Hard Rock Cafe London Memorabilia Vault Tour + Hottest Chilli Food Menu


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Information Hard Rock Cafe London Memorabilia Vault Tour + Hottest Chilli Food Menu

Title : Hard Rock Cafe London Memorabilia Vault Tour + Hottest Chilli Food Menu

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Frames Hard Rock Cafe London Memorabilia Vault Tour + Hottest Chilli Food Menu

Description Hard Rock Cafe London Memorabilia Vault Tour + Hottest Chilli Food Menu

Hard Rock Cafe London Memorabilia Vault Tour + Hottest Chilli Food Menu

Hard Rock Cafe London Memorabilia Vault Tour + Hottest Chilli Food Menu

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Kul Bahadur Gurung
Kul Bahadur Gurung 2 months ago

Plz tell me
Are those guitar drums clothes are real used by them in back old days

Mohd arif Arif hafizi

Wow hard rock cafe London
Thanks you Robert london

Reva Regina
Reva Regina 2 months ago


zooosia666 2 months ago

10:24 hey john is that you?

Blanca vallés velarde

Es mejor conocer las ciudades acompañado, sobre todo si no conoces a nadie, Londres se te puede caer encima, el calor humano es muy importante, fundamental

roger bixley
roger bixley 2 months ago

I bet Phil and Liz went down to Hard Rock Cafe in disguise for a Burger and chips a few times.

ashley smith
ashley smith 2 months ago


Thiago Moraes
Thiago Moraes 2 months ago

Nice video..I paid a visit there in 2015, i went down there to check all the great memorabilia and i felt really great, especially when i saw Bo Didley's guitar and another one from Little Richard ( Two of the 3 founders of rock among Chuck Berry!! I will pay another visit again,peace!!

Paul O’Donnell
Paul O’Donnell 2 months ago

Stack of Onion Rings need a coat of looking at , rock hard , the onion had shrunk inside the kevlar coating , no excuse the Head Chef should view all food leaving the pass 🙄

Bell Cranel
Bell Cranel 2 months ago

OMG , JH’s flying v is something over the reality

MrMarr4347 2 months ago


Kaio Lopes
Kaio Lopes 2 months ago

thx for the video

Liam Sheen
Liam Sheen 2 months ago

Love your videos mate. I've never been to the hard rock cafe but it's right up my street being a metalhead.

Your videos make me so hungry though haha.

You deserve more subs!

I'll post your channel on some social media stuff I use and see if I can get you more traffic bro.

Theresa Smith
Theresa Smith 2 months ago

Interesting you guys spell chili with two L's >)

chamboyette853 2 months ago

I'm an 86 year old man and my experience at the Hard Rock Café was mixed. When I first came in there the hostess was very unpleasant with me and made inappropriate remarks about my age. When I started going towards the wrong table (mistakingly) she shoved me back and shoved me in the place I was suppose to go. 
She then came back to me with the manager and both profusely apologized for her shocking attitude. She proposed that I spank her for this, which I did. She then proposed an orgy with her and another young woman, which I accepted.
LL Cool J witnessed what happened and was so impressed that he gave me his number saying I was "down with" him and asked me to call him so we could hang out.
So all in all I would rate my experience as being "average".

Rob Matthews
Rob Matthews 2 months ago

hey mate, off to London tomorrow. Do i need to book to go to Hard Rock Cafe or can i just turn up? great video

Coldfinger Moto
Coldfinger Moto 2 months ago

Love your article on this, It was one of my first cleaning contracts that I had back in the seventies. I would clean the place at 2 in the morning. the layout is virtually the same as it was back then although down stairs was just toilets and prep area. My evening stint was always accompanied with a bottle of wine left for me by the staff. Around 5am a little guy on a grocers bike would come in and start making up little table decorations from flowers that he collected from the floor of covent garden market. Brings back some good memories.

Havenn 2 months ago

My favorite place to eat when I was in London. Super awesome place, food and staff. Great video

Jim Cushman
Jim Cushman 2 months ago

Great video...love all The Beatles stuff...and the Lennon army shirt...thanks for posting

Sabina Agha
Sabina Agha 2 months ago

Love the music scene past and present in London. This was great!

Despina Mitsou
Despina Mitsou 2 months ago

Best channel ever . I love to watch your videos . I wish I lived in UK. I am from Greece. TFS

Sam Seed
Sam Seed 2 months ago

the face you did when you drank that chilli martini , cross between alan partridge and david brent , luv it .....

K Grindle
K Grindle 2 months ago

This video is unreal. Absolutely fantastic! Thanks!!

Amanda S
Amanda S 2 months ago

Really enjoy your channel. Perhaps an idea would be to do some videos of the London train stations, their history and what food they offer there?

Marco Saraiva
Marco Saraiva 2 months ago

Great video hot hot hot chilli foooood the best .

Courtney 2 months ago

great video! love seeing the city!

Hubert BARIL
Hubert BARIL 2 months ago

Hi, Robert! How about doing a video about London's cat cafés. They are getting more and more popular everywhere.

Kathryn Kluth
Kathryn Kluth 2 months ago

more london music history video please....loved the one on the rolling stones you did a while ago....great job

saurabh kashyap
saurabh kashyap 2 months ago

great awesome keep it up
again it feels like im in london.

earlbee31 2 months ago

Quite simply an awesome video of popular music culture of which I love thank you


Mark Leneker
Mark Leneker 2 months ago

Always enjoy your videos, Robert. Have you done a fish and chips segment? Cod or haddock?


I have been there a few times Robert ...beautiful and ...tasty memories.Thank you my friend 👍🙋