Christmas 2018 Major Budget Gift Ideas: $10 and Under!



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Information Christmas 2018 Major Budget Gift Ideas: $10 and Under!

Title : Christmas 2018 Major Budget Gift Ideas: $10 and Under!

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Frames Christmas 2018 Major Budget Gift Ideas: $10 and Under!

Description Christmas 2018 Major Budget Gift Ideas: $10 and Under!

Christmas 2018 Major Budget Gift Ideas: $10 and Under!

Christmas 2018 Major Budget Gift Ideas: $10 and Under!

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abriella d
abriella d 2 months ago

I love all your ideas!!!!!! Love the Bear Treats Jar!!!!!!!! I’m totally going to go look for those WIFEY & HUBBY mugs! :)

Crafter Deidra
Crafter Deidra 2 months ago

Loved everything you chose for Christmas gifts this year for special people in your life.

V JC 2 months ago

My daughter is special needs too & 26 yrs old so I totally get having lots of extra people to gift to. Therapists, case workers, school or program staff, even her doctor should be recognized. I shop bath & body works, Dollar tree & will start going to TJMaxx. I look for baskets at thrift stores & shred my own stuffing sometimes. I buy the soap that's thicker & non foam, use 1/4 of it in a old foam soap dispenser & add water to top. Shake well & wallah! Instant foaming soap with at least 4 fill ups for the price of 1. Just subscribed! Will binge watch ur videos soon

Darelle Scott
Darelle Scott 2 months ago

Wow!! Great ideas

Kangaroo Mommy
Kangaroo Mommy 2 months ago

I have to buy for each of my husband's coworkers every year. I'm leaning towards the Starbucks cups right now.

Antique Queen
Antique Queen 2 months ago

Thanks for great ideas

October Scorpio
October Scorpio 2 months ago

Wow! Everything's nice and you've chosen some really cool gifts.

Kemikyja4 Star
Kemikyja4 Star 2 months ago

Great gift ideas girl!!!!

Dawn Merk
Dawn Merk 2 months ago

Awesome ideas!

Yvette Roth
Yvette Roth 2 months ago


Pat Muldrow
Pat Muldrow 2 months ago

Lee Anne, thanks so much for this video. Lots of people do these types of videos and provide lots of ideas, but I love yours the most. I’m heading to Walmart and TJMaxx tomorrow! Thanks again.

heather Grant
heather Grant 2 months ago

Fyi Walgreens also sells soap and glory and have gift sets 1/2 price this time of year

Kristen Muir
Kristen Muir 2 months ago

Awesome buys! 😃

Johanna Kline
Johanna Kline 2 months ago

I wanted to add for all the bargain shoppers out there... BJ’s has a four pack of tall coffee cups and each cup is filled with chocolate, peppermints, and a hot chocolate pack in each cup... it’s not Starbucks brand but still super super cute and the four pack is $19.99 so each filled cup is $5! Cute teacher gift. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Johanna Kline
Johanna Kline 2 months ago

The soap and soap dispensers are such a good idea!!!!!! Who wouldn’t love this. I’m thinking this is my kids teachers gifts this year!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Heather L.
Heather L. 2 months ago

I have never wanted anything Rae Dunn until now. I need that little “hold” dish. It is so stinking cute!! And that pedestal well I have already messaged you about that 😊😊 I will be cruising over to a TJ Maxx tomorrow!

Ronhda McIntosh
Ronhda McIntosh 2 months ago

Great ideas LeeAnne! I’m going to TJMaxx and Home Goods on my day off this week. I always enjoy watching. Thanks for sharing 💕

Linda Bollacker
Linda Bollacker 2 months ago

Such good ideas! I would like to find the coffee cups I will be on the hunt!

Savannah Klein
Savannah Klein 2 months ago

OMG obviously I watch all your videos so between this one and your last gift idea video, I've come to the conclusion that you have amazing taste! I already knew that though. Our family is definitely on a pretty tight budget so this helps out SO much! My hubby asked me what I want for Christmas and I told him to watch your videos and literally get me anything from it and I'd be tickled pink! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful ideas with us 😊 P. S. Seeing pictures of Grady over on instagram makes my day! He is so flippin cute! I can't stand it!

Barb Stormo
Barb Stormo 2 months ago

Really great gift ideas! I love the price point especially! I need to get to TJ Maxx...those soap dispensers are adorable! Hope you had a great day! Thanks again for sharing!!!

Barbara Figueroa
Barbara Figueroa 2 months ago

Love the gifts you pick out. You always have great ideas

Beba’s 10
Beba’s 10 2 months ago

Hello LeAnne I was wondering if you can do a what’s in my purse video and I also miss your reviews on wallets please can you make videos like this again thank you and I enjoy your channel 😊❤️

Java and Gingerbread
Java and Gingerbread 2 months ago

Nice ideas

flamingodiego 2 months ago

gorgeous gifts!! No matter where I look, I can never find small pedestals.

