ENGLISH SPEECH | PRIYANKA CHOPRA: Be Fearless (English Subtitles)


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Information ENGLISH SPEECH | PRIYANKA CHOPRA: Be Fearless (English Subtitles)

Title : ENGLISH SPEECH | PRIYANKA CHOPRA: Be Fearless (English Subtitles)

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Frames ENGLISH SPEECH | PRIYANKA CHOPRA: Be Fearless (English Subtitles)

Description ENGLISH SPEECH | PRIYANKA CHOPRA: Be Fearless (English Subtitles)

ENGLISH SPEECH | PRIYANKA CHOPRA: Be Fearless (English Subtitles)

ENGLISH SPEECH | PRIYANKA CHOPRA: Be Fearless (English Subtitles)

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English Speeches
English Speeches 2 months ago

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Sheetal 2 months ago

Is this channel handled by an Indian or any other country's person

Sheetal 2 months ago

I've started loving her after watching this speech of hers

akhil raj
akhil raj 2 months ago

She is so plastic

Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep Singh 2 months ago

Love her confidence and hard work

sha sha
sha sha 2 months ago

Wow 💃

YO YO Albert
YO YO Albert 2 months ago

Last was best —see you on the other side.....namastey 👏

YO YO Albert
YO YO Albert 2 months ago

What the inner happiness is expressing that great 👍

Bishnu Bhandari
Bishnu Bhandari 2 months ago

wooow beatefualbeaufull mashallaha

Just A Moment
Just A Moment 2 months ago

She is really inspiration for all women.

Kripa Tudu DadaBhai
Kripa Tudu DadaBhai 2 months ago

Great confidence Priyanka Ma'am.

Inspiring Video factory


Axmed Sayidka
Axmed Sayidka 2 months ago

👌👌👌👌 Good

Neelam y
Neelam y 2 months ago

Pc is always inspiring to many women. And get ur dream with fearless. Enjoy every moment because life is to short .love u pc❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Muhammad Ayub Khan
Muhammad Ayub Khan 2 months ago

Thank you .

Emma Heesters
Emma Heesters 2 months ago

Her lyf story is really great...!❤️

Aarju Parashar
Aarju Parashar 2 months ago

Love you ❤️

Aarju Parashar
Aarju Parashar 2 months ago

We are not making rockets 😂

Koustav Bhattacharjee


Nanda Kumar
Nanda Kumar 2 months ago

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Silence your thought
Silence your thought 2 months ago

This is very magnificent videos. I support your chainal every time.

Udhaya K
Udhaya K 2 months ago

Fantastic speech Priyanka 👍

English Corner TV
English Corner TV 2 months ago

Be fearless & go liven up our dreams🙏🙏

Sivadasan Gangadharan

Really I respect this leady

Sivadasan Gangadharan

Super priyanka 👌

Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar 2 months ago

Hello english speech, I have questions from where are you brought like this video... Also watched this.....

Carlos Henrique
Carlos Henrique 2 months ago

Incredible speech

Hsn Raza
Hsn Raza 2 months ago


Omindi Aveesha
Omindi Aveesha 2 months ago

"Let your dreams fly, give them wings" 💞

Delna Lazar
Delna Lazar 2 months ago


Priya Kumari
Priya Kumari 2 months ago

Nice speeches

Aaron Roy
Aaron Roy 2 months ago


Khushi Rana
Khushi Rana 2 months ago

English speaking es best

Indu Agarwal
Indu Agarwal 2 months ago

Very inspiring thoughts 👌

Sonu R
Sonu R 2 months ago

Such a great and inspiring lady she is ! Her confidence, Hard work, achievements, happiness and a different type of motivation can be easily shown by her way of talking.......... ❤️

satyam yadav
satyam yadav 2 months ago

Some one will always be unhappy, is correct

Gurleen Brar
Gurleen Brar 2 months ago

I can't imagine that it changes my life by accepting mine flaws and failures 🤞🤞

Aarti Shinde
Aarti Shinde 2 months ago

She is such a great actress.... only becoz of her confidence

AKN tamil
AKN tamil 2 months ago

I love ♥️Miss priyanga chopra ♥️👍😊 சிங்க பெண்ணே ,bold women,

Jyo SenBhati
Jyo SenBhati 2 months ago

Thankyou thankyou for subtitle... Priyanka Amezing❤️

Ram Bahadur
Ram Bahadur 2 months ago

Who is here Indian 👍👍🙏🙏❤

Brendda Mir
Brendda Mir 2 months ago

Indian subtitles

Annie philanthropist
Annie philanthropist 2 months ago

The very strong women have know so far❤❤❤
Thank you for that encouraging speech ❤

Shani Khan
Shani Khan 2 months ago


Mohsina Naqvi
Mohsina Naqvi 2 months ago

awesome 👌👌

Daniel. Maringá
Daniel. Maringá 2 months ago

Mais alguém aqui para aprender o inglês?

