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Harlene 2 months ago

Hello everyone! I am reaching out to all of you :) I am more than grateful for your kind words and I am glad that I am able to help you to make photo cards of your favorite idols. However, a comment got my attention about “selling” the photo cards. I totally agree that selling the cards is quite unfair for those who made it or for the original poster (OP). PLEASE ONLY DO THIS FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE. You can give this as a gift to a friend, but please DON’T sell them. After reading the comment I realized how some of you might be here because you are thinking of selling or starting a business on photo cards. I felt a little guilty as I had thoughts of selling them after you guys gave me such nice words and encouraged me to sell them. Don’t be discouraged if you said that to me, I will take it as a compliment. I felt ignorant about this stuff, and I should be careful more when posting, disclaimers and all copy rights belongs to those who originally posted it. But keep that in mind :) Thank you everyone! You guys are awesome!

Mariana moronado
Mariana moronado 2 months ago

I got fax
But no printer

Nat Geowild
Nat Geowild 2 months ago

hi just wanna ask what if i want to make it thicker? i should i just stick it again on another photo paper?

S o u m i l i
S o u m i l i 2 months ago

Did you use photo paper for printing the photocards?

Ella-Rayne Aguilar
Ella-Rayne Aguilar 2 months ago

I love these!! Not sure if you answered this within the video.... (oops) but are the 6x4 photocards similar in size to actual photocards??

Samantha Hossary
Samantha Hossary 2 months ago

me: (as they type in pinterest) i wonder what their pinterest look like
them pressing enter
me: same

Mackie 2 months ago

Omg tysm! Thus is so much easier because I have all of these at home! (method 1)

Fantastic Time with Narus

I prefer the 4th method. It's simple hahaha

hueningkaiswife 2 months ago

i feel like im the only one here who doesnt stan seventeen yet :( ..YET

purple hearts
purple hearts 2 months ago

hey one question! making the front of the photo card of their face is fine (I’m talking about the business cards btw) but what did you search to get the back side of the photo card? I want to make a red velvet photo card collection w the official backside era logo but I’m not sure where to find them or what to search.

Lilia Lord
Lilia Lord 2 months ago

I’m a bit late but does it count as copyright if you make a photo card by yourself and sell it, if the photo is a photo on an official photo card?

Anannya Dixit
Anannya Dixit 2 months ago

How is your voice so cute and sweet 💟 damn ❣️

Giselle Ramos
Giselle Ramos 2 months ago

thank you so much this was so helpful! <3

american news
american news 2 months ago

please, can you tell me where you got these cardboard cards for strengthening?

ly. unicornx
ly. unicornx 2 months ago

And what is the name of the cards

ly. unicornx
ly. unicornx 2 months ago

What is the size of the photos 🌸

Hells_Fallen_Angel 2 months ago

Thank you so much!! I now never have to buy separate photocards again~

I just bought one yesterday and now I feel like an idiot after watching this… TT^TT

I literally have all the materials and this is fast, inexpensive, and fun to do. 🤧

HeeKi's Rose
HeeKi's Rose 2 months ago

is the method 2 can be ship here in Philippines?

Alyanna Alminar
Alyanna Alminar 2 months ago

ok but the last method looked like they were brought official. nice video though, love ur voice its cute !! ♡

Hajer Exo
Hajer Exo 2 months ago

Thanks I love it the last one the Quality is awesome

Charlene Andrada
Charlene Andrada 2 months ago

Ate what card did you use in method 2

Les chroniques de Passy

I love the last method.

soil islam
soil islam 2 months ago

Here voice is sooooo cute

yyeosang 2 months ago

thank you so much for this :) ateez's company uploaded pdfs of what would've been the broadcast pcs bc they realized the winners would resell them expensive. im using the business card method to print my pcs since imo it'll be easier. thank you so much again hehe ^-^

Farnaws Kh
Farnaws Kh 2 months ago

How did she stick the tape on the picture so clean? I can't do that💀 it's so hard

Rain q
Rain q 2 months ago

You are soooo cuute thank you ❤❤

Nikki Z
Nikki Z 2 months ago

I want to ask where you got the blank cards for method 2?? The ones around 10:31 :)) thank you!

