10 Coolest Toys that will entertain you for hours


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Information 10 Coolest Toys that will entertain you for hours

Title : 10 Coolest Toys that will entertain you for hours

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Frames 10 Coolest Toys that will entertain you for hours

Description 10 Coolest Toys that will entertain you for hours

10 Coolest Toys that will entertain you for hours

10 Coolest Toys that will entertain you for hours

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Pro Hacker
Pro Hacker 2 months ago

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MrT 1053
MrT 1053 2 months ago

That trike is madly insane

Precious Sebotsa
Precious Sebotsa 2 months ago

9:30 whts the songs name guys plzzz tell me

August Moreno
August Moreno 2 months ago

I wanted to invent the tracking drone, but I have a much better idea. Also what is the first invention called, what is the name than just hoverboard. is it hoverboard wheel?

mike young
mike young 2 months ago

My pick for best new toy is the Litehawk Rebel. Battlebots, Soccer, Tag, etc. Its a blast just make sure you order an extra battery as 20 mins just flies by when playing this.

Josh of The day
Josh of The day 2 months ago

It’s like five year olds in a Christmas catalog I want everything!!!

Mastershotkilla #
Mastershotkilla # 2 months ago


FIRE BLASTER 2 months ago

You won’t believe you eyes when you find out how much them supper cool light up trainers cost

Chase Monster10
Chase Monster10 2 months ago



I want the shoes to moan every time I take a step

Froggie 2 months ago

Wow these look cool I'mma buy one wait a minute I forgot I'm POOR

Taylor and Daddy
Taylor and Daddy 2 months ago

I need one

Sarah Eckstein
Sarah Eckstein 2 months ago

im not picking up ll those ping pong balls

Louie _81
Louie _81 2 months ago

I want a electric bike and its $1200

The black Plague
The black Plague 2 months ago


NoobplayZ 2 months ago

shy better the guy with th e plane yeah


Good title.. entertainment for mere hours. How glib to be materialistic it isop*on my channel I make Soulless Spiritless Humans Organic Portals videos and food plant teaching videos* genius level

EIectric Airways
EIectric Airways 2 months ago

Imagine making the paper plane drop water balloons on people! XDDDD

Domi 2 months ago

8:57 toy ?

Mr CrocPlays
Mr CrocPlays 2 months ago

Shoes are not a toy

Scoped Playz
Scoped Playz 2 months ago

Omg thanks I got like 0 of them

Blob Boi 0
Blob Boi 0 2 months ago

12:18 So it can be stolen easily.... Thats a downfall they showed.

cooltat gaming
cooltat gaming 2 months ago

Like my comment to support💪

cooltat gaming
cooltat gaming 2 months ago


cooltat gaming
cooltat gaming 2 months ago

Do a video for lock down

cooltat gaming
cooltat gaming 2 months ago

Nice vid

Musa Muradov
Musa Muradov 2 months ago

why is ur name pro hacker if u make vids like this

madhatter 2 months ago

Can someone make a video like this and put the prices cause I don't think there's a single one on YouTube

Fndon 2 months ago


Maria Drogaytseva
Maria Drogaytseva 2 months ago

I'm looking for the coolest toy for my son. Something that would advance his physical and mental skills. I found VURTEGO to be cool for the body, now I need one for Coding, engineering. Some kind of a cool STEM toy for 10+

Well_The_Simulations 2 months ago

I would program the shoes to be a meme soundboard

XBN PLAYS 2 months ago

I don’t think all off it is for kids

Robløx_Cookie Oreo
Robløx_Cookie Oreo 2 months ago

What are those light up shoes called

Sushil Poudel
Sushil Poudel 2 months ago

I am the 1k dislikes 😎

Whack Tom
Whack Tom 2 months ago

Just buy a skateboard because you can only get better and it brings joy like nothing else

Henry Sun
Henry Sun 2 months ago

What if the paper airplane breaks?

Judah Mars
Judah Mars 2 months ago

I wonder how shoes can entertain you for hours...

Cataclqsm RS
Cataclqsm RS 2 months ago

The LES shoes are so extra like what the hell

Malcolm Keboku
Malcolm Keboku 2 months ago

Where did you get that n8ce song from?

Irelynd & Preslynn
Irelynd & Preslynn 2 months ago

Name of song at 12:48?

ELYEETO 2 months ago

Here’s some more ideas PS4 Nintendo Switch Xbox any gaming console

the person
the person 2 months ago

i dont want something to entertain me for HOURS, but for YEARS these things are literally useless and super expensive

Cure to Boredom
Cure to Boredom 2 months ago

“What a dope pogo stick”
Looks on page: $400

Steven S
Steven S 2 months ago

Dislike all this guys videos EVERYONE

Steven S
Steven S 2 months ago

Go to HELL

MrFoxPie 2 months ago

Yeah sure one wheel is amazing but have you seen how much it is like 2 or 1 k il have to sell my kidney to get that

Pozeus 2 months ago

It would be cool to have a VR headset like that

Marlie Lucille
Marlie Lucille 2 months ago

0:20 my dad has 2 of those

Ryann Villavicencio
Ryann Villavicencio 2 months ago

How to Buy

Pug Gang
Pug Gang 2 months ago

Those car things are a lie it didn't play music when I drove it!!!

