Liza
Tanya Liza 2 months ago

🥰😍Brilliant 🙌 Well Done All 👏👏👏 Merry Christmas All Stay Safe &Take Care All ❤️ xx