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Bally Garcia 2nd
Bally Garcia 2nd 2 months ago

0:32 Avocado is alive!!! 😱😨

Liam Hayes
Liam Hayes 2 months ago

Hi How is your videos so good I love your videos😀👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Cassiedy Hara
Cassiedy Hara 2 months ago

Avocado from Mexico 🇲🇽

sergio armijo
sergio armijo 2 months ago

Avocados from Mexico!

Kathleen Sampang
Kathleen Sampang 2 months ago


KavraDulemi 2 months ago

avo is a good game i play it wen i was a kid

Mika Salomäki
Mika Salomäki 2 months ago

3.2.1 🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑

Amber Griffin
Amber Griffin 2 months ago

Fgteev you stink

Kevin strevel
Kevin strevel 2 months ago

I like this

Karen Almenana
Karen Almenana 2 months ago


kapil kumar
kapil kumar 2 months ago

Yap I want to do a live chat but I am so scared and nervous

Aldren,s Minecraft corner


shenikia cossey
shenikia cossey 2 months ago


Cortni Shirley
Cortni Shirley 2 months ago

Did not play the apricots and this one doing today really wanna know I don't make YouTube videos so I'm really really sorry can you make work video I'm baking you please I really want them they're really fun to watch and I really love a like follow is described by love you but I can say leather things could US guys are so special by haven't gotten like yeah I'll get it soon

Alicia Marti
Alicia Marti 2 months ago


G Bruce
G Bruce 2 months ago

I have anxiety and this video really cheered me up! Tysm (thank you so much) for making this awesome video! I also haven't watched you guys since I was 4!!!!! This really cheered me up and made half of my anxiety go poof! :D

Rosalyn J. Council-Mann

The survey is even a ru in the middle of a long time

darryn burns lee
darryn burns lee 2 months ago

What was granny doing their with derpy bacon???

Aubrey Turner
Aubrey Turner 2 months ago

Why are you so funny😄

Aubrey Turner
Aubrey Turner 2 months ago

Baby baby babysitter

Aubrey Turner
Aubrey Turner 2 months ago

Is summer the babysitter

Aubrey Turner
Aubrey Turner 2 months ago

When are you gonna see summer

Itz Lucila
Itz Lucila 2 months ago

Okay I think if I was there and I saw the avacado from the start I would just pet the avacado

Margus cabalar
Margus cabalar 2 months ago

fgteev duddz i love your video

Ersin 2 months ago


Lisa Flute
Lisa Flute 2 months ago


Li Fang Chee
Li Fang Chee 2 months ago


The Blue Husky
The Blue Husky 2 months ago


Kamal Uddin
Kamal Uddin 2 months ago

Fgteev what game is this b

Kaden Phan
Kaden Phan 2 months ago

Bro my boy Shawn said nani 5:57

rohan Nortje
rohan Nortje 2 months ago

Why don’t you actually play Minecraft Minecraft is my favourite game and we like your channels I want some every time but I love my concern is up like every day for school to Leah in my Danny run my mother name Manny this is the name Mia that’s fine fans up I love you did you mean oh God like you I promise I’ll be on YouTube by

farrosi SWEET
farrosi SWEET 2 months ago

Play it again!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Monroe
Sarah Monroe 2 months ago

I love shawn

Shirley Hicks
Shirley Hicks 2 months ago

I name him avo

Shirley Hicks
Shirley Hicks 2 months ago

comint what should we name the avocado

Mike Lucido
Mike Lucido 2 months ago

Wow 👏

♡sabrina chan♡
♡sabrina chan♡ 2 months ago

Your mama is not a boomerad

Bradley EXE
Bradley EXE 2 months ago

What does avo can be download on

Jannatul Ferdous
Jannatul Ferdous 2 months ago

Uk in usa usa in American in la

Baindu Banya
Baindu Banya 2 months ago

Spy ninjas help from Roblox players

Valeriya Amelichkina
Valeriya Amelichkina 2 months ago

hey do you knoew that you have 28 381 017 how?!

