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caroline Kremer
caroline Kremer 2 months ago

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Star Wonder
Star Wonder 2 months ago


VBili1 2 months ago

Excuse me... how can they practice strict containment on a plague they aren't even testing for?

BlackMuddyRiver 2 months ago

If we had universal healthcare millions of people wont lose there home after being hospitalized.

BlackMuddyRiver 2 months ago

Trump administration is trying to stop the spread of truth that they dropped the ball and now we are not at all prepared for this.

patty sizer
patty sizer 2 months ago

Overblown and verbose. Do ANY of these people know how to get to the point? Tired of self-congratulatory language. Am unable to continue watching.

Joy&BRUCE bruce
Joy&BRUCE bruce 2 months ago

TRUMP care about us$$$$". Thats why he cut funding CDC 80% for global disease prevention last few years Can't be helping those swarmy foreigners like Obama did for Africa with Ebola. Saves$$$$us$$$$ piles on spending for the rabble. WAKE UP SHEEPLE.Z

Question Everything
Question Everything 2 months ago


Doublescoop BS
Doublescoop BS 2 months ago

It seem popular to say "it's probably worse than what we hear" as though over 77,000 cases and more than 2700 has died is not bad enough or good enough stats.

Hyper Girl
Hyper Girl 2 months ago

This whole thing is ridiculous ....I don't want to pay for others healthcare sorry

Joseph King
Joseph King 2 months ago

Lol @ D D party. Correlates tax cuts billionaires from medical care.... 😂 they are pathetic

Catie B
Catie B 2 months ago

And where are masks and medicine made??? China.

hopespringseternal70 2 months ago

false chaos to bring in forced vaccinations for ALL OF US. ever research what safety tests ate done on biologics like vaccines? NONE

JDMEXforme 2 months ago

As soon as we all heard this i knew it was gonna be huge. Now look at it. We are into march and its still spreading.

R1sky B1z
R1sky B1z 2 months ago

I am in drugs and crying whilst jerking off and vaguely approve of this video

IAM Me 2 months ago

Humm... The first (1st) speaker is very informative.
Showing the quoted " truth "; of the Trump Administration's direct financial agenda. Involving the safety and wellbeing of the American Public's Citizenry. I am not pleased with these intentions Mr. President Donald J. Trump, ( 0 : 00 ) --> ( 3 : 05 ) Hear it for yourself Jah, ... Humm...

david jones
david jones 2 months ago

If a person is carrying the virus and does not know it, he can pass the virus on to another person that does not have a mask on his face. So having a mask on helps to prevent the sick person from spreading the virus. The person that is not sick is protected by having the mask on his face! So have a mask on your face! N95 Mask!

Tyrion Lannister
Tyrion Lannister 2 months ago

Im happy to see Americans commenters trying to tear their good arm off and replace it with stupid alternatives with special agendas. Good luck on your next outbreak because the CDC will be filled with politicians instead of actual doctors.

QAUSSIE 2 months ago

Healthcare was for illegals

swat4hire 2 months ago

Tired of the democrats turning everything from a bird chipping in the morning to a virus Into trump's fault
This is called a judgment from our father in heaven to get the attention of those who do not have faith in him. This is a heads up to repent and acknowledge our creator before it she late
This is called a pandemic and the fact that there are not enough masks for health workers let alone the public tells you this is bigger then any of you are admitting! If the USA has had no new cases since ned February then why all the talk about masks and there not being enough? Some of us aren't stupid and some of us who have faith in our father in heaven know what's coming upon this world perhaps she should start reading The Bible? If you want to know what's going to happen it's all written in their... Every try to have faith and pray to our father who does not lie perhaps will allow his Holy Spirit to guide you unto all truth as well

john walker
john walker 2 months ago

I hate to cry foul or be a conspiracy theorist, but the impeachment efforts didn’t work, as well as all other tyrannical efforts to oust Trump- then out of left field a pandemic hits a few days later............

Earthly Civilian
Earthly Civilian 2 months ago

Does not exist

Cindy 2 months ago

If warm weather put an end to this virus, it wouldn't be spreading like a wildfire in Italy. Italy is hot right now...

Janice Greene
Janice Greene 2 months ago

🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠 We are All Dead 🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠

Nike 2 months ago

30:47 picking nose lol

bimmer4011 2 months ago

The confused speaker talked alot about the fear of losing funds but wasn't able to articulate specific programs or amounts and mitigation options. That means he doesn't know, so he's just making empty statements.
Specifics, that is what will show us you know what the hell you're going on about.
The second speaker had at least some details and provided clear statements about what they can do regard6next steps. That's what we want to hear, not rhetoric from the first speaker, someone who didn't prepare for the meeting (hearing).

