Christmas At Seaworld Orlando! | Cute Characters, Delicious Food \u0026 Ice Skating!!



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Information Christmas At Seaworld Orlando! | Cute Characters, Delicious Food \u0026 Ice Skating!!

Title : Christmas At Seaworld Orlando! | Cute Characters, Delicious Food \u0026 Ice Skating!!

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Frames Christmas At Seaworld Orlando! | Cute Characters, Delicious Food \u0026 Ice Skating!!

Description Christmas At Seaworld Orlando! | Cute Characters, Delicious Food \u0026 Ice Skating!!

Christmas At Seaworld Orlando! | Cute Characters, Delicious Food \u0026 Ice Skating!!

Christmas At Seaworld Orlando! | Cute Characters, Delicious Food \u0026 Ice Skating!!

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Derek Tucker
Derek Tucker 2 months ago

This makes my heart do happy, thank you!

Shelly Facciola Hassdenteufel

Now I want a Clarice onesie!! 😊

Shelly Facciola Hassdenteufel

Omg that pulled pork donut sandwich sounds amazing, lol.

Shelly Facciola Hassdenteufel

I really like when you put the description of the food on the screen, awesome editing Jenn!!! Thank you!! 😊

Jenny and Ryan
Jenny and Ryan 2 months ago

I absolutely love how they have a meet and greet for the Rudolph characters :)

Joanie Whittemore
Joanie Whittemore 2 months ago

Wow the skating show looked spectacular!!! 😱

Sadie Camacho
Sadie Camacho 2 months ago

I watched the iceskating last week and oh my god, it was amazing, watching this felt like I was reliving the experience

rosemary j
rosemary j 2 months ago

Had the tripleta sandwich, so good. but couldn't finish it all, mine had more sauce. I have been to Sea World for the Christmas Celebration a couple times and this yr got to see the ice skating.
It really is amazing. I can't ice skate or do a backflip and some can do backflips on

fairytalesandfitness 2 months ago

The ice skating show looks pretty amazing! 😍

Tampa Ken
Tampa Ken 2 months ago

They have the Bumble onesie at Busch Gardens Christmas Town.

Leah Berry
Leah Berry 2 months ago

Seaworld has become a Christmas tradition for my Fiance' and I. Everything is 10x more beautiful in person and the O Wonderous Night show makes me cry every time! Seaworld does an amazing job with their entertainment!

Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 months ago


Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 months ago


TheRManProds 2 months ago


TheRManProds 2 months ago

I LOVE SEAWORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Cordero
John Cordero 2 months ago

Always great running into you at the parks Tim! Great Video! #TheOutroGuy!

KindaBeans 2 months ago

DARN IT I WAS THERE THE DAY AFTER YOU WENT NOOOOOOOOOOO😭😭😭😭 why does luck leave me behind 😑

Doriz Laboy
Doriz Laboy 2 months ago

I want to thank you guys for doing these videos, super informative and huge help when I plan my family outings! Keep up the good work!

Gabriella Curran
Gabriella Curran 2 months ago

if you think ice skating is cool, you should see roller skating!!

Alexandra Reid
Alexandra Reid 2 months ago

The Miracles Shamu show was great too! I almost cried when the first whale came out to the song "Believe"

HighRange Mike
HighRange Mike 2 months ago

I guess it had to be late 80’s maybe 1990 my family had went to Seaworld for a 4th fireworks display and we were sitting in the stadium when one of the big firework shells failed and landed in a section over from us. It went off injuring people. I’ll never forget it. I was probably 10 years old give or take a year or two. I always think of it when your there and there’s fireworks. I grew up in Lake Mary.

Any Villarreal
Any Villarreal 2 months ago

Seaworld looks amazing at christmas time 🙋🏻‍♀️ I wanna goooo

Alexandra kramer
Alexandra kramer 2 months ago

Tripleta a classic sandwich from Puerto Rico! With our special sauce mayo-ketchup! Enjoy!!!!

Kirsty Masters
Kirsty Masters 2 months ago

The little girl at the end getting her photo taken...working it 😂😂

Blueturtlemama 2 months ago

Your videos are making me so excited for Christmas.

Katherine Guerrero Ng

Hello what editing software do you use

Sabrina Macedo
Sabrina Macedo 2 months ago

I really liked the little song in the end of the video, hehe.

Grant Moyes
Grant Moyes 2 months ago

GREAT ! ! !

C Frank B II
C Frank B II 2 months ago

Best Christmas event in Orlando imo and I work at Disney. The chocolate covered bacon, Turkey bowl Sunday, and tatchos were awesome. Can't wait to try the rest. Ice show and O wonderous night were phenomenal.

Make Time Now
Make Time Now 2 months ago

That "Cutting Edge" moment with the ice skating was really impressive... I was holding my breath for the female skater.

Mark Cibulka
Mark Cibulka 2 months ago

Seaworld Christmas has been my favorite event out of all the holiday events. 1) It's free with normal admission 2) the park looks wonderful in all the lights 3) the shows are fantastic. I can't wait to see everything again.

alyssaS 2 months ago

Oh man I just had major childhood flashbacks to the ice skating show. I remember when it was the polar express experience and you “rode the train” to see Santa but the meet and greet was set up in the exact same place/format

Kristin Rose
Kristin Rose 2 months ago

I get about 10% more excited for Christmas every time you guys say "Christmas is starting now." I love it!

