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Silver bells-Andy Williams

Silver bells-Andy Williams

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Ron C
Ron C 2 months ago

This song is so peaceful. Brings nothing but good memories. This song remind me of the holidays I worked in the mall. Busy helping customers and stuff.

I no longer work at the mall, but this song is still unforgettable.

carsisbest 2 months ago

It’s now Christmas Day!

Grace Dupfol
Grace Dupfol 2 months ago

It puts one in the mood👏🏽🥰

Peter Bozzo
Peter Bozzo 2 months ago

Brings back precious memories of Christmas of the early 1960's. Ah, the innocence of childhood.

Nichol Prince
Nichol Prince 2 months ago

You r doing a great job at SAFEIN AUSTIN...........I Nichola Prince ALVES is trying to think 🤔 how I can help out

Karin Wiles
Karin Wiles 2 months ago

October first, Christmas time!!

yesieatedbutnosoap 2 months ago

children laughing, children laughing, children laughing, children laughing, children laughing

Tanya Peterson
Tanya Peterson 2 months ago


allie xo
allie xo 2 months ago

my favorite christmas song 🎄🥰

Rose Budd
Rose Budd 2 months ago

My Mom's favorite Christmas Song Love n Miss you So Much Mom 🔔🔔💞💞💞

mia b
mia b 2 months ago

Oh no I’m the 666 like 😨

Not now!!! I love Christmas!

Crystal Champion
Crystal Champion 2 months ago

I'm listening to this in October

Berke Özgen
Berke Özgen 2 months ago

mr. robot brought me here

Kshatriya 8271
Kshatriya 8271 2 months ago

Yes Christmas in August...merry Christmas everyone

Mihaela Jukić
Mihaela Jukić 2 months ago

To be honest if there wasn't movie "Carol" I wouldn't know this masterpiece😍

Connors’ Rockin’ Collection

Listening in March

Mariah Elizabeth
Mariah Elizabeth 2 months ago

February 2019...still in the Christmas spirit🎄❤️

Sam Mon
Sam Mon 2 months ago

This was my dad’s favourite song and he passed away 3days ago , I used to complain when he played it because it was more like a routine but here I am. I miss him soo much 😔😔

Koko Lee
Koko Lee 2 months ago

No I'm not and I don't think I will ever be again

April Payton
April Payton 2 months ago

I love this song

Kas30.00 2 months ago

Awesome song 🎄Marry Christmas

chasinthewind1198 2 months ago

I remember this as a child

III 2 months ago

Slippery sidewalks🎵 slidely slip walks🎵 soon we'll burst our butts🎵 Love this song

Unknown Astroid _
Unknown Astroid _ 2 months ago

It’s that time of the year 😍😍

Brooke Heflin
Brooke Heflin 2 months ago

Am I the only one here in September umm😂

Jackie Mcmeekin
Jackie Mcmeekin 2 months ago

Yes, one thinks of bells ringing at Christmas time. Andy Williams’ voice is for all time and for all generations. What great composers of Christmas music lived years ago!

glits glam Aj
glits glam Aj 2 months ago

Why am I watching this dead smack in the middle of summer😐

Puro Paisa
Puro Paisa 2 months ago

I’m mexican and i love this song I don’t think isn’t on another length version but I like with this signer

Mihaela Jukic
Mihaela Jukic 2 months ago

9.9.2017. and I'm listening to this doesnt matter which time of the year is this is amazing song

Shireen badwan
Shireen badwan 2 months ago

that's my song at school ideal mps school

Galagian 2 months ago

I had a dream and right as I woke up I heard soon it will be Christmas Day

袁晨峰 2 months ago

My favorite Christmas song

Alejandro Diaz
Alejandro Diaz 2 months ago

I'm gonna sign it tomorrow

sam bloom
sam bloom 2 months ago

I love this song

Jane Peabody
Jane Peabody 2 months ago

Miss you Andy, still cannot believe your gone RIP

Trav Poul
Trav Poul 2 months ago

0_0 The last person to comment was Steve Rocklin 1 YEAR AGO... 

Steve Rocklin
Steve Rocklin 2 months ago

2 people don't have the Christmas spirit

Boe Roberts
Boe Roberts 2 months ago

Like this song but not the city Country CHRISTMAS my favorite going out killing the 2 turkeys in September save them till Thanksgiving and the one for Christmas. Fall and winter my favorite get to go out on fridays foootball and then hunting and holidays

Emergency1996 2 months ago

This is my Mom's favorite carol, and everytime I hear it, I think of her! :-D

claudees 2 months ago

Brings in the Christmas mood. Nice video. Thanks for uploading.

Fred Rogers
Fred Rogers 2 months ago

i love christmas!! i love snow!! i love cold!! i love God!! and i love shamara011061 :)