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Em Schrader
Em Schrader 2 months ago

I'm so bummed I'm finding this 3 years later and these dies are no where to be found. Great detailed video. There can never be too much info imo. 🙂

Created2bless 2 months ago

Bravo!!! This is amazing, all of your cards are keepsakes!! I agree that teachers are worth it! Thank you for showing us not only how to create beautiful cards like these but how to do it on a budget as well. You're appreciated- June

Jill Pounds
Jill Pounds 2 months ago

Wow, your cards are gorgeous! I can't wait to try some. Thank you for sharing your gift of creativity.😊

Victoria Murphy
Victoria Murphy 2 months ago

I have searched for the Burch Press Make a Statement stamp set with no luck in finding it. Any suggestions?

June M
June M 2 months ago

They dont have that cross stitching die anymore. :(

linda chiasson
linda chiasson 2 months ago

Binge watching --- these are gorgeous!

June M
June M 2 months ago

My Favorite Things also has a cross stitch die. I dont have a cross stitch die, but hope to get one soon. Thanks for your examples.

Mistress Mars
Mistress Mars 2 months ago

OMG...I watched this about 6 months ago and haven't looked back! I have made dozens...if you are stuck listening to boring lectures whilst doing a course on-line, this is a student's dream! AND people LOVE them! THANK-YOU!!

Katie Hart
Katie Hart 2 months ago

Love all your cards they are beautiful. Would love to know where to get the bag with kangaroo pouches. I love it

Mistress Mars
Mistress Mars 2 months ago

I am so excited Jennifer...I bought the die, and the needles...I had the thread and the sequins...and I just finished my first card top!! It took me nearly 5 hours...but I made it a sampler and tried all the stitches and all the embellishment techniques you demonstrated. It was really fun and I am already planning to do some for 4th of July! THANK YOU!!

Mistress Mars
Mistress Mars 2 months ago

ANY chance you could update this? Most of the dies are not availing more...LOL I see you did in 2018...can you update again for 2020?

GIL3969 2 months ago

Just found this video ! LOVE this! Can’t wait yo try it out ! You are an amazing teacher! Long time follower!

Kathryn Stankiewicz
Kathryn Stankiewicz 2 months ago

Jennifer, thank you for sharing this. I just went to joanns craft store and bought the dmc floss. The cashier was asking me what I was doing. I told her about your fabulous video on using floss for your greeting cards. The cashier sounded very interested and she was going to look you up on youtube.

Samantha Lauj
Samantha Lauj 2 months ago

I actually love this type of cards. Its absolutely beautiful

Pam Litzinger
Pam Litzinger 2 months ago

I was so excited to see this video about stitching! unfortunately Paper Smooches no longer offers this die, do you have a alternate die to use for card stitching? TFS these wonderful ideas😊♥️

Lorna Wilburn
Lorna Wilburn 2 months ago

AMAZING!!! What fun 😍

Kristina Thompson
Kristina Thompson 2 months ago

Great video! Has anyone had the luck of finding the cross stitch die as it is no longer available. I did order from from a company and ir didn’t work also they won’t take it back since I opened it.

Christine Lowery
Christine Lowery 2 months ago

As always, another amazing and packed video. You are certainly talented. I love your cards and videos.

P Ney
P Ney 2 months ago

Thank you , well done, covered all we need to know.

Deborah Love
Deborah Love 2 months ago

Oh, my my! These cards are exquisite! You have combined two of my (many!) craft hobbies. I have done cross-stitching for 30 years. I can't wait to get started making these! Keep it up, Jennifer!

lorraine durgee
lorraine durgee 2 months ago

I do embroidery stitching, but never thought to do this on cards, thanks, you are amazing March 2019

jillhbaudhaan 2 months ago

This is awesome!
You are awesome!

Jane Starling
Jane Starling 2 months ago

I've cross stitched for years, I've been making cards for a few years now. In the past I've attached my aida stitched pieces onto cards but now I've watched this again (I've watched it at least 4 times) I've bought myself the die & I'm going to give it a go on card. With Christmas coming I want to try a jumper design. Thank you for all your inspiration, & the clear concise way you explain everything!

Beverly Pevarnick
Beverly Pevarnick 2 months ago

I LOVE the plaid!!

