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Brighter $3 Solar Light Mod

Brighter $3 Solar Light Mod

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Electronicle 2 months ago

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Noneof Yourbusiness
Noneof Yourbusiness 2 months ago

I bet when Bob the accountant tried it he messed it all up. Hey Bob change out the battery.

girlscout mafia
girlscout mafia 2 months ago

Watching you wave that screwdriver around but do Nothing with it is very unsatisfying

girlscout mafia
girlscout mafia 2 months ago

Just show us! Omg

50 shades of the dominator

The voltage is actually determined by the battery voltage and the collapsing magnetic field in the inductor (it's not produced by the IC itself). The IC is just switching to constantly induce back emf in the inductor at a certain frequency. This voltage is then high enough after the collapse for it to make it's way over the LED. The LED is thus lit by pulses at the same frequency as the oscillation, it isn't constantly lit, our eyes can't tell the difference.

LED's don't have linear current draw in relation to voltage, however they still are voltage dependant, despite some random Americans online pretending that they are some miraculous device that runs off pure current (not even something that exists in this world, there is no current without voltage, you require both for there to be power, they don't exist on their own). LED's will require a certain voltage before they start conducting, and indeed you do need to raise this voltage to a certain level to get them to draw properly, meaning they are dependent on the voltage, but just not in a linear way (so going a little over can mean burnout, where as in linear relationship electronics it won't). For example an LED with a starting forward voltage of 3v, if connected to just 3v, will be dim, however if you increase the voltage to 3.4v it will be bright. The LED does need a certain voltage, because it does have a resistance that determines how much current it can draw (even if not linear). The physical resistor in line has a linear relationship, so we use that, so even if the voltage source is a mere 0.2v higher than usual for some reason, or if the LED's resistance lowered a little for some reason, neither result in the LED burning out, because the resistor itself will limit current depending upon voltage in a predictable way, meaning only a certain amount of current can get through the resistor regardless of what the LED is trying to draw.
Oh and yes, it will burn out if you try to run it at a massive voltage, there is another misconception that you could run a 3.2V LED at like 100V, just as long as it's only drawing like 20mA, this misconception created by some Americans on internet forums claiming that it runs purely off current and that voltage doesn't mean anything. This is again false, increase the voltage massively, and the physical power increases, and the LED will burn out instantly. Wattage is still determined by the voltage and the current, and LED's wattage is a product of both, it isn't some magical item. However it is true that a 3v LED would survive longer on a 5v supply and 20mA limiting resistor, meaning the LED would only be drawing around 60% more power than it should, when compared to for example just running the LED at 4v without a resistor at all, because of the LED's exponential gain, it would burn out after just a minute or two and be drawing 300% more power than it should.
However this concept has become muddied by some Americans who don't quite understand electronics properly, filling those forums on the internet etc.

As far as upgrading the unit, you will actually need to replace all 3 components, meaning the battery should become a 600mAh at minimum, the LED should be increased to a 30mA capable LED, and the solar panel should also be another 3V one, but with at least 3-4x more current than the current weak one. Because the tiny mA solar panels included are not powerful enough to fully charge a 600mAh battery for example, they are purpose built just to be big enough to charge the crappy 200mAh battery and run the weak LED for around maybe 6-7 hours during night.

The IC itself doesn't need to be replaced, because if you look at the datasheet it can handle more than it's used for in these little lights, this is likely because larger solar lights use the same IC, these IC's were purpose built for general solar garden light purposes, so they are used in underpowered and higher powered units.

Puck roger
Puck roger 2 months ago

I noticed a slight increase we changed out the battery in the other one but cool thank you

Blossom 2 months ago

Name of the 4 pin chip ????

Blossom 2 months ago

What is the number of buck boost converter

Hervaven Gill
Hervaven Gill 2 months ago

This guy has hard time gettting to the point

Jimmy Segovia
Jimmy Segovia 2 months ago

can you spray laquer on the board?

Jimmy Segovia
Jimmy Segovia 2 months ago

is it possible to change the color of the led also?

Jimmy Segovia
Jimmy Segovia 2 months ago

awesome all you need to do is change the inductor to a smaller size? for brightness awesome man thank you for sharing.

