DIY Christmas Crafts - How to Make a Christmas Ball Ornament Wreath


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Information DIY Christmas Crafts - How to Make a Christmas Ball Ornament Wreath

Title : DIY Christmas Crafts - How to Make a Christmas Ball Ornament Wreath

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Frames DIY Christmas Crafts - How to Make a Christmas Ball Ornament Wreath

Description DIY Christmas Crafts - How to Make a Christmas Ball Ornament Wreath

DIY Christmas Crafts - How to Make a Christmas Ball Ornament Wreath

DIY Christmas Crafts - How to Make a Christmas Ball Ornament Wreath

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Carmela Bologna
Carmela Bologna 2 months ago

I love your channel! It is so heartwarming to see a mother and daughter team doing crafts together and you work so well with each other. I LOVED this wreath and thought I could make one too. I did my best at it and the front looks good but the back is an awful mess! Glue everywhere in globs. I did use a glue pot as you do but the back of the wreath just was bad. I was disappointed because I wanted to make and sell these in a boutique. I have collected shatterproof ball ornaments for years for this project and have bins and bins of them. So my question is, how do you keep it neater on the back? Is there anything I can do to make it better on the back now to make it more sellable?

Victoria Bartels
Victoria Bartels 2 months ago

Very cute

LadyJoy 2 months ago

I bought a ball ornament wreath from Walmart 2 years ago and OMG I smile everytime I come home and see it because it is GORGEOUS..this is so pretty

Mammy is Best
Mammy is Best 2 months ago

Audrey Sweeney
Audrey Sweeney 2 months ago

Just lovely!

Laurie Chuppa
Laurie Chuppa 2 months ago

What kind of hot glue is used so it adheres permanently especially over time? Thank you

Heidi Krothe
Heidi Krothe 2 months ago

My daughter and I were inspired by your mother/daughter team. We made a beautiful wreath for her room this weekend. Bought 100 ornaments for $15 at Marshalls!! It looks lovely and we spent about $25. Thank you!

Christina 2 months ago


Christina 2 months ago

You suck

Amy Hansen
Amy Hansen 2 months ago

This is ASMR for me. As well as eye candy

Amy Hansen
Amy Hansen 2 months ago

That glue dipping bowl is freaking awesome. I never saw that before

Noelle Boehm
Noelle Boehm 2 months ago

So Fun! Darling!

Noelle Boehm
Noelle Boehm 2 months ago

It is so full.

Noelle Boehm
Noelle Boehm 2 months ago

This is exactly what I wanted to learn. Love this. I wanted to learn this style for this Christmas.

Noelle Boehm
Noelle Boehm 2 months ago

This is just what I wanted to learn.

Noelle Boehm
Noelle Boehm 2 months ago

This is a Wreath that I wanted to learn. This is just what I wanted to learn. I can't wait to try it. Thank you Grace Monroe Home.

Lacresha Searcy
Lacresha Searcy 2 months ago

I love this idea 😍🤩❤️!! The little glue pot is so handy!! Momma is so cute and sweet 🤩🤗❤️!!

Carol Lundy
Carol Lundy 2 months ago

So beautiful 😍. I am a year late seeing this but I would love to do this for 2020.

Angie Murray
Angie Murray 2 months ago

That is so pretty and simple to make. Thx for sharing.

Lydia Rodriguez
Lydia Rodriguez 2 months ago

Love it. I am definitely going to try to make one. Thank you.

janie helms
janie helms 2 months ago

Love it

Joy Evans
Joy Evans 2 months ago


Esther Santos
Esther Santos 2 months ago

Jk nknnk

Jessie mami
Jessie mami 2 months ago

Do you use special kind of glue sticks?

Elizabeth Sim
Elizabeth Sim 2 months ago

Millwood Naturals and Organics

Pretty. I am so lazy, I'd rather make a new one instead of getting the old one from downstairs. Mine always matches my Christmas tree. I also place my candles in the middle and use them as table top centerpieces

Carolyn Williams
Carolyn Williams 2 months ago

What kind glue in the skillet


If you guys are putting it on the door it would be a good idea to put your ribbon on first in the middle of the wreath to hang it up onto the Door x lovely colours.

