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Joyful Noise
Joyful Noise 2 months ago

Thanks for this info.
More people will die in that Lake !!
The dead black people's spirits that died for no reason but racism, will make sure that others will have strange accidents and perish also..
Supernatural Justice at its finest !!!🔴😇🛐💀

Emily Whaley
Emily Whaley 2 months ago

Who here after seeing Judi crazy ass go swimming in jt

icetoph 2 months ago

haha its missing the truth

Jay'Rell 4Real
Jay'Rell 4Real 2 months ago

They killed black people and dug a lake in the town

sethcril 2 months ago

The Government has a long history of murdering people.. Yet people still trust them enough to get a vaccine...? Blows my mind.

Kyle InATL
Kyle InATL 2 months ago

I’ve swam in this lake so many times..... super creepy

Tulip Tea
Tulip Tea 2 months ago

What Lies

Chop It Up Radio
Chop It Up Radio 2 months ago

They don’t tell you that lake was built over a thriving Blk community that was destroyed by the white people. Over 1100 Blk residents were drove out in fear of a massacre by the local white supremacist.

Claudia 2 months ago

So they have town down there why didn’t the destroy it so they just flooded a whole house and track with out moving it

Based Redpill boycott coke products

So much litter at that lake this weekend.

Holly York
Holly York 2 months ago

I grew up just a few miles from Burford dam. We lived on the lake on a cove at Kemp Dr. The things we saw while swimming just solidify that there were towns; buildings, homes and cemeteries, simply flooded to make the lake.

Natty Veggies
Natty Veggies 2 months ago

This should let you know you CAN NOT resort to the media for your information.

Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown 2 months ago

Wtf is white peoples issue with giving black peoples credit!!. Say wtf it is. Y’all killed everybody with your racist asses because you couldn’t stand seeing black peoples anywhere else but in chains & now the shit is haunted because y’all so selfish.

Kayla Powell
Kayla Powell 2 months ago

Wow the news really lied ......

Cody Hamrick
Cody Hamrick 2 months ago

This is literally like every man made lake lol😂 I work on the lake everyday most deaths on lanier are from idiots that don't know how to boat or are drunk and aren't paying attention

Marissa Moonlight
Marissa Moonlight 2 months ago

That was called KARMA. You destroyed a home for other people in return you got your ass whooped by spirits and by the dead for your lack of respect, you deserve ever bit of it.

Mamadou Bah
Mamadou Bah 2 months ago

What they did to those folks was a shame

Asia Renee
Asia Renee 2 months ago

Let’s talk about it

aubreeanna jones
aubreeanna jones 2 months ago

why go here? it's literally named after a racist, was built by the KKK to take out over 1000+ black families. it is haunted! AS IT SHOULD BE☺️

Paige Mitchell
Paige Mitchell 2 months ago

Kinda like smith lake but except they didn’t harm anyone flooding the valley. It’s still a whole ass town under there and really dangerous if you get to certain levels of the lake

Anna Muscato
Anna Muscato 2 months ago

This wasnt “farm land” it was a black owned town that were forced 700 people out of their homes and forced them to leave behind passed loved ones. so sick how they try to cover it up w a bs story.

Blue Song Bird
Blue Song Bird 2 months ago

Yeah sure. Built. We all know what really happened..

Hebrew Girl
Hebrew Girl 2 months ago

They know they flooded that community. Who builds a lake with all those buildings and houses and stuff in it. They would have cleaned the area first. DAM DEMONS

G 2 months ago

I love how they avoid talking about the graveyard AND racetrack that’s underneath the lake

CHILD Of ASMRS 2 months ago

Who came from that tiktok :)

Misha Andreyeva
Misha Andreyeva 2 months ago

this is why I only swim in chlorinated swimming pools no dead bodies plz

Oni Faith
Oni Faith 2 months ago

“ I wouldn’t wish that on anyone”. ( While smiling).

Tanell Hendrix
Tanell Hendrix 2 months ago

I've been there once

Mark Williams
Mark Williams 2 months ago

ereSo much incorrect information in the video and in the comments section. There were approximately 800 parcels of property acquired by the Corps of Engineers to build Lake Lanier. Most consisted of farmland with wood framed homes and agricultural buildings such as barns. In total about 700 families were displaced by the lake. Most willingly sold their property and there was less than a dozen families that contested acquisition of their land where eminent domain action had to be authorized. The Corps kept in-depth records of each property acquired including a description and photos of all buildings. Buildings were leveled and the wooden parts were burned. Some stone and brick foundations still stand. Anything that would not float up and become a navigation hazard such as the aforementioned racetrack was left intact. During my time working at Lake Lanier with the Army Corps of Engineers I was the "caretaker" of the property records that I described. I viewed all the photos of property that was acquired. I saw no photos of towns. The highest concentration of buildings I found were at crossroads. There was no indication of the race of property owners. Early in my career at Lanier I had the opportunity to work with a son of one of the property owners. His characterization of most of the landowners was poor farmers which coincided with the condition of buildings in the photos I viewed. As a side note landowners were paid the market rate by the government. It wasn't much by today's standards. But those whose farmland extended outside the footprint of the lake would do very well in the future selling lakefront lots. I hope this sheds some light on things. If you want to learn more I would suggest David Coughlin's book entitled "A Storybook Site: The Early History & Construction of Buford Dam". Here is a video that explains things more thoroughly

