No.512 -Teabag Card \u0026 Ornament - JanB UK Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator


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Information No.512 -Teabag Card \u0026 Ornament - JanB UK Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator

Title : No.512 -Teabag Card \u0026 Ornament - JanB UK Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator

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Frames No.512 -Teabag Card \u0026 Ornament - JanB UK Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator

Description No.512 -Teabag Card \u0026 Ornament - JanB UK Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator

No.512 -Teabag Card \u0026 Ornament - JanB UK Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator

No.512 -Teabag Card \u0026 Ornament - JanB UK Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator

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Karen Harris
Karen Harris 2 months ago

Very nice! 🤗

joan walton
joan walton 2 months ago

Exceptionally well explained. I have just successfully made two cards without needing to refer back to the video.

Jacqui Liddell
Jacqui Liddell 2 months ago

They are really beautiful, you make it look easy, but I know it’s not xx

Jadie1940 2 months ago

Love this card. So classy. Inspired to make these cards and also the ornament.

Elaine Scott
Elaine Scott 2 months ago

H i Jan Your cards are always beautifull Thanks for the measurements in inches

Rob K
Rob K 2 months ago

This is a gorgeous card, beautifully done. Thanks Jan for the inspiration.

joyce taylor
joyce taylor 2 months ago

Absolutely beau!!

Pat Coombes
Pat Coombes 2 months ago

Love the card, the tree, your nails and rings 😁. Happy new year

Leanne Wygergangs
Leanne Wygergangs 2 months ago

Hey Jan I think the measurements for your whisper white cardstock is incorrect

Beth Benson
Beth Benson 2 months ago

Well, I thought this card looked so elegant that I just had to try it. Had to do some trimming since my pieces didn't get cut exactly square (my bad) 😃but the trees/cards still turned out beautiful. Thanks so much for the great tutorial. Have a great Christmas! 🎄

sdm fann
sdm fann 2 months ago

Jan, always great to watch your videos. You do a great job explaining each technique! TYFS your talent with us & Merry

Pamela Shield
Pamela Shield 2 months ago

Beautiful card & tree!! Thank u for sharing your talents.

Marcia Morrow
Marcia Morrow 2 months ago


Suzi Choclat
Suzi Choclat 2 months ago

Absolutely love this video and the technique of folding. After I watched your video yesterday I just had to make one and I was so chuffed with the end result. Did mine in midnight blue pearlescent card (sorry not stampin up) and silver embossing, I think it looks really classy 😃Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with us xx

Deb G
Deb G 2 months ago

Beautiful xx

Brenda Can
Brenda Can 2 months ago

Lovely!! TFS

Pat Posk
Pat Posk 2 months ago

love this card.....just tooooooooooooo elegant and so pretty............thanks Jan.....................pat

Suzie C
Suzie C 2 months ago

Beautiful, Jan 🎄

Patricia DiNardo
Patricia DiNardo 2 months ago

Such a beautiful card. Love all you do. Thank you for sharing. ❤️🌵

Linda Zabel
Linda Zabel 2 months ago

Very pretty! Great explanation! Thank you!

Mary-Ann Lynch
Mary-Ann Lynch 2 months ago

Morning Jan. Thank you for sharing this lovely card. Just adore the tree ornament. XX Mal

nathalie reynaud
nathalie reynaud 2 months ago

tres jolie carte de noel merci!!

Maria M
Maria M 2 months ago

Very nice Christmas tree cards, and ornament. Thanks for sharing. This is the first video that I am viewing on how these trees are made.

Janet Hockenberry
Janet Hockenberry 2 months ago

this is really cute, time consuming but you would pick up speed as you get use to it. Thank you. Janet Hockenberry

Paula Harris
Paula Harris 2 months ago

Great video, Jan. Thanks so much!

Andrea Cerrato
Andrea Cerrato 2 months ago

Awe Jan B I just love this card:) tfs😁

Marji Miller
Marji Miller 2 months ago

Love it Jan. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and blessings.

Janet Muir
Janet Muir 2 months ago

Beautiful cards and Christmas tree. Thank you Jan. You are a very talented lady.

Judy Focus
Judy Focus 2 months ago

Jan- Lovely Cards & ornaments ! Thank you for sharing with us! 💕

sally solots
sally solots 2 months ago

beautiful cards and ornament. love them.