Cleo Robinson
Cleo Robinson 2 months ago

Hello how r u guys doing I want to know is I can use a Metal wreath frame to do this as well

Kinyetta Branner
Kinyetta Branner 2 months ago

Are these shatter prof bulbs

lourds 2 months ago

Sorry but that’s too huge for my taste

Carmen Valladares
Carmen Valladares 2 months ago

How did you hang it?

T and A Toys
T and A Toys 2 months ago

Where do y’all get the floral pins

Kenneth Goodwin
Kenneth Goodwin 2 months ago

Where do you buy floral pins?

Nina Rodriguez
Nina Rodriguez 2 months ago

Inspired! Making mine this week! Thank you so much ❤️ 🌲💚

A Southern Moms Kitchen

He would you hang this? If using a ribbon to hang it would it pull the balls off?

nothing but the truth

Fab tutorial. Well explained and showed it from start to finish. As it was no editing. Thanks ladies. The best I've seen. Love from Wales, UK 🇬🇧

Maureen Green
Maureen Green 2 months ago

Too many hands and two different technics. Good idea but one person doing the tutorial would have been a little better.

Stef'Annie Wilson
Stef'Annie Wilson 2 months ago

Thanks ladies I have just finished mine and everyone just LOVES it...

Sharon Sargeant
Sharon Sargeant 2 months ago

This is beautiful!

A Aa
A Aa 2 months ago

I never heard of a glue skillet..thats cool ..and convenient

Lisa Boyd
Lisa Boyd 2 months ago

My daughter made one silver and red ❤❤

Carolyn Eubank
Carolyn Eubank 2 months ago

How to we hang it so the balls don’t fall off?

Yolanda Chavez
Yolanda Chavez 2 months ago

Love the ball ornament wreath! All the possibilities of colors are dancing in my head. So how do you hang it up?

rebecca silverstein
rebecca silverstein 2 months ago

Love! How do u hang it?

Carrissa Powell
Carrissa Powell 2 months ago

Hello Your channel came across my new to your channel

Roxanna Norman
Roxanna Norman 2 months ago

Love it💞definitely looking into the glue pot i never even knew they made those.

Christina Freegard
Christina Freegard 2 months ago

Where did you buy a glue skillet

michelle davidson
michelle davidson 2 months ago

This reminds me of that Saturday night live skit with molly Shannon. Nice wreath

Willene Francisco
Willene Francisco 2 months ago

Omg what a beautiful job! I always wanted to make a bulb wreath! Very nice tutorial! Thank you both so very much for sharing 😊 ❤

sue Hull
sue Hull 2 months ago

Nice video. More information needed on what type and how much glue. Are you using an crockpot?

jessica petito
jessica petito 2 months ago

Where in the world did you get that long glue stick piece

Anna Davis
Anna Davis 2 months ago

I love when mom says” that’s right”, just like a mom! 🙏🏽I’m going to try this with friends! Thank you!

Judy Mann
Judy Mann 2 months ago

This is "lovely" What kind of glue are you two are using? :)

Sheritha King
Sheritha King 2 months ago

Getting started early this year thanks 😊

Hajjia Mohammed
Hajjia Mohammed 2 months ago

How sturdy is this? I want to put it on my front door, but I feel like the hot glue may not hold up over time.

Mara McKeague
Mara McKeague 2 months ago


Kelley Odom
Kelley Odom 2 months ago

How do you hang it

Bonnie Nolan
Bonnie Nolan 2 months ago

Gorgeous wreath. Puts me in the holidays mood. Thank you for sharing.

Caligirl760 2 months ago

The mother just took over and didn't let the daughter have some of the spot light

Delia Bravo
Delia Bravo 2 months ago

This looks beautiful but you should have glued and pinned some ribbon at the top from the beginning. This way it could easily be hung from a wreath hanger.

My Opinions
My Opinions 2 months ago

How can you even hang it on the door? It won’t fit inside of a wreath hanger.

MsSony12345 2 months ago

Why can't I save this nice video in my playlist so I don't lose it? Did YouTube change the setting above?

Marylynn Wills
Marylynn Wills 2 months ago

Are those nonbreakable balls ? That is great

kerry rettie
kerry rettie 2 months ago

Looks amazing. How do you attach a hanger for the door?