C. Medina
C. Medina 2 months ago

Tripleta sandwich is my favorite sandwich and is actually a puerto rican sandwich. They have many buses in Orange Blossom Trail that sale them.

Cheesy 2 months ago

I don’t know if I should even go to sea world anymore

Sea world literally tortures there killer whales,starves them,force them to reproduce,and abuses them!

I’m sick of it,sea world has gone down a dark path....

Aurbreii Crews
Aurbreii Crews 2 months ago

I went to sea world for my b day

Adams Gaming channel
Adams Gaming channel 2 months ago

Where is universal studios update?

carol whittlesea
carol whittlesea 2 months ago

Tim that looked so so good nice time, love it when you saw one lot of food then saw another which is much better, oh my, xmas is such a nice time of year, cw

Sean O
Sean O 2 months ago

I’m going to sea world and Busch gardens the first week of January! Maybe I’ll see you there but I’m probably just getting my hopes up

The Curious Kiwis
The Curious Kiwis 2 months ago

Paid the price! 😊🎄🎅🏽

Jan Alvarado
Jan Alvarado 2 months ago

Tim, that sandwich ,The Tripleta ,is a common dish in Puerto Rico. The sauce is called Mayoketchup, which like you said is a mix of both the condiments.

michael sharp
michael sharp 2 months ago

im going to seaworld san antonio for its christmas display largest in the state of texas on december 16th

ssvg pfl
ssvg pfl 2 months ago


ladybassplayer23 2 months ago


Rebecca Bennett
Rebecca Bennett 2 months ago

I live in Indiana... and my Christmas... neigh, by life, will NOT be complete unless I get a CHRISTMAS SLOTH! IT'S A MUST HAVE FOR EVERYONE AT CHRISTMAS!

Loves to Dive
Loves to Dive 2 months ago

Looked like fun.

Steve W
Steve W 2 months ago

12:45 I think that sauce is called "Fancy Sauce" (StepBrothers)

Ashley Haldeman
Ashley Haldeman 2 months ago

You guys should come to dollywood I think you would love it here for christmas.

Steve W
Steve W 2 months ago

Christmas Advice... Interesting...

Gina Devine
Gina Devine 2 months ago

Yukon comes out randomly during the night. He’s there I promise! I work entertainment at SW😜

Lincoln Hawk
Lincoln Hawk 2 months ago

I love when u eat in ur videos Lol I hope that’s not weird 🤘

sam06pr 2 months ago

The sauce for the tripleta sandwich is mayo ketchup. This sandwich is a Puerto Rican specialty. Seaworld did a good job with that sandwich.

Josh Plays
Josh Plays 2 months ago

They should do something for Jews too (besides the sweater)

Jazzi Photo
Jazzi Photo 2 months ago

Call me when I can meet King Moonracer!

Luna Car
Luna Car 2 months ago

What a fun vlog! I loved it! Thank you for making it possible for me to live vicariously through your vlogs all they way from Cali lol. Love you guys! Thanks!

Nadja Lirio
Nadja Lirio 2 months ago

Ding dang, Tim forgot to go and get Christmas advice!!!

Christine Davis
Christine Davis 2 months ago

Tim I am to old to Travel Now Thank you for letting me Share your Travels Love from the UK

Parkers Do Disney
Parkers Do Disney 2 months ago

Wow all the food you can get all looks amazing

Sarah Williamson-Akins

Appreciate the Christmas amusement park videos, but sea world is so awful.

Brooke Sauceda
Brooke Sauceda 2 months ago

I just love your videos so much! You and Jen are just such sweet people that find joy in everything and it’s so refreshing. I always end your videos feeling so happy! :)

Matrona 2 months ago

The lights are all pretty 😍

Hannah Kidwell
Hannah Kidwell 2 months ago

I am going to seaworld this Friday and look forword to seeing the ice skating show and Rudolph and friends after seeing your video. thanks for posting awesome videos like this.

debra reeves
debra reeves 2 months ago

It's a humble bumbul.wand

vanessa cardosa
vanessa cardosa 2 months ago

LOVE the Christmas music outro!

Melphaba's World !
Melphaba's World ! 2 months ago

Tim is a Bumble stan

eskimofreek 2 months ago

“Rollin’ down the street, buying gifts, sippin’ on Jingle Juice”

Sorry, couldn’t help it. Jingle Juice made me think of the Snoop Dogg original 😂

Carrie Valdez
Carrie Valdez 2 months ago

So they have the Rudolph characters at both Busch gardens and SeaWorld?

Jill Hogg
Jill Hogg 2 months ago

Loved the show!!

repboy1 2 months ago

Living in Orlando with passes to all the parks ,sea world really does one of the best Xmas events

Dean Ackley
Dean Ackley 2 months ago

If you want to try a tripleta sandwich outside of theme parks they make it at WaWa and it's pretty good but the one shown at Sea World looks better. Must go get one now

Karri Jacobs
Karri Jacobs 2 months ago

I feel like Tims hand is it's own identity.

