5 Simple Tips For Taking More Natural Family Portraits


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Information 5 Simple Tips For Taking More Natural Family Portraits

Title : 5 Simple Tips For Taking More Natural Family Portraits

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Frames 5 Simple Tips For Taking More Natural Family Portraits

Description 5 Simple Tips For Taking More Natural Family Portraits

5 Simple Tips For Taking More Natural Family Portraits

5 Simple Tips For Taking More Natural Family Portraits

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Need help capturing natural, candid family portraits? Ever run out of ideas when photographing families? Read the full article here ( bit.ly/FamilyGoTos) to help you work through your next family session!

Yoona Oh
Yoona Oh 2 months ago

You are so amazing. Shooting my first family tomorrow during golden hour in the nature! So excited and can’t wait to tell you how it went!

Tim Heilig
Tim Heilig 2 months ago

Only video on YouTube ive ever heard someone casually ask, "What do you do with the kids while you shoot mom and dad?" Awesome tips though we are doing our first family shoot this weekend and its kinda nerve wracking but exciting at the same time!

Gideon Crow Music
Gideon Crow Music 2 months ago

You're awesome :-) thank you so much for this video

Corné Engelbrecht
Corné Engelbrecht 2 months ago

Hello Michelle! 6 years later and your advice still rocks. Thanks so much!

Pegginspep 123
Pegginspep 123 2 months ago

So helpful! Thanks so much!

Kristofer Fair
Kristofer Fair 2 months ago

Michelle ... great information ... thank you!!

Precious Erica McGee
Precious Erica McGee 2 months ago

This was amazing thanks so much I have my 1st 2 family shoots this weekend and I’m super excited as I embark on my new photography journey!

Mindy G
Mindy G 2 months ago

What lens do you use for family photos

Richard1968T 2 months ago

This is fantastic!

Aman Productions
Aman Productions 2 months ago

0:58 Removing Bodies!!!! LOL

zonekidd 2 months ago

god bless ya soul for this video :,)

Alex 2 months ago

great tips!

Lupita Wolf
Lupita Wolf 2 months ago

I’m 14 and I’ve been getting into photography, doing photo shoots for my girlfriends and engagement photos for family and friends and soon Christmas family photos. I’m very nervous since I’ve just started photography. Any advice?

David Englund - Video Spotlights

Very helpful :-) Thanks! Shooting my first outdoor family portrait next Sunday.

Sikha Khamaru
Sikha Khamaru 2 months ago

Naise tipse

Sikha Khamaru
Sikha Khamaru 2 months ago


soapmanwuan 47
soapmanwuan 47 2 months ago

My only question is, what lens/lenses do you recommend using. (my camera is crop sensor)

soapmanwuan 47
soapmanwuan 47 2 months ago

You helped a bunch Michelle thank you!!!!

DJP Wanderlust Productions

Nice video and thanks. But I would have hoped that all five tips were about getting natural shots. To be honest it was only really tip 4 and 5.

Nicholas Mora
Nicholas Mora 2 months ago

Wow so good great job keep it up!

bvista58 2 months ago

fantastic insight....thank you :)

Tony 2 months ago

Thanks for the tits...I mean the tips

Tawnie Freeland
Tawnie Freeland 2 months ago

OMG I am a mom of a girl and 2 boys. Thiss stuff is liget!

JAIME 2 months ago

Awesome Michelle!

Andrea Hicks
Andrea Hicks 2 months ago

Great advice. Thank you!!

Haireulung Ndang
Haireulung Ndang 2 months ago

Its helpful at some point. Keep it up....

Mark Nutzman
Mark Nutzman 2 months ago

Thanks! That's some great advice!

MandaPanda1672 2 months ago

Thanks so much for the great tips! I have my first family shoot today and rehearsing these tips is helping me calm down my nerves. haha

Upendra Patel
Upendra Patel 2 months ago

Thank you for the tips, I do what you have said in your video, but it does not always work. I have learned lot more from your video, please let me know when you have another video of tips. My email is upendra9@aol.com, thanks.