Nikki Rogers
Nikki Rogers 2 months ago

What weight paper should this be done on? I can't get my cross stitch due to punch completely though

Jana Jahn
Jana Jahn 2 months ago

Where did you get the flower pattern that you had in the Faith Organizing bag? Could you do a tutorial on is adorable! I would love to know the name of the dies that you used. Jana Jahn

Jana Jahn
Jana Jahn 2 months ago

What size sequins do you use 6mm or 4mm?

Marie Gail Gladue
Marie Gail Gladue 2 months ago

thank you Jennifer for teaching us.

tdivadesigns 2 months ago

Thanks for the t-ruler grid and graph paper techniques. This is an excellent video.

Linda Linsdell
Linda Linsdell 2 months ago

I am A new bee and am going to start z small card

globalhikingcr 2 months ago

I cannot thank you enough for this superb video tutorial! I so appreciate your time and expertise. I will put your knowledge to good use 🌺

Ruth James
Ruth James 2 months ago

Your cards are out of this world. Ruth down under

Jeanne Brinkman
Jeanne Brinkman 2 months ago

Very gorgeous and thoughtful project cards ♥️

Gabrielle McCann
Gabrielle McCann 2 months ago

You are so amazing and generous with your time! Thanks for this amazing video ... looking for that die now!!

rubznaz 2 months ago

WOW! These cards are so amazing and creative!! Now I have to try it! Thanks for all your hard work!!

Lynn HIldebrand
Lynn HIldebrand 2 months ago

I really loved the video. I have never cross-stitched before but it sounds very interesting. I love all your videos and you are so very precise in your directions. Keep them coming.

PA 2 months ago

I use plastic canvas to make holes on cardstock for stitching...easy peasy...done and easy...

Gabby Franks
Gabby Franks 2 months ago

Nothing ridiculous about this video at all. So many wonderful ideas with very clear instructions. Your work is beautiful as always. I can’t wait to give this a try.

Amy Jo
Amy Jo 2 months ago

Gorgeous cards! Thank you for teaching various types of stitches, very helpful.

Trish Tokar
Trish Tokar 2 months ago

WoW!!  Not sure I will ever attempt to do this - but your work is beautiful!!  The cards are amazing.  LoVed watching!

Thakshayini Shrikanthan

I made three cards in this way thanks a lot.

Donna Jo
Donna Jo 2 months ago

I’m like everyone else - used to cross stitch for years. About 5 years ago I stitched Rudolph’s face/antlers on brown perforated paper for my Christmas cards - it was such fun. Before I discovered “formal” card making I made my Christmas cards. I usually sent cards every other year, especially Rudolph! Thanks for the wonderful video.

Ina Anja Kossowska
Ina Anja Kossowska 2 months ago

Big thanks for a "teachers are worthy it" comment - you make me feel that being a teacher means something not only to me 😊🌞😇🎈

KitCat Krafts n Kpop
KitCat Krafts n Kpop 2 months ago

My favorite video by you so far!

Erin First
Erin First 2 months ago

I think I may try to use plastic mesh canvas as a template!

Carol Melancon
Carol Melancon 2 months ago

For those who already have a Tim Holtz ruler, it has a line of holes that could be used to make the piercing pretty neatly.

Damian Cameola
Damian Cameola 2 months ago

Thank you for such a well-organized and clear presentation. I purchased a framed piece done on perforated paper and wanted to learn more about the techniques. This video is a tremendous primer and has provided an excellent foundation. Great job!

Jaline 2 months ago

Gorgeous cards. Thank you for all the teaching videos, they are wonderful.

dragonyss 2 months ago

These cards are just amazing!!! Love them all. :) Just a quick question tho, what kind of paper do you use for the stitching. I tried it with my regular card stock, but I think that the paper is not sturdy enough, because it bends after a few stitch. Can you give me some useful advice on this?

Verónica Gabriela Moisés

I love the stitching!!!! Thank you of tutorial!!!

Natalie R
Natalie R 2 months ago

OMG....this video was awsome. You have inspired me to try stitching on my cards!

Imane Mokdad
Imane Mokdad 2 months ago

With the holidays coming up, You can get some custom designs for your gift cards here:

Sharon Leach
Sharon Leach 2 months ago

I love the stitching! Where is the Best Buy to purchase the die?i like this technique a lot but can’t afford to buy anymore craft items, I make cards and have lots of stamps,dies etc. I do have needles and embroidery thread. I would love to buy some die cuts of the die that you have if you would be interested in selling me some?! Thanks for the great video, you are so talented! I have watched a lot of your YouTube’s.

