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FLS_FIZZY 2 months ago

3:02 when I stub my toe on a table

ItsMiniPlayz & Friends


Weyland Thomàs
Weyland Thomàs 2 months ago

Ghidorah was truly fucked here if humanity stayed away

المسلم الحقيقي

اللهم صلي وسلم على نبينا محمد عليه افضل الصلاة و السلام يا رب العالمين استغفر الله وأتوب اليه الحمد لله سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم اللهم صلي وسلم على نبينا محمد عليه افضل الصلاة و السلام يا رب العالمين استغفر الله وأتوب اليه الحمد لله سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم اللهم صلي وسلم على نبينا محمد عليه افضل الصلاة و السلام يا رب العالمين ❤💖💚💝💟💞💛😍💙💓💕💘💗❤💖💚💝💟💞💛😍💙💓💕💘💗

yes i dont give a fuck

everyone gangster till godzilla tackles a 3 headed dragon

Joshua Olson Cook
Joshua Olson Cook 2 months ago

That was not very cash money of you.

Magma Fox
Magma Fox 2 months ago

Dude, just the way Ghidoras call echoes around the earth is so mesmerizing and is so eerie at the same time

Weyland Thomàs
Weyland Thomàs 2 months ago

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

The U.S. military

Thermo Godzilla3913
Thermo Godzilla3913 2 months ago

me after building a pillow volcano an completing my mission so every one can see it

David Santiago Falcon

no wonder godzilla mad at the humans in the trailers they tried to kill him and destroyed his home after everything hes done to save them

Brenton Harris Sr.
Brenton Harris Sr. 2 months ago

When you pause the video and the roar is still echoing holy shit☠

Weyland Thomàs
Weyland Thomàs 2 months ago

Guarantee you the military would have learned nothing from this fuck up.

Kayla Stylislon
Kayla Stylislon 2 months ago

When that thing regenerated and shrieked, I almost pissed my pants.

editsdaniel 2 months ago

My favorite character is KING GHIDORAH

editsdaniel 2 months ago

without a doubt the best movie

LUNI KING 2 months ago

3:04 when ghidorah literally speaks the language of the gods.

I T 2 months ago


Kong: REAL SHIT?!?!

tlages 2 months ago

King Kong is watching this on skull island scared shitless

Goji Rayz
Goji Rayz 2 months ago

If they didn’t drop the oxygen destroyer, the movie would’ve end there

Cap Choc
Cap Choc 2 months ago

I forgot i how fucking stupid the humans are in this movie

Teddy 2 months ago

That roar was everything 🔥

Yexo3348TM YT
Yexo3348TM YT 2 months ago

godzilla did a deathroll

Jonas Helmut Geveke
Jonas Helmut Geveke 2 months ago

Gidorah's an electric guitar because of his roar

Dumb Football
Dumb Football 2 months ago

Normal day in Mexico.

• Gacha1ol17 •
• Gacha1ol17 • 2 months ago

This remind me of can't fly vs can't swim

Dres2000 2 months ago

2:50 HEY LOOK EVERYBODY! Kevin’s Back!

Michael Lorey
Michael Lorey 2 months ago


BN 2 months ago

When I first watched this scene and the guy said "he's gone" I swear my heart stopped for a minute
Poor Gojira

Miranda Jimenez
Miranda Jimenez 2 months ago

that king ghidorah roar is so legendary and iconic

Quake The Doom Bringer

Meanwhile Desteroyah sitting quietly under the ocean: "For three hundred years we prepared; we grew stronger while you rested in your cradle of power believing your people were safe and protected. You were trusted to lead the Earth, but you were deceived, as our powers of the dark side have blinded you…. You were deceived and now your Earth shall fall."

