20+ BEST Gifts for Her! *HOLIDAY Gift Guide 2020* Lots Under $25!



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Information 20+ BEST Gifts for Her! *HOLIDAY Gift Guide 2020* Lots Under $25!

Title : 20+ BEST Gifts for Her! *HOLIDAY Gift Guide 2020* Lots Under $25!

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Frames 20+ BEST Gifts for Her! *HOLIDAY Gift Guide 2020* Lots Under $25!

Description 20+ BEST Gifts for Her! *HOLIDAY Gift Guide 2020* Lots Under $25!

20+ BEST Gifts for Her! *HOLIDAY Gift Guide 2020* Lots Under $25!

20+ BEST Gifts for Her! *HOLIDAY Gift Guide 2020* Lots Under $25!

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Monique D
Monique D 2 months ago

Spendy...I feel I want to name my pet that ...so cute

Rebekah Thorne
Rebekah Thorne 2 months ago

I just absolutely love your channel and have learned so much about skin care in such a short amount of time. Thank you for sharing all of your experience with us and having such amazing videos. Your my favorite beauty channel!! Happy New Year!!

Terri Haley
Terri Haley 2 months ago

Do you think the faux leather jacket is true to size? I typically get a medium, but not sure if I should size up. thanks

Cathy Hunter
Cathy Hunter 2 months ago

Hi Angie Merry Christmas you are one of my very favorites on utube.

Beth Bilous
Beth Bilous 2 months ago

This was the BEST gift guide, great things to give.

Beth Bilous
Beth Bilous 2 months ago

What is the brand of the blanket that is sold out the knobby one?

eubacos 2 months ago

Hi! Just wondering if those are your real lashes. If they are, you have beautiful natural eyelashes!!

Roowzer 2 months ago

I LOVE the star necklace!!

Laurie London
Laurie London 2 months ago

Thanks for all these great ideas, Angie! My daughter is about the same age as yours and had a November bday. I shopped your list for her bday present (box chain necklace which she loves) and just finished a lot of my Christmas shopping through your links (a sweater, several mug warmers, boots). Thanks again for these great lists. I've been working fulltime with PPE through the pandemic and am exhausted when I get home at 10pm. Your taste and great finds will make me a rockstar on Christmas morning.

Sandy Baby
Sandy Baby 2 months ago

your skin looks great!!!! omggg

Shelley Pitchford
Shelley Pitchford 2 months ago

This was like spending a "girl hour" with you over coffee - fun. Great gift ideas; thank you. Merry Christmas. Shelley from San Diego

SuperSydneyh 2 months ago

Great gifts H&F but please - no face masks - they're being used to "control" the sheeple. IMO.

L mae
L mae 2 months ago

Love the gift bag ideas. I ordered the Appleby brand (made in AZ) from Amazon. The tags are cute too but are from China so I am going to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s to get mine. Terrific ideas. 🎄❤️🤗👍

Amy Burke
Amy Burke 2 months ago

Angie, is it just me or is there an issue with the SHOW MORE link above? It isn't a clickable link for me. Perhaps it's on my end, but if you can check the link, that would be great. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Mary 2 months ago

Cute gift ideas, but if your over 60 nix the UGG slippers, bought them last year and slid off the heel about broke my neck, so if you buy beware😂. Thanks for sharing.

MsCsunshine 2 months ago

I only wear my UGGs when I get a pedi in the winter from shop home. Shearling is in my cart - the burgundy/ wine color I’d gone Black will be fine

Hazel Smith
Hazel Smith 2 months ago

Love your channel, could not locate the hat & grayish/siver throw on your list. Just share your video with girlfriends.

tamar b'ahava
tamar b'ahava 2 months ago

I just ordered 3 pairs of the UGG slippers! Two for future daughter in-laws and one as a gift for me! Thanks for the great idea!

Natalie White
Natalie White 2 months ago

Great video! Can I ask where you got the tree behind you? Thanks!!!

nseelall 2 months ago

Just received my gift bags and I love them. I have ordered a few more

Vivan Mai
Vivan Mai 2 months ago

Love your picks! Is the blanket the Sven Oversize Throw Blanket from Pom Pom at Home?