Sharon Leach
Sharon Leach 2 months ago

Awesome, thank you!

Joyce King
Joyce King 2 months ago

This die looks like it would make a great peg board look for tools for Father's Day too.

Amy Wazwaz
Amy Wazwaz 2 months ago

I am trying this. Thanks for the lesson. I had embroidery thread and needles. Nice to do it again. I also did this stuff as a kid with my grandmother who has passed many years ago now.

The Scarlet Owls
The Scarlet Owls 2 months ago

Thank you for this idea, stitching on your cards! Wow, I'm giving this a try!

Mendi Yoshikawa
Mendi Yoshikawa 2 months ago

These are all amazing! I was a cross stitch girl too spending HOURS doing it all through college and early in my marriage before I was swept away by scrapbooking. Love all these ideas and that fun Stampin' Up die. I spent my day catching up on all your videos today so I feel like in a round about way, we got to hang out today. ;) Thanks for all the inspiration. Sending big hugs!

stacyhstamps 2 months ago

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE, ...did I say LOVE! Thank you for doing this video and giving us all your hints and tricks! And it could have been 3 hours long and I would be watching :) My mom taught me to cross stitch when I was little and have been doing it off and on for years, but became addicted to paper crafts, so that has become my craft but this combines both, and I LOVE it...can't wait to give it a try! Beautiful card examples and thank you for showing so many! Love all your videos and anything you do!

Monse Martin
Monse Martin 2 months ago

This would be so cute on Christmas cards! 💕

KittenAtPlay 2 months ago

Oh I have to try this. I'll get started now so I can have my cards done by next year 🙃

saumya 2 months ago

Wow these cards look amazing...the effort put in just makes them that much special!

ScrappyKsue 2 months ago

I LOVE these cards. I have been cross-stitching for a very long time since I was a kid. I never knew there were dies out there that created the holes. I can't wait to order them and start stitching on my cards. The stitching I believe so much to dimension on them. Thanks for showing your stitched cards. Karen Sue

Susan Todd
Susan Todd 2 months ago

Thank you thank you for taking the time to make this video 😍😍😍💕😍😍😍

Lesley Kollinsky
Lesley Kollinsky 2 months ago

I love watching your videos, Jennifer, and I especially enjoyed seeing all of your lovely examples today! Thank you for sharing!

Eversea Design
Eversea Design 2 months ago

Gorgeous cards, as always. These take so much time and patience, I hope the lucky recipient will appreciate it.

Amanda LaPlante
Amanda LaPlante 2 months ago

Awesome! I've been looking forward to this video. That plaid technique would be so pretty during the holidays.

Tami Tignor
Tami Tignor 2 months ago

Love Thank you for sharing. I also did cross stitch when I was young, so I will try .

Starr Brasher
Starr Brasher 2 months ago

Thank you for all your beautiful work. So do appreciate that you take the time to share your talent. I enjoy all your videos. They are so inspiring.

Sherrie Johnson
Sherrie Johnson 2 months ago

Jennifer...these cards are so beautiful! Thanks so very much for taking the time, not only to make them...but to share them with us. I love the tips you've shown us too. I plan to make every single one of them. I am ordering the die cut now.

Daisy Avenger
Daisy Avenger 2 months ago

love that teacher card with the plaid plus the little white stitches look like x's and o's..

cc 2 months ago

how many times have to gotten a project almost done and tore the paper? 😱

Kelly Fragoso
Kelly Fragoso 2 months ago

Does anyone know a die to stitch just the border of a card? Thank You in advance

Kelly Fragoso
Kelly Fragoso 2 months ago

Being a teacher I wish I got a gift like this...oh my gosh I would frame it forever

Kelly Fragoso
Kelly Fragoso 2 months ago

I LOVE is video. I have watched it at least 10x and bought the dies. Thank You

Gloria Warrick
Gloria Warrick 2 months ago

I love this! Thanks for sharing.