Brandy Patterson
Brandy Patterson 2 months ago

Where do you get a glue skillet from?

La'Tonya White
La'Tonya White 2 months ago

I didn't realize how easy it is to make these. This is so pretty.😍 Thanks for sharing!❤

19BB60 2 months ago

How do you hang it?

Roseanne Sasak
Roseanne Sasak 2 months ago

I'm making one

Barbie Serna
Barbie Serna 2 months ago

First time to your channel I liked & subscribed. I've been feeling a little depressed lately with Covid-19 and being laid off from Disneyland after 20 year. So this really made me Happy about the Holidays. Thank you for sharing your beautiful wreath.

Irene Fehr
Irene Fehr 2 months ago

More white

Vesna Pavlovic
Vesna Pavlovic 2 months ago

Too many balls...

Desminique Rowell
Desminique Rowell 2 months ago

The best tutorial I have yet to see. Im sitting here thinking why my glue wasn't sticking and now I see. I was thinking what cloth could I use and I see now.

Tyra likadiamondstar
Tyra likadiamondstar 2 months ago


bonnie whitney
bonnie whitney 2 months ago

Are you removing hangers?

bonnie whitney
bonnie whitney 2 months ago

How many bulbs

bonnie whitney
bonnie whitney 2 months ago

What’s yardage for ribbon for 14” wreath

Shorty Shorty
Shorty Shorty 2 months ago

Very cute love it I need to make some thank you for the idea.

Evelyn Yolanda
Evelyn Yolanda 2 months ago

Mine didn't come out as nice my deco mesh wreath came out beautiful though

Joanne Corey
Joanne Corey 2 months ago

So beautiful

Shirlean Baker
Shirlean Baker 2 months ago

Why you just didn’t stick the end into the foam base?

Kathy Grimes
Kathy Grimes 2 months ago

Very sweet

Tericka Pierce
Tericka Pierce 2 months ago

THIS wreath is GORGEOUS!!! Great job Beautiful ladies!!! I'm ready to start the holidays after watching you. Thank you both for sharing ❤️

Dana Dilley
Dana Dilley 2 months ago

What a beautiful wreath ladies! The mother daughter duo is really wonderful! ❤️ My mom and I love crafting together. Thanks for this great video! 🙂

Jill Hayman
Jill Hayman 2 months ago

Where can you get the melting pot?

Idigmusic Dyess
Idigmusic Dyess 2 months ago

Just realized the mom’s voice reminds me of Paula Deen. Can’t say much about accents with my Texas

Raybran 2 months ago

Love this! I can't wait to make one. You're so lucky to have your mama. I miss mine Terribly! God bless you both!

Amo Nicaragua Libre por siempre


Tina Ansardi
Tina Ansardi 2 months ago

I hate to sound stupid but here goes. What is a glue skillet?? Do you just melt your glue sticks in it?

Coreen Albertsen
Coreen Albertsen 2 months ago

What a beautiful gift!!! Gorgeous!

c CYNTHIAS 2 months ago

How do you make the glue in the glue pot? Is it just glue sticks melted

Natalie James
Natalie James 2 months ago

Wondering how you would hang this up

Samantha Atnip
Samantha Atnip 2 months ago

How does it hang ? Where is the hanger placed I the back

Debra Wellman
Debra Wellman 2 months ago

Is that a mini crockpot you have your glue in??

Suzanne 2 months ago

I'm going to make my Mama one of these this Christmas. Thank you for showing me how. God bless.

apryl miller
apryl miller 2 months ago

I love you videos the crafts yall do are so classy and high-end but I do think sometimes it seems like if one of you is working the other is just standing there with nothing to do. I think it would be really neat if yall both did the same project but different versions at the same time. I would love to see that! Thanks for all the beautiful craft ideas ladies!


Very Nice! Would you mind if I asked how long should it take for one person to make? TFS

Mary Ann Jackson
Mary Ann Jackson 2 months ago

Do u put the glue on the tip of the ornament or the side?

Tammy Gaines
Tammy Gaines 2 months ago

I purchased the tube of ornaments for .25 at Family Dollar, after Christmas!!!

franchiseplaya75 2 months ago

Thank you for doing step by step, ball by ball. I've attempted to do this several times & it just wont work.