Brantlie Boone
Brantlie Boone 2 months ago

I know it’s not something you’d think about, and it’s not even something big or anything, but I really like how you mentioned Jenn’s favorite are the potatoe stick/string things (whatever it’s called). Idk, I guess cause even when she’s not with you, you still think about her and comment on something that reminds you of her. Just shows how much you love her. It’s sweet.

Kevin Mooney
Kevin Mooney 2 months ago

What happened in Rudolph movie experience..........

Candace Cherry
Candace Cherry 2 months ago

Looks amazing time

April Penner
April Penner 2 months ago

I loved this video of Sea World! Thank you for showcasing it. I loved the little jingle music at the end, too. lol Until next time. . . .

Pygmy Puff
Pygmy Puff 2 months ago

9:30 Literally looks like my dorm room minus the bunk bed and how small it is.

WestHam666 2 months ago

The Sandwich is a tripleta, it's from Puerto Rico.

maddieposa 2 months ago

Come to Magic Kingdom after 5 tomorrow! There are a lot of NAFME (National Honor Music Students) that want to meet you!! ;)

Bruna Ribeiro
Bruna Ribeiro 2 months ago

don't go to seaworld :(((((

Love kenna vlogs !!!
Love kenna vlogs !!! 2 months ago

Hi Tim I just wanted to ask you does it get cold in December in Orlando Florida?because my friend and I are going to volcano bay during that time with her mom

andy luo
andy luo 2 months ago

That not real ice. One I don't hear the classic scrape of skates on ice, next I don't see the spray of ice when they switch direction, and in Florida it's impossible to keep real ice that thin in the open. It's more likely that it's a type of fake ice made by snap-together white plastic sheets and a special spray-on chemical that creates the slippery surface like ice. It's not a great thing to have since the plastic wears out every four shows or four hours depending on the amount of use. The chemical is reapplied every hour for the slippery effect. The plastic is constantly cut into by the skates. It's just not a viable alternative for real ice. It's good for running something like a show a day but not much else. If you want real ice skating head to the sportsplex they set up their ice rink for a long time and if you time it right you can see Olympic skaters and hockey practice.

daryl turcott
daryl turcott 2 months ago

Christmas is starting now.

katymarie 2 months ago

What a fun video Tim! Sea World in San Diego is closer to me, and I don't know if they do nearly as much in San Diego, but this certainly makes me want to visit! The ice skating show looked awesome; although the skaters did look a little bit confined by the size of that rink.

d miller
d miller 2 months ago

Nice holiday end music, Jen. Thanks! 🎄

Azclii 2 months ago

How much do you love Christmas/What’s your favorite holiday? I really like Christmas and Halloween! ^ω^

Rachael Kluba
Rachael Kluba 2 months ago

I can’t wait to go this year!!

Miguel Medina
Miguel Medina 2 months ago

Hey Tim your video was awesome, the sandwich you ate is a very popular sandwhich in Puerto Rico. You should do a video of the food trucks on 192 near old town. They have a few in front of a gift shop and a lot more in the back. If you go there you will not be disappointed and you have to bring Jen.

Simtanic8 2 months ago

Seaworld definitely has one of the best Christmas celebrations in my opinion. The ice skating, the atmosphere, and the food. So wonderful!

Diana Weyand
Diana Weyand 2 months ago

Ohhhh, what fun. You’re the best.😎🎄🎄

Marlena Warner
Marlena Warner 2 months ago

I took my 3 nieces yesterday and we did the dine with Santa at Shamu Stadium and the Winter Wonderland Ice we had a blast.

Chevelle99X Chicago
Chevelle99X Chicago 2 months ago

Magic kingdom way Better !!!!

Stephanie Knox
Stephanie Knox 2 months ago

Tim please do come back and try more food!!! And bring Jen. It all sounds so amazing and that sandwich looked so good

Bela Rossito
Bela Rossito 2 months ago

I love listening the voices around you and guessing their nationality! Greetings from Argentina! 😊

Linda Mementowski
Linda Mementowski 2 months ago

Awesome I love sea world at this time of year. And that sandwich yummmm

Matt M
Matt M 2 months ago

I had that same sandwich today and hated it... The food for the beer fest was much better.

Mel K
Mel K 2 months ago

Another great video. Love Christmas at theme parks. We have Great Adventure in NJ and they do a pretty good job but not as good as Florida theme parks. Thanks Tim and Jenn

Nickell Francis
Nickell Francis 2 months ago

That a very exciting video tim I love the ice,skating show really good

Michelle Copley
Michelle Copley 2 months ago

Is the ice rink real ice?

The Annoyed Mr Floyd
The Annoyed Mr Floyd 2 months ago

If you want hot chocolate and peppermint, take a red Peppermint Twinkie and put it in your mug.

Oh yeah. Santa has so many portraits of him with a bottle of Coke.

Martin Bavin
Martin Bavin 2 months ago

We loved the Christmas celebrations at sea world earlier this week. Back in the UK now and so wishing I'd found that sandwich while we were there! next time... 😀