Donna Dacy
Donna Dacy 2 months ago

These are beautiful. What a great technique for really making the cards a truly hand made card. Lovely enough to frame. TFS

Teresa Medeiros
Teresa Medeiros 2 months ago

I am in awe of all these beautiful cards! Your talent knows no bounds Jennifer. You have inspired me to take my card making to the next level! Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video. I enjoyed every 38 minutes and 22 seconds of it. You are amazing!! :D

GHL MK 2 months ago

I've been wanting to learn to knit as a way of keeping my hands busy but I don't want to be making scarves or anything like that, plus I have two cats that would have a field day pawing at the yarn while I'm trying to work. This might be an alternative for me, plus I can incorporate the end result into my cards! Thanks for a great video!

Barbara Harrold
Barbara Harrold 2 months ago

Thanks for that info Jennifer:) I don't like it when the holes are that close together:)

Lee Newton
Lee Newton 2 months ago

Fabulous!  Takes me back to the needlepoint, cross stitch and embroidery I used to love to do.  I've never tried stitching on card stock and I can't wait to try!!  Thank you so much.  : )

David D
David D 2 months ago

Very beautiful work, those cards are beyond amazing!

Ingrid Harrington
Ingrid Harrington 2 months ago

Oh Jennifer, you are such a trouble maker! haha . I tried to do cross stitch when I was a kid & the results were terrible although I was amazing at needlepoint--a grid makes all the difference. Perhaps I can take it up again with this method. Thanks for all the inspiration, love the colors & designs.

Lorraine A
Lorraine A 2 months ago

I love these cards! I have the Memories kit that makes cross stitch designs on cards. I have to go get it out and use it again. Tfs

Rhonda Chapman
Rhonda Chapman 2 months ago

Fantastic video! Thank you for sharing, I can't wait to give these a go 💜

Jonie Isenberg
Jonie Isenberg 2 months ago

I used to do a lot of plastic canvas work. I created my own designs and it seemed every place in my house had a plastic canvas piece. I think I can transfer some of those original patterns to this method. Thanks for bringing back a fond memory from long ago!!

Julz C
Julz C 2 months ago

Gorgeous!! Those were such beautiful cross stitch patterns. I bought that paper smootches die a while ago and haven't used it yet. You have inspired me to pull it out. I was thinking when you mentioned the matallic thead that you could probably spray your cross stitcing with the Sparkle Shimmer Spritz. That would be gorgeous too :)

Jean McNulty
Jean McNulty 2 months ago cards!!!

Mimi Zabela
Mimi Zabela 2 months ago

So pretty! And it really does bring back memories of my childhood, I started my crafting life doing cross stitch. I will definitely give this a try. BTW can make long videos as much as you want, we all love watching you!! Blessings Mimi

Val Krush
Val Krush 2 months ago

OMG! These cards are over the top, Jennifer! Beautiful, gorgeous, etc etc etc! Love them all, especially teacher ones and bus one :-)

cindy In AZ
cindy In AZ 2 months ago

Wow.. I loved this video..these cards are just beautiful thank you

Diane Knaack
Diane Knaack 2 months ago

Love these cards. ? - does needle size indicate the eye of the needle, or thickness? Also, can you carry the small scissors onto a plane?

Patricia Scoble
Patricia Scoble 2 months ago

Loved the video. They are never to long when the subject is interesting.

Nyoka Smith
Nyoka Smith 2 months ago

Jennifer, thank you for taking the time and trouble to do this video. I used to LOVE to do cross stitch, even made up my own patterns from graph paper. But alas time and age has taken a tole on my eyes and dexterity, so that I can't do it anymore. But I do love your video and you gave some wonderful pointers. Thanks again... Loved all the beautiful cards.

Renita Meares
Renita Meares 2 months ago

Love these. Not too long!

Therese Sprinkle
Therese Sprinkle 2 months ago

These cards are awesome . Thank you foe giving me a new way to make cards.

Christine Lazar
Christine Lazar 2 months ago

These are so beautiful thank you for showing beautiful cards

Brenda Gentry
Brenda Gentry 2 months ago

What a fun video! You are inspiring and this makes me want to do more stitching on my cards. Thanks for another wonderful video!

Natalie Strand
Natalie Strand 2 months ago

Oh wow-- these cards are simply stunning!! I am so glad I watched the whole video!! :)

Patricia Brasch
Patricia Brasch 2 months ago

When stitching on cards, what size sequins do you recommend? Perhaps you can recommend where to order. Thanks!