Jaime Marchon
Jaime Marchon 2 months ago

I thought I was the only one with the neck issues. Getting that scarf! You have great taste

Dawn Conde
Dawn Conde 2 months ago

Fantastic video Angie!

Erica Simpson
Erica Simpson 2 months ago

Imma NEEEEDDDDD all of these! I just don’t have money to afford any of these things

Colleen Anne
Colleen Anne 2 months ago

Thank you thank you thank you! Believe it or not there are several gifts here that I am planning to get for my young adult sons and my hubby! So thankful for your calm and joyful attitude. ❣️

Rosy curtin
Rosy curtin 2 months ago

Your wife???! REALLY!!!
Bye bye

Kerry Nieh
Kerry Nieh 2 months ago

Thank you for this- great ideas!

J Wong
J Wong 2 months ago

Angie, soo glad you recommended the faux leather jacket. I just saw that it's a LaMarque dupe (on sale now for $508)!!!

Angela Meister
Angela Meister 2 months ago

I love your channel. These ideas are amazing. Can you tell me where you bought your bracelet you have on in this video? I've seen you wear it in other videos. Thanks for all your ideas!!

Barb Nixon
Barb Nixon 2 months ago

If you could only recommend 1 product that has made the biggest difference (congrats to your hooded eye improvements) which would it be....Nuface Trinity and ELE or the Red Light? I have been following and trying your recommendations. Thanks for sharing.

Marilyn Santiago
Marilyn Santiago 2 months ago

Angie do you know the brand of the Nordstrom Rope Blanket that is sold out??

Hallie Zhao
Hallie Zhao 2 months ago

I can’t believe it’s Friday again. Ordered curology by the way. We shall see if it works for me. ❤️✌️

Megan 2 months ago

Love you Angie 💋💖💕❤️ Thanks for your video, I always love tuning in !! Watching from Ireland 🇮🇪

Ann Trim
Ann Trim 2 months ago

thanks so much Angie!

Christina Pasz
Christina Pasz 2 months ago

I always appreciate the thought and time you put into your gift giving recommendations. As always, a perfect video!

Lisa H
Lisa H 2 months ago

Angie, I bit the bullet and bought the Ugg boots. Thank you 🙏 Great recommendation. I Live in Chicago so I’m hoping this will be my everyday wear for a long while. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🥰💕

Hatch Man Do
Hatch Man Do 2 months ago

Great ideas!!!

Louise Sharpy
Louise Sharpy 2 months ago

Love watching your gift videos. Your hair got so long. So pretty. I haven’t been on for a bit. Missed watching for sure.

Elizabeth Detrich
Elizabeth Detrich 2 months ago

Hi Angie, just an fyi, the link for your sweater and a couple of others like the bathrobe aren't working. I tried it in two different browsers. I don't know if it's on the vendor side or youtube side? Just wanted to let you know. :)

Jenls72 2 months ago

None of the links work.

Jana Culbreth
Jana Culbreth 2 months ago

Hi I can’t get some of these links to open :(... it just goes to a blank page.. I especially wanted to find out about your pink fluffy robe!!!! ❤️

Erin Lommel
Erin Lommel 2 months ago

W O W thank you !

Bee M
Bee M 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your video! Love everything. The UGG slippers, do they run true to size. Not sure if I am a 9.5 would I go with the 9 or the 10? Love how you explain everything so well.

sn12 2 months ago

i love bod pods my fav discovery! if only they already came in glass or tin n seperate refills like toothpaste tabs n fragrance free that would be great! please apologize to your dad i, unfortunately, have to buy the bod pod from amazon b/ someone who doesn't know my hate for amazon gave me a gift card which i am v thankful for but tht means i can't support your dad's business directly during black friday i hope amazon doesn't keep a big cut...i encourage everyone to look into the horrible evil corp. amazon is and maybe promote/use them less n shop directly from vendors or locally this season. small businness need us more this year unfortunately.