Valeriya Amelichkina
Valeriya Amelichkina 2 months ago


Albertine Brown
Albertine Brown 2 months ago

28,375,186 views and no part two yet

Muhammed Ismail
Muhammed Ismail 2 months ago

Hey but you no one thing before you even put this video I was checking this game but I never got it😢😢😢

Travis Snow
Travis Snow 2 months ago

#2 plz

Diya Sunder
Diya Sunder 2 months ago

was that fgteev skin real?

Axel Amador
Axel Amador 2 months ago


Bernard Fields
Bernard Fields 2 months ago

Please play a game play again

rwe469 2 months ago

Yggdrasil p

rwe469 2 months ago

I gg

Juju and Jenna's World

Ok man

Edgar Sanchez
Edgar Sanchez 2 months ago


12gf3 2 months ago

Balala (banana) 😃

lolbit63 and mavis73 squad with others

Please do a part two fgteev fam and I love your vids alot and everyone one in the family is the best

lil Unicorn
lil Unicorn 2 months ago

I love Avo

Crystal Pennell
Crystal Pennell 2 months ago

Plz do more

Kemlie Jean Baptiste
Kemlie Jean Baptiste 2 months ago

How to play auo on iPhone

The Ginger Chronicles

Moomy : Hello Cuties, Mwahaha!
Me: Well scary just know that I’m not a avacoto so sub pls?

Raliegh miller
Raliegh miller 2 months ago


Hername Beauty
Hername Beauty 2 months ago



Carmen Galaxy
Carmen Galaxy 2 months ago

Omg. Love you Channel I hope you all have a great day and tell Chase I said hi

Noemi Cabrera
Noemi Cabrera 2 months ago

I loved this video!! Shawn:guys drink your water. Me:ok but is Soda fine ?🥤💧💦

Sasha:p 2 months ago

How did you download

Chánh Tài
Chánh Tài 2 months ago

fgteev oR2000———————>2/4

ben prezza
ben prezza 2 months ago

This was a live?

mayabeans9 maya
mayabeans9 maya 2 months ago


Allyouneedislove Love

I love fgteev

Richard Neal
Richard Neal 2 months ago

I’ve played this game

MJ Lam
MJ Lam 2 months ago


Roben Guaring
Roben Guaring 2 months ago

Bop skeep up
closes morth
Fgteev: wasup

Landon Rex
Landon Rex 2 months ago

I have Easter to paint bottom for the avocado

Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 2 months ago

My whole street lights went out

Sharita Johnson
Sharita Johnson 2 months ago


Sharita Johnson
Sharita Johnson 2 months ago


Sharita Johnson
Sharita Johnson 2 months ago


Landon Rex
Landon Rex 2 months ago

Fgteev is my favorite YouTube channel

Landon Rex
Landon Rex 2 months ago

I want to make one avo to make it it’s arms and legs you need some toothpicks and to googley eyes

madison bond
madison bond 2 months ago

I always like there videos

derla june
derla june 2 months ago


Savanna Breitbach
Savanna Breitbach 2 months ago


Kuw Vip
Kuw Vip 2 months ago


B. Perkins
B. Perkins 2 months ago

Some one send me a link of this game plz

Angela Le
Angela Le 2 months ago


Elle Roberts
Elle Roberts 2 months ago

You are cool

Kevin strevel
Kevin strevel 2 months ago

I like this

Jahel Ogarro
Jahel Ogarro 2 months ago


Jahel Ogarro
Jahel Ogarro 2 months ago


Jahel Ogarro
Jahel Ogarro 2 months ago

aveo is the so cool i want to play with him

Николай Иванов

I want another one

Mike Liles
Mike Liles 2 months ago

. . . . . . . . .

bekkas bunch
bekkas bunch 2 months ago

FGTeeV mommy be like hello my little cuties HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!


I don’t like you

Marlyce Miller
Marlyce Miller 2 months ago


Christie Alamo
Christie Alamo 2 months ago

Duddy: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Idella Thorpe
Idella Thorpe 2 months ago


Star Frog
Star Frog 2 months ago

I loved your videos when I was a kid and I get to see it again

Xx_Rasazy_xX 2 months ago