What is Boxing Day? The Day After Christmas in the UK Explained


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Information What is Boxing Day? The Day After Christmas in the UK Explained

Title : What is Boxing Day? The Day After Christmas in the UK Explained

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Description What is Boxing Day? The Day After Christmas in the UK Explained

What is Boxing Day? The Day After Christmas in the UK Explained

What is Boxing Day? The Day After Christmas in the UK Explained

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Daniel Shaw
Daniel Shaw 2 months ago

Servants? The people who would clean your house? Those Servants were bonded Slaves who worked the fields or Domestics. Usually poor whites from Southwest England and Scotland and Ireland.

Alex Dawson
Alex Dawson 2 months ago

Boxing day is the day you recover from the food coma you put yourself into the day before.

and then do it again

J. -Zlk-
J. -Zlk- 2 months ago

We have a tradition in Poland where we eat only fish and shellfish on Christmas Eve - not meat.
It is very widespread and popular in Poland.
For us it is quite normal that on Christmas Eve we don't eat meat, but fish, shrimps,... (and side dishes, of course) 🦐🐟

pianocrisante90 Crisante

We call it Boxing Day in Australia.

Vincent van der Meer
Vincent van der Meer 2 months ago

In the Netherlands we have a second day of Christmas on the 26th

Paul R
Paul R 2 months ago

Who else is here on boxing day 2020??

Joseph Thompson
Joseph Thompson 2 months ago

My birthday is dec 26 on boxing day

Robert R.
Robert R. 2 months ago

An American describing Boxing Day. Oh please! Just to sell rubbish on YouTube.

Fir S
Fir S 2 months ago

So much stupidity ...

R3n3gad3 2 months ago

"Well that just sounds Christmas with extra steps." - Rick Sanchez

John Rutledge
John Rutledge 2 months ago

The servants must be there to serve on Christmas but they aren't family . They are your servants on Christmas . They eat after you . They clean your plate of the food you left on it. Saudi /Anglo - royalty.

John Rutledge
John Rutledge 2 months ago


Masked Men
Masked Men 2 months ago

trashmen dont work on boxing day

Mr Spiccoli
Mr Spiccoli 2 months ago

Thanks, great info...🤙🏻

Papageirou 2 months ago

All English textbooks mention Boxing day

nicole pinniger
nicole pinniger 2 months ago

Boxing day in Australia is very similar to the UK. The two big sporting events that happened on boxing day and they are, the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. And the start of a test cricket match. We also have the Boxing Day sales at the shops. Also lots of movies come out on boxing day.

Queen Snow
Queen Snow 2 months ago

U couldn't give a good explanation

Ryan 2 months ago

Boxing day = visiting the cousins day!

Jessica Watson
Jessica Watson 2 months ago

It was also the day that boxes of gifts were brought to church for the poor.

Araz 2 months ago

It’s in Canada tho not uk

アルフィー 2 months ago

Hang on, the yanks dont have boxing day!? 😲

Ali 2 months ago

How’s it going?!! Enjoyed the video! Have you ever thought about using SMZeus to help grow your channel!?

Ty Iwata
Ty Iwata 2 months ago

Thanks for the video . Always happy when I see your videos pop up in my feed

Fuck Borris
Fuck Borris 2 months ago

And thank you for calling it football hate the term soccer 😂

Fuck Borris
Fuck Borris 2 months ago

I honestly thought Boxing Day happened everywhere not just here(England).

Captain Smith
Captain Smith 2 months ago

Gave away like ten pounds of cherries in sugar sauce, really can't eat it anymore, gave a globe an a brother paper holder, gave some apple speakers, tons and tons of stuff. Just remember its all trash.

Drakie79 2 months ago

Back to normal on Boxing Day... lol... UK public transport is never normal, let alone on Boxing Day.

Gillian Rimmer
Gillian Rimmer 2 months ago

Boxing Day for us has always just been an extension of Christmas - Christmas Day number two, with friends and family you didn't get to see on Christmas Day.
The time between Christmas Day and New Year is still 'Christmas' in the UK - even if you have to go back to work. Lots of people still get the full week off, or book a few days of holiday time, so they can have the full week off.

Al-zein Kusmantoro
Al-zein Kusmantoro 2 months ago

Boxing Day usually happens in the 🇬🇧, 🇦🇺, 🇳🇿 and 🇨🇦

pianocrisante90 Crisante

We have Boxing Day in Australia too.