Joan Gentile
Joan Gentile 2 months ago

I love your videos, Angie!! Merry Christmas!! 🌲💖

Ceen 2 months ago

I love your gift guide!!!

Cathy Rosen
Cathy Rosen 2 months ago


Claudia Cattaneo
Claudia Cattaneo 2 months ago

Hi Angie, I have a question not related to this video. How often do you get Botox injections? By the way you look great for 58.

Squeesplort Kitteh
Squeesplort Kitteh 2 months ago

loving that jewelry box!

Colleen reimer
Colleen reimer 2 months ago

Great gift ideas! Thanks Angie❤️🌲

Suzi Hazlove
Suzi Hazlove 2 months ago

Ladies Koles has super soft pjs. My sis turned me onto them last year. More afforadable.

Renee Uhinck
Renee Uhinck 2 months ago

Thank you for all your information and help on beauty products. You really go the extra mile for all of us. I bought Christmas gifts as soon as I viewed your shopping tips! So thankful Angie

Julia Levison
Julia Levison 2 months ago

Got the Thymes for scented candle. Oh my goodness it smells amazing, like Christmas !

Bernadette Wendel
Bernadette Wendel 2 months ago

Thank you Angie 🥰

Teresa Scudder
Teresa Scudder 2 months ago

My shopping is almost done...

Michelle Hart
Michelle Hart 2 months ago

HI Angie!! Have you heard of the red light mask from POOSH? its $190 but not sure about the quality? can you do a comparison with the one that you have? I would love one of these masks but the prices are steep but would love to get your opinion. Take care!!

Cheri Yost
Cheri Yost 2 months ago

Would love a review on Tre’Stique foundation stick!

Lynne Schultz
Lynne Schultz 2 months ago

These were all great! Thanks so much. Happy, Happy and Merry, Merry!

kathy medlar
kathy medlar 2 months ago

This my 1st year to watch your Best gifts video. What fun! Great ideas...thank you!

supersuperwendy 2 months ago

What a great video :) Thanks Angie!!

V King
V King 2 months ago

Love the festive look of your video-great gift ideas. Just FYI-for those that would love a BD sweater but just can’t spend the money they had a very similar sweater at Costco in several colors. I have a couple BD but bought the Costco one in black last year and it is very similar. The quality (I think) of the Costco sweater is very good but it’s a LOT less $$.

Gina Sanderson
Gina Sanderson 2 months ago

Hi Angie, I've decided this year is all about me, well mostly! As it's my 50th birthday on December 15th (Eeek.) Celebrations will be nigh on impossible as we're in constant lockdown here in Lancashire England, I am a key worker in a small primary school, I have contracted the Corona virus & am still fighting some of the after effects. So I and
(my hubby) has treated me to an LED face mask, subscribed to Dermalogica (tretinoid) and bought a very expensive day cream with estrogen in the formula. I know I'm being very greedy but why on earth not!! Merry Christmas Angie & all you lovely ladies 🥰💚😍 XxxX

Sherri Howe
Sherri Howe 2 months ago

Can you please do a video with recommendations for under eye wrinkles? Please ♥️🙏💋

Patsy Lynch
Patsy Lynch 2 months ago

Just received the faux shearling jacket in white. It is gorgeous and very warm. Early Christmas present for me. Thanks for finding special and stylish finds !

Kathy McCoy
Kathy McCoy 2 months ago

This is not good. I want almost everything you shared 😝 except for the ID protection roller...the little yellow contraption. I don’t understand that one. 🤔

Jill Penny
Jill Penny 2 months ago

Where did you buy your flocked Christmas tree?

Rosalina Kurkova
Rosalina Kurkova 2 months ago

youre so beautiful ma'am , i wish to look as good as you when im your age.

Shelly Hugeback
Shelly Hugeback 2 months ago

Do you still use Nuface?

Patty Rodgers
Patty Rodgers 2 months ago

Love love love your videos ! Your my age, my style and I feel like I could Happy Hour with you girl😂
Have you ever tested a Kosas product? I have been intrigued by a Kosas Foundation Oil. Would love to see a review from someone I respect. Stay safe!