Toni Y
Toni Y 2 months ago

Way cool info. I always buy twice as many to make paths brighter! My grandson found your instructions intetesting, too! And he knows what you are talking about...😊

TTIYTE13 2 months ago

LOL, man who in the world going to do this!

calown 2 months ago

Love this hack! Also great advice to bypass the switch - invariably, that's what always fails in these lights👍 Question - is there a rule of thumb to know what size inductor to upgrade to?

John Winters
John Winters 2 months ago

What did I just watch ?

SQUIRTLE TURTLE 2 months ago

What was the new battery you put in? Just wondering if it was still a 1.2v or 1.5v?

Holly B
Holly B 2 months ago

Go to college. Become electrician. Have brighter garden lights. 😁

Paula Dolan
Paula Dolan 2 months ago

Soddering! I’m not a great sodderer! I know what you mean, but in UK it has a completely different meaning!!!

Lanceifer 2 months ago

Only 49 lights left to go

Chuck Hodges
Chuck Hodges 2 months ago

I have the very same lights and I use them for indoor night lights inside my travel trailer. I've done this for years now.

Ritchie Valens
Ritchie Valens 2 months ago

Please learn how to record the audio volume, so we don’t have to whack the volume up, then a crappy ad blares out

Anthony Chase
Anthony Chase 2 months ago

Home Depots $5.88 solar garden lights are pretty bright. 14 lumens. I use rechargeable 2000 amp batteries that I can charge when its cloudy. They last longer.

Donna A
Donna A 2 months ago

Can you use a larger capacity mAh battery AAA in place of the 200 one? I have 350mAh 1.2v batteries in my solar lights that are sentimental. The ones I can buy on AMazon are 600 mAh. Will I fry them if I replace the 300-350 ones with the 600 ones?
I THINK they would be the same size (AAA)... thanks in advance for your help

The wolf of Swingthat

you removed the resistor wouldnt that make the LED more likely to burn out as the voltage is too high?

vilma alvayero
vilma alvayero 2 months ago

How do you know if the solar Papi’s broken?

Chris Marshall
Chris Marshall 2 months ago

Awesome video! Just what I was looking for but for a 75' "fairy light" solar LED unit would I change the L1 inductor for a similar brighter mod? See photo:

GRZeusYT 2 months ago

cool but Give us some information about the names of the resistors you put

JonT 2 months ago

moral of the story.....u get what u pay for......instead of wasting ur resources and time why not dont buy junk next time?

and if u are going to waste ur time and least do it with something thats already good and make it amazing instead.

Mom Hamburg
Mom Hamburg 2 months ago

I wondered if I could repair some of the ones I have discarded over the years, 'cuz I did spend more than a buck or two. I love knowing it's possible. And I do have the switch problem so may start by bypassing the switches. Enjoyed the tutorial.

dwoodog 2 months ago

so many times I've wondered why rechargeable batteries are only 1.2v?

hubaiitv 2 months ago

What exactly is this coil?

debbie Harber
debbie Harber 2 months ago

Thought this was going to be a quick tips to Brighton my solar lights ...have non of those items so they will stay the same

Jackie Woodard
Jackie Woodard 2 months ago

Can you put in stronger battery thankyou

Jackie Woodard
Jackie Woodard 2 months ago

How do you make it water proof

Jackie Woodard
Jackie Woodard 2 months ago

I thought off clear insulation stuff

Jackie Woodard
Jackie Woodard 2 months ago

You don't leave them out in rain thou

Jackie Woodard
Jackie Woodard 2 months ago


Jackie Woodard
Jackie Woodard 2 months ago


Kristen Ward
Kristen Ward 2 months ago

At 3:40 I swear I started hearing Charlie Brown’s teacher talking. I didn’t understand a word he was saying. 🙃

ronnette harvey
ronnette harvey 2 months ago

Great thunder storm. And video. :)

Bob Droidsky
Bob Droidsky 2 months ago

I recently got a pack of 5 lights from Sam's (their brand) for like 18 bucks and they are pretty bright! But after a couple of nights, but they began to get dim around 3 o'clock and shut off while it's still dark(so, from 8pm to 4am, not a bad run). We live in a super-high UV area. They came with a 800mAh battery. I think of either switching to a 2500mAh battery or soldering on a holder for a second battery in parallel (under the cap, there's lots of room), or maybe doing both. The goal is for them to last until the rising Sun turns them off. Are these ideas realistic? And which is better? My concern that the solar panel won't charge both batteries or a single bigger capacity battery sufficiently, so it would be an exercise in futility. Your thoughts? I'm not really an electrician by trade.