Svenstrup Lodge
Svenstrup Lodge 2 months ago

Are you people really so stupid and brainwashed!? It's just a flu and it happens sometime here and there,they just want to robb people,the pharma industry,no1 in the world industry,its all set up by the last g20,wake up and have some trust in GOD

Michael Hunter
Michael Hunter 2 months ago

It's population control. It's similar to the flu, and no one will question when you disappear. Provided by the panic of the media outlets.

Winter Goosey
Winter Goosey 2 months ago

Yup deaths keep azar... paid. Keep s his but warm in his chair. Keeps him paid.

Winter Goosey
Winter Goosey 2 months ago

Not probably china situation is worse. It is definitely much worse than anyone is comfortable to admit.

Winter Goosey
Winter Goosey 2 months ago

I'm doing my job. I'm doing my job.

Ro L
Ro L 2 months ago

Whoa, wait. Unconstitutional? Obama literally tossed it on a table, told y'all to figure it out. You legalized ACA, aka obamacare. Poor ppl were taxed/fined if they didn't buy it. Unconstitutional?
Hey Congress, when are you going to work with President Trump and necessary departments to keep working on coverage?
I had 1 medication that would have cost over $1400 a month. With a new program it costs $10.
Do your jobs and finish righting the wrongs.
Work with the CDC instead of brow beating everyone.

Winter Goosey
Winter Goosey 2 months ago

What they don't tell you is that ncovid is 100 lethal.

Winter Goosey
Winter Goosey 2 months ago

They plan to kill off all the poor. So they dont have to pay health care anymore. Depopulation agenda!!

Ro L
Ro L 2 months ago

More people are working so they don't need Medicaid. If they did still need help it's considerably less.
Many programs have begun but the media isn't reporting that.
The coronavirus doesn't have any particular vacines or people would get them.
China & overall media is not reporting accurately. But I don't feel it's because of President Trump so stop beating that dead horse already. It's pathetic. Blame Obama, Nixon, or the fact people don't cover their mouths when sneezing. Stop spitting, stop wiping your nose then putting your hands all over everything. Be considerate. "Do unto others as you would have other do to you."

Victoria Short
Victoria Short 2 months ago

Washington is so out of touch with the American people. Folks with NO HEALTH INSURANCE who get NO SICK DAYS at work will not be going to a physician or 'staying at home' when they're sick because they won't be paid or be able to pay their bills. These people will unfortunately and through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN be spreading this illness. We will be seeing an outbreak worse than in China which, at least, has universal health care.

Shan Dam
Shan Dam 2 months ago

Every time I hear the news lately I remember this scripture: 19 We know that we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. -1 John 5 NWT (Rated as the most accurate bible by biblical scholars)

donatello lamark
donatello lamark 2 months ago

Nice job complaining at your underlings the masks should be done by the time the herd is culled.its cute how they acted like they cared when all there looking is for is a scapegoat.a hero and a story to placate ftw

KING OF TSEDEQ 2 months ago

If all these accusations are true POTUS can enact an executive order to free up money to assist Americans regarding Corona. End of debate, NEXT!

Arlysse Thurston
Arlysse Thurston 2 months ago

You are infectious when you do not have symptoms. I have never observed such a group of morons in my 54 years of life. Need I remind you of the bubonic plague of the 1600s . It came with the warmer weather that year . It killed thousands in a very short period of time. Your panel is very scary You cant use acyclovir on that virus either.Just like you cannot use penicillin on the common cold.I am Canadian and Mr .Trudeu at least has not made light of this danger and has tried to keep us safe.

Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson 2 months ago

Go to yt station please and fast
(the epoch times ) who says they admire how china is controlling the disease ,Get right with God and ask jesus christ into your lives and hearts .

Marlon lacert
Marlon lacert 2 months ago

16:07 <-- Is this Man insane? Importation from Canada, WTF is he smoking? There is a reason Canadian drugs are so cheap. And there is a a reason that those with money will buy from the USA when they can.. As for the reason, I will not say. Look it up for yourself, ya lazy a-s..

M K 2 months ago

cheap talk while trump expects us to pay millions for his effing golf trips. We need to get rid of 2/3rds of these people.

MY2 Cent
MY2 Cent 2 months ago

Good luck if you get sick. Republican have always wanted to end medicare. Yet at the same time give themselves a tax cut. I can see if who ever is speaking was lying but they are not. As society in population not war is your biggest enemy. Outbreak can be deadly and spread fast. The fact that we have people in the country illegals that can make matter even worse.

alexa jessop
alexa jessop 2 months ago

You are not Communists.