Jordan G
Jordan G 2 months ago

1:09 people with the leg tappy thing be like 🟣🟠🟢🟠🟣🔴🟣🟠🟢🟠🔵🔴🟣🔴🟢🟡🟢🟠🟣🔴🟣🟠🟢🟠🟥🟠🔵🔴🟩🔴🔵🔴🟢🟠🟢🟠🟣🔴🔵🟠🈳️🔴

ALL PETS 2 months ago

I like the shock absorber to be able to go back and escape from a fast house or my wife.

ALL PETS 2 months ago

very nice

Dark Jynx
Dark Jynx 2 months ago


SHADE GAMING 2 months ago

I have come to know after many years that shoe is a toy😑

Little Savage
Little Savage 2 months ago

The pocket shot looks like like someone had a boner

Ava Bean
Ava Bean 2 months ago


JupiterJumper 2 months ago

trainer aka no friend ping pong

Chideraa Nwosu
Chideraa Nwosu 2 months ago


nathaniel perez
nathaniel perez 2 months ago

can anyone help what as the name for the song in number 8

fire blaze
fire blaze 2 months ago

i've reached a whole new level of boredom and i need something that will entertain me for Months Not hours

texasdee slinglead
texasdee slinglead 2 months ago

The shoes should blink in patterns to music , that the wearer is listening to . Seperation from foot movement .

ItsGrimy 2 months ago

As if anyone bought these

Sage ReFleX
Sage ReFleX 2 months ago

Trips over the board suddenly

Kerelex Ψ
Kerelex Ψ 2 months ago


Quincy Lockett
Quincy Lockett 2 months ago

Anyone else sad they to broke to afford most this cool shit

Oof Seth
Oof Seth 2 months ago

Cool gifts that will entertain you for hours then get boring

Luke Delancey
Luke Delancey 2 months ago

i felt like i was watching a bunch of ads

SMALLHEAD09 HI 2 months ago

You are the best YouTube or ever

Hayden Johnson
Hayden Johnson 2 months ago

V4 pogo stick costs $400 😞

WNArctic 2 months ago

How do shoes entertain you?

Tutle Mine
Tutle Mine 2 months ago

I know what will entertain you of hours youtube

GMBoxer 2 months ago

Thats nit a hoverboard thats ONEWHEEL that is considered a monowheel.

Silly Strings
Silly Strings 2 months ago

When you realize your watching ads on purpose

Flothom 2 months ago


FNAF Friends
FNAF Friends 2 months ago

I thought the first on was an add!

Matt25 2 months ago

6:30 happy kid noises

Sad teacher noises

Dapianokid 2 months ago

1. House

expergefactor 2 months ago

10 coolest toys that will end up in you’re garbage bag.

Its Leafy
Its Leafy 2 months ago

That's a suferboard

RED OPPS 2 months ago

Only if the trainer bot had a net to catch the balls or something

Coopers Not a bird
Coopers Not a bird 2 months ago

Can’t wait to get entertained for hours by shoes

Lucas !
Lucas ! 2 months ago

Lol why is it called father?

BenetApapitine 2 months ago

what is reality

Tamara Saveva
Tamara Saveva 2 months ago

You need to be super lazy to have a hoverboard use legs!!!

0 subs no vids
0 subs no vids 2 months ago

Who else is searching for a fun device to stop gaming addiction

Hotdoge 2 months ago

Only problem is that is dont have 200 ping pong balls

Connor Roberts
Connor Roberts 2 months ago

Pocket shot is not a toy it can do the same amount of damage as a 9m now that would be fine but the Rubber snaps and can cripple your hand

Yes Of Course I’m Ksi

The shoes are kinda dumb though 😬

Augustya Sing
Augustya Sing 2 months ago

plz make a reasonable price ball throwing machine *)

C0R3Y Y3UNG 2 months ago

I want it

Idiotwholikesmemes yt

The hover board is 1,500 pounds

Sebastian Carvajal
Sebastian Carvajal 2 months ago

Does anybody know how much the orphe shoes cost ?

Cozzi 2 months ago

the fucking hoverboard cost 1000 bucks bruh dats too much

Olaoluwa KOLADE
Olaoluwa KOLADE 2 months ago

All of this stuff is so cool!

Meep City
Meep City 2 months ago


Meep City
Meep City 2 months ago


Lisztoromania 2 months ago

2:21 Just one problem.... where are you gonna get all the balls?

Hollow Monarch
Hollow Monarch 2 months ago


Keep you entertained for hours

y e e h a w
y e e h a w 2 months ago

Thanks for showing me these :}