Jamie Fairlie
Jamie Fairlie 2 months ago

What conductors do you recoment for brightness as my colour changing stick lights are so dull and crap i want to boost the light up more can someone tell me what conductors to get as there are so many to choose from

Eddy Feist
Eddy Feist 2 months ago

Which should plan to use: 33uH 1 watt , 47uH 1 watt, or 68uH 0.5 watt inductors --which? I guess, my real question has to do with wattage.

Janitzio Bustamante
Janitzio Bustamante 2 months ago

Few dollars a piece... I see 3 bucks price... lol

Mike C
Mike C 2 months ago

Lots of money invested and it's still not all that bright. Just spend the money and buy a low voltage path light set.

DONDI 2 months ago

Spend $15 on a $1 light and for what? 😂 smh...

John R
John R 2 months ago

You changed out the inductor or a resistor?

Russell Borrego
Russell Borrego 2 months ago

I feel like every one of you who has, and will, make a comment about the fact he's wearing gloves... Must have some kind of weird hand fetish.

Is that why you're really here, to look at his hands? You guys seriously should find a professional to talk to if you gotta get your excitement for the day by going to YouTube videos to look at people's hands.

TimmyME 2 months ago

To me this is as advance that anything in life gets.

Rukhsana Bibi
Rukhsana Bibi 2 months ago

Best instruction video thank you very much 👍✅✅😊👏🙌💫

Page Seven
Page Seven 2 months ago

What's the deal with the gloves?

Peter Smith
Peter Smith 2 months ago

So I take it you swap the old resistor with one of lesser value in order for more current to flow? And then swap out the battery for a higher mha 👍

Luey Ulloa
Luey Ulloa 2 months ago

Where can I get the parts from..

Dennis Hellesen
Dennis Hellesen 2 months ago

get your parts type right ... what your removing is a resistor and its messured in ohms ... what your putting in i don't know but its not what you say it is, but it might be a spool resistor

John .S
John .S 2 months ago

cool video. Schematic would be useful.

PegEgg Eggleston
PegEgg Eggleston 2 months ago

How about that, I learned something new today - thanks so much. I bought some nice ones, the outsides look great, the light - not so much. So new batteries here we come. Thanks for your video, great instruction and be safe. Love Peg

mufuliramark 2 months ago

This isn’t a simple mod for the everyday homeowner. Is a nerds fix as a ‘see what I can do’. Good to see but I’ve no interest in going through all this to make garden lights brighter.

pleasecho2 2 months ago

Inductor sub box

MafiZed 2 months ago

First thing i did was swap the battery's out and it was instantly brighter, don't know why it was different in your case.. different level or charge in the battery's maybe

Ibryam1997 Bacak
Ibryam1997 Bacak 2 months ago

will anyone be able to help me find the same inductors from video in alexpress

Andy Jame
Andy Jame 2 months ago

Nice light.👀>  Doesn't light up a very large area but it's just right aesthetically in my landscaping. Instead of bolting down to concrete I drove a steel t-post (fence post) in the ground and slid light pole over it. This was way quicker and easier to install this way. Know what's underground before driving a post in the ground though....

Marvin Tu
Marvin Tu 2 months ago

this is incredible!

Dennis The Menance
Dennis The Menance 2 months ago

Rather buy Some State Lotto Tickets, won over 4600 last yr( ave $50 Ea) ..

John Conrad
John Conrad 2 months ago

I thought you were going to change the LED too.......