Sue Anderson
Sue Anderson 2 months ago

Great video and suggestions Angie! Thanks!

Judy z
Judy z 2 months ago

Lovely gift ideas Angie, greetings and love from Ireland🎅🎅😁

Jackie Apodaca
Jackie Apodaca 2 months ago

Love all your ideas! ❤️

J Jadot
J Jadot 2 months ago

Fantastic recommendations ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Traci Main
Traci Main 2 months ago

Thank you for including lower cost items for us folks living on a tight budget.

Teresa Darnielle Morse

I don’t understand the Ugg open toed slippers...these must be for warm climates.

Smiles and Best Wishes

Wow, great ideas and lots of variety! Hugs

Nancy Callan
Nancy Callan 2 months ago

Awesome selections! Would it be too much to ask for a selection of men’s gifts??

Randoms 2 months ago

The body wash pods so interesting! Didn't even know about these. It must be so concentrated for one pod to be enough for the whole body

Randoms 2 months ago

The boots with the lace at the back look good and the y have the practicality factor as well.

Randoms 2 months ago

I can see the long term utility of the LED mask. Hope Santa is generous enough this year 😋

Mercedes Fernandez
Mercedes Fernandez 2 months ago

Nice reconnendations!! All budgets and all tastes. Thanks Angie 💖💖

JLE 2 months ago

No offense, I llove your channel but the bulk of these items are way too expensive as gifts at least for me!

C 2 months ago

Thank you for some fabulous picks. Will you be doing a gift guide for him?

Nini Mimi
Nini Mimi 2 months ago

What a fantastic video! Thank you very much for your nice ideas 😘😘😘

Suzanne Clement
Suzanne Clement 2 months ago

Angie, I wish you wouldn't recommend buying things at Wayfair bc they have been accused of doing very nefarious things.

Jean Terdic
Jean Terdic 2 months ago

Finally! Every time I tried to watch this I had some sort of interruption, after the 4th, I have finally gotten to finish it. Some great gift ideas, thank you! I few years ago I got a pair of very very fluffy Ugg slippers, love them! I have a question about the phone soap; do you have to take your phone out of it’s case to clean it? I have a heavy duty Otter Box with a built in pop socket. I would not want to have to take that thing on and off all the time.

karen byrnes
karen byrnes 2 months ago

This video was so helpful. Gave me some wonderful ideas!! Thank you.

Nina K
Nina K 2 months ago

So many cool gifts! Thanks Angie.

kari reyes
kari reyes 2 months ago

Thank you for a different and fun video! I love the ideas!

I.M. Hidden
I.M. Hidden 2 months ago

Oh I LOVE this kind of video!! Thanks so much Angie!

April Provenzano
April Provenzano 2 months ago

Gurl, you making me want to buy everything. Love the pampering

Cris M
Cris M 2 months ago

Love that you're posting this so early! So helpful, thank you!

Pam Clarke
Pam Clarke 2 months ago

Thank you for the great gift ideas and always trustworthy advice!

Becky deBorst
Becky deBorst 2 months ago

If you could get 1 face device as a gift would you pick the nuface or the light mask?

lety reyna
lety reyna 2 months ago

thanks for vid pretty lady. be safe

Beauty over 50 on a budget

Thank you! Your such an inspiration!! Love your content!

Lori Pfender
Lori Pfender 2 months ago

Sorry a little too pricey for me

Beth Hall
Beth Hall 2 months ago

What is the brand of the best rope blanket so I can watch for it to come back in stock?

Ronnie ANDERSON 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this gift guide! I want Santa to bring me that LED Mask but I don't think it's going to happen. Love jammies too!! Have to be comfortable!! Have a great weekend! 😍💜💜

Rhonda Bonner
Rhonda Bonner 2 months ago

We will be picking up that gorgeous jacket for a gift for someone. Thanks so much for going through this fun video and all of your ideas!!!