The Bling-bling Crafter

How beautiful my friend. I like the colors too. Must go see the finale on your blog. Just an FYI on the new trimmer blade; I find myself using the trimmer blade in one direction most of the time. What I mean by that is I cut going away from myself or cutting up. So when the blade does ever need to be changed, I plan on turning the blade around and using the other side. This doesn't hold true if you use your cutting going up and going down about the same amount. This is something I picked up from a different brand I used before Stampin Up days. Hope you try this and pass it along. You may help someone else who cuts from either up or down most of the time. Take care and BLING on.
Your buddy in Arkansas, 🇺🇸USA
Bling-bling is my thing😉

NICOLA LUBBE 2 months ago

Thank you Jan for sharing this video. Excellent tutorial and beautiful card, as always

Jeanie Coulter
Jeanie Coulter 2 months ago

Very gorgeous card, thanks for sharing.⛄️

Sheila crace
Sheila crace 2 months ago

What a gorgeous card

cynthia tuczynski
cynthia tuczynski 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful. I love this idea both for a card and an ornament. Not sure if I would mail it though, but it’s got me thinking... thank you for sharing 🤗😊

Diana Mahar
Diana Mahar 2 months ago

Very pretty....🎄🎄🎄

Bairbre Hickey
Bairbre Hickey 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing I will be making this card.

AnnMarie Lonas
AnnMarie Lonas 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful card. The DSP is perfect! Your videos are so easy to follow. Thank you

Tracy Vernon
Tracy Vernon 2 months ago

That's lovely Jan :)

Vaye S
Vaye S 2 months ago

Wow, such a gorgeous card.
I love your videos

Antonia Ortiz
Antonia Ortiz 2 months ago

Absolutely love the card!! Beautiful. Very detailed. Thank you kindly for demonstrating. Blessings to you.

Joan Cornell
Joan Cornell 2 months ago

Gorgeous card and ornament Jan! Excellent directions on how to make these. I want to go make some right now! Thanks! from Texas

M Duame
M Duame 2 months ago

Thius is such a pretty tree, will be on my "to do" list, for sure. Thank you for sharing.

Lorna Martin
Lorna Martin 2 months ago

Jan your is absolutely amazing. I love watching you tutorial. Please note that my email address has changed to [email protected]

Teri Wilson
Teri Wilson 2 months ago

I really like this card and ornament - I am going to give this a try. 🤗

Jeff&Karla Kimball
Jeff&Karla Kimball 2 months ago

These are gorgeous! As always...excellent demonstration! Thank you...

Renee Cassidy
Renee Cassidy 2 months ago

Lovely Jan! I had forgotten about tea bag folding, used to do it now and then so must give it a try again!

June Bamburg
June Bamburg 2 months ago

Lovely! Thank you

Judi Kirkpatrick
Judi Kirkpatrick 2 months ago

Wonderful and easy after listening to you.

LouisaSharp 2 months ago

Beautiful cards and trees... Thank you for sharing... xx Louisa...

Haz Car
Haz Car 2 months ago

Lovely card

Yaned Pinzon
Yaned Pinzon 2 months ago

Tus proyectos me fascinan
Gracias por ser tan creativa y compartir lo que haces!!!!!

Gloria Jordan
Gloria Jordan 2 months ago

The cards are lovely, love teabag folding i feel very relaxed when I do them . Have never made the ornament but will be trying it thanks for sharing Xxx👍💕💕💕

Lexie Williams
Lexie Williams 2 months ago

Thank you Jan, this looks so good. Lexie from Australia

Denise Becker
Denise Becker 2 months ago

Jan it’s stunning! I love it. You make everything so easy. It’s so elegant. Well it doesn’t look that easy for me really Tre yer

Barbara Palczewski
Barbara Palczewski 2 months ago

Beautiful cards and the ornaments are adorable! Thanks for showing the tree also!

Linda Roberts
Linda Roberts 2 months ago

Perfectly explained and expertly demonstrated yet again. Thanks Jan for sharing this. Am off to try and make some for my last-minute cards. Love to watch all your video tutorials. :)

Raelz Cheetham
Raelz Cheetham 2 months ago

Jan hunny, what size squares did you use for the Christmas tree ornament please

robyn harwood
robyn harwood 2 months ago

patience of saint my dear , but looks grand again jan

LeAnn Lewis
LeAnn Lewis 2 months ago

That's so pretty, and you made it easy to understand. Thank you so much!

Ann Gallagher
Ann Gallagher 2 months ago

Another fabulous card. I did these a long time ago and had forgotten how to do them. Thank you for sharing.

Maria Bremerich
Maria Bremerich 2 months ago

Eine wunderschöne Idee, die Karte ist fantastisch geworden. Lb. Gr. Maria aus dem Saarland