Stephen Hyland
Stephen Hyland 2 months ago

Its St. Stephen's Day in Ireland

Lee Obrien
Lee Obrien 2 months ago

It’s more used now for an excuse to see your friends you didn’t get chance to see Christmas Day and go the pub and get drunk again

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce 2 months ago

Also The shops a lot of them supermarkets so on close early on boxing day so if participating in the sales go early but 10am plus as well as some open latter this is because most stores pay a higher wage time and a half or double pay on Boxing day as it's a public holiday as well

Zandain 2 months ago

Scandinavia dosen't have Boxing Day!
Xmas Eve is the 24th, with food and presents
25 & 26th are days off, a lot of stores are closed and public transport is on a 'Sunday' schedule

FBExplores 2 months ago

One slight correction. On Boxing Day, there is no MAINLINE train service and limited transport especially outside London

Off The Beaten Path Adventures and Travel

Our Christmas tradition is deciding what trip to go on as a family. This year will be going to Washington and California for the Spartan races. Hopefully we'll get some scuba diving done too.

Frankie 2 months ago

So, I wasn't supposed to run around and punch people???? Uh oh....I think I may be in trouble.

Danny Dorko
Danny Dorko 2 months ago

Boxing day for most people I know is to have another get togther with people close to you, to eat leftovers from christmas day and to start to use the presents you got.

Van Hellslinger
Van Hellslinger 2 months ago

Happy National Boxing Day to all you servants in Canada and Australia! I can't help but laugh as usual thinking like many do that it must be a law or something that allows spouses to knock each other out over how much money the other spent on Christmas- either too much or too little is the gaff. You really did Beat us Americans to the Punch with having such a holiday first, and the day after Christmas. Some say here that that 2/3rd's of all marriages end in divorce, and with that logic we Americans could name today 'National Divorce Day." But hey as you say in Canada "Sock Ray Blu." Whoever this Ray Blue guy is must be the relevant default blame for it all- Eh! I mean A! Sorry but I live in USA next door to Canada so I really don't mind knocking on Canada once in awhile.

gethhin 2 months ago

There’s a Welsh Christmas tradition where kids in a village put an apple on a stick, and fill it with toothpicks, then go around the village knocking on doors and singing with the apple in hand, and people would give them money for singing.

koJa Jr
koJa Jr 2 months ago

Christmas boxing day youtu.be/nZoO6ES-z20

R5150i 2 months ago

Since I’m a single Male, my neighbors let me have a one night stand with their wives, so instead of the excitement Christmas’s annually, I look forward to Boxing 🥊 Day

Darxle 2 months ago

My dad says Boxing Day is when you punch boxes. I think he just thinks of the name of the holiday. Yes. "Box" and "Boxing is where there is a box and you fight. So he might as well think you fight boxes. I still don't understand though. 🤔😓😩

WOW Amy 2 months ago

Traditionally I believe it is St Stephen’s Day. Servants were given the day off to visit their family and they were given small gifts by their employers. At least in Regency and Victorian England.

Mohamud Hassan
Mohamud Hassan 2 months ago

😂👍 💯 I thought I boxing day was actual boxing fight day🥊

Ded Hampster
Ded Hampster 2 months ago

We always celebrated boxing day as a day to take your older items that were replaced with new Christmas gifts and donate them to Goodwill or to the daycare (in the case of toys when we were younger). We always ate leftover holiday food and boxed up things to share at work as in the US we all have to go to work the day after Christmas. It is a great time to hand-me-down items and give back to your service providers and the less fortunate.

Alex Daniel
Alex Daniel 2 months ago

Boxing Day is St Stephens day everywhere else. It’s a public holiday across central and Northern Europe.

Catherine Robillard
Catherine Robillard 2 months ago

Christmas Day you spend eating in the home. Boxing Day you spend drinking down the pub.

Barbara Foster
Barbara Foster 2 months ago

Australia has it too

Michael Scott
Michael Scott 2 months ago

Also Boxing Day sarnies, made with anything left over from Christmas Dinner apart from the sprouts because no one really likes them.

Ellie 2 months ago

Boxing Day is an extension of Christmas - Christmas is treated as like a 2-day event. Boxing Day is a holiday so people are off work still, it's a big day to go to the pub, see friends/family, give more gifts, etc.

MIEKAproductions 2 months ago

In the US (at least where I’m from) the day after Christmas is Return Day. You go back to the stores and return the gifts you don’t want or don’t fit and get a bigger size.

