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Nerf King The Vampire

1:14 I see me in the background practising😂 too bad a failed. Nice job I just found ur channel and you pretty fast. Makes me feel like my Cubing vids aren’t that good lol

PizzaRave 2 months ago

2020, no Jeann, it's 2021 now.

Armageddon 2 months ago


Cuber 21
Cuber 21 2 months ago

what a shame I can't come because my brother has to meet Chelsea, the football club not the woman haha.

jk lol, also another L by not being mentioned by anyone during the vlog

ItsAsiAn 2 months ago

did u guys like my blind solve without the blindfold

AlanTheCuber 2 months ago

You do not enjoy eating frog, lol

AlanTheCuber 2 months ago

7:48 "Can we please get some judges" lol

JVS2uber 2 months ago

Me excited for Showground Showdown 2021!!!

JVS2uber 2 months ago

Was it back to normal with there being a waiting area? Unlike previous comps.

Elyas Eyou
Elyas Eyou 2 months ago

Hi JV! Nice video! Last VLOG u asked me to send a link to my nationals video. So here it is! I hope you like the video! If u could like and sub that would be great! Thanks :)

Cubing Forever
Cubing Forever 2 months ago

My phone lost all footage of this comp 😭

Sycic Cubes
Sycic Cubes 2 months ago

awesome day it was, also i’d like to add context to barbie girl being played at h2h. Jeann and i were singing it and he was criticising me for not singing the right lyrics jokingly. and then they played it in finals and i was like :0