London Covent Garden Christmas Lights 2020 | London Christmas Walk


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Information London Covent Garden Christmas Lights 2020 | London Christmas Walk

Title : London Covent Garden Christmas Lights 2020 | London Christmas Walk

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Frames London Covent Garden Christmas Lights 2020 | London Christmas Walk

Description London Covent Garden Christmas Lights 2020 | London Christmas Walk

London Covent Garden Christmas Lights 2020 | London Christmas Walk

London Covent Garden Christmas Lights 2020 | London Christmas Walk

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Алдынай Монгуш

Лондон!!! 😍😍😍💓💓💓👍👍👍🎆🎇🎉

Sahaja D
Sahaja D 2 months ago

This part of the Covent Garden looks nice. Quite an atmosphere.

beautiful nature
beautiful nature 2 months ago

Wonderful world

Linz Barber
Linz Barber 2 months ago

Beautiful ! I love how there is no music or commentary in your videos, it means I can just listen to the street sounds through my headphones and really feel like I’m there.

From indramayu city
From indramayu city 2 months ago

🎄🎄at London 👍🏼

pppqqppp wjd
pppqqppp wjd 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing. I really really miss everything in London 😢 In Korea, Government recommended people to stay home to satisfied COVID-19 ASAP. So Many Christmas events was cancelled.

Anna 2 months ago

Really lovely!!! Happy holidays to you♥️👏

Raquel Abe
Raquel Abe 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing. I've never been to England but the way you recorded It gave me such emotion that it feels like I was walking beside you. Thanks again. 💓

Sahab Shraddha
Sahab Shraddha 2 months ago

Merry Christmas ⛪🌲🎅⛄💕 Veryyy niceeee 💞🤗💯💕💕🎈

Imran Zazai
Imran Zazai 2 months ago

Very very nice.

Mark S
Mark S 2 months ago

Great job; never visited during the holidays- looks great. And glad to see Brits out living, not hiding under their beds like hysterical pols want.

Stanley John
Stanley John 2 months ago

amazing and beautiful market my country pakistan City Karachi💖💖💖🌲🌲💞💝💝💖🌲🌲🌲

I. Rankin
I. Rankin 2 months ago

I miss it so much ! Have been to Brussels recently with its re- opened shops & museums.
No cafés open though.
Regards from locked- down Germany.

A 2 months ago

Love this YT channel so much. ❤️ It’s such a godsend amid this terrible pandemic.

Paul Lewis
Paul Lewis 2 months ago

Contrary to popular belief snow seldom falls at Christmas time in London. Over the past decade or so I can only recall snow before Christmas Day once, maybe twice. S.E. England has in general reasonably mild Winters compared to all Northern and Central European countries. Of course it can become extremely cold but that’s not the usual.

VIOLY JAY 2 months ago

Looks best during the evening Wen the lights r all out. Had a coffee there recently, definitely a hot spot for tourists

Gary panjazz productionsledosvillage

Everybody watching they cell phones very sad

LY LAN VLOG 2 months ago

i like

유글로리아 2 months ago

I wanna ask y people dont wear masks for protecting covid19?

Grace Kim
Grace Kim 2 months ago

Beautiful video! Thanks for the upload.
But... where are the masks and social distancing?

Bất Động Sản Phan Thiết

Merry Christmas from vietnam ❤️

Mohammed Mmdoh
Mohammed Mmdoh 2 months ago

د. توفي يا عيوني لابس قاط زيتوني ولابس ساعة لاماعة تسوة كل الجماعة

CristyGo75 2 months ago

Merry Christmas. Im from Philippines

CristyGo75 2 months ago

Wowwww so beautiful.

Mas Revo Channel
Mas Revo Channel 2 months ago

Excellent city walk..👌👍🎄

Frank Martin
Frank Martin 2 months ago

Another great Christmas Walk

Sarah ML
Sarah ML 2 months ago

Beautiful - both your video, and covent garden

New Walker
New Walker 2 months ago

I love the Christmas decorations in Covent garden and it looks lovely !! Beautiful lights 🥰🎄✨

Oded Kedem
Oded Kedem 2 months ago

All this sure is very nice and Beautiful, but is this really the time for Londoners to hang around in crowds, most of them without even wearing their masks, while the virus is raging and freely mutating?

I do not understand it. From all I know about the british people, one would expect them to err on the side of caution, too much probably; this, however, seems to be quite the opposite.

Ирина Лаптий

Очень красиво украшен город.Елка потрясающая! Счастливые прохожие могут сполна насладиться праздничной атмосферой.Спасибо!💖🎄

DeeNeeGaming 2 months ago


Olga Dasi
Olga Dasi 2 months ago

Fantastic!Thanks for sharing!☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

keraman bin mohamad iemansah


Anna 2 months ago

Is really fantastic!!! Will do🌈

Prakash Keluskar
Prakash Keluskar 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and Happy New year regards, lots of love from Mumbai India

Prakash Keluskar
Prakash Keluskar 2 months ago

Awesome video that's great,

Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar 2 months ago

Hi UWE, wow!!!! what a colorful sight of lights vying for space. The power demand must have been heavy with so many lights. The artificial snow and the 60 ft Christmas tree was a treat to watch. How did you manage to find your way through maze of shops and people. I in fact lost the sense of direction. A great walk, thanx and stay safe.

Urban Makedon
Urban Makedon 2 months ago

Nice walk...what camera you use for this shot ??

yel cast
yel cast 2 months ago

How cold is there?

Happy Hermit
Happy Hermit 2 months ago

Really good thank you. Excellent quality 👍

labellauk 2 months ago

Missing my old haunts. Not as vibrant as before covid though. 🤔