AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES 🤷🏽‍♀️Target Big Lots \u0026 Dollar Tree



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Information AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES 🤷🏽‍♀️Target Big Lots \u0026 Dollar Tree

Title : AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES 🤷🏽‍♀️Target Big Lots \u0026 Dollar Tree

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Frames AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES 🤷🏽‍♀️Target Big Lots \u0026 Dollar Tree

Description AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES 🤷🏽‍♀️Target Big Lots \u0026 Dollar Tree

AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES 🤷🏽‍♀️Target Big Lots \u0026 Dollar Tree

AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES 🤷🏽‍♀️Target Big Lots \u0026 Dollar Tree

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iMU network
iMU network 2 months ago

Happy New Years!!!! Yes. - I went looking for Christmas clearance the weekend and could not find anything, the shelves were empty. Odd?

Evelyn J. Amponsah
Evelyn J. Amponsah 2 months ago

Good Morn Frugalnista the stores are carry a lot of stuff because the deliveries can’t get thru. I don’t think they’ll ever Rebound from being close due to the virus. It’s so sad and just think it may get worse. We need to Pray without ceasing. Gods is in control. Happy New Year to you and family

marcel hetu
marcel hetu 2 months ago

Hi girl I didn’t go out after Christmas because of the big C, as Canada now has the new strain and I’m not taking any chances. I give my chihuahua mini raw carrots as a treat she loves them. Well Happy New Year, take care keep smiling. Your Canadian girlfriend

BantuLady 2 months ago

Milk bones are not good for dogs. I would not give them to Jersey.

Dy Gall
Dy Gall 2 months ago

Absolutely, barely anything on clearance! What’s the deal!

Rhonda Z
Rhonda Z 2 months ago

Thanks for telling us about the *empty stores, Frugalnista. I haven't gone to any since before Christmas. You're right about the dreaded C... influence. I don't know what to stock up on. Like you, we've been buying paper towels, toilet tissue, sanitizing wipes... It's hard to know if and when there will be shortages on basic goods... I hope you, your lovely family, and all of us have a healthy, blessed, better New Year. TY, so much for your videos...🙏🌈💘💘💘💙💘

Tonia F
Tonia F 2 months ago

Happy New Year!🥂🍾

ThezeEyez7 2 months ago

Our stores were all empty!! I was so disappointed. I found some Clorox wipes after hunting for a month. Really hoping 2021 is much better than 2020. This has truly been something.
Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family. God bless!!

Anita Ford
Anita Ford 2 months ago

I even went on line checking clearance and everything says sold out. We don’t give our dog anything with grains as the first ingredients

dabosslady76cs 2 months ago

I went on Saturday and I found a few items and I agree....the stores were empty.

Vernell Levingston
Vernell Levingston 2 months ago


Missy Grando
Missy Grando 2 months ago

I would consider all pink Starburst all I needed from after Christmas shopping. We cannot find that here.

Valerie Holmes
Valerie Holmes 2 months ago

😂😂😂I laughed so hard at "hoe bath"😂😂😂!

Cheryl Salinas
Cheryl Salinas 2 months ago

Trust me you really need to faithfully brush her teeth. Our two little ones had horrible teeth when they got old. We brushed their teeth every night of their lives. We paid hundreds of dollars in dental bills for them.

I went shopping also and could not find one Christmas item. It’s crazy. But most stores were sold out of Christmas way before Christmas.

Good haul in spite of everything. Love your videos. Happy New Year. Praying you all stay safe.

Rep Jesus
Rep Jesus 2 months ago

Perhaps the stores didn't project as many sales and therefore didn't buy as many things as normal. A lot sounds like it was sold out before or by Christmas.

Lifestyle of a decor natural

Yeah I was disappointed this year too. Went to about 7 stores and found just a few items

linda ketchie
linda ketchie 2 months ago

Hobby Lobby only had 1/2 an aisle of Christmas items. I was shocked. Do you leave your decorations up until after the new year?

luvhh7 2 months ago

The only place I found after Christmas sales was at Michael's in a smaller town I was in for the Christmas weekend. Back here at home, Christmas Tree Store had a few things, everybody else...nothing. Stray things here and there that looked like they should be thrown out. A store manager told me that people bought a lot more stuff this year, and they bought it earlier than ever.

ladytzcd 2 months ago

Enjoy the video nice haul I haven’t been out shopping since before Christmas now that I know there’s nothing out there I don’t think I’m missing out tfs

THE KnKMommyDragonSlayer

TJMaxx here in Illinois had a small aisle of items, but a lot of things were broken. I found some gift bags and gift tags at Burlington.

Tina So Blessed
Tina So Blessed 2 months ago

Have a beautiful blessed New Year! 🙏🏽🎉🎉🎉

Marsha Anderson
Marsha Anderson 2 months ago

I went to the store before Christmas and the sales were empty and they were also putting out Valentine's and St Patrick's bath & body has a a nice sale going on and Happy New years

Justice Smith
Justice Smith 2 months ago

Yup me and my bestie also. We hardly found anything also at target. We say people bought up the store

Eliese Foster
Eliese Foster 2 months ago

Happy New Year! Blessings on Blessings in 2021 and always!

MsStaxx58 2 months ago

No I didn’t find anything either

Trish KZ
Trish KZ 2 months ago

I make treats with oats, pumpkin, sweet potato or unsweetened applesauce and egg. And bake till crunchy. Pinterest has lots of ideas. Happy New Year Lovely Lady. Blessing to you and your family. ❤️👋🏾👋Jazz hands👋👋🏾❤️

Paula 2 months ago

My pup can't chew milkbones. There are treats you can make. Google a can control what she is eating.

reeta morris
reeta morris 2 months ago

Our stores were empty of all Christmas days before Christmas. All they had were Valentines items..

Just Some Ideas
Just Some Ideas 2 months ago

Hey sis! I noticed that too, your not alone! I went to Kirklands the day after to find 75% after christmas deals and walked out with absolutely nothing. First time in 5 years, I didn't find a thing.

Ebony's Views
Ebony's Views 2 months ago

Same for me, Big Lots was GUTTED. I found a few things but not nearly what I wanted.

SHEILA MARCH 2 months ago