Sislertx 2 months ago

Ps..please.send the rain this way

Sislertx 2 months ago

Wish i had the eye sight patience and parts something like this. I have a beautiful solar metal horse lampost that.worked.a.week
But it is sooo beautiful i.cant get.rid of it..
I would pay someone to.fix it if i knew.ANYONE WHO.COULD..I'd mail it to u if it would not.cost.a.fortune to mail

TheSecret Reviewer
TheSecret Reviewer 2 months ago

What's with the weird gloves? Would be nice if you took the hiss out of your audio and cut the video down to only show what's important. FYI
Also feel the amount of time and material it took to do this you could have bought a better unit. Unless you're just trying to learn electronics.

Azek Man
Azek Man 2 months ago

Great Video. You should also tie fly's. You have the touch. Keep them coming.

Bob Jackson
Bob Jackson 2 months ago

The device you removed looks like a resistor to me?

Linda Reinen
Linda Reinen 2 months ago

I use a tiny bead of cheap clear chalk around the outside edges of the solar panel. Smooth it out and I leave them out year around.

Cris Drake
Cris Drake 2 months ago

This would be amazingly easy for modifying Halloween Props. :) Would make monster eyes brighter and such. Definitely going to consider using this year. The waterproofing and such was especially helpful.

Victoria Films
Victoria Films 2 months ago

how much is your time worth?

Harold Hart
Harold Hart 2 months ago


paulntraci99 2 months ago

I think I'd just rather buy a better solar light than go through all this.

pleasecho2 2 months ago

Would you ge more time if you used a lithium cell and a buck converter?

The Missouri Boy
The Missouri Boy 2 months ago

What did you do to it

Clementine Monroe
Clementine Monroe 2 months ago

Oy vey you lost me man..too crazy for your average person but thanks

Bears Cubs
Bears Cubs 2 months ago

Great video 👍 But this is way over my head lol. I will just buy the 8-10 lights and call it a day!!

mati211p 2 months ago

Much work, effect not satisfied. Now you must replace solar panel, LED and baterry also. Changing the current will change solar light working time.

Janette Hammons
Janette Hammons 2 months ago

Good video. But, some of us, are not to tech savvy. And we don’t keep components. So where would would I buy this part, and most importantly WHAT is it called? And what size battery did you change it to?

Swat 2 months ago

This is cool. You did what I was dreaming up of doing. $1 a solar cell is an awesome deal and was wondering how we could tweak them. Thanks for uploading!

Futuristic Lighting and Supplies

This video sends viewers to my channel. Thank you for sharing.

TheFlyingKiwi 2 months ago

So you took out what looked like a resistor and replaced it with an inductor?

pleasecho2 2 months ago

I thought the switch enables you to put the light in storage without running the battery down, but you're right - in time every one of them rots out and (of course) open and not closed

pleasecho2 2 months ago

Why the gloves? Afraid you'll be electrocuted?

DigitalIP 2 months ago

Liquid Electrical Tape would have worked for a seal as well, or even clear nail polish lol
This did actually give me some good info to test on some 5LM lights

D N 2 months ago

What sort of Inductors would you order if you were going to upgrade 20-30 of these lights? - Would 100UH be enough? - You can buy them in packs of 50 or 100 from Aliexpress for about $1

D N 2 months ago

What sort of Inductors would you order if you were going to upgrade 20-30 of these lights? - Would 100UH be enough? - You can buy them in packs of 50 or 100 for about $1 -,searchweb201602_9_10065_10130_10068_10547_319_317_10548_10696_453_10084_454_10083_10618_10307_537_536_10131_10132_10902_10133_10059_10884_10887_321_322_10103,searchweb201603_6,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=26b5fcbc-1d58-4b9d-a3fe-75901a86a307-7&algo_pvid=26b5fcbc-1d58-4b9d-a3fe-75901a86a307

Brad Baker
Brad Baker 2 months ago

Have you tried this with a single 18650 and an extra LED or is that overkill?

Goody2shz 2 months ago

Nice video and explanations. But why did you use Ni-Mh batteries? I thought Ni-Cd was better suited for repetitive rundown/recharge cycles like in solar garden lights. Couldn't you have used higher mAh Ni-Cd batteries and gotten the same effect?