L X 2 months ago

poor American

Foxbat 25
Foxbat 25 2 months ago

Just reply Yes or NO

Black Oak Strong, Ross Legacy

Here's what I'm not understanding, so far, 16,000 people have died and 280,000 people have been hospitalized during the 2019-2020 flu season, according to preliminary estimates from the CDC. Concerning the Coronavirus, there are 81,406 active cases, 2,771 have died and 30,370 have recovered. So, how is this a pandemic when the flu each year, especially if it turns in pneumonia is a more greater threat to human health? It's like the media purposely wants people to panic?

John Wang
John Wang 2 months ago

So reduce the funding by 80% so when something happens you can give some of it back to look like a hero while simultaneously cutting funding to other health agencies. And to reduce drug costs, just take what the Canadians negotiated for their people without acknowledging that Canada's population is one tenth that of the US and obviously, they'll have to clamp down on the selling of drugs to Americans just to keep medications for themselves... We are in a zombie apocalypse and it involves zombies wearing red hats...

Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 2 months ago

The guy in the back is very observant

Jerry Harrell
Jerry Harrell 2 months ago matter what, we r all *ucked, gonna die, no one gets out a here alive..

Brandon m
Brandon m 2 months ago

3270$ dollars per person just to get tested in the us if this is true you better believe people are going to stay home

Freewoman 2 months ago

This is just a hate fest on Trump. STFU and lets have some helpful information.

hank spooner
hank spooner 2 months ago

Just to let people know a simple fact. On average 150,000 people die globally per day so far Caronavirus has only killed 2500 in 3 months. This is usually what the global elite do to crash the markets and then buy them up at the bottom. Why people are stocking up on toilet paper the rich are rubbing their greedy hands together waiting to press the buy button.

Frank Pontone
Frank Pontone 2 months ago

What a coincidence on the 100th anniversary of the Influenza Pandemic!

N8UR NURD 2 months ago

Is some of this redacted? Audio cuts out for a bit on during Covid-19 talk...

Wills_explorations And_Gs


Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer 2 months ago

"one of the strongest public health infrastructure in the world"

ShrimpBrime 2 months ago

Spending more time talking about it than doing something about it. These highly paid people talk and talk and talk and talk....... nothing happens except people getting sick. Can't get the numbers accurate. Can't make good suggestions. Can't help Americans except talk some more about it. Hey guys/gals..... lets talk about this situation. We have trillions of tax dollars, lets spend it on talking some more............

Pugile MoltoBene
Pugile MoltoBene 2 months ago

Don't get CORONA'd!!!

Bill Hinckley
Bill Hinckley 2 months ago

What I did not like hearing about is Trumps proposed Health and Safty cuts 🤬

Daniel B
Daniel B 2 months ago

why do they all seem incompetent ? it's almost as if they are protecting THEIR interests... not the peoples...

TopData 2 months ago

Gotta love the censorship.

Noe Alverus
Noe Alverus 2 months ago

Made in China

lester palocsay
lester palocsay 2 months ago

KNOCK KNOCK who's there...... EVERYWHERE! pray hard.

havfaith S.
havfaith S. 2 months ago

China, The Who and CDC are to blame. Borders should be closed.

sly boy
sly boy 2 months ago

Are you going to ask questions or just complain about other things

Robert Tietjen
Robert Tietjen 2 months ago

60 billion dollars of fraudulently acquired Medicare each year! Maybe this is a reason to make some cuts, and fix another screwed up government program!

Daniel B
Daniel B 2 months ago

Azar is a joke :/

Moussaoui Ahmed
Moussaoui Ahmed 2 months ago

......... ................................AM

Joey Boedeker
Joey Boedeker 2 months ago

"It's Trumps fault!!")))))))))))))
Every time. Do nothing democrats

CSXRockford 2 months ago

Hand sanitizer is the main reason people no longer have a hardy immune system and they get sick at the drop of the hat.

Sun Sun
Sun Sun 2 months ago

They let them on the plane to come over...who is really to blame?

MisterTracks 2 months ago

nice content

scot wentworth
scot wentworth 2 months ago

Good luck trying to get any masks to protect ourselves because i can't find any !

krankenheim13 2 months ago

TRUMP 2020

Patricia Flick
Patricia Flick 2 months ago

Hello I am one of many nurses in infection control for 30 yrs . I bring to attention on all fields healthcare
You are expecting a pandemic! Level airborne virus with is quarantine just the supplies alone for each individual includes caregivers housekeepers all that are exposed requires gloves gowns mask 02 canulas sheets pads PERSONAL masks an bathing supplies must be disposable .you have to treat any level 3 like sars. Ebola.mersa. blood borne pathogens double the amount. Provided or won't be enough supplies ! 4 billion is correct

Unity 2 months ago

Sup with the guy in the Back ? He acts like zombie apocalypse is here already

Maria Mistfire
Maria Mistfire 2 months ago

Gotta love the censorship.