ThatRandom. 2 months ago

1:37 muted coronavirus in 2023 after vaccine

bWAT_HeSayin Bro
bWAT_HeSayin Bro 2 months ago

3:02 Yo dat sounded sick and that could be my new wallpaper ngl 🥶🥶🥶

RobotBits 2 months ago

im just wondering why they were flying so close to the ocean in the beginning

White screen
White screen 2 months ago

You know godzilla deserved it cause he killed our most beloved member


Azosu I
Azosu I 2 months ago

Can the human just stfu and gtfo

Arvind Talukdar
Arvind Talukdar 2 months ago

This sucks. All we get is a warmer atmosphere and pollutants. The movie characters get real problems

RADICAL MONKEY 2 months ago

So why does a nuke completely fuck him up here but revives him later on in the film ... smells like bullshit to meee

Name in Progress
Name in Progress 2 months ago

3:03 sound design at it’s finest

Tamara Ballantyne
Tamara Ballantyne 2 months ago

I hate the military always sticking in

Mirzuan Danial
Mirzuan Danial 2 months ago

Godzilla had the upperhand seeing as Ghidorah was in his element now. But no... A freakin oxygen destroyer had to drop in to say hi!!

ultramanned 2 months ago

I’m I the only one that feels like the ghidora scream sounds like the beginning of a rock and roll music track or something like that

Vincent Villa
Vincent Villa 2 months ago

The volcano part was sick but it kind of reminded me of Gravity Falls in the part of Bill

JoElGaMeStEr 2 months ago

Cuando t pegas en el dedo chiquito 3:07

Thanh Sơn Trịnh
Thanh Sơn Trịnh 2 months ago

Oxygen destroyer

Attensifyy 2 months ago

3:05 I think godzilla will do the exact same thing against Kong.
Who knows ??

Sushey 2 months ago

“We’re going to Bomb both Godzilla and gidorah”
Not even a minute later
“Cmon big guy fight it”

Bastian Mainhard
Bastian Mainhard 2 months ago


PENGUIN CAT 2 months ago

They obviously wanted the movie to be longer so the did this

Artillero 47
Artillero 47 2 months ago

Por fin encontraste el comentario en español XD

Артур Гильдерман

1:05 глуши рыбу правильно!

Tortol 2 months ago

The guy with the white hair really ruins the immersion, his lines are so forced and poorly acted. I hope he's not in the next movie.

Mestizo warrior
Mestizo warrior 2 months ago

Stupid humans

Franco Villca Llave
Franco Villca Llave 2 months ago

Que pelotudos Godzilla estaba en su territorio hubiera ganado ahí mismo

ViciousSummoner 2 months ago

Curious was there a chance Ghidorah would've died if Godzilla went deeper and try to drown Ghidorah?

consider subscribing
consider subscribing 2 months ago


consider subscribing
consider subscribing 2 months ago

He must've created a tsunami

LHZ_LeatherFace Zz
LHZ_LeatherFace Zz 2 months ago

Im just searching up fight scenes with GD and KG lmao theres like 8 fights in 1 movie

Razo 2 months ago

Please don’t use God’s name in vain o

sowaaa20 2 months ago

3:02 the best roar in the whole movie

Mrfluffybeehive 2 months ago

So ghidorah can breathe underwater

Box Of X
Box Of X 2 months ago

I know its just a movie and all but.....FFS millitary guys you shot the WRONG guy

Gerardo Corv
Gerardo Corv 2 months ago

Osea, ¿los gringos soltaron una boma nuclear en México? El cine si que deja de manifiesto la política exterior estadounidense.

Kevin M
Kevin M 2 months ago

I have a petition to kill all humans so they can stop interfering.

Jacob Music
Jacob Music 2 months ago

La ghidorah sólo quería echarse un esquite o unos tacos de canasta en el centro histórico

Master parkourgt
Master parkourgt 2 months ago

Wtf godzilla could kill and end king ghidorah here but military interfere now you know why godzilla is mad on godzilla vs Kong I think mecha godzilla is the final villain

Travesty TV
Travesty TV 2 months ago

Eric Andre meme “Who shot Godzilla!?”