RiceCakeu 2 months ago

I just want to ask where do you buy the plain photo card (the white one)?

Camela Roncesvalles
Camela Roncesvalles 2 months ago

I can't see the app

Pink Cooky
Pink Cooky 2 months ago

Your voice is so cute and adorable💜💜💜

Maunawain 7
Maunawain 7 2 months ago

This Video really help me a lot♥️

Deisy Garage
Deisy Garage 2 months ago

can i ask where did they get the photos in the photocards in high quality?

Patrick the star
Patrick the star 2 months ago

how did you do or where did you get the backs for the photocards ?

thatonebrokekpopstan 2 months ago

what are those cards that you used in method 2?

ara 2 months ago

the moment she type seventeen my heartue!!

Cindy Palafox
Cindy Palafox 2 months ago

For Shutterfly do you choose glossy or matte ??

ddeonu 2 months ago

I was about to do this then our printer suddenly went broken 👁️💧👄💧👁️

Sky 2 months ago

What is the name of the app of collage that your using in method 2? 🤔


No one:
Literally no one:
My hand when I’m cutting something with a scissor: *shakes*

Jackson 2 months ago

hey queen! girl you have done it again. CONSTANTLY raising the bar for all of us, and doing it FLAWLESSLY-

kpop forever
kpop forever 2 months ago

In the 2nd method... What do you call those things that you stick glue n the picture

Juma Waganda
Juma Waganda 2 months ago

you are so cute! and this was so helpful! thank you!!

Lola 2 months ago

omg yeeeeees i wanted to make seventeen cards and the first tutorial i click on is about seventeenTT

Emah Hamid
Emah Hamid 2 months ago

What was the card used in the second method? AND thank you so much for this video!! 💕

kate davis
kate davis 2 months ago

Omg thank u sm!! I'm gonna do some bts ones! I also stan seventeen and finally got a signed album by the one and only Vernonnnnn <3 I noticed u like joenghan a lot haha :) ISNT HE LIKE THE CUTESTTTTT?

리비LivyWinter 2 months ago

hii can I have the link for the photocollage app?

Cindy Palafox
Cindy Palafox 2 months ago

So glad I found this ! Just bought a lot of bts photos off Shutterfly !!! Can't wait

ysiheartme 2 months ago

Did you have any problems with the Moo cards glossy vers? I just made some and I noticed peeling at the back of the cards.
Are the matte ones better?

Elva Avila
Elva Avila 2 months ago

where did you buy the blank cards from the second wat to make the cards

jessica 2 months ago

did you choose a matte or glossy finish? I'm not sure which to select

Stop 2 months ago

What is the small cardboard thing you used to stick your pictures on? What is it called?💜

# So
# So 2 months ago

She puts the photocard on something like note paper??? What is it 4:15

Hurricane Freak
Hurricane Freak 2 months ago

If you order from shuttlefly does the cards feel like noraml paper or like a real photocard ? thank you so much for this !!

Yadu Totawar
Yadu Totawar 2 months ago

idk why but your voice is so sweet

Donky Camel
Donky Camel 2 months ago

I love it, use a business card making site to make kpop cards! Fan hack right there!

tanaleep 2 months ago

im not sure if I missed it or not but, what kind of paper did you use for the 2nd method? for the first one it was index cards but uh what abt the one after ? btw, this video was really helpful :))

Galon aqua
Galon aqua 2 months ago

I finally found the carat one

Hiba Najjar
Hiba Najjar 2 months ago

Is the shuterfly app universal 😭😭

rosanel leyes
rosanel leyes 2 months ago

Also a jeonghan bias!! It brought me joy watching this

llama 2 months ago


Nicole Angela Bernardo

can be the ratio is 2:3 i can't see an app that has a ratio of 4:6 but there's a 4:5

Hirai_ Momo
Hirai_ Momo 2 months ago

Tysm thank my self I have a printer

kayeisi 2 months ago

nhydssaduasbgdas eeeeee shes a carat!! <33 ( i think )

Patricia Yuristavia
Patricia Yuristavia 2 months ago

This is a very nice and cute videos. I have seen lots of videos similar to this but I think yours is my favorite.