Hussain Khan
Hussain Khan 2 months ago

Good job

Nihal Official
Nihal Official 2 months ago

What a english u speaking Priyanka Mam❤️.
This video many time I watched already.
No one come will fight ur Dreams fight urself...🔥🔥🔥🔥

Nadeesha Wick
Nadeesha Wick 2 months ago


Get Set Education Motivation

I do not know nor speak English, but I like learning English, listening thankss

Nancy Anand
Nancy Anand 2 months ago

Such an inspiration for every middle class girl ❤

Ultra Art
Ultra Art 2 months ago

"No matter what you do in your life,there is someone who always be unhappy."

Dambardip Rawal
Dambardip Rawal 2 months ago

I do not follow her
Because she, not our culture girls
Who is she?

KAMTAM AJENDHAR 2 months ago

i really love u chopra sexy

Rajat Kumar
Rajat Kumar 2 months ago

Priyanka chopra is the highest paid actress in Bollywood u inspiring us pc 😘😘❤we both r belong to bareilly

Mr. Rakesh !!
Mr. Rakesh !! 2 months ago

I am come here for strong my vocabulary.. and in this video .I have learnt 40 words.. thanks #Priyankachopara...

EXTERMINATOR FF 2 months ago

Free fire players like👍

manoj yadav
manoj yadav 2 months ago

Priyanka chopra is inspiration to many ❤️

Antony Morgan
Antony Morgan 2 months ago

your channel is awesome. but why don't you provide subtitle for News or movies , etc.

Manpreet Sharma
Manpreet Sharma 2 months ago


_sabiha_ 2 months ago

This woman is incredible!!!♥️

Veens Chauhan
Veens Chauhan 2 months ago

Priyanka Chopra mam is all-rounder

Shagufta Jabeen
Shagufta Jabeen 2 months ago

The last rule was absolutely amazing👏🏻👏🏻 Proud to be Indian🇮🇳❤

DB Motivation
DB Motivation 2 months ago

DB Motivation

Radhika singh
Radhika singh 2 months ago

Love your channel today my birthday anyone wish me today my wish is plz pin my comment 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Zaib Kalkani
Zaib Kalkani 2 months ago

Masha'Allah nice Sharing

Abhaya A
Abhaya A 2 months ago

I am here for improve my English.But these videos are also improving and motivating myself ❤️

Aman Paswan
Aman Paswan 2 months ago

What a confidence man
Love it...

Vaiga Vedha
Vaiga Vedha 2 months ago

Please share a Speech Of Dimple Khanna

Dhinesh Dhinesh
Dhinesh Dhinesh 2 months ago


New Series
New Series 2 months ago

How many viewer are students.

Sonu Kk
Sonu Kk 2 months ago

Transcript and audio file of this speech not able to download how can i download it help me🙏

Dammar Sunar
Dammar Sunar 2 months ago

Very nice video.

Omindi Aveesha
Omindi Aveesha 2 months ago

Love her voice and beauty 💗

Rishav Dhiman
Rishav Dhiman 2 months ago


MD MISBAH 2 months ago

Awesome actress...Priyanka chopra🤩

Ambika Pal
Ambika Pal 2 months ago

Priyanka is the women who've inspired so many Indian girls not only Indians she has left her mark at the global level. We love uhh PRIYANKA❤️

karan saxena
karan saxena 2 months ago

O God Bareilly ki spelling bhi inhone sahi se nahi likhi

Aastha 2 months ago

Love her confidence 💕

Physics ke fande
Physics ke fande 2 months ago

Aise hi likhte hue niche speech daliye

Manish Kumar Gupta
Manish Kumar Gupta 2 months ago

It's is good video during this end sem 😉

Physics ke fande
Physics ke fande 2 months ago


༺Leͥgeͣnͫd༻ God

Single are comments here

anshu kumar
anshu kumar 2 months ago

Mam really you are great mam I AM अंशु सहगल from Kanpur and my Village name शिरोमनीपुर please हेल्प me I wanted become actor but I have no प्लेटफॉर्म 6306968417 🙏🙏

Utkarsh Singh 10M
Utkarsh Singh 10M 2 months ago


WHITE EGG FILMS 2 months ago

First view

Shaikh Aasif
Shaikh Aasif 2 months ago

Priyanka India s most talented 🥰

WHITE EGG FILMS 2 months ago

First view

Mahesh Patil
Mahesh Patil 2 months ago

Chala koyi eh video Dekha

Geetanjali Bisht
Geetanjali Bisht 2 months ago

Very helpful channel 👍

Mahesh Patil
Mahesh Patil 2 months ago

First view

HariiCharan Hari
HariiCharan Hari 2 months ago

1st view

Shah Rahim
Shah Rahim 2 months ago


Reality Vision
Reality Vision 2 months ago

Yield of an agricultural field will be maximum based on proper watering, fertility of soil and climate, likewise your goal success and happiness will be maximum based on your focus, planning, execution and confidence. 😁 Good Morning have a nice day 😊