Solovely_verdin 2 months ago

Amazing tips! Why didn't I see this sooner .

Ruben Shaverd Yan Photography and Video

Great tips! Thank you for sharing.

Andrei Restrepo
Andrei Restrepo 2 months ago

great info, about to do a family session in 30 minutes. 😊👍🏻

Stories by Sachin
Stories by Sachin 2 months ago

What aperture do you generally have to use for family shoots. When using a zoom lens

JA_NPH 2 months ago

Is that an IPad on the table ?, if so, what size screen is it?. I am looking for something relativitly cheap about that size.

djlive408 2 months ago

Great Tips! Thank You!

Bruce Etzcorn
Bruce Etzcorn 2 months ago

Tip #1 with the Facebook profile and the banner is huge. Nobody thinks of that!

Hawaiin Flower
Hawaiin Flower 2 months ago

@slrlounge how long does a family portrait session roughly take?

Abid Dyer
Abid Dyer 2 months ago

What is your favorite lens for environmental family portraits?

turtle j0nes
turtle j0nes 2 months ago

That was a great video

Perfect Photography
Perfect Photography 2 months ago

Thanks, Mam for the tips... they are very much helpful and to the point.

Sam King
Sam King 2 months ago

i came across your channel i was looking for family photography tips.....yours is short yet on point....perfect.

TaharasLounge 2 months ago

Very Helpful!!!

ankit verma
ankit verma 2 months ago

Best video of its kind with actual practical tips. Thank you Michelle !!

Phil Simpson
Phil Simpson 2 months ago

👍👍👍 thank you

Jaydo 2 months ago

Have my first shoot today, and this is extremely helpful! Thank you so much!

Peach Vegas
Peach Vegas 2 months ago

This is great. Im shooting my first family this weekend and this was exactly what I needed! Thanks

David Simmons
David Simmons 2 months ago

nice very helpful

Lucia Hewitt
Lucia Hewitt 2 months ago

Super useful tips and to the point - thank you!

Galy Vasquez
Galy Vasquez 2 months ago

Please Do Thank You

Brenda Vestal
Brenda Vestal 2 months ago

Great job!!! I have a shoot of 6 children with parents this Saturday!!! Going to use some of these!!! THANK YOU!!

alber sabty
alber sabty 2 months ago

i never let a comment on YouTube but you deserve a one,i am in love with your work

Heath Hughes
Heath Hughes 2 months ago

Used your tips on my first family portrait session and they loved all my pictures, the kids were exhausted as you said. Thank you!

Angelica Labadlabad
Angelica Labadlabad 2 months ago

Is this in chino hills !?

Shaoqing Zhang
Shaoqing Zhang 2 months ago

Great tips and great example photos.

Lisa Yerger
Lisa Yerger 2 months ago

Simple easy to remember tips! Thanks!

Joniene Swick
Joniene Swick 2 months ago

I like the idea about keeping everyone involved. That was it's about the time they are having altogether. Thanks for the tips!

William Lovesya
William Lovesya 2 months ago

Great tips.. Thanks so much.

Christy Marie
Christy Marie 2 months ago

very helpful!!!!

Carter Nation
Carter Nation 2 months ago

Thanks super helpful!

VonMarie Santana
VonMarie Santana 2 months ago

Thank you so much !!

Christiana Landau
Christiana Landau 2 months ago


Dan Platon
Dan Platon 2 months ago

very good

Jeff Schad
Jeff Schad 2 months ago

Thank you!

Trayveon Mcdaniel
Trayveon Mcdaniel 2 months ago

Thanks for the tips lady!

Ameetav Nangrani
Ameetav Nangrani 2 months ago

Great tips - big thank you

Bill Perry
Bill Perry 2 months ago

Wonderful tips!. How about an Actor's headshot tips video?

Rubi Lucchese
Rubi Lucchese 2 months ago


Mary Davidson
Mary Davidson 2 months ago

Great advice. Keep it coming!