Ann Culver
Ann Culver 2 months ago

I found the extract same soap dispensers at gifting them as well

Lisa Harris
Lisa Harris 2 months ago

My Walmart has a ton of those coffee mugs from Starbucks right now. I bought five of them so far, some are coffee and some are chocolate.

Blanche P
Blanche P 2 months ago

Great gift ideas!!! I have the RD Hold and mine is on the back of my kitchen sink, I use it to hold my rings if I need to take them off to cook or clean! Love those glass soap bottles!!!

mama2mythree 2 months ago

Random question, but where do you typically buy your gift wrapping paper and the clear plastic you wrap them in? I had a hard time finding that last year.

Shay Na'Bre
Shay Na'Bre 2 months ago

Thanks for the inspiration!!

Natalie corbin
Natalie corbin 2 months ago

Your gifts are very practical and still yet so thoughtful. You have given me some great ideas. tfs

Mila Direy
Mila Direy 2 months ago

Awesome video with great ideas! I've been cracking my head thinking what to gift my daughter's teacher and some friends. I'm literally getting almost everything you've shown on this video. Thanks!!!

star love
star love 2 months ago

Great video thank you so much for sharing. These are my favorite videos to watch and you really got some good gifts!

Frances Pagan
Frances Pagan 2 months ago

Loved the gifts so many good ideas great video as always ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ u 🤗 🤗 🤗 god bless always

Melissa and Family
Melissa and Family 2 months ago

I love these ideas! I think I'm going gift that soap idea to sister and mother in law. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas. I always love your videos mama, and with gift ideas u always come through 🙌🏼💓
Candle sale at Bath and body works this weekend for $8.
Will u be doing teacher gift one again this year? 😃

Dyanne Willems
Dyanne Willems 2 months ago

Terrapin Farms 30% off for Cyber Monday today! I just got a lot for a little!

Stephanie chambers
Stephanie chambers 2 months ago

These are gorgeous gifts girl!!! And such a AWESOME PRICE!!! IF YOU CAN GIRL DO ANOTHER VIDEO LIKE THIS!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Joyce Fortunato
Joyce Fortunato 2 months ago

Hi LeeAnne, I loved everything you chose. These were some of the best gift ideas for people on a budget and the best thing is they look so much more expensive! I love those soap dispensers from TJ Max, and the way you paired it with the Bath and Body Works soap was a great idea! The Rae Dunn mugs you bought for your neighbors was such a cute idea since they just got married. I love the pedestal, You have given us so many great choices. Tfs! Hope you had a great weekend, and have a wonderful Monday and I will see you in your next video sweet girl! Huge hugs xoxo 😘❤️💕

Miranda's Moviez & Grub

Great gift ideas. I love hickory farms. That popcorn sounds amazing. Tfs 💕

Julie Harvey
Julie Harvey 2 months ago

Great gifts. Thanks for the idea

Cynthia Cayton
Cynthia Cayton 2 months ago

You did a wonderful job on the gift Ideas !

Linda Robertt
Linda Robertt 2 months ago

LEANNE, You have really given your viewers great ideas!! I love the glass dispenser along with soap! My niece just got married and I will try to get the mugs and love the little HOLD dish I'll give with a gift card to my fourteen year old grandson. I love the two food gift ideas too. This was such a helpful video for people like me who are on budgets but love to give gifts!

LifewithDanie 2 months ago

These are really great ideas!

Sharon Cielocha
Sharon Cielocha 2 months ago

Wow thanks for the budget minded gifts. I am so headed to the max u need those soap dispensers .. nice gifts

Andrea Longobardi
Andrea Longobardi 2 months ago

You are the best gift giver!

kiara waleska
kiara waleska 2 months ago

Walgreens carries the soap and glory too ! Love this guide thanks for making the video ❤️

Yes Ayala
Yes Ayala 2 months ago

Love the gift ideas. What struck me the most,is your thoughtfulness and attention. May we all encounter a friend like you.🙏🏼

Crystal Horton
Crystal Horton 2 months ago

Those mugs are so cute:)

Rose Zubieta
Rose Zubieta 2 months ago

Awesome ideas love your videos ❤👏

Fictional Adulting
Fictional Adulting 2 months ago

What a great deal on the Starbucks mug! I paid $17.99 for the one I bought🙄

Kiya NOW!
Kiya NOW! 2 months ago

Nice affordable gift ideas! Thanks for sharing.

SunDari Toye
SunDari Toye 2 months ago

Beautiful gifts that don't break the bank!!!

rose609 Nocera
rose609 Nocera 2 months ago

You find great gift ideals ty

Dancer Doll
Dancer Doll 2 months ago

👍❣😀 totally in LOVE with the marble pedestal! 😍