Coca-Cola Christmas 2020


Coca-Cola Great Britain \u0026 Ireland

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Coca-Cola Christmas 2020

Coca-Cola Christmas 2020

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Phillip J. Marzocco Jr.

Jason Coleman
Jason Coleman 2 months ago

Touché, Coke. Touché. 👍🥰👏

Andrew Wood
Andrew Wood 2 months ago

I knew the end was coming the whole time and I still cried.

ggbif 2 months ago


Michelle Ryan
Michelle Ryan 2 months ago

The holidays are commin’ oh but where’s my Coca Cola? 🤦🏻‍♀️

Haven Games
Haven Games 2 months ago

Pesi Max

Sinerik 2 months ago

Santa do be vibin in da coka cola mobile

XLL snipes
XLL snipes 2 months ago


MikeyStark 2 months ago

Piss off with 2020 the OG is better

Majestic Potato
Majestic Potato 2 months ago

The old one is better

Sno Wight
Sno Wight 2 months ago

Wheres his mask?

CodeBaron2007 2 months ago

Nice vid but still coke kills ppl