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A Christmas Story -- Bullying Clip

A Christmas Story -- Bullying Clip

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Kdog 81
Kdog 81 2 months ago

I love this movie a straight classic.

Jim Hershey
Jim Hershey 2 months ago

The fact that Scut gets killed by Scorponok in Qatar when he joins the army rangers with Lennox and Epps is pretty ironic he gets punished no matter where he goes.

The Lone Rodent
The Lone Rodent 2 months ago

I think i had a crush on Farkus in the 4th grade XD

RoboCock 2 months ago

1:26; when Jeffery Epstein comes at you from behind

SAMHAIN 13 2 months ago

I remember whenever this movie was on years ago when I was kid, I always thought the bully looked really scary, lol.

Mister Abel_90
Mister Abel_90 2 months ago

Yo, the bully's laugh has me weak 🤣🤣🤣

XEN 2 months ago

the music brought back memories from being in peter and the wolf omg

Scrutsy Scrub / Ultimate Mexican Mob Boss

This is the type of Bully that looks all bad in the Movie but Irl he would be Being Bullied

Madison A Varner
Madison A Varner 2 months ago

Me: Hey! Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?!

Nate Jr
Nate Jr 2 months ago


Chaøs Phantøm
Chaøs Phantøm 2 months ago


Dipset Forever
Dipset Forever 2 months ago

Sabertooth from x-men

David 2 months ago


Mr Coatsworth
Mr Coatsworth 2 months ago

I saw this on TV when I was a kid. Watching it again, it's really quite comedic. But as a child, I was really scared.

Big Boi
Big Boi 2 months ago

Yo he sounds like Sid from toy story when he’s laughing

Leah Sincelejo
Leah Sincelejo 2 months ago

The bully music is based on Peter and the Wolf’s theme music for the Wolf played by the French horns.

Nednal 2 months ago

The bully looks like rick astley

Marcus Trice
Marcus Trice 2 months ago

Idgaf what anyone says every year around the holidays i look forward to watching this classic along with a few other holiday favorites. With some Christmas sugar cookies with lots of icing and some fudge and popcorn and Reeses Christmas trees and some Kool aid with a glass of water.

The Seeker
The Seeker 2 months ago

"Say uncle, say uncle."

Taylor Noren
Taylor Noren 2 months ago

My response if I was there: leave them alone!! Both you idiots get outta here don’t ever let me see you bothering these little boys again yeah that’s right you two run faster!!!!!

Rusty The Wrench
Rusty The Wrench 2 months ago

Rusty: “(Shy) (Rusty Smiles) I Got My 🧡 Orange Short Sleeved T-Shirt With 🤍 White Stripes On My Body And I Got My 🖤 Black Shorts Also On My Body And I Got My 🤍 White Above The Ankle Socks On My Feet And I Got My 🧡 Orange Running Shoes Also On My Feet! 🧡!”

Bobby Knight
Bobby Knight 2 months ago

I used to be so scared of the bully when I was a kid

A random Toad
A random Toad 2 months ago

I know it’s bullying but it’s sounds like there playing a little bit

Cassie Celano
Cassie Celano 2 months ago

Hey Ralphie I will talk

Ben Huether
Ben Huether 2 months ago

Because I was not alive during the 1940's I'm not familiar with what the official class system was for bullies in that period of our country's history 🇺🇸, so I need some more context on what a TOADIE is please.

olivia kish
olivia kish 2 months ago


Mekhi Woodard
Mekhi Woodard 2 months ago

600th like

Ginamaria 2 months ago


Eddie Haskell
Eddie Haskell 2 months ago

Randy laid there he was playing dead

Eddie Haskell
Eddie Haskell 2 months ago

Are you OK are you OK from Dorothy

Todd Bruno
Todd Bruno 2 months ago


Nicole Barresi
Nicole Barresi 2 months ago

Me: you guys are so rude I mean what if they were you siblings bully: then id bully them worst!😂😂 me: punchs both of them

Lily Boo
Lily Boo 2 months ago

Alright, Whosthhh nexthhht?!

IncomingPixels 2 months ago

Great use of Peter and the Wolf music there...

Adam Maybloom
Adam Maybloom 2 months ago


Brandon Kohout
Brandon Kohout 2 months ago

Hey, fart spray! Why don’t you leave those kids alone and deal with me instead?!

Jonathon DeAngelo
Jonathon DeAngelo 2 months ago

The bullies looks just like Nelson and the other bullies from The Simpsons

Old Skool
Old Skool 2 months ago

Shut the fuck up

Johnny Eckel
Johnny Eckel 2 months ago

South Park is hilarious 😂

john mcgloson
john mcgloson 2 months ago

Ralphie whoop that ass forages got what he deserved

Adam S.
Adam S. 2 months ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ahhahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahaha

Adam S.
Adam S. 2 months ago

0:36 Here’s Johnny!!

Austin G
Austin G 2 months ago

0:37 Ahh get it away PLEASE

Madison Mccullough
Madison Mccullough 2 months ago

Hey 12 year old bully I love you by Madison Jean McCullough

Jason Wise
Jason Wise 2 months ago

I’m more captivated by the use of the wolf’s theme from Peter and the Wolf

Luke Mabile
Luke Mabile 2 months ago

oh brother where are they all coming from

Krista Brewer
Krista Brewer 2 months ago

I love scout farkus

Krista Brewer
Krista Brewer 2 months ago

I love You scut 💋💗😍😘💘

Krista Brewer
Krista Brewer 2 months ago

I love scut farkus💋💘😘

Aiden Clark
Aiden Clark 2 months ago

Ohio quarterbacks Andy dalton and Johnny manziel

Grandma Bogi
Grandma Bogi 2 months ago

I can see how this kid turned into the postal dude

Hopey 2 months ago

This is what my real laugh sounds like

Goober Egg
Goober Egg 2 months ago


godisgoodallthetime 2 months ago

Maybe when the person typing up the birth certificate slipped and hit the U instead of the O in his name and the parents were like eh ok and it stuck.