A lil bit lost ;-;
A lil bit lost ;-; 2 months ago

I can’t cut things straight ;-;
I want to print out photo cards

Danny Reambonanza
Danny Reambonanza 2 months ago

May i ask? What kind of photocard material you used

Giada Mantia
Giada Mantia 2 months ago

quick advide for better looking pcs <3
instead of using normal paper try using photo papaer.

Fercine Carpio
Fercine Carpio 2 months ago

Is it tape on 4:33

SapphirepirraBlue Forrest


Eifril Coleen Cruz
Eifril Coleen Cruz 2 months ago🤗 how does she speak so cuteeee~
thank you so much for this tutorial! I'm gonna make mine now, my room will be filled by photocards🥺💜

Nik Cabrera
Nik Cabrera 2 months ago

Hi can someone tell me what this thing called? 4:29

Jaidyn Camiling
Jaidyn Camiling 2 months ago

what are those other cards you use called. The white blank cards from method 2??

meghna 2 months ago

We don't have Moo here 😭

Aira Shane Salazar
Aira Shane Salazar 2 months ago

How thick is the photopaper??

imcaratjam 2 months ago

This video is the best tutorial that I've ever seen!💚 Thank you for making this vid. Noona! PADAYON

Charlene Mdencia
Charlene Mdencia 2 months ago

What did you use to cover the photo on the first method

imcaratjam 2 months ago

Hi Noona! I'm also a CARAT and I just want to ask if what's the size when printing (method 2, I mean)

Faye 2 months ago

has anyone tried #4? did you guys prefer glossy or matte? :D

Aubrey 2 months ago

Mga ka slapsoil tara na gumawa ng DIY dahil wala tayong pambili😂

Aubrey 2 months ago

Mga ka slapsoil tara na gumawa ng DIY dahil wala tayong pambili😂

Elise 2 months ago

Where did you get the index cards from 10:16

joyce 2 months ago

Your voice is... so cute!!!!!

Cherish C.
Cherish C. 2 months ago

your voice is so cute and this tutorial is so calming and pleasing to watch... even though i might do this later or never but im glad i watched this :D

amy haafyu
amy haafyu 2 months ago

Can u give that college app link pllllllssssss

Rooparekha Nayak
Rooparekha Nayak 2 months ago

Hey can u tell me what kind of card it is

miu 2 months ago

you can also use card stock paper too (its a pic thicker than noraml paper)

pretty taekookie
pretty taekookie 2 months ago

Please could you tell me the name of the paper from 3rd method🥺🖤🖤

Fangirl 791
Fangirl 791 2 months ago

Fun craft idea. No harm in making your own unique kpop cards, but the ones that come with albums etc. are meant to be traded as part of a collector's hobby. Nothing kills a collecting hobby like the buying, selling, and trading of fake items. People shouldn't be encouraged to out right counterfeit the cards from official merchandise.


I tried taking the photos on Shutterfly because I wanted to try to make my own photocards, and I spent a lot of time organizing my order because I thought that the shipping price would only be 4.9, because the 4x9 photos are supposedly free ... but when I went to pay It came out that the shipping price was $ 20.50 ... omg, I wanted to die :"v

SLG Natedawg
SLG Natedawg 2 months ago

Do you Stan nct

mikasso 2 months ago

your voice is so cute ><

Ali 2 months ago

can I ask where you got the cards from that you talk about around the timestamp of 10:17 ?

Jane Dungca
Jane Dungca 2 months ago

I just want to ask what did you search to get the back design?

TREASURE MAKER 2 months ago

Hii! What do you call the empty photo card paper you used as a substitute for the index card?

Mono Usagi
Mono Usagi 2 months ago

Quick question, are the pints glossy or matte?

Angelica Marron
Angelica Marron 2 months ago

Hello. For method 2, we’re can you buy those blank photo cards or business cards idk what’s it called? But yeah I want to print pictures of my friends and family like keeping them as memories. Thanks.

armyonce 2 months ago

unrelated but your voice is so cute :)

Allen Sg
Allen Sg 2 months ago

Is shutterfly available worldwide?

Julia Christine Garol

may i ask what do you call the card the you use in 2nd method i think?

Jhenxle Carlos
Jhenxle Carlos 2 months ago

just watched this now and thank you for the very last method.. Like seriously.

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