Crochet Baby Dress Tutorial 0-3 Months Christmas Baby Dress Part 1


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Information Crochet Baby Dress Tutorial 0-3 Months Christmas Baby Dress Part 1

Title : Crochet Baby Dress Tutorial 0-3 Months Christmas Baby Dress Part 1

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Frames Crochet Baby Dress Tutorial 0-3 Months Christmas Baby Dress Part 1

Description Crochet Baby Dress Tutorial 0-3 Months Christmas Baby Dress Part 1

Crochet Baby Dress Tutorial 0-3 Months Christmas Baby Dress Part 1

Crochet Baby Dress Tutorial 0-3 Months Christmas Baby Dress Part 1

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rosanna pais
rosanna pais 2 months ago

Hermoso trabajo. Las agujas son de 4.5 mm y 5mm?

Maria May Perez
Maria May Perez 2 months ago

Hi. How can i make this to a 6mos baby? Its for my grandaughter this christmas. thank you for replying

Kati Ambrus
Kati Ambrus 2 months ago

Cute dress, but you are really confusing, also misspeaking about that type of stitches. Not too impressed.

Ivory-Swan 2 months ago

Welp. She lost me somewhere in the white rows when she cut the video alot and wasn't mentioning how many stitches you should have at the end of each row. It's only 6in across tho. I hope it'll fit. I prefer following the pattern exactly, but I think I'm just going to eyeball it till the end. It's too much of a pain trying to figure out where I went wrong when it's not clear (at least to me) what she did in those rows.

Michelle Fahey
Michelle Fahey 2 months ago

It's so unclear,and your going so fast beautiful dress but your hard to follow

Peggy Stoute Morin
Peggy Stoute Morin 2 months ago

You really need to zoom in closer so that we can see what you are doing.

Amu Geleti
Amu Geleti 2 months ago

You are Good teacher tanks

vijaya Saravanan
vijaya Saravanan 2 months ago

Hy red last row for front side do we need to do 2dc v stitch on 18 chain? Or 1dc in that ?

Jshaktiha River
Jshaktiha River 2 months ago

I like to make this dress for 6 month baby . I am new to crotchet, do I double the count.

Jshaktiha River
Jshaktiha River 2 months ago

Me gustaría hacer este vestido pero para 6 meses..

Camille Jesalva
Camille Jesalva 2 months ago

Im confuse ... the size u said cant fit to the head of 0 to 3 months old baby its so small...only 26cm and the. Regular head size is around 36

Mel's Crochet Corner
Mel's Crochet Corner 2 months ago

Very nice I had made this dress an it came out amazing thank u ....I'm doing another to give as a gift for a friend who recently had a baby thank u again an i look foward for lots more tutorial n future 🤗🤗

Shakhu Chauhan
Shakhu Chauhan 2 months ago

Mam 3to 6months

daliborka maksimovic
daliborka maksimovic 2 months ago

S koliko ste počeli?

creaciones clau velasco

Con cuantas cadenas comienza

Arleen Yuliana
Arleen Yuliana 2 months ago

I just buy the pattern from Etsy,the way she teach and the written pattern are totally different and,must take time to really understand,but yesterday I finished the dress

Carolina Picataggio
Carolina Picataggio 2 months ago

what size hook would I need if I wanted to make it for a 6 month old?

Maria Fontanez
Maria Fontanez 2 months ago

She dont know how to explain real good , she didnt said how many rows you need to do before to start with the white yarn, i get confuse in there, huh

Rosalinda Hernandez
Rosalinda Hernandez 2 months ago

No lo entiendo y no lo puedo traducir pero esta hermoso

Linda Riley
Linda Riley 2 months ago

So adorable ! I am starting the skirt part , but I am a little confused
😕 ,.Could you tell me how many stitches I am suppose to have on the last part of the white before the skirt ? Thank you ☺

Dalmatian Queen
Dalmatian Queen 2 months ago

I have a crochet group if anybody would like to join! Feel free to post your beautiful work.

Naria Reboucas
Naria Reboucas 2 months ago

Gostaria muito que encinasse em português

Wedad Barakat
Wedad Barakat 2 months ago

Where is the second part and third one plees

Admelrah Rose
Admelrah Rose 2 months ago

I made mine lastnight and done this morning. ..Thank you for your video.

Nisa Erhan
Nisa Erhan 2 months ago

ablacım kameran iyi çekmemiş anlaşılmıyor lütfen yeniden çekermisin

josie casillas
josie casillas 2 months ago

Did you realize that you left out the part for the sleeves... I followed the whole three video til the end and does not show how to make the sleeves. Needless to say I had to brake my whole work apart. Not happy

Pat Brig P.S.
Pat Brig P.S. 2 months ago

Uan, tú, trí 😸

Amiee Ulugun
Amiee Ulugun 2 months ago

Thank you so much ❤

Maya Zilberman
Maya Zilberman 2 months ago

I am confusing about last row for skirt is it 2 double in next stitch than skip one 2 double in next 2 stitch that 4 double in one stitch ?? or 4 double in next 4 stitch ?

bear teddy
bear teddy 2 months ago

very pretty! how can I make this bigger for a 1 year old

nigarihaa rajamani
nigarihaa rajamani 2 months ago

Nice pattern
Do u have d pattern for 2y

Kellie Bieda
Kellie Bieda 2 months ago

Where is the second part?

Nancy Ortiz
Nancy Ortiz 2 months ago

corazón valiente

Nosha khan
Nosha khan 2 months ago

Nice I love it