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Gummy Bear
Gummy Bear 2 months ago

You are tooo disrespectful to be followed.

Ranjini Govindan
Ranjini Govindan 2 months ago

Old ladies don't keep their house like the way you think.they dont go with their age it's their thinking and attitude towards life . hopeless way to begin your need lessons from Isabella.

southernlight6 2 months ago

How to win friends and influence people: Start out by insulting senior citizens!

Rachel Serios
Rachel Serios 2 months ago

I think if u really want to change the looks, by buying new things to put in on the leaving room, well every one can do them self.. It way better if u change the place by using what she have from the room and make it creative and stylish and add up some to reflect the personality of the person. And thats more econamics..

Cherry-Ann Sylvester
Cherry-Ann Sylvester 2 months ago

I have seen some old ladies' places that were luxurious!!!

Ella Jones
Ella Jones 2 months ago

Decorating faux pas, floating rug.

Olive & Eunice
Olive & Eunice 2 months ago


Elizabeth Rodriguez
Elizabeth Rodriguez 2 months ago

Excuse me Young Lady but your insensitive comment an Old Ladies home Really do u not know that one day God willing you will be an Old Lady. I found your transformation kinda Cold unimpressive just like your comment. Thumbs down.

Just Me
Just Me 2 months ago

Very nice transformation.

Angela Stewart
Angela Stewart 2 months ago

very nice.

Angela Stewart
Angela Stewart 2 months ago

very nice.

Alexandra Elma
Alexandra Elma 2 months ago

Holy fuckkk

SeeSomethingSayIt 2 months ago

The airhead blowing idiocracy through her blowhole in this video needs to learn this: "You're going to be an "old lady" someday."

Fat,Gay, and Tired!
Fat,Gay, and Tired! 2 months ago

Where did those pull down shades come from?