GBishop17 2 months ago

Man imagine if the movie just cut here. No oxygen destroyer and godzilla just whooped the dragons ass underwater

SpideyPool -94
SpideyPool -94 2 months ago

History shows again and again how Nature points out the folly of man

Sven Krisenberg
Sven Krisenberg 2 months ago

When are humans gonna learn that oxygen bombs always backfire

Daehawk 2 months ago

Stupid humans

ViniGames 2 months ago

king ghidorah roar is the best of monster verse

1st ghidorah roar
2nd godzilla roar
3rd rodan roar

Loyal Scout
Loyal Scout 2 months ago

Nuclear bombs in the first movie: feeds the MUTOs and they never learn that they are helping the MUTOs
Nuclear bomb in the second movie: helps Ghidora escape the water and attack Godzilla.
No wonder he laid waste to their city

Word Word
Word Word 2 months ago

This proves.
On land Ghidorah would beat Godzilla with no human interference
On water Godzilla would beat Ghidorah with no human interference

Cadbo09 2 months ago

How did a oxygen destroy work in water there is no air in water any way.

fizzarolli 2 months ago

Vi un dragón de tres cabezas volando en el cielo!!! Era gigante

Malik Goodrum
Malik Goodrum 2 months ago

I hate the military in these godzilla movies for real. What did they think would happen when they shot that bomb at ghidorah and godzillla. Of course ghidorah was going to survive he's not even from earth. And they ended up injuring severely the planets protector.

Thanos of Titan
Thanos of Titan 2 months ago

"Y"all hear summ?"
- Kong, probably

Frosty’n YEET
Frosty’n YEET 2 months ago

I hate this part b/c if this never happened then that would mean the guy would not have to sacrifice himself for Godzilla I liked him :(

DanTheMan 21
DanTheMan 21 2 months ago

Imagine the fear they had. Thinking there only hope of survival was just killed

Robosing 2 months ago

Explain to me why a bomb here hurt godzilla but a hydrogen bomb to the face actually healed him into going thermo nuclear?

LTK Dino on 30 FPS
LTK Dino on 30 FPS 2 months ago

I cant get over how 3:08 looks sikkkkkkkkkkkkkj

fermin ordoñez
fermin ordoñez 2 months ago

En Veracruz🦑

Abhishek Das
Abhishek Das 2 months ago

Why are humans so disgusting 😠😠😠

pectis12 2 months ago

How sick would it be if they created destroyah. Hes so over powered that mecha godzilla king Kong and the big g team up to fight him. That would be incredible.

great man
great man 2 months ago

From Where did this creature got this much energy without food

Ewan Callister
Ewan Callister 2 months ago


Night GlxZe
Night GlxZe 2 months ago

Gihdora: calls Titans
King Kong: I Dont Care

Mr. L
Mr. L 2 months ago

Ichi: Godzilla!?!
Ni: You’re here too!?!
Kevin: Hello best friend!

Samar Mahin
Samar Mahin 2 months ago

Methuselah is easily the biggest Titan

Saúl Tercero
Saúl Tercero 2 months ago

then awake and attack CholoGodzilla and said to Godzilla: "Get out of here puto, this is my territory ese"

domidium 2 months ago

If Godzilla is a god, then Ghidorah is a devil.

stickyfingersAR 2 months ago

What an absolutely dumbass strategy. “We are going to kill them both, launch the missle!” - “um the evil one survived and we killed the good one” - “ we never could have predicted this outcome!”

Big Gus
Big Gus 2 months ago

You would think they have learned from the first movie: “Let them fight!”

baboonishtube 2 months ago

Maybe they will find ghidorahs missing head underwater and use that to create mecha ghidorah.

กฤตทรรศ สุขมั่น

Am I the only one who feels sorry for marine lives?

Israel Rdz
Israel Rdz 2 months ago

I live in México and 😐

Trey Dean
Trey Dean 2 months ago

See this scene didn’t make any sense at all

Star Lord
Star Lord 2 months ago

It’s fucken weird how these are just monsters, that don’t even speak but there’s still a great admiration and connection between us (the audience) and them

Hazardous 088
Hazardous 088 2 months ago

Notice how the only ones to not answer Ghidorahs call were Mothra and Kong?

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