Rolax 2 months ago

Very helpful, thanks!

Jason Petty
Jason Petty 2 months ago

Great tips.. Thanks

Kevin Le Poer Trench
Kevin Le Poer Trench 2 months ago

Great advice and example's to support your work. I've my first family shoot in a couple of weeks and will practice what I've learnt from your video. I really enjoy the journalistic approach and glad you touched on that.

Agent Madds
Agent Madds 2 months ago

Brilliant video with a lot of great tips. I always find that natural photos, the ones where they dont always know you are taking photos of them can turn out beautifully. Keeping it natural is key. I started taking photos of my nephew from a young age and find a lot of ways to get great pictures by giving them things that will hold their attention. Kids have a short attention span and if its not entertaining, they wont want to be there. One of the easiest ways i combat that problem is bubbles, toys, and pets. Also take many photos in a short space of time, there will always be those few standout shots.

Ariea Boyd
Ariea Boyd 2 months ago

How to be a journalist?

Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson 2 months ago

I'm doing my first family portrait session soon. and I'm so thankful for this video... you've helped me out more than you know!

Sky 2 months ago

Thank you! Great tips.

LuvPhotography 2 months ago

Thank you sooooooooo much... I really appreciate this wonderful video containing so much information.

William Wong
William Wong 2 months ago

Did you use flash?

Bros Of Nowhere
Bros Of Nowhere 2 months ago

Fantastic. Great tips!
Thank You

Rada J
Rada J 2 months ago

watched this spurr of the moment before a shoot. thanks!!!

Marion's Retreat
Marion's Retreat 2 months ago

I love your videos and I can't wait to order Photography 101. You provide such clear simple instruction.
Thank you!

nusrat jahan
nusrat jahan 2 months ago

nice vedio...it'svery importent forus

wmsproductions 2 months ago

great video, I'm doing a family shoot today and this helps a lot

winnyjstew 2 months ago

you are B.E.A utiful

Jermaine Parker
Jermaine Parker 2 months ago

I love it when you said.... "Bonus Round". it's like your face didn't have the excitement to match your voice. :-) Anyway, thanks for the video... it relaxed me before my portrait sessions.

Tiyo Prasetyo
Tiyo Prasetyo 2 months ago

I love this one: "end up as blackmail material for the future" LOL... Great tips, thank you! Terima kasih, Michelle

J Alexander Photography

Super helpful. Thank you.

arex ramos
arex ramos 2 months ago

Thank you so much Michelle.

Joanne Momsen
Joanne Momsen 2 months ago

Hi MIchelle, many thanks for to the point tips and professional presentation. Just love it!

j henry
j henry 2 months ago

Great tutorial video. Learned alot in just a few minutes. I am so ready to try these ideas. So great and so educational.

DGO G. 2 months ago

I personally dislike long videos. Yours is short and educational to the point. Thanks for the tips.

Roman Terovsepyan
Roman Terovsepyan 2 months ago

Great tips.

Apollo Archery
Apollo Archery 2 months ago

Thank you this was so much help im doing my first proper freelance job for a communion soon and this video really helped

GottaLuvshawnda Vlog
GottaLuvshawnda Vlog 2 months ago

great tips! thank you

Mary R
Mary R 2 months ago

like a boss :P
Thank you for the great tips!

Hector Arrivillaga
Hector Arrivillaga 2 months ago

Short and sweet

Birgit Loit
Birgit Loit 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this video! I'm about to shoot my first ever family portraits and yes! I found an amazing video and inspiration right here! Will definitely play it again several times before my big day. Happy!

Mark Fletcher
Mark Fletcher 2 months ago

Very helpful - thank you for making this.

MoveOutMedia 2 months ago

Hi Michelle,

I'm just getting started with photography as a business, how do you define your prices for group photos, and portraits. Thanks for your help in advance.

Jwls Rico
Jwls Rico 2 months ago

lots of great tips