Bob Mob
Bob Mob 2 months ago

This year it is Leicester v Liverpool and the first day of the South Africa v England test cricket match

Allan 2 months ago

There might not be a good match on, its completely random

czech me out
czech me out 2 months ago

Czech Republic: Christmas Eve-getting gifts from Baby Jesus after dinner; 25th/1st Christmas Day-family and friends visitation; 26th/2nd Christmas Day-baked goose!!!! 🍗🍗🍗🍗

Journal Wright
Journal Wright 2 months ago

Boxing Day is bigger than ever now that people outsource everything from dog walking to matchmaking to consultants.

Rita Elin Fjeldbo
Rita Elin Fjeldbo 2 months ago

In Norway we call the 25th of December First Christmas Day, and the 26th is Second Christmas Day. They are both holidays, and the shops are closed. Traditionally we spend those days with family, and especially for extended families, it's good to have more days to meet each other.

Ryan Boarman
Ryan Boarman 2 months ago

We’ll be celebrating by watching footy in Bloomington-Normal! Maggie Miley’s!

Mark Spurgeon
Mark Spurgeon 2 months ago

I think for a lot of Brits Boxing Day is Christmas Day The Sequel. It generally means a lot more eating and drinking, spending time with relatives that we didn’t see on Christmas Day itself, like the other set of in-laws, or siblings cousins etc. It’s a day when kids and adults get a chance to enjoy the toys and gifts they received the day before and generally have a good time with a little less structure and pressure that goes with the hype of the day before. Also a good day for family arguments!

Judy Hayward
Judy Hayward 2 months ago

Also forgot the big ocean yacht race Sydney to Hobart which starts on Boxing Day

Mark Small
Mark Small 2 months ago

Boxing day is a statutory holiday here in Nova Scotia, meaning that the Boxing Day sales actually start on the 27th.

Judy Hayward
Judy Hayward 2 months ago

In Australia we also have Boxing Day and our big sporting event is the Boxing Day Test (Cricket) at the MCG

Not That Guy
Not That Guy 2 months ago

This is obvious. Did someone get a better gift than you? Then you beat them up.

Bernadette Masterson
Bernadette Masterson 2 months ago

In Canada too

Joseph Duffy
Joseph Duffy 2 months ago

Three king day is one I celebrate that isn't very common in the States

Mark McMarkface
Mark McMarkface 2 months ago

Public transport is very limited and in some places non-existent in some places on Boxing Day.

Lisa Morice
Lisa Morice 2 months ago

An Australian Boxing Day is a public (bank) holiday and usually involves relaxing and eating Christmas leftovers. Perhaps a day at the beach. It's the day that the Sydney to Hobart yacht race begins and the first day of the Boxing Day cricket test match in Melbourne. Both are really big sporting events on our calendar and people travel from all over the country to attend because of the holiday. Today it is also about huge sales too but I personally avoid those like the plague 😄

jimmyuk007 2 months ago

Boxing Day is xmas again in UK!!!!

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 2 months ago

December 26th is St. Stephen's Day. In Australia some states have forced the large retailers to stagger their post Christmas sales because of poorly behaved bargain seekers injuring people and damaging property.

William Reeve
William Reeve 2 months ago

Bubble and Squeak ☝️ is probably what most people associate with Boxing Day

Tod Davis
Tod Davis 2 months ago

In Australia Boxing Day is essentially a day to recover from Christmas. It’s also our big day for retail sales (think Black Friday) plus there are 2 big sports events on, the Boxing Day cricket test and the Sydney to Hobart yacht race

cooper magee
cooper magee 2 months ago

Your version lines up with what I was told as a boy, which is, the upper class have the Christmas Day leftovers, placed into boxes and given to the servants as a type of gift.

Catsandcamera 2 months ago

Boxing Day for me is a potential family day, people come round, you have food (sandwiches with left over meat from Christmas dinner, all the fun party food) I say potential because a lot of people go back to work on Boxing Day so it's not really anything. I know the last few years I've worked all of Boxing Day (yay retail!) and people come into the shops and tell you how sad it is that you have to be at work, and you just feel like telling them 'if you stopped coming shopping on Boxing Day we wouldn't be open!

J Gamez
J Gamez 2 months ago

Pretty cool, thanks Mark !