Also the acquisition of the property to build the lake in the 1950's should not be confused with the 1912 event where black residents of a town called Oscarville were run out of Forsyth County and their land taken by whites. Most of their homes and other buildings were burned to the ground. I don't think any remnants of a town survived to when the Corps bought the land in the 50's.

D Mac
D Mac 2 months ago

Fluff journalism!

Tru Story
Tru Story 2 months ago

I came to comment about the truth on this... I see you already know...

Cohen GamerTV10
Cohen GamerTV10 2 months ago

They flooded a racetrack wonder if it raced nascar

Gaming Rubik’s Liam

A long time friend of me and my family died in that lake. She had to go to the bathroom, but jumping in the water was the only choice she had.

ANGEL DIAZ 2 months ago

11 people dead and 11Alive

Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly 2 months ago

So why are people droning just because a bunch of shit is at the bottom of a lake?

yournotskiny 2 months ago

why would you even go swimming in a lake thats just dirty

Crow Ike
Crow Ike 2 months ago

Just gonna keep going to the haunted lake huh?

Matt Dathew
Matt Dathew 2 months ago

reading the comments def got me creeped out

Matt Dathew
Matt Dathew 2 months ago

I thought it was going to be some ancient city underneath or some poisonous gas reservoir

Chortle 2 months ago

can her dress get any tighter?? Street walker

Margo Rolle
Margo Rolle 2 months ago

The nerve!! All those lost black live not even mentioned.

Li'thelya Young
Li'thelya Young 2 months ago


Tyler Joyner
Tyler Joyner 2 months ago

Only white people still go in there

Joi XOX 2 months ago

Mermaids. Marine spirits, demons are in that lake . I've seen one before in the lake. Demons are there.

S S 2 months ago

Why not close it?

L.W. Wise
L.W. Wise 2 months ago

Is that the Lainer speedway that's in Iracing?

Nikita Chaytor
Nikita Chaytor 2 months ago

Why no one mention they also have alligators 😬🤦🏼‍♀️

Amyra S
Amyra S 2 months ago


Stanley White
Stanley White 2 months ago

It’s called Karma

Karen Hargis
Karen Hargis 2 months ago

Deforestation is the problem.... Stop chopping shit down.... the problems are creating mud slides. Don't listen but change our environment...

mutzweiser 2 months ago

Here is some more information on the history:

TheMilkSpills 2 months ago

Omg atlantis ❤🥰

D Steve
D Steve 2 months ago

That dude at the end is the one putting all the bodies in there

Retta L
Retta L 2 months ago


jon davis
jon davis 2 months ago

Why do Some people try to make everything racial?

Proud Veteran
Proud Veteran 2 months ago

Fuck biden, illegitimate son of peelosi

clobbyhops 2 months ago

Not well thought out for the people

Callah Clan
Callah Clan 2 months ago

Erasing history....

Eryxx Phillips
Eryxx Phillips 2 months ago

The spirits are unsettled...

Donald Vibbert
Donald Vibbert 2 months ago

Just shut the lake down if it's that bad

moses heigis
moses heigis 2 months ago

Why are they saying farm lands you know black communities used to be there

ADRIENNE H 2 months ago

Ohhh is that why a lot of white people have died here

ZAYE_23 2 months ago

So we not gonna mention it was a wealthy black town down there that white ppl wanted but couldn’t get so they flooded it 😐

emma Grace
emma Grace 2 months ago

Okay but who here from tiktok 🙈

n o 0
n o 0 2 months ago

I’ve only been once. Got a bad feeling. RIP to the people killed when they flooded the town.

uwu :3
uwu :3 2 months ago

I’m interested in the why of it all. I will not immediately jump to the conclusion of racial prejudice before sufficient evidence.

Araina 2 months ago

They also don't mention the 20 cemeteries under the lake!!!!

vivi bottoms
vivi bottoms 2 months ago


i’mangyatu 2 months ago

i wonder if the only people dying are—tall

Anthony Varela
Anthony Varela 2 months ago

What they don’t want to tell u is that it was a Black town

MayFlower Mayflower
MayFlower Mayflower 2 months ago

Why is this just ok it's a city down there and noone finds that crazy ??

N Max
N Max 2 months ago

I’m scared

Francois Rivard
Francois Rivard 2 months ago

Just like everything in the news. This is just a bunch of over sensationalized crap.. 11.8 million visitors come to Lake Lanier annually some of them will run into issues. The structures that were not removed are clearly marked on the lake charts (And typically under 75+ feet of water) and the potential hazards to boating are clearly indicated by markers with lights the blink at night. Can it be dangerous? Is there potential for unmarked junk that can be floating around, especially near shore? Of course! Any body of water and boats are not very tolerant of bad decisions, bad luck, and ignorance. Thousands of people people drown in their bathtub very year. As far as the bottom is concerned, you never know what you'll find on the bottom of most lakes or ocean until you get there, that's just a fact of life.

rawrbro69 2 months ago

Wait how big is this fucking lake?

Rock Withyou
Rock Withyou 2 months ago

If it is true that it was a peaceful well organized site to innocently provide water. The houses would not be under there, the racetrack nor the bodies of innocent people in their homes. I know there are people of the current times that can't believe people were so evil to others because of the color of their skin. Unfortunately, outside of denial there is video evidence as well as people who were actually alive during that time. That cannot be denied. They did it, and unfortunately many of the souls are not resting because of the shock they experienced crossing over. They are fighting for that land as we debate and they are pissed. Nobody deserves such treatment. The time to acknowledge such acts publicly has stepped up and the offspring of the evil are in shock. Just imagine how the offspring of the innocent feel. While you are privileged enough to be the offspring of the guilty and free. They are now finding out that evil comes at a price. There nothing free!

Kelli Kocha
Kelli Kocha 2 months ago

I was there yesterday and 10 years ago I almost got lost on the lake.

Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea 2 months ago

Cursed lake 😞😥

Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea 2 months ago

T.i. makes a video of it....death linier lake

Easter Davis
Easter Davis 2 months ago

This is some creepy scary stuff right here I would love to learn the real history behind this lake and town if anybody knows

Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane 2 months ago

post signs make people aware, if they choose to go in anyway,.......

Veronica Cooper
Veronica Cooper 2 months ago

Can't seem to find the story anywhere. Can somebody tell me where I can find the TRUE STORY of Lake Lanier please

Veronica Cooper
Veronica Cooper 2 months ago

They are not saying what was under there. Provide drinking water?? SMH TELL THE REAL STORY!!!

Native Sun
Native Sun 2 months ago

The reporter looks like Lester Holt and Tim Meadows had a baby. Lol. It’s kinda cool.

Argelis Tomlinson
Argelis Tomlinson 2 months ago

Lovelyti brings me here

HAIZZUL 2 months ago

Baller Alert brought me here

Sky Summers
Sky Summers 2 months ago

Listening to all these stories I think this place should not be messed with and people definitely should not be swimming in the lake

Russ Carr
Russ Carr 2 months ago

The curse of racial violence

Brian24 Lakers2
Brian24 Lakers2 2 months ago

What they don’t tell you is that it was a thriving wealthy black town that was allegedly flooded. Stay woke

Kenny Betsill
Kenny Betsill 2 months ago

Trey Beezy
Trey Beezy 2 months ago

It’s crazy how the news blatantly lied about how lake Lanier was built. The real know.

Reign of Tapp
Reign of Tapp 2 months ago

Learned something

dennis n
dennis n 2 months ago

Next drought. Clean it up.

Jessica Bain
Jessica Bain 2 months ago

This lake has alot of drownings!

Morgan may vlogs
Morgan may vlogs 2 months ago

And that’s why I chill at lake allatoona

Cherelle Howard
Cherelle Howard 2 months ago

2017 I still can't believe my cousin still down there. RIP TROY

Chris Guidi
Chris Guidi 2 months ago

So the project was completed with improper preparation. Let’s hear it for the government

Eric Turberville
Eric Turberville 2 months ago

I went swimming at that lake just a a few weeks ago

T 2 months ago

I need to do my research cuz this doesn't make sense. You're telling me during a drought that homes, cars, and other building structures are visible...why was a lake placed here to begin with. Sounds like the movie Poltergeist. You build homes over a cemetery but don't remove the bodies

Art Monarchia
Art Monarchia 2 months ago

2020, I'm not sure how old this video maybe. Lake Lanier is most definitely not for recreation. What some people are not aware of is; how many people died on that land because they refused to leave their home's. When the flood gates were open to make Lake Lanier a lot of people died. Lake Lanier is a water burial ground and you know what that means. Off limits!

Auggie 2 months ago

Why didn't they remove structures during the drought?

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