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Delicious And Nutritious

I would suggest starting with a 1/2 cup of dates and testing the sweetness first before adding in the remainder.
1. Used recipe:

2. Almond butter version:

Tim Barklow
Tim Barklow 2 months ago

So welcome to cooking club HERE WE GO!!!!! could I mix in some healthy reeses peanut butter in these energy bites?

Lisa Toto
Lisa Toto 2 months ago

Great recipe. Love these videos. Becoming more conscious of the benefits of certain ingredients. Started sprouting my almonds recently and can’t believe how much better they taste.

Amber Franklin
Amber Franklin 2 months ago

Just made these. So easy and good. I had to use figs but still tastes fine. Definitely would be easier with mini chocolate chips. I bought regular.

Jaci Jamison
Jaci Jamison 2 months ago

Awesome, keep it up Billy!

Keith Galluzzo
Keith Galluzzo 2 months ago

You have a Master's degree in Nutrition? :D Now I'm really looking forward to all the awesome recipes! Thank you for sharing all the healthy info :)

#justadityabist 2 months ago

wow, thank you for sharing this with us

Nikhil Verma
Nikhil Verma 2 months ago

U looks like billy🤔
I am still confused

Djkevinhere 2 months ago

yay im first and the food looks delicious i will make it cuz in middle east there are a lot of fresh dates available so yeah im making it for my pokemon grind time

Eshwar ac2j
Eshwar ac2j 2 months ago

1st Comment and its Delicious as always !

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