Denis Gauthier
Denis Gauthier 2 months ago

Scut Farkus and Grover Gil both partners in crime and on Santa’s naughty list

Issac Taylor
Issac Taylor 2 months ago

He looks like Naruto.

letsgoallin ;]
letsgoallin ;] 2 months ago

Scut Farkus what a rotten name... HAHAHAHAHA!!!🤣🤣🤣

godisgoodallthetime 2 months ago

In real life the actor playing Scut Farkus, Zack Ward is actually a really nice person.

Gunther The Quizmaster

If you’re not a bully, then why’d shouldn’t you fit in❓

Lil Skelly Bones
Lil Skelly Bones 2 months ago

🎶The Wolf's Theme from Peter and the Wolf🎶

Taylor Warden
Taylor Warden 2 months ago

He could sure laugh

Taylor Warden
Taylor Warden 2 months ago

Yellow eyes edit task is my cjoldhood

justin fleming
justin fleming 2 months ago

This reminds me of the I Quit matches in WWE when Farkus made Schwartz say uncle putting him in a submission hold by grabbing his arm

Peter Conlon
Peter Conlon 2 months ago

God that laugh hahahaha

Lodmot 2 months ago

Lol, I love 1:02. XD It's like he's about to say something, but instead he just continues laughing XD It's like "OH, BY THE WAY GUYS: HA HA HA HA HAAH!"

Olof Persson
Olof Persson 2 months ago

LOL, a 6 year old with ILS

nathan lenz
nathan lenz 2 months ago

This is not very funny for kidnapping kids.

Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf 2 months ago

There a kid in my scholl that look like Scott

Angel Simone
Angel Simone 2 months ago

Scott's laugh so evil and they all screaming makes me laugh and then Ralphie had enough he beat him up!

Sherman Joe
Sherman Joe 2 months ago


Gunther The Quizmaster

Where's Krampus when you need him⁉️

LA B 2 months ago

Resident evil 2

AspieFanatic1 2 months ago

Pft, Toady could be easily pushed down by these kids if you ask me.

Chibi Prussia
Chibi Prussia 2 months ago

I never get bored of watching this movie

Salazar 2 months ago

Randy is such a hero. 👌😂

Lord JD 24!
Lord JD 24! 2 months ago

1:16 Why are they afraid of Him?!

Stuart Brandon
Stuart Brandon 2 months ago

He had yellow eyes so help me god, yellow eyes😈😱

Jason Jay
Jason Jay 2 months ago


Marcus Tanner
Marcus Tanner 2 months ago

The way he laughs is so stupid can't quit laughing

• Páïgè •
• Páïgè • 2 months ago

His laugh cracks me up 😂😂😂

Jessica Billy
Jessica Billy 2 months ago

I don't get it why Scut Farkus and Grover dill always laughing

Shanethefilmmaker 2 months ago

Here's a fucked fact, Scut Farkus played one of the main Teen's suicidal brother in Freddy Vs Jason. Especially an apparition of him created by Freddy.

Rails of the Northeast

Randy lay there like a slug

Bill Martin
Bill Martin 2 months ago


Kenny Hawkes
Kenny Hawkes 2 months ago

he lips curls over greenn teeth.

matched andreached
matched andreached 2 months ago

that stupid bully but the boy beat the bully up and he deserves to be beaten up I would beat him up so badly though

user1138 2 months ago

Donald Trump and his supporters.

Jesseus The Body
Jesseus The Body 2 months ago

the old uncle cry game good times

Danirey02 2 months ago

Scut farkus n Grover dil= Brock lesnar n Paul heyman lol

Illusionteez 2 months ago

I love you scut fakus aka zack ward

MDthornton83 2 months ago

That bully's theme song is the exact same theme song belonging to the Wolf from Disney's Peter and the Wolf.

Vendetta 2 months ago

Yup still hilarious

jamesM 2 months ago

I one time thought the younger bully was Fred Savage

savior 2 months ago

If you’re going through trials in your life and feel that you can’t overcome it, remember that Jesus overcame this world and you can as well through Christ. If you’re someone that’s going through bullying or has in the past, remember that you can overcome anything with God at your side and all you have to do is pray and He’ll listen to what you have to say and also give you the strength and comfort to overcome the negative situation you’re going through in your life at a particular moment. Isaiah 41:10, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Nicholas O'Hagan
Nicholas O'Hagan 2 months ago

It's Silas Barnaby's henchman: SCUT FARKUS!

SCUT FARKUS: Say "Uncle"!
SCHWARTZ: Uncle!!!
SCUT FARKUS: [lets go of Schwartz] Crybaby.

TheMinecraftgirly101 2 months ago

If I was in the movie I would've said "you guys scared of that shorty?!!" Came outa a dumpster,you and your 8 looking azz mmm"

The False Prophet
The False Prophet 2 months ago

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman as they were kids lmao.

Jeff is the brokenhearted girl

Zack ward is adorable in this movie!!!!!!!

adam jones
adam jones 2 months ago

Hahaha Ahahahahahahaha

Ok 2 months ago

aand how is this related to say uncle?