Catsandcamera 2 months ago

To be fair I'm English and didn't know this

whutzat 2 months ago

I always thought it was this kind of boxing: (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

Pumpkin King
Pumpkin King 2 months ago

Each Christmas Day I participate in the annual Washington crossing the Delaware reenactment in Bucks County, PA.
Dressed as a solider in the continental army, we cross at the exact spot Washington and his army did on Christmas Day/evening 1776.
Well attended with thousands of spectators.

Ratel.H Badger
Ratel.H Badger 2 months ago

New Zealand does Boxing day too. For those who follow cricket, Australia hosts the Boxing Day Test, starting on the 26th. This year, the first time since 1987, we get to play them.

Aramis419 2 months ago

And I just watched The History Guy's video on St. James's Street! For an American, today is quite the British day! Time to go watch some Dr. Who Christmas specials!

TheCannonball79 2 months ago

In Brooklyn Boxing Day is when you return the gifts you don’t like in their original boxes to the store.

Kerry Thomas
Kerry Thomas 2 months ago

We need Boxing Day in America. Or call it something else, but the 26th, need a travel day, a sales day. I know our local pharmacy will be closed on the 25th-26th....

Roger Sexton
Roger Sexton 2 months ago

The position in Britain regarding public transport on 26th needs to be clarified. In London, it is (almost) 'back to normal', but in the rest of the country the bus and train services are either poor or non-existent. That is despite the fact that the 26th is the busiest day of the year for shopping, and one of the busiest for sporting events!

Mark Finley
Mark Finley 2 months ago

Here's the most important question you're going to get. Are you a Star Wars fan and you plan on seeing rise of Skywalker? As for me, the Last Jedi broke me and I was waiting for the reviews to come out for the new movie before I bought advance tickets, and from the reviews on saying it doesn't look like I'm going to waste my time or money. It's sad because I've been a fan since I saw the original film in the theaters in 1977

Daniel Svanberg
Daniel Svanberg 2 months ago

Is the 26th a Public Holiday in the US.

chrisberockin 2 months ago

I think it's a great idea. The more holidays, the better! I'm always in need of excuses to have fun or be lazy instead of work.

Justine Hietkamp
Justine Hietkamp 2 months ago

It’s in Canada too... world jrs start.... :)

Star Gazer
Star Gazer 2 months ago

Canada too...my Canadian uncle said it's the day they box up the gifts they don't want and return them to the store! lol

D Carbs
D Carbs 2 months ago

Christmas facts:
UK used to run full bus service and football (soccer) schedule on Christmas Day. The bus service stopped in 1979 and that tradition is now on Boxing Day, but public transport is usually running Sunday hours if at all. "Normal" service isn't resumed until the 27th if Christmas is mid-week. Otherwise, the full week-day service doesn't happen until the Monday.

Elizabeths Reborns
Elizabeths Reborns 2 months ago

Boxing day is basically Canada is Black Friday.

Elizabeths Reborns
Elizabeths Reborns 2 months ago

We also have boxing day here in Canada.

insidelaurensbrain 2 months ago

This also happens in Canada 🇨🇦

Mat S
Mat S 2 months ago

Its the day all the british people get out to box other people in the street.. everyone knows that!

hayden3112 2 months ago

Boxing Day is the day that we celebrate ksi vs Logan Paul we were very optimistic(for the first time) and have celebrated for a while

albear972 2 months ago

Boxing day. When I was a youngun' I used to see Boxing day (Canada) printed on some calendars list of holidays. I always wondered why in the world would they have a holiday to celebrate boxing. Boxing as in the sport. 😂🤣😂 Forgive me for I was less than 10 years old. 😉

tommye dodson
tommye dodson 2 months ago

We also celebrate Boxing day in Tennessee. it's the day we clear out all the boxes from the aftermath of Christmas and put them in the recycle bin for pick up.

Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones 2 months ago

With regards to public transportation. It’s not quite back to normal. Depending where you live, you may get no service. Some service start later, finish earlier and run a Sunday or reduced service. And be prepared for the dreaded rail replacement bus services!

Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones 2 months ago

Boxing Day is cold turkey meat and chips!

Ryan Touhey
Ryan Touhey 2 months ago

I was always curious as to what Boxing Day actually represented. Thanks for the clarity and enjoy London.

TeRose 64
TeRose 64 2 months ago

Thanks. I've always wanted to this. I enjoy your videos. Beautiful family.

Phil Bridges
Phil Bridges 2 months ago

It’s also the day when hunts take place in many towns! Very colourful ,with horses ,hounds ,and people in hunting clothes, mainly red and black.
Down side is that some still